Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seeking your weird memories...

I'm collecting weird memories for something I'm writing for my Medusa's Ladder column. Below is the text of the post from my Beamships Equal Love blog:

Because weird things happen and people love it. I'm collecting more weird memories--to hopefully start a recurrent thing in my Medusa's ladder column. Anything goes--anything that falls into the category of "what the hell just happened?" Or, "Could this have really happened the way I remember?"

Stories don't necessarily have to be paranormal or spooky, just weird. Take a look at some of the things people have previously posted here and here. Some of the better stories are in the comments sections. The "typewriter head" has haunted me a little bit.
So, either post your stories with the comment section of [the original post here], or email them to me at

Unless otherwise specified I will be using just first names, or user names. Keep in mind they may be used in my column here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Are The Aliens Anyway?

I have been wandering around the Internet reading, listening to and joining in chat rooms, sites and groups where the subject is Aliens, what Aliens are like and their ultimate agenda.

I hear, read and find all types of ideas earthlings have about the Alien agenda and the human race from being here to simply observe us to riding in on silver crafts to save our day!

I did a small count of the most popular theories. I also did a count of what chat rooms and groups gathered the most people to them. I found the more logical or less Hollywood bent the theme being discussed the less people. The more Hollywood the ideas the bigger the groups of people were found. This went along with different popular blogs, groups, sites and of course chat rooms. I must admit I was not shocked at all that most people prefer the Disney land –Hollywood version of Alien perception over the more logical scientific ones.

Long ago I learned that the more Hollywood style an idea is presented the more widely accepted it becomes. The information given by people who had very bland encounters or those with memory loss were often over looked. Even when the encounters told were stunning in detail and believable it seemed they went over looked or ignored for the fluffier more colorful reports and I might add were far less believable.

I soon realized that when you question those who reported encounters the ones who stood out in my mind were always the people who were serious and sincere. I rarely picked up new ideas or information from the Hollywood descriptions. I did find some incredible information from the serious calmer more direct reports. Usually as soon as a report is given to me where people had lovely tours in comfortable UFO’s by fuzzy cute creatures promising world peace, I am yawning and have long placed down my pen.

I am concerned however how many people are drawn to the very dangerous wing of those who use this subject of the unknown as a game or place for attention and silliness. I would have no difficulty with any of it if they called themselves fantasy, fiction or even based on some truth ideas or stories concerning the UFO Alien subject. I do find it on the edge of being problematic when this subject matter of unknown science (which may be one day be extremely important during our life times) is dealt with in the same consideration as Sponge Bobs Square Pants, or a new Men in Black movie.

I have talked with many human beings who have had contact with beings that were not human. I am not talking about those who make up their adventure as they go -placing cute little hooded outfits on cuddly little Yoda type creatures that enlightened them with the wisdom of the ages. I am talking about people who were terrified beyond words, sometimes burned or harmed who had experiences truly of the unknown and with beings not of our world.

I thought about those who have encountered non-human creatures and realized a common tread ran through many of the sightings. First and foremost I did not find many who were willing to relive another experience if they could help it. I found many if not most frightened and uncomfortable about the ordeal and reluctant to discuss it. I found most people were left with physical reactions starting at dull headaches to full-blown wounds, cuts and burns on their bodies. Others were marked or implanted with small items while still others found odd items in their possessions they feared planted during their encounters. I did not find any descriptions from the people I believed had real experiences that related to a Hollywood set, or a Disney ride or movie. Not by people who actually had a real unknown encounter. You can visit dozens of outlandish chat rooms, sites and groups to easily find those so called abduction experiences.

Why does the public, need to have this serious subject of other life forms so sugared down and fluffed up before they will look at it? Is it incredible fear of these subjects? Is the idea of other life forms, of actual UFO”S and beings that are not human so terrifying that a huge spoon full of sugar is needed to make the reality go down?

From what I have found both by way of investigations, interviews and my own experiences -Aliens are not cute and cuddly little stuffed animals that are here to bring you happiness love and wealth. Aliens do not seem to care what happens to us. I see no reason to think that it would be another life forms agenda or business to fix what is going on here on our planet. I do think that job is our own. I do know that when they look they see a world out of balance with food shelter wealth and health for some yet death starvation war, disease and genocide for others. It is hard to think they would have a view of this planet being in its own control by way of the condition of the over all planet and the human species. Does that seem harsh to you? Maybe a visit to Africa, the mid east or many of the poor villages in the Far East would change your mind. I can tell you as beautiful as our earth is for many of us it can be a living hell for many others. I know I have seen it.

The number one fact you need to accept before you fantasy all your thought out reasoning and theories on Aliens is this- ALIENS ARE NOT HUMAN.

Don’t just brush past that remark and go about your endless rants of why and what and how you see the Alien Agenda unless you can understand what I am telling you. Aliens are not Humans. They do not think like you. They do not feel like you. They do not understand emotion, or love or want or desire. They do not care if you hurt or starve or live or die. They are not a human, they do not think like a human nor feel or desire any of the things you do. Aliens may not relate to hate or greed or need. Aliens are more advanced technology wise but that does not mean they have the same spiritual makeup or compassion we possess. Perhaps Aliens long ago combined their biological parts with machines and lost part of the soul along the way. Maybe the creatures that visit our planets are only machines and have no interest in anything other than the mission they were sent to do. Aliens may be pure logic or energy. Aliens may be one of a million things however the ONE THING THEY ARE NOT IS HUMAN.

I understand how terrifying it is to deal with something that is not human, is not of earth and that is in full control when you are faced with dealing with them. I am not alone in this knowledge and I can only try to shake you into the understanding that you are sadly mistaken if you believe for even a second these beings possess human traits. If we as humans are ever going to be able to accept and understand other life forms we MUST stop insisting they possess human characteristics and qualities.

Of course I understand that space is non-ending and the life forms out there may be complex and many. I also understand that if they wanted to be part of our existence more than they already are, they would be. We can barely get off this planet- can you really grasp the difference in technology and advancement of these visiting beings compared to the little advances we are finally starting to develop. With that said understand that there is no rule written said that because these beings are more advanced science and technology wise than we are that they are more advanced spiritually or even yet have experienced the soul. We truly have no understanding of what we are dealing with, as it is for us completely the Unknown. I often wonder what it is that seems to interest them about us and always come back with one answer. Our emotions and souls. I think the word love is as unknown to them as is the method of travel they have conquered is to us.

Do any of you consider the idea that if they are much older than we that they also are most likely planetary in nature or even complete solar systems that are working as one species. By this I mean working as we do as one nation they work as one world or solar system. We are still fighting each other on the same planet much less combined as a planet system that looks towards other planet or solar system races to co- exist with. I think we have miles to go before we could even conceive what these beings must be like. Do they have emotion or are they total logic? Do they have family units or do they self reproduce? Do they share our chemical makeup’s or are they made from that which we yet have any concept or idea?

These are the things humans need to consider. The one thing that is a must for earthlings is to STOP GIVING ALIENS HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS. Aliens are not human; please stop thinking up all human reasons why they do things or why they behave as they do or even what they may look like. Has it not occurred to you that just as we need protection from atmospheres or simply extremes by way of protective suits, so may the Aliens. Maybe the grays, blues, whites, and reptiles are all protective skins or suits leaving us with no idea what these creatures truly look like. They may look like bugs with exterior skeletons or fish or be solid light or energy. The combination of ideas is endless just like our universe.

I think it is time we started to act like grown ups with a new frontier filled with great unknowns ahead of us and stop acting like dim wits watching a cartoon show or good fiction movie.

Unknown crafts and beings are out there. We have no idea what they want or when they will allow us to know them. All we do know is that they are in the drivers seat concerning our relationship with us and THEY ARE NOT HUMAN! Don’t you think it is time we started treating them that way?

Next time you find yourself dealing with this subject consider my words and take heed of them. There may well be a day you find yourself facing your own experience of the unknown. Please do so with intelligence and care. You will find it far wiser to arm yourself with the best knowledge you can in life. This subject is no different. My advice to those who may find themselves in the middle of the unknown is to always seek out other humans, lights and safety. Never willingly give yourself over to the unknown and if you find yourself in one, stay calm, and find your way back to safety as soon as you’re able. Foremost always pay attention to your surroundings, and be careful out there.

Be careful out there and pay attention to your surroundings.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Alien Giving Rides to Chatters!

One day I decided to roam the science chat rooms to see what was going on in the Paranormal Internet forums. I came across a room with about 25 people in it. It was called Alien something or other. I entered the room in the midst of a woman giving an address over the microphone for all in the room to hear. I thought it odd as such a move could surely prove extremely dangerous. The Internet is the new Wild West, after all, and potential danger lurks behind each and every door. I didn’t think people would take a chance at doing something like this.

I listened and yes, she was announcing her address and phone number in the open chat room!

I decided to stay a while to see what this was all about. As soon as this first woman released the microphone another was on it and she too was not only giving her address but also spelling it so there would be no mistake. She repeated her telephone number twice and then typed all the information into the chat room for all to see. I wondered what in the world could be going on.

As I watched and listened I heard a small monotone male voice begin to speak. He sounded as if he were standing too far from his microphone. He had a very slight hint of an accent. I could not distinguish what kind of accent he had but the hint of it was there. I adjusted my own headphones to hear him. He sounded distant and bland. He started to talk about “being there within the hour” after he drops offline. The others were asking questions in type: Will you be alone? Will you come in your craft? How long will you stay? Questions like that.

I still could not figure out what was going on. I decided to simply ask. I went to the voice option and asked the room, “So room, what is going on today?” I was told we were in the presence of an honored guest and I should wait my turn. Wait my turn? What were they doing? Maybe this man was sending out free books or a CD. I sat back and listened.

The man returned to the microphone and started to tell this room full of people that he picked out only “special” people. He said he could see us all clearly and knew which of us were special. I thought, oh--he must be giving out free readings or some such thing.

He then started to talk about the place he supposedly “came from.” He told the room it was dry and cool at his homeland. I thought he must not come from around where I live. I continued to listen, still being a bit dense myself. He then said the big difference between his home and ours is that his sky is green rather than blue. That is when I did my first big HUH?

He continued to give a description of this fantasy landscape and talked about hut-like glass houses and sand-powered hover cars. I could not figure out what was going on. I sat and listened with care. The man talking in a very faint low whisper talked about a place far different then the world I knew. We did not have green skies, nor did we time travel in large orbs with our children back in time as a history class.

This man talked about a world that did not use money or have hospitals, as none of his kind was ever ill. He talked of sciences we did not have and places we have not seen.

I listened to him as I watched the reaction of the people in this chat room with total amazement. No matter what this person said they took it as absolute truth. Not one person questioned him or seemed wary of him in any way. I found the entire encounter odd and uncomfortable.

What was extremely disturbing was that this man would stop his recital of another universal home with demands the people in the room supply him with personal information. He wanted addresses, phone numbers and full names. He wanted to know if they lived alone or had close friends or family near?

This person frightened me, however the others seemed hypnotized by his every word.

I listened as a few of the people in this room took turns on the voice option telling the others that they did have this ‘Alien’ visit them in their homes and that he was a gift to them and healed them of illness, saved them from crisis’s and took them on rides in a orb type craft far out into space where they viewed the earth and moon from a distance.

They talked about him as if he were a god. I felt fear and danger as this situation unfolded right in front of me.

The people were lined up for voice time and madly typing their private information into this public chat room. The Alien person continued to talk about his planet of sand and neon colors where there was no aggression, no poverty and from what it sounded like no joy. I could not help but notice the cold mechanical lifeless way this being sounded. He had no life, no light, and no expression in his communication. It was as if he was a machine reading a scripted play about an enchanted land.

I realized that this person, being, thing- had been doing this for some time and that others had already had some type of interaction with him. I also noticed that those giving witness to his visits sounded cold and dry. They seemed to be as emotionless as he was.

The people in the chat room would not allow me to speak on the microphone. I was blocked as this man creature and his followers dominated the voice option.

I was able to type into the room. I started to question this man about his intentions. Why did he want all their private information? Why did he need to know if they were alone? If he were a true Alien why did he need our primitive form of communication at all? Couldn’t he detect where the computers were located without being told?

I asked as many questions as I could. I knew this was a bad situation and tried to get those being over taken by this man to think about how odd and dangerous this was.

The Alien was becoming agitated with my constant questions and told me to stop interrupting the meeting of beings. Meeting of beings? Again I questioned this man, what meeting of which beings?

He told me that he had been visiting this planet for a long time and was only allowed to interact with humans that fully and willingly gave their permission for him to visit with them. He told me he met many people via the chat room system and often would visit four or five a night all over the world all from one visit to this chat room.

I became very concerned that this was some horrid scam where good people may end up robbed or far worse missing. I started to plead with the people not to give this person their information. I begged them to investigate anyone claiming to be able to visit four different places on earth in one night as an incredulous statement and begged them to seek out proof of his claims before giving this stranger their information.

Two people came onto the voice option and told me that both of them were the proof needed. The one person claimed to live in England, the other Las Vegas. They swore this being; this man with the whisper of a voice visited them within one hour of each other just the week before.

I could not convince the people that this was impossible and that all of these people may be in some kind of scheme together. In my heart I also feared that there was some truth to this outrageous story and that this man was something from somewhere else and was visiting these people. I also had a feeling deep in my soul that told me this was a bad event and that he was not a good being.

I could not stop what was going on. I could not snap the people out of the stupor this man seemed to have them in. They continued like robots to line up to give him their information and all begged him to visit them next. It was in my mind a living nightmare.

What happened next is hard to explain. An odd sound started to come over the sound into this chat room. At first I thought it was some kind of music but then it sounded like a code of beeps and static.

Although I was glued to the screen and what was going on in this chat room, I cannot explain how it all ended. I was sitting there one second listening and watching and the next I was sitting looking at an ad for swimwear! I looked and blinked and was completely stunned. Where did the room go, I was even closed out of the chat system!

I tried to quickly return to the chat area and find the room but found my computer locked and my efforts fruitless to do anything other then shut down my computer.

I did manage to get back on line and did go back to search for that room but it was gone. I looked around the other rooms in that section of rooms to see if I could locate the people who were in that room but had no luck at all.

I went back the next day and searched for that room and those people but found nothing. I contacted the chat service and told them I thought it was a dangerous room, but was basically ignored. I looked for weeks to see if he came back, but never did see him or his room again.

I have thought about that experience often since it occurred in 2004. I do not know what that man was doing. I do know he was dangerous, or if he was some type of creature, he was not a good one!

I do know it happened and that the people involved willingly placed them and those around them in danger. This story had no good ending. This man was either a criminal setting up people for some evil wrong doing or some strange being using people for some strange purpose. I do know he sent chills down my spine and set my danger radar spinning.

I hope all of you stay alert and know that the Internet can be a wonderful place of learning and sharing. It can also be a dangerous land for those with evil intentions and maybe even Alien or other creature needs and uses.

Never ever set yourself up for the unknown with the unknown. You could end up missing, robbed or god knows waking up on a planet with green skies and emotionless beings.

I do not know what happened that day to those people or who or what that being was controlling them in that chat room. I do know the entire event made my skin crawl. Be careful out there!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vatican Cracks Down, ....

I have something up at UFO-Mary about the Vatican's recent cracking down on those who experience Marian Apparitions. It's a bit chilling.

Bush/Cheny pushed through, even in their last, gasping days, their agenda to continue the wolf slaughter.

Lesley posted a couple of interesting photographs she took in Washington of the BVM with orbs.

I comment about the hilarity of the so-called UFO Iconoclasts bloggers and their ridiculous assertion I, along with Lesley and Lehmberg, are "bringing down UFOlogy."

My musings on 2012 on Binnall of America.While there at Tim Binnall's, be sure to read Richelle Hawks, Tina Sena, Richard Thompson, Lesley and everyone else! Also listen to the great podcasts.

Lastly, my Mothman's Photographer III by Andrew Colvin, arrived today! I am so excited, I've only read the forward by Nick Redfern and leafed through it, but it promises to be great.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Update on the Deserted Kings Park Mental Hospital Location

Sometimes when you least expect it a piece of information falls into your hands and you simply have to think Hmmm. That is what happened to me with my investigation of the Kings Park Mental Hospital grounds.

I wrote about this Hospital and its grounds as they have been said to be a dark and sinister mass of land that once housed thousands of lost broken souls. It has a reputation of being haunted and many have claimed to find that a ghostly figure turned up on the photo’s taken at these deserted buildings and grounds.

Along with a team of people, including a psychic, a skeptic and another paranormal investigator, I did a tour the Kings Park Hospital grounds and did find it a bleak and uncomfortable place. It consisted of beautiful grounds that are graced with wonderful waterfront views. However the dilapidated huge hospital building, with their barred windows, make no mistake that this was once a place of gloom and doom for thousands.

It is rumored that many people were either murdered by other inmates or wandered off and became lost in the large wooded areas that surround the hospital grounds never to be found again. It is also said many drowned in the nearby Long Island sound who simply were listed as missing and never heard from again.

This place is one that you cannot wait to get away from the moment you enter its winding roads and deserted buildings of pain and horror. I think it should be knocked to the ground and the grounds completely turned into anything at all other then the sad deserted wasteland that stands today.

There is a long winding road back entrance to the Kings Park Hospital grounds that most people are not aware of. Unless you’re a local resident of the area, this back route is really not known as an entry to the hospital grounds. This back road is through an established area of lovely old homes adjacent to the coastline on the north shore of Long Island. It is a winding small old country road that typically is only used by the people who live on the road. People in the area know that if they use this road and cut through the hospital grounds you can reach the next town over quickly and miss all the main road traffic. Still isn’t used much. Not many are willing to drive through that dreary part of town.

About a year ago I was asked to drive an older lady friend of the families over to that next town over. She wanted to visit her daughter who was ill and no longer drove. I offered to drop her off and pick her up a few days later.

I was behind schedule the morning I was to drop this woman off at her daughters and decided to make up some time by taking this less traveled route that would take us through the hospital grounds. We were driving down the long winding road that would take us to the back entry of the hospital grounds when we approached a large old mansion on the waterfront side of the road. The large home had recently been bought and was in the process of being completely restored to its original beauty.

I slowed down as I was the only car on the road and wanted to view the progress being made on this beautiful old house and its estate full of barns and outer buildings. The work was apparently near completion and done well. The place looked like a photo from a magazine of an old southern plantation. The restoration project was magnificent. As we drove by my elderly friend became very agitated. She turned pale and became nervous. “ I hate this place, every time I drive past this house I can feel the evil drip from it!’ I was stunned at her remark but even more shocked at how upset and frightened she seemed to be. She asked me to please move on, as she felt a bit ill. I did not waste anytime and placed my foot on the gas to get her away from the place.

I didn’t think much about that day until the exact same thing happened again. This time I was with my mother. We were out taking a drive one day when I decided to show her the restoration of this old estate.

We were driving along the road in front of the large mansion when my mother turned to me and said, “This is a horrible place. Don’t you feel the darkness here?” I was a bit surprised to hear my mother say this as she loved older homes and often joined in on historical tours in our area. My mother looked at the house and said, “Something horrible happened in that house”. Once again I hit the gas and left the mansion and the estate it was built on in my rear view mirror.

I didn’t think much about that house since that day. I did not enter the hospital grounds via that route when I did the investigation for my site. I had no reason to connect any of it -until now that is!

I was asked to show the back way into the hospital grounds to a psychic who was planning her own research on the deserted hospital. She happens to know my brother and long story short, I could not say no. She wanted to find a route that was off the beaten path in case she wanted to pull off the road or walk along any areas that beckoned to her while she did her research on the hospital grounds. I agreed and picked her up at mutual destination to show her the back roads into the hospital grounds. She asked if I would drive while she took notes so she would be able to find her way in and out once alone. I agreed and off we went.

Once again we were coming up on the area of the restored estate that spooked both my old friend and my mother. I said nothing and had no intentions of making the mistake of slowing down again. Every time I stopped to look I ended up speeding away!

I was driving along minding my own business calling out street signs for my guest to make note of for her written directions when we started our approach of the old restoration estate site. As soon as the property was in sight the psychic yelled out “ Stop the car!” I threw on the brakes in a panic. Did I hit an animal, ride over glass? Why was she yelling?

I stopped the car. The moment my vehicle came to a halt this woman was out of the car walking towards the entrance to this large estates driveway. Not knowing what to do I sat and watched from my car. I rolled down the window and called after her. She just stood there looking down the long driveway that wrapped around the front of the grand old mansion.

After a few minutes the psychic returned to my car. She immediately began to question me concerning who owned the house, and was it known to be haunted? I did not know the answers to either question. We both sat there looking at this huge old house and its surrounding buildings. There was a barn, what looked like a garage or two and some smaller very old shed type buildings behind the barn that were only partly in view. My passenger just sat there, hands folded in her lap, starring for what seemed like a very long time.

Finally she spoke. “This house is extremely busy spiritually. This place has so many souls wandering about it looks like a busy town-only two hundred years ago. This was not a happy place.” Not knowing how to respond I just replied my stupor like “It wasn’t?” “ No it wasn’t” she continued. She then started to madly write down all she could find about the place. She found a name written on the tree and date, she wrote down its address and cross streets. She would stop and look out at the house every few seconds and smile, as if someone was standing there. She was frightening the day lights out of me and so were the old house and all its buildings.

I finished our tour of how to get to the hospital grounds and took the long way back to our original meeting place. There wasn’t any way I was going to drive past that house again!

The psychic talked non-stop about how she was going to research the old house and would be sure to get in touch with me when she knew something. Frankly I did not know what to make of it all.

A few days ago this lady called me up. She told me she finished her research and thinks she found the answer not only to the past of that old house but the bleakness of the Kings Park Hospital grounds. I sat and listened as she told me she had discovered.

It seems that in the early 1700’s that house was a huge plantation of over 2000 acres here on the coast of Long Island. The unusual thing for me to find out was that it was a slave plantation. I was not aware that there were large slave run plantations on Long Island.

The people who now owned the land restored what was left of the estate back to its original condition. The old buildings behind the barn were a few of the actual original slave quarters. The history of the place was bleak and unhappy. How else would a place that used slaves be? The area was known to be a harsh place where torture of both those working the plantation as well as the owner took place. I found this knowledge disturbing and knew at once that was what all the women were picking up as we drove past this house.

During the late 1920’s, just as the depression was hitting the country, the land was taken away by the state unwillingly from the family who owned it to build the now deserted mental hospital. The bleak darkness of the land went from bad to worse going from slave trade and unhappiness to insanity and lost hope. The entire area seems to have absorbed the pain of so many which is why today it leaves such a dark impression on those who are sensitive to such things.

I did not know what to say. I had no idea about any of this history. I do know I now believe that powerful dark energy can be absorbed by its surroundings and released over time to those able to sense it.

I have decided to leave this area to those more equipped to deal with such over powering years of grief and broken dreams. Maybe somehow someday the past history of that beautiful land can somehow be made whole again.

Until then my heart aches for all those who walked so sadly before me under those beautiful trees and along that golden coastline of slavery and lost lives. I often think about what it may have been like to be born during a different time in history.

Even being born 50 years before would have brought me to a very different life experience. The only thing I can think to say about this entire encounter is that but for the Grace of God go I.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Interview with a Vampire!

With all the new shows out concerning Vampires I thought it might be interesting to find someone who claimed to actually be a Vampire!

I knew there were sites and even chat rooms on the Internet with those who live the life style of the Vampire. I decided to try to find a real life Vampire to interview and write about.

This adventure of Vampire hunting proved to be a long and difficult road. I could not find a site I could easily negotiate much less join in, being a non-Vampire myself, so I searched the chat arena where I remembered seeing Vampire chat rooms.

I was finding this entire idea of interviewing a Vampire quickly losing its appeal. I tried at first with curious gusto to visit the different Vampire based chat rooms. Some met me with cold indifference- others out and out hostility. A few even threw me out of the room before I opened my mouth or typed one word. I began to lose hope this idea of a Vampire interview would take place and gave up trying to join in on their closed chat societies.

One night before I shut down my computer I noticed one of these Vampire chat rooms open. I decided to go in and give it one more attempt. I just sat in the room and listened this time. I made no attempt at all to join in. On the voice option a woman was talking who sounded normal and rational. I listened to her for a while and thought she was by far the nicest most interesting speaker I had heard to date in any of these Vampires based Chat rooms. I kept her ID with hopes of making contact with her outside of the chat room confines.

About a week or so later I decided to take a chance on contacting the woman I heard that night and sent her a Immediate message telling her that I was a paranormal writer and wanted to interview her. She replied with a polite note that she would do the interview and we set up a meeting for me to talk to her in a private chat room.

Vampypup and I began our interview alone just the two of us. I started by asking her simple questions and found her sharing what I was asking to someone in the background before answering. I realized that the information I was seeking was coming from this other voice and my interview was being done by way of what this other person was saying.

I simply asked the Vampypup if it would be all right for me to talk directly to whoever that was in the background supplying the answers to my questions?

A man came to the microphone and introduced himself as Redforce. I found this man to be a well-mannered intelligent person who then took over the interview. Redforce was very polite as he explained the world of the modern day Vampire to me.

Redforce is a man in his mid 40’s. Looking at his photo he appears to be an average man of his age with the exception of his fangs! They are not obvious and I am sure he needs to open his mouth in a certain way to display his teeth in a manner to view them- but yes, he does have teeth that have been shaped into fangs. Besides that I found nothing unusual about him, of course one does need to get past the sharpened fangs.

As I sat and interviewed this man I found him to be polite, articulate and well versed on this subject of Vampirism. I sat and listened in fascination while he taught me the basics of those who consider and live the life of a modern day Vampire.

The first thing he explained to me was that there are three categories that Vampires fall into.

First you have your Sanguine Vampires who are those who need to drink blood in order to feel they can live normal healthy lives. They feel that the blood gives them a certain energy that they do not get otherwise. I have read on the Internet that this type of Vampire will drink blood from other humans, or some may use animal blood, while others have been known to drink their own blood. Soul feeder does not feed often and when he does he only has a small amount from one donor. He practices his needs in this fashion out of fear of disease. I am not sure if all follow his protocol of dining on blood but this man was fully aware of the dangers involved in this life style. The reason for this behavior according to this Vampire is the over whelming need for fresh human blood to give him the life energy he requires to function properly. I had to wonder if this type of vampire has serious deficiencies in his own blood or body chemistry, which causes this urge for the need to drink blood.

The second type of Vampire found in society is the Succubus Vampire. This Vampire is a sexual draining vampire who receives its needs from draining others via sexual activity. I think society refers to this practice more commonly as people with sex addictions. In the world of Vampires they are known as the Succubus Vampires using sex as a way to pull energy from others. The more sexual activity they engage in the more alive and connected they feel. It is how they feel they replace their energy needs.

Lastly and most likely the most common type of Vampire is known as the Psychic Vampire. I think we all have come across this type of vampire and simply never thought of them with this title.

The psychic vampire drains people of their energy and feeds on their emotions to fill themselves with certain needs missing in their own makeup. I think we all have come across a person be it in ones family or at work even among groups of friends that simply leave you exhausted and drained when you are around them. Most of us can peg people like this and do all we can to avoid them. Many do not realize they are practicing these energy-draining events and just walk around the world sucking the life out of the people around them as the only way they know how to interact, cope and survive. They are however exhausting and do suck the very life out of those who interact with them.

The truly dangerous vampires in my view are those who intentionally and with skill go about finding victims to drain in order to fill their own lifeless souls with the energy of those they stalk for their energy infusions. Chances are if you run into a person who is a bully and seems to flourish on attacking or ripping apart others you are in the company of a lost broken soul trying to feel whole by making others weak and miserable. People like this try to fill the empty hole in them by way of destroying those around them. Those who behave in this fashion are often in some shape or form part of the Psychic Vampire family. It is wise to distance yourself from them as soon as you realize you are in their company, as they seem to feed endlessly without satisfaction. I think the bottom line here is the word endlessly. If doing what they do worked they would somehow not need to be constantly on the hunt to feed.

I found out while talking to my knowledge filled Vampire that with the invention of the Internet, web cams and the voice options the Psychic Vampires are now able feed on unsuspecting people populating the Internet chats. Those who do use the chat systems have all known people who roam from room to room-causing problems wherever they go. Some enter a chat room, bust into ongoing conversations, change the topic, start a nasty fight, argue with good people and then move on to the next room leaving those in the rooms exhausted, unhappy and drained. Some know them as room disrupters others as Internet Psychic Vampires or IPV’s. These predators will enter a chat room full of happy chatters and within minute’s leave it drained and in upheaval. I have witnessed this many times on the Internet and now realize what I was watching. I think we all need to be very aware of such people as they can cause you harm and certainly are not wishing you well.

Redforce informed me of these things, as he does not feel that Psychic Vampires are ethical preying on people without their consent. He explained to me that there are people who have relationships with a Psychic Vampire where draining and being drained seems to be beneficial to both. Those who just target who ever they please and suck the very life from them leaving them weak and emotionally spent without regard or care are not good to be near. Not in real life or on the Internet

Redforce told me that meditation; or concentration should be done before entering public areas to defend against such Vampires. It is known a shielding and used as a way to protect you from things like IPV’s. Visualizing your self in a protective globe or suit to protect against these IPV’s is a must. I wear crystals and quartz and always pray to my guardian angels before advancing into the unknown. I feel the Internet is always a place of unknown danger and protect myself constantly. If an IPV enters a chat area I am visiting I place them on mute or ignore them from my screen. In real life I pray and rebuff those who wish to drain me of my energy by simply refusing to give them my time or attention. I just leave the room or area. It is as easy as just walking away. I think if we all did these things not only would our lives be stronger and fuller, the entire world would benefit.

I questioned my interesting subject about what happens to the different types of Vampires if they are not able to drink blood when they need to, or engage in sexual activity, or drain the energy from someone else. He told me that most can control their vampire life style but it has been known now and then for a vampire to do what is called ‘Vamping Out’, which is a nice way to say ‘has a hissy fit ‘when in need for their vampire fix! He said they might do outlandish things until they can refuel the needs of their Vampire lifestyle. I thought that would be a good time to keep distance between the Vampires and me!

Redforce explained to me that like all of life you have those who follow this lifestyle with care and keep it between willing partners and those who are not as kind right along to those who can be dangerous. Like life you need to be careful of those around you. The world of Vampires is no different. He did tell me however most who practice these things tend to stay to themselves and do not try to cause harm to those not in their circles. Of course you have exceptions and that is why we all need to be aware of those around us.

Redforce also told me that groups of people exist who are on missions to kill Vampires. They try to locate those who live these lifestyles so they can drive a stake through their hearts. I thought he was kidding when he told me this, but sadly he was completely serious. I found the idea of people hunting people to drive a stake into their hearts rather terrifying. I hope anyone considering such actions understand that is cold-blooded murder and think deeply before giving that idea any real attention.

I know I was lucky to come upon this young man. I am fully aware that there are many involved in this subject matter that have taken it over the line and into unhealthy and dangerous limits. I also now know there are people like this man and his lady friend Vampypup that are just into something different from the norm but harmless to those not interested in what they practice.

I found this man to be friendly bright and willing to explain an area of our society that I did not understand. I cannot say I grasp the full reasons for any of it. I do know that I do feel better able to cope with this subject now knowing a bit more about it. I also realize that the Psychic Vampires that prowl through the chat rooms and our lives now have a name and that we can reject them from attaching to our energy. Next time one tries to bully into your path and destroy your day, leaving you with a headache -just turn away, give them no attention or time and keep your life force your own.

As I collected information for this article I discovered that the man I had interviewed was being given a bit of a difficult time by his fellow vampire mates making him uncomfortable with my wanting to use his willingness to enlighten me on this subject. I agreed not to use his information solely and did research this by means of the Internet and a few others I found who took part in the world of vampirism.

I found that this subject seemed to make those involved in it more uncomfortable than other paranormal areas and had to wonder if it truly was a life style they were comfortable living. I also recalled a truly bizarre experience from my past.

Many years ago when I was attending college a friend of mine told me of an extreme experience he had while attending his Ivy League University. He told me that a family line of so-called European royalty had a few family members attending his University the same time he was in school. He told me that there were many rumors circulating at the time that this family of royal bloods were the real and only true line of immortal Vampires. He told me that they were very strange people both in appearance and behavior. I did not think much of it then and in fact had forgotten most of what he told me but for one thing that always stuck with me. He told me that one thing and one thing alone drove the royal bloodline Vampires wild. It was mortal people who portrayed themselves as Vampires. This one thing would move this family into instant rage where they would stalk and hunt down imposters. He told me they searched for these people and had little mercy once finding them.

I always found this to be a extreme myth yet a terrifying one and often wondered if those who are merely mortal humans living a modern day style of Vampirism ever fear they may be walking a thin and dangerous line?

As I say, I know little about this subject and find myself in a difficult place trying to understand it all. I guess it will have to remain on my list of things I do not understand and not easily researched. However, if there were even a slight chance I was making immortal beings wildly angry, I imagine I would stay in the closet too!

I hope this offers a bit more information about the modern day Vampire and also makes you aware of those energy draining people who now have a title of IPV’s. Remember where ever you may be, what ever you may be doing, pay attention as you never know when you will find yourself on your own paranormal journey!

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Neighbors Ill-Mannered Ghost! – A Follow Up Story

This past Christmas I wrote a story about a family who lives with the ghost of a old man who once lived in their home about 40 years ago. He would make his presence known more often during the holidays, but always seemed to be a well-mannered spirit who never caused any harm or alarm.

I always thought the idea of living with the unknown something better left alone. I suggested a few times to this family that they find a professional in the area of haunting who could move this spirit on. The family seemed perfectly content living with this spirit so I did not give the situation any more thought.

I ran into a relative of this family who also lives in our town. We were on line in the grocery store and while we talked I asked about the ghost. The relative told me that they were having problems with it as the ghost seems to have made a change in behavior and has started throwing things at the family. I found this strange and questioned this relative to what exactly was going on.

“Well just last week I went over to visit for the holidays. We were all sitting in the dinning room of the home when all of a sudden the plate of cookies on the sideboard flew across the room and smashed into the wall with all the cookies flung around the room and the platter broken into a pile of pieces.” I was stunned at how matter of fact this relative was telling me of a experience that would have frightened the day lights out of me.

“We have all gotten rather use to the old man I suppose “, she replied as I expressed my concern. “He has gotten so active barely a day goes by something doesn’t happen.” I found this alarming and told the relative that I feel it may be time to find some help for this family to move this spirit on. The relative shrugged her shoulders and ended the conversation, as it was her turn to check out.

On my way home I stopped at my sisters house that happens to live a few doors down from this family with this now frisky ghost. I told my sister about the conversation I just had in the food market about her neighbor and their ghost. My sister was busy putting on the teakettle for us and I did not get a good look at her as I continued to rattle off my story about the new behavior of the neighbors ghost.

With the teakettle heating, mugs in hand, my sister sat down across from me at her kitchen table. I looked at her and blurted out “What happened to your eye?” My sister had a very red swollen eyelid.

My sister lifted her hand to her eye and said, “Funny you should ask. I visited our ghostly neighbors house yesterday. I wanted to bring them some cookies and thank them for the lovely Christmas cactus she sent over last week. I picked a time I thought would be quiet and walked down to have a little visit and drop off my baked goods.

All seemed as usual to me. They had their usual large Christmas tree set up in front of that large window, the house was decorated and it seemed truly warm and cozy. They even had a fire going in that wonderful large fireplace they have. All was fine until we (the women of the house and my sister) were sitting in front of the fire talking. All of a sudden I felt something ping me sharply on my arm. It stung enough for me to make a little yelp” My sister went on to explain what followed. “A second later the neighbor let out a yell as well and started to rub the side of her face. I felt a sharp sting on my neck this time and stunned said to my neighbor- Stop that, it hurts! My neighbor looked at me and said – it isn’t me.”

At this point my sister felt a sharp pain in her eye and winced in pain. She felt something fall from her face and looked down to find a rubber band on her blouse. Both the neighbor and my sister then searched the floor and found other rubber bands that were being shot at them on the floor and on the tops of their shoes. My sister knew they were alone in the house and simply walked to the door without saying one word and ran out of the house.

The neighbor called and tried to sooth my sister but my sister would have none of it and told her neighbor it was now time to call in help before someone ended up seriously hurt.

I just sat and looked at my sisters swollen eye and did not know if I should laugh or cry. We talked about it and knew that something had changed with the ghost in my neighbor’s house and that it was proving to be a very bad idea allowing the spirit to remain under the now changing circumstances.

My neighbor called my sister and told her she contacted a university who did research on the paranormal and they were sending over a team to investigate the activity in their home.

I don’t know what to make of the entire thing. I do know it is time for them to sort it out. I am writing this follow up to my original story as I feel it always best to call in those who understand these things rather than to simply try to live with them. After re- reading my first article on this families dilemma with this spirit I wanted to add on this update. I think the moral of this story is that the unknown is something we should never take for granted.

If you find you are having any events like these in your life or home, It may be a good idea to seek out those who understand them before you end up with one of those big red swollen eyes!

Ghosts, haunting and things like that truly are not this paranormal writers favorite things. Give me a good old solid UFO any day!

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