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Please send Sister Wolf your love and light, she will be undergoing surgery. It would be nice to have her well enough to attend our local UFO meeting at the end of Sept, so send some extra love her way. :)


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I can remember when I was a child listening to stories about sightings of Big Foot being seen all over the world. I read reports almost daily about people seeing large unknown biped creatures. Many fit in with the hairy human type creature we all now think of as Sasquatch, or Big Foot. I think with the long-standing history of reports concerning this creature that there is without question some truth to all of these sightings.

I have read many articles about huge cats seen where huge cats do not belong. Many have told me that they have seen animals that do not fit in or are natural to the surroundings they are seen. I wonder at times how this is happening or if these creatures are being transported by some source or time slip to be sighted in places they do not belong?

My interest has been drawn to those who have had encounters with creatures that do not fit in with any living creation we know on this earth. I find some reports to be what I consider another level of visitation that we just now are starting to understand. Could we have doorways from other dimensions or times on this planet that allows for visitors from places other then this universe. Could we also have visiting beings from other layers of time or dimension dropping by and then simply vanishing back to where they have come?

I hear reports from Mexico about flying human shaped beings. I have read many reports from those who tell us that aliens have crossed their path. Look at the recent article about a man and his son in Northport Florida who have reported aliens visiting their home at night. I read the mans experience and watched his video report and wonder if what he witnessed fit in more with unknown creatures rather then aliens from space?

He reported a reptile hoofed flying creature with glowing eyes that made me think of moth man reptile being reports I have heard over the years.

I recently had a friend tell me that he was part of an odd encounter that occurred when he was a child. He told me about an upright two-legged animal with clawed type hoof feet that tried to bang through a door at a cabin in the wilderness of the Midwest where he was staying with family members one winter. He told me that the people inside the cabin kept the door barricaded until the morning light. The thing on the other side of the door spent hours trying to pound its way through the door. When they opened the door the next morning to investigate they found a badly clawed door and strange foot prints in the snow that were made by a two-legged animal. The tracks walked around the cabin, on the roof of the cabin and then off into the woods. The stride was long and deep indicating a heavy tall creature. The men in the cabin were hunters and not one of them ever saw tracks or footprints like those left by their night visitor. The family never knew what it was that tried to entire their cabin that night.

When I was a teenager on Long Island New York I experienced along with my entire family and a group of friends a unknown creature that spent one night tormenting us. This creature had gotten into our home while my family was not home and waited for us to return. When it was discovered something was in the house with us we quickly ran outside. The creature stayed in the house taunting us with turning the lights on and off, pounding on the walls and howling in heart stopping screams of anger. It wanted to trap us in the house and went wild when we would not cooperate.

The police were called to search the area. They found a rope he was hoping to use, clawed walls and a putrid smell left behind. A few weeks later this horrible creature returned to my neighborhood again to try and grab a family. He ripped a large window out of a nearby house wood casing and all trying to grab a 17-year-old girl watching TV in her family room. Her mother chased the creature off with a shotgun. The ordeal was terrifying for all involved. The creature was never found. What this thing was or where it came from remains a mystery to this day.

I had dinner recently with old friends whom I had gone to college with years ago. Both the husband and wife had careers working in agencies that involved security for the United States. Both were well trained to deal with dangerous situations. The woman was retired but the husband was still working. As part of his job this man carried a weapon.

They told me about a experience that they had a few years ago while on vacation. They were spending a week on the end of Long Island near Montauk Point. One afternoon they decided to drive around the less populated wooded areas that cover the end of Long Island. They had packed a lunch and were driving along a deserted road looking for a place to set up lunch in the back of their truck. They found a lovely area along the side of the country road. The wife jumped into the bed of the truck to set up their little chairs and table so they could begin their lunch. The husband decided to look along the side of the wooded road to see if he could locate a secondary dirt road he was told about that was suppose to be the entrance to a civil war building he was hoping to see. The wife was in the back of the truck busy with her cooler while the husband walked close to the side of the road along the woods.

The wife and husband both heard it at the same time. It was a strange clucking animal sound. It was loud, close by and unlike anything they had ever heard before. Both of them immediately froze in response to this odd out of place sound. The woman stood up to view where her husband was standing. He stood motionless. They both stood silently listening. They listened only a few seconds when they heard it. Foot steps adjacent to where her husband was walking. They were heavy breaking sticks and crushing leaves. Both this man and his wife were trained to know the difference between the normal sounds of the forest and its animal life and that of sounds not normal to the area. These steps were of something more human like and structured. Not the fluttering random steps of an animal. They were methodical and keeping pace with the man. She watched as her husband stood perfectly still. He slowly turned around and looked at his wife. She knew at once they were in trouble.

The woman dropped the lunch on the floor of the truck, jumped over the side and quickly got into the truck and started it. She placed her foot to the floor fish tailing down the road as quickly as she could get that truck to travel. She flew up next to her husband who now stood feet planted in a squat position with his gun drawn facing the woods. She slammed on the brakes and screamed at him to get in. The second he jumped into the truck she took off flying down the road wanting as much distance between them and whatever was in those woods.

When her husband opened the door of the truck to jump in she was able to glance towards the side of the road where he had his weapon aimed. There in the woods she saw two red glowing eyes looking towards them from the woods. They were about 7 feet in the air making what ever was looking at them at least 7 to 8 feet high.

As they were racing down the road away from the thing in the woods her husband shaking and still holding his weapon could only stutter “Did you see it? It was not human.”

The husband told his wife he knew something large and intelligent was following him along side the road in the woods. It would stop when he did and back off from sight when the man tried to get a look at it. He told his wife it was huge at least 8 feet tall with an outline that appeared wide and square in form. He told his wife it had red colored eyes that had a glow that would turn on and off in the dark woods. The man was shaken and convinced it was not of this world.

The couple returned to the hotel they were staying and packed up and left the area. They thought about reporting the event to the local police but decided to handle it differently and more effectively by way of connections they had made over their careers. They told me that they were able to have a search of that area done with trained professionals and dogs but came away without anything that could explain what they had seen that day.

I have no reason not to believe my friends. I do know them to be special people who have devoted their lives to the safety of my country and without question not the type to tell a story like this unless it happened. They do not want anything other then to get this story out to others and to tell people to be careful where they go and to make sure they are prepared for the unknown in such settings.

Having encountered a creature I could not explain in my lifetime I can only come to the conclusion that creatures do wander our planet that are unknown and not human. I think that the case in Northport Florida needs to be watched along with other stories that people tell about these creature type beings that seem to visit at their whim and then disappear into the night, or woods or for that matter your back yard!

I am not sure what these creatures are that so many people encounter. They could be aliens however they could also be beings from another dimension or time. I am not sure why we encounter these creatures I just know too many report these unknown beings for them to not be something we need to investigate along with all the other unknowns of the paranormal world. I do know once you do encounter a being that is not from your time dimension or world – you never forget it!

I wonder how many others out there have had encounters with creatures they cannot identify. One day we may have answers to all these strange events. For now I can only warn you all to always pay attention to your surroundings and please – be careful out there!

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Chris Holly
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On BoA: Lasha Seniuk's Field Notes

Me and Chicken Little; We Got Issues, by Lasha Seniuk on Binnall of America.

I appreciate Lasha's heads up astrologically speaking, but I also appreciate her balancing the news of what's to come with the view that our response to events has much to do with our participation in those events:
Trust in God, but tie up your camels'~ Arabic Proverb

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Down, Up, White, Water . . .

In the previous post, I described a dream I had involving water in a small man made pool, in a white marble setting. I used my pendulum to find out what the crop circle in the water meant. . .

Last night I had a dream that was similar in many ways, but different as well. In the dream I find that I'm leading a small group of people to an abandoned building, a large 19th century apartment type building used for residence but also some kind of school. It turns out I, or my husband, owns the building but haven't been near the thing in years. I get the key, and we arrive, and want to go up to the top floor, but find it barricaded with a weird, rickety, sloppy kind of staircase. The intent of the staircase was to discourage people from going further. "Screw that," I say, "I own this building!" and we manage to climb through everything and get to the apartment at the top.

Once inside, the apartment is lovely. Very nice, clean, and mostly in white, but not sterile, very warm and comfortable. The living room is a sunken living room, the kind popular in the 1950s, '60s, and some of the people sit down in there on the furniture. In the center of the sunken living room is a pool, very much like the one in the previous dream. Just water inside, no crop circle or anything.

One of the men in the group takes off his shoes, which seemed funny since he's wearing a business suit, tie, the works. He stretches and asks if he can put his feet in the water: "It sure would feel nice" he says. I tell him it's important not to put his feet in the water, no offense and it's not personal, but it's important we don't contaminate the water. That's not what it's for.

However, I point to the open door to the right, which leads out onto a lovely patio and garden, with a swimming pool. I tell him it's fine if he wants to go out to the pool and swim. Not just get his feet wet, but his whole body.


The previous dream had us going down, this dream had us going up. In both dreams I was a leader, sort of. Both dreams had small pools of water. Both dreams had white as the dominant color, and both dreams had the water as something clearly sacred. Both dreams had abandoned, or no longer used large buildings that once held a lot of people, and related to learning.

I think of "as above, so below" when thinking on these dreams, and that the subconscious and mundane is connected to the higher self, astral realms. . . we are all connected, not only with each other, but all living things, which is, in my little belief system, everything.

I've used dreams as tools for years; I think we can learn from many of our dreams to help us on whatever path we're on, or are about to step upon. I think these two dreams are signals to me that I'm about to start something new. . . and the dreams are confirmations of my recent desires to do work in teaching/healing areas.

Watery Crop Circles and Bath Mats: Working with Spirit Energy

I've been doing a lot of work these past couple of weeks with spirit guides, which has brought me -- and, seemingly, our house -- a lot of vivid experiences. I've experienced more activity in the past ten days or so than I've had in the past couple of years; which includes dreams, visions, poltergeist type energy, out of body experiences . . .

Last night I had a dream that involved a crop circles and a pendulum. I dreamt I was with a group of people, visiting an abandoned estate of sorts, with lots of terraces that led down to a courtyard. At one time this place was a school of some kind, a kind of college but people also lived here. We go down to this courtyard, which is mostly white marble; the steps leading down, the ground, everything. Nothing in the courtyard except a pedestal made of stones; about two feet tall, and about three feet by five feet. On top of the stone pedestal is a wooden frame, about a foot deep. This "box" is full of water, which is very clear. At the bottom of this little pool is a crop circle. Logically this doesn't make sense; in the waking world, a crop circle in sand or dirt, or in wheat, etc. would not last, but in dream logic, it makes sense. The crop circle was a geometric design, not of any recognizable animal or symbol.

I get out my pendulum (which, in the waking world, I've been working with) and it goes crazy. I mean crazy, I can barely keep a hold of it. It's spinning around so wildly I can't tell if it's "yes" or "no" or what. Finally I get in sync with it and realize it's telling me -- us -- that what the crop circle has to tell us, what we can learn from it, where the crop circle (and all crop circles) are from, is "very intense."

I share this with the group; I tell them that the pendulum shows us that it's going to be "very intense" and for some reason, everyone takes this as "very negative." They start to leave in a little rush, pushing each other up the terraced sides. I say "No, not negative, just intense. It's not a bad thing..." but they don't get it, or don't want to get it. That's the end of the dream.

Other experiences I've had lately: listening to a guided imagery mediation kind of CD, I was having what I call "slide shows" --the vivid pictures popping rapidly in my head during that slightly hypnogognic, trance like state one is in when starting to go to sleep, or relaxing. My pictures were coinciding with what was being said on the tape; after the voice said, for example, "A bright candle," I saw a bright candle. But then I had a vivid, highly detailed picture of a woman who was clearly up to no good; the the message I had was that this woman was a lair, a thief and a manipulator. I briefly wondered "Where did that come from?!" and then the voice on the CD said "There will be people who mean harm and will lie to you. . . "

An odd thing was Jim's experience earlier this evening with the bath mat. I was taking a nap and he had just got in from work. He went into the bathroom to take a shower. He reached for the bath mat that we keep hanging on the shower curtain rod, and it was gone. He thought that was weird, and looked around the bathroom for it, no bath mat. He couldn't find it, which was weird, and wondered if maybe I hadn't moved it. Although why I'd do that, made no sense, he told me later. He looked again, no bath mat. He walked out thinking of waking me but didn't want to do that, so he went back into the bathroom, and there was the bath mat where it always is -- on the shower curtain rod. He told me that this was one of the weirdest things that has happened to him, so weird it made the hair on his skin stand up.

For some reason, I feel that that incident is connected to the spirit energy I've been working with.

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Tessa Dick's Blog

I was going to comment on a post at Tessa Dick's blog, Tessa Dick Presents: It's a Philip K. Dick World! but there is so much wonderful stuff over there, I'll just encourage everyone to visit her blog and see for yourselves. (For those that don't know, Tessa Dick is the widow of Philip K. Dick.) Here's a review of her book The Owl in Daylight, a "fictional biography" of Philip K. Dick, on the Mighty Mercury site.

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The solar flare of 1859 was a strong flare that burned out our telegraph systems - set telegraph offices on fire and caused havoc with our compasses. The entire world watched as the sky burst into colorful dancing light as the aura from the flares engulfed the world. The world was not sure what caused this event at the time. Our relationship with the sun was just starting to be realized.

Flares have hit us since however this solar flare storm of 1859 was a big one leaving its mark all over this earth. The world watched in awe as our skies filled with incredible shades of reds washing over the earth as if giving the trees and oceans a bath of blood.

We have known about the sun shooting its angry flares at our planet for a very long time. We know what happened to the telegraph systems during the 1859 hit. It was a warning to what would happen if we continued on with communication and power systems that would be defenseless if another large flare hit. Incredible as it seems we ignored all of these things and did not heed what history taught us in 1859.

We have watched and recorded the solar flare hits since. We just decided to do nothing to prepare for the next big hit. During 2003 we endured a solar flare hit that caused satellites to fail, blackouts to occur and planes to be re- routed. Flying too high or near our poles would mean a high dose of x-ray hits for the poor souls in those planes. Bringing the aircraft down to safer altitudes and re- routing them away from the poles had to be done in order to side step tragic ends to those flying during that time. We sustained damage to our electrical grids and communication systems - however we managed to do so with little or nothing said or known about it at the time.

Those on the earth who knew these flare were due and coming sat and watched -holding their breathe as the flares of 2003 headed towards the earth waiting to see what would happen.

We are all completely vulnerable to solar flare hits. A perfect aligned solar flare hit could bring down our way of life for months. So - in 2003 we sat and waited and by pure luck fate had the flares miss our little blue globe and sweep past us out to space.

Those who knew how lucky we were gave a sigh of relief as this catastrophe missed us. The rest of us wandered around our days oblivious any of this was taking place or how lucky we had been.

The sun like all things in this universe has its natural cycles which includes a 11 year turn of its poles which is when huge sun spots develop which build up in power until they explode out into space releasing huge solar flares. The solar flares depending on their alignment can be a huge problem to the earth. If they hit us dead on we are blasted with extreme x-rays and radiation. This hit of blasting radiation can knock out even completely destroy our communication systems, bring down our satellites, wipe out our space station and burn out our electric grids, phone and cable lines.

This is not a theory this is what will happen if we take a direct hit from a large solar flare. Add to this the fact that we have a hole in our magnetic field, which is what protects us from the sun, and we have the making for a serious event coming our way.

We are due to see these flares during the next cycle of the sun, which will occur in 2012.

Knowing this as fact has me completely confused as to what we have been thinking for the last 50 to 75 years? I have to ask myself over and over if we have not completely lost our collective minds?

We knew and know that the sun has and will continue to explode flares out to space towards our planet. We know they are more severe every 11 years. We know that luck alone has protected us.

We know all these things yet we simply ignored these facts and built our earth top societies to be completely belly up vulnerable to this sure to come crisis of having our way of life completely destroyed.

We know that a direct hit of large solar flares will burn apart, rip apart and destroy our satellites dropping them like old hub caps to the side of a old dirt road yet we keep sending up more? We continue to launch our way of life into space with out any protection for what surely will come? We have not and do not build our communications systems, power systems or infrastructures with the added protective elements needed to survive the coming solar flares knowing fully well what the future will bring. How has this happened and how ridiculous can we be as a society to walk off this cliff willingly?

I have to ask where our thinking was and is building entire societies around electricity, satellite communications, gps guidance, air travel, telephones, computers, televisions, and radio. One huge perfect storm solar flare could wipe out our way of life for months in a matter of a day? The question that nags at me is why did we ignore this knowing that we needed to build all of these things in a way that would protect them from the normal cycles of the sun? How is it we simply ignored this fact of eminent solar flare hits leaving our entire society open for extremely trying times once that system fails?

I have read estimates that it may take a few months at best to restore what a solar flare will destroy if we encounter a direct hit here on earth. I am wondering how the world will deal with being thrown back 200 years in a day’s time to living as we once did without electric, communication or modern travel methods.

I have been in a few large blackouts and know that life as we know it comes to an immediate halt without lights, streetlights or traffic lights. People become agitated and irrational. Driving becomes dangerous and slow. If you add all the other factors of living with out power or communication you have an extremely difficult time surviving.

Finding food and water fuel and heat will become major issues. Simple tasks will become matter of life and death circumstances for those not able to weather such a storm. It will be a disaster like no other as there will not be any communications for the masses to find out what to do or how long things will remain difficult.

If the estimated time of a few months is a reality mass chaos will take place. Those who do not have food, water or a heat source will become desperate. Governments will be forced into actions that may be harrowing for many. All of these things will occur if we are hit with on of our suns perfect storm solar flares and yet- no one is talking about it. Have you seen any news specials concerning preparing for a direct hit from a solar flare? Have you read anything openly discussing this situation anywhere at all?

There are good people out there who have written about this subject. Michio Kaku the physicist talks openly about this offering his thoughts to all who will listen.

However the truth of this matter is that just like the year of 2003 I think the powers that be are going to sit and hold their breath hoping that lady luck will once again throw her dice in our favor and once again we will miss a direct hit and all will be well in the world!

I have never been a gambler. I have never been reckless. I like to eat every day and I hate the freezing cold. I am going to try to the best of my ability to approach 2012 as prepared as I do for hurricane season or the occasional crushing snowstorm that knocks out power and communication in my part of the world. I am going to have canned food and water for my family. I am going to have candles, a heat source and try to figure out what type of radio will work during a solar hit and buy one. I am going to try to be able to stay in my own home to survive the turmoil of what will come if we do face a hit from a perfect storm solar flare. Being prepared may be the only asset we will have to survive an event where our world ends as we know it and life returns to 200 years ago.

When thinking about the coming of 2012 I realize there is more then this one solar flare scenario that we may be facing. Other natural cycles are also due to change. Climate changes, volcano activity earthquakes and pole flips have also been dated due over the next years ahead.

I think the key to what may or may not come over the next few years is to simply be prepared. If you are able to ride out a storm or disaster on your own for at least a few weeks you have a good chance of weathering what ever the future may bring. If we can take care of our own while those responsible for us have time to return us to business as usual we will all have a chance of surviving whatever perfect storm hits.

Finding our way over the years ahead without confusion and despair is the job of each and every one of us. Those who refuse will be blind-sided and may have some very difficult days to weather. I hope you will all research some of what I have talked about today and consider the fact that 2012 may not be the end of the world. It may just be a time of lots of natural changes, which may be normal for the universe around us but extremely difficult for the mere mortals of earth. It is far better to be prepared and never need it then to desperately need it and not have it. I think that will be the way for the coming era known as 2012.

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richelle hawks on "Aliens in Coveralls"

I really enjoyed this piece by richelle for her Medusa's Ladder column on BoA. Aliens in Coveralls.
Playing on the screen memory idea, my response to Steve's assertion about the miniature helicopter and men standing near it was, "They didn't happen to be wearing coveralls, did they?" Anyone familiar with UFO narratives will get it�coveralls, along with other specific things such as aluminum, helicopters, hieroglyphs, soil samples, etc., are a common feature.

The nuts and bolts crowd may argue the significance of such commonalities is that they serve to support the notice of tangible,' real' experience, and of course, there's a lot in that argument. However, in a taking a close look at the particular common components in the narratives, it becomes clear they are loaded with symbolism and meaning.

What's the symbolism and meaning? You'll have to visit Medusa's Ladder on BoA to find out!

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Abductions and Covert Ops: Melinda Leslie on C2C

Tonight on C2C: interview with abductee Melinda Leslie, who will discuss covert ops in regards to abductions.

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Yeti speak, conspiracy park and stuff

Some random things: Conspiracy Park at L.O.W.F.I.

"She Speaks Yeti???!!!"
on Frame 352
A few new things at Octopus Confessional.
Also posts at Snarly Skepticism on Woo TV, Monster Quest, and Action Skeptics.

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I interviewed a friends relative years ago who had been suffering since the age of 9 from lost time abduction events.

His life was awful as he tried to deal with these on going events that would over take him and leave him hurt and terrified. Few believed him and no one knew how to help him. Those who did believe him seemed so terrified of being around him that he was quickly becoming a loner living a hermit style life in a small upstate New York town.

When I interviewed him about 8 years ago he was distraught and unhappy. He was living in that small town alone and miserable. He did not have a wife or a family, as he did not want to bring his torment into anyone else’s life.

This all started for this man when he was playing in the woods on his family’s farm. He was running along with his dog when he noticed a very bright red light above the trees. He does not recall anything else but waking up with his clothing ripped and his face and hands black and blue and his dog missing.

He never found his dog but the encounters continued.

Recently I heard that this man had ended his nightmare by changed his life, which stopped his abductions.

I was able to reach this man and he told me what had happened.

“ It was a Friday night. I finished up work and was heading home. Living in a small town only two other cars remained in the parking lot of my office building- everyone else already was gone for the weekend. I pulled my keys out of my pocket heading towards my car. The only thing I was thinking about was what I was going to eat for dinner.

I recall holding the key to my car in my hand and then as fast as a snap of one’s fingers I went from happy and hungry to a feeling of horror and fear. It was that fast, no time to react, no time to run- it happens that quickly. I felt the incredible crack of immediate change as I went from being in a state of well being to that of paralyzing fear. It hits that fast and furious.

I felt it overtake me. My head started to spin as overwhelming dizziness hit. I knew I was blacking out and knew there was nothing I could do about it. That was it. Taken- again.

I woke up in the back seat of my car. I had my pants on and my coat. My shirt was thrown next to me. My under ware, shoes and socks were missing. I was cold and felt sick. I was alone in the parking lot. I found my keys stuck in the ignition. The cars clock read 3 am. I hurt from head to toe. I started my car and drove home.

Once home I locked myself in my house. I turned on every light inside and out. My clothes smelled badly so I took them off and threw them in a trash bag. That is when I found the black and blue marks covering my inner thigh all the way up past my groin area to my stomach. I hurt all over and felt as if he had been beaten with a bat.”

He then told me that was the last incident of lost time or abduction he had and he thinks it may have been his last.

He thought about this on going nightmare in his life and knew the only one who could stop it would be him. He told me that he had to prevent his abductors from taking him and that he knew at once that his entire life style had to change.

His office was isolated from the small town where he lived, his house was out in the country and he spent hours riding along lonely country roads living this way. He told me he the next day he placed his house for sale, and made arrangements to move his office and life to the biggest city he could.

He moved to New York City. He found office space close to where he lives making time alone in transit quick and easy. He has an apartment on a low floor where his windows face another building near by. He does not wander around alone at night and always stays with the beat of the busy city.

He also has developed a practice of starting and ending his day loudly proclaiming to the universe that he does not want to be taken ever again and no one is allowed to take him against his will. He took every precaution he could think of that would make taking him extremely difficult for his abductors. Happily for this man his efforts seem to work as he is happy and without incident now for many years.

His efforts at making future abductions difficult seems to have worked as he has not had a lost time experience or anything close to an abduction experience since he changed his life style and has taken measures to protect himself.

This man wanted me to explain to others who also may be going through the ordeal of abduction that they too should look at how they live and figure out how to make it as difficult as possible for visitors to snatch us whenever they wish. He also thinks his daily loud announcements to the universe that he does not want to be taken again important and useful in stopping these events.

Of course following some basic rules are a must like avoiding dark lonely places or being alone- is key. Also installing lights and alarms can help. This man is convinced that making it difficult for the visiting abductors to take you is the key in breaking the cycle of being abducted.

Living with people around you is important. Populated places with lights activity and noise are things that seem to keep our visiting intruders at bay. If you do need to travel do it during day light hours and take the routes where other people are nearby.

I have great respect for this man and how he handled his problem with thought and action. I am very happy he now is living a better life where the on going horror of painful abductions has ended. I hope others who may be traveling a similar fate may be able to find help in what this man has lived through.

Another person I wrote about was a college professor who encountered a lost time event while traveling a lonely road on her way home from her last night class.

She remembers a flash of light followed by finding she was laying across the front seat of her car 3o miles from her home in an area she had never been to before.

When she finally was able to find her way home she arrived 4 hours late. She was ill and remained ill for days after the event. Her car was burned on its roof, hood and trunk. The inside of her car had a horrid odor.

This woman was frightened to death by this event and rarely is willing to discuss it. She thinks it best she continues her life without ever knowing what happened that night. She has flashes of things in her memory she does not understand that are so horrid she has no wishes to recall them.

This woman has strong opinions on the entire UFO alien agenda. When I asked her if she had anything she wanted to add to this article she told me this:

“ One thing I find very curious is that the human race tends to think that aliens are in someway here or responsible to help mankind. I have talked to many people who seem to feel that as soon as open contact is made with the alien species visiting this planet that all our problems will instantly be solved. I also hear anger towards aliens for not sweeping down and giving us the cure to all our diseases or energy problems.

I find this thinking extremely strange and can only ask why they feel this way? What makes humans think that aliens would even understand a concept like help? I do not think that our alien visitors want to be too involved with our planet or all the little earthlings running around it. I think that is strictly a human fantasy attached to this subject that is out of place and certainly not logical or likely.

It is possible that there are aliens that would or do help us with some of the things we humans suffer with. It is possible that there are aliens that understand the human concept of compassion and kindness. It is also possible that there are aliens who do not relate to these ideas and have no intentions of interfering with the life forms on our planet.

Aliens have been sighted and reported by the mankind for a very long time. I think if aliens were going to fix all that is broken for us they would have done so long before now. As we reach a peek in hatred war and world problems I think looking for others to fix our broken societies is really not very realistic.

It is obvious we are on our own and to date the only reaction from our alien visitors is that we are killing, violent planet hating low level life forms. What else could anyone viewing this earth think? The alien method of simply taking us at will and then tossing us back like lab rats says a great deal more about alien intentions."

Lastly I would like to add my own spin on this subject as I also have had lost time events as well as abduction encounters since I was a small child.

I was asked once if I could sum up my feelings concerning this phenomenon in a sentence or two. That question always struck me funny as I think it would take a book or two for me to give my opinion in this area- however if I was to give a over all sentence to those who are reckless and think all of this is a game .

“Curiosity killed the cat satisfaction may mean you do not come back!”

The first confusion or wrong assumption that humans make in my thinking is that they do not understand the extreme danger they may face by making contact with unknown beings. I first thought would be to avoid any situation that would allow you to become a easy target to be taken.

If you see something you do not understand or recognize do not run to it, or offer your self to it- run and find other people. Remember if you are alone most likely you will be taken and may not always be returned.

The best defense and chance of being taken seriously upon seeing a UFO or strange being is to have witnesses to back up the truth of what you are seeing. The most dangerous thing to do is to offer your self over to an unknown creature or craft. I would think that would heighten your chances of going missing , forever, to a large degree.

If you do find you are in the middle of an encounter try to stay calm and try to find other people or at least a well-lit area. If you are able- seek shelter. Never walk towards or willing go into the unknown. You have no idea what you may be walking into the unknown is not a star trek episode or star wars movie!

Noise can be a helper if you find yourself in a situation you feel is dangerous yell ‘Fire’ or blow your car horn or bang what ever is around to make as much noise as possible. Try to think your way out of your encounter rather then freezing in shock or terror.

One summer during the mid 80’s I heard a woman at a party talk about being alone in her beach house while her husband headed to town for ice cream. She was looking out her glass doors to her deck that over looked the Atlantic Ocean. She noticed a very odd star or planet that was extremely low in the night sky. She was watching it when she realized it was so low it was touching the water. At the very moment she also heard heavy foot steps walking on the roof of her house. The woman knew she may be in trouble but remained in control and knew she had to figure out how to get help as she was completely alone but for two other beach houses about 200 feet away on either side of her house.

The woman saw lights on inside each neighbor’s house. She immediately called each neighbor and told them she thinks that some one is trying to break into their homes and asked them to please turn on all their exterior and interior lights.

She also quickly turned on every light in and outside of her home and locked all her doors and windows. Both of her neighbors did the same. As soon as the three houses blared with every light on inside and out the footsteps on her roof stopped.

The neighbors appeared out on the beach with spotlights to look around. They did not find anyone but the people in the other two houses did see the strange large light hovering over the water out in the ocean.

I was impressed how this woman stayed calm and collected enough to call for help in a way that would not frighten her neighbors or make them think she was crazy calling in a UFO alien on my roof report. She got them to provide light and protection, which obviously ended this scenario before it started.

I know that visiting beings that are not human. They have been visiting this planet and mankind for a very long time. I think it fair to say that for the most part they do not inflict too much damage to those they abduct.

I also think it fair to say being abducted is not a good circumstance to find your self in. I truly believe that paying attention to your surroundings and taking caution in what you do and where you do it you will reduce your chance of ever having to face an unknown event.

If you do find your are looking into the eyes of a creature that is not human do not panic. Try to focus on your options of safely getting away and always look for other humans if possible. If you are taken do not fight or try to be difficult -as you will never win. Just get through the event and know others have been there before you and most have lived to talk about the day!

As always be careful out there and keep looking up!

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