Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Personal UFO

It was a cold and calm winter evening in Alberta as I was drove my children home from my daughter’s dance class. The ambient sound of the children’s movie played on the van’s DVD, hypnotizing my children into transfixed good behavior.
I could see the crescent where my home resided from a couple of blocks away. As I hummed along to the music playing on the children’s video, I noticed an odd light emanating to the west of our house. There were numerous street lights in the vicinity so I assumed it was merely part of the normal backdrop of the city’s horizon. I continued en route not giving the light another thought.
We turned into the crescent, parked the van and I began unloading my two children. As I rounded the north side of my van, I heard a distinct burning or sizzling sound from behind me. I turned around confused by the odd disruptive noise and was shocked to see the ball of light hovering directly above me. It was the size of a basket ball and approximately two street lights high as it was well above several of the street lights in my neighborhood. It was so bright that my eyes struggled to stay focused on it for too long. The sound was so distinct, like a hissing, it reminded me of a very powerful propane torch.
The luminescent and illuminated white orb emanated it’s splendor mere meters from me, dancing eloquently within the clear black evening sky. Nothing impeded the view in front or behind this amazing entity.
In this moment, I had the distinct impression that it was saying hello. Sort of an excited message just for me stating ‘Hello there, we are here! Nice to meet you.’
Right after this interesting telepathic message was conveyed, I noticed several airplanes entering the air space above my home.
I looked up at the glowing ball again and as my eyes focused on it, it zipped to the west so fast that my eyes couldn’t even adjust to track it into the mountains.
My heart pounding, I raced into my house and excitedly called my husband on his cell phone. I frantically explained to my calm and collect husband what had just transpired. He of course, being my cool and relaxed best friend said, ‘Cool….I wish I was there, I always miss the good stuff.’
I called the radio station to see if anyone else had reported seeing anything odd in the sky that night, but they said no. The polite station manager stated though that he had experienced many calls reporting strange occurrences in the sky when he was a DJ in Saskatchewan years before.
Oddly enough, I had many strange issues with all of my phones over the next couple of days. My house phone would ring and have odd noises coming from it. My cell phone’s alarm, which I’ve never used, would suddenly go off without being set.
I truly feel that this wonderful ball of light was a benevolent and curious being merely saying hello. Someday, it my wish that whomever these glorious, highly evolved beings are, trust all of us enough to land our front lawns and shake our hands in friendship.

Copyright Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved 2008

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Regan Lee said...


another neat post! Thank you -- I like the image you used too, very lovely.

Years ago I had a UFO sighting that shares some similar things with the one you write about here -- it was round, I'd say at least as big as a basketball, and I "knew" it was aware of my presence, in fact, it's movements (following me, waiting for me, etc.) were in direct relation to my thoughts. Then it zoomed in a blink of an eye.

Differences are, it was orange, and I don't recall weird phone stuff, etc. I literally had the phone in my hand to call someone like airport, police, etc. but I just couldn't...I ended up putting the phone down.