Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Women On The Bigfoot Circus

Both Tina Sena and myself have columns about the Georgia Bigfoot Circus hoax on Binnall of America.

Tina's article is "Counter Intelligence," where she tells . . . well, read it and find out.

Mine is "Turn That Frown Upside Down: The Discovery of Rickmat." I've also been commenting on this at my bigfoot blog Frame 352. (Personally, I think I'll declare that blog a "Geogia Bigfoot Hoax Free Zone" or something.)

Lesley comments on The Debris Field that she's working on a piece on this latest Bigfoot episode, which she'll probably post on The Debris Field so make sure to watch for that.

Danille Lee has commented both here, (scroll down a bit and you'll see her post) and on her blog The Spirit Guide with Have a Little Faith.

Bigfoot author and researcher Lisa Shiel, of the Backyard Phenomena blog, has been commenting of course.


Danielle Lee said...

Well, I gave it a good 'E' for effort when trying to maintain an impartial 'on the fence' attitude...but it looks as though the truth kicked me right off the fence entirely...onto my head no less. :D

I hope though, that this experience in some way prepares us for future news of potential great discoveries and experts hopefully can incorporate a reasonable and impartial line of questioning to potentially debunk or confirm anomalous discoveries before the news stations can create bias.

I'm very disappointed that it wasn't real, it would've been the greatest feeling to have had proof of bigfoot. We'll have to just keep on looking.

Regan Lee said...

Hi Danielle,

While this has all been very frustrating, which is an understatement, it also was a reminder to all of us to consider the source, go with our gut feelings (the minute I saw those 2 I thought: fakers!) yet, as I and others almost sheepishly did, held onto a sliver of hope it wasn't what it appeared to be.

Also, people like Dr. Jeff Meldrum and so many other "real" BF researhcers know their stuff, and can explain exactly why and how this is a fake . . . the debunkers and skeptics haven't "won" at all, that has nothing to do with it, despite their best efforts.

Stuff like this is a given in UFO and Fortean phenomena; in fact, it's part of the phenomena. So it should be expected.

Not that that makes it any better, really :(

Regan Lee said...

Oh, and you did give it a good try! :) You made good points about skepticism, willingness to be open, etc.

Patrick Roberts said...

i'm still trying to figure out if "Sasquatch" is Bigfoot's name, or if that's the name of his species... man i need to get in the loop

Regan Lee said...

Well, I'd say that since we don't know what species Bigfoot/Sasquatch is, we can't name it. Assuming it's a flesh and blood critter to begin with. :)