Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rasputin was an Indigo

With piercing crystal blue eyes that penetrated the soul, he wove his web of seductive lies to bewitch the Russian queen, Tsaritsa Alexandra. His lustful and hypnotic nature entranced the royal Romanov’s leading them to a dark and traumatic end. Tsar Nicholas and his family were tragically and brutally murdered by fellow countrymen who believed the Emperor and his family unfit to rule due, in part, to the family’s belief and trust in psychic, healer and mystic Grigori Rasputin.
His ability to woo, possess and charm some of the greatest and most powerful people in history was extraordinary. His courtship of the queen and many other women was exemplary especially considering he was not a man of virtue nor abundant attractiveness. His riches were few as were his manners and practice of hygiene.
The energy that surrounded this man was described as enchanting and alluring. His eyes were the main focal point of his captivating spell, ice blue eyes that mesmerized and entranced his prey.
What mystical and captivating allure did this vulgar man possess in order to control so many regal and intelligent people?
An Indigo is an individual who possesses unique qualities and abilities that is normally used for positive and illuminating change in the world. They utilize their innate higher awareness for good and helping those in need. Their energy is captivating, warm and invigorating for others. Psychic, empathic and enlightened healers, these wonderful and popular individuals have chosen to be the bearers of the light and positive spiritual messages.
Physical attributes recognized of many Indigos are the eyes, often icy and penetrating blue, their soul seems to emulate through them with breathtaking illumination. They are known to have spellbinding energy surrounding them making them irresistible to those around them. People are just compelled to be near an Indigo, to speak to them, to know them.
With all positive, there must be an alternate balance creating the mystery of the great dichotomy. Rasputin was one of those who embraced his mystical gifts for evil purposes. Serving only himself, he manipulated and lured the naïve and innocent to weave his own twisted labyrinth. Craving the attention, energy and desire from others, this anti-Indigo used his supernatural endowment for personal gain.
In his presence, women swooned and men admired welcoming him into their elite and prestigious societies. Stealing, lying and deceiving any lady of her virtue, he connived his way to the top of Russian nobility.
Once those in power finally realized his treacherous game, Rasputin was named the antichrist and was punished for his crimes. He was poisoned, shot, stabbed, beaten and thrown into the icy river.
With all power and wisdom comes choice, choice to promote illumination, hope and peace, or to embrace the power as your own and evoke the destruction of others in your wake. His vengeful earthly soul is long gone into the abyss of the afterlife, but the memories of his power and supernatural evil tendencies will live on for centuries.

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Delin said...

Actually, it was unfounded rumor that Rasputin seduced the tzarina, but more importantly, and less known, Rasputin was not evil, but actually saved many oppressed Jews from death, and helped them get educations and residences since there were quotas for Jews being allowed to do so.

Danielle Lee said...

Thank you! That further proves my point that he carried with him ideals of helping the masses. Though his means was underhanded at times, he bestowed the heart of a true enlightened one.

richelle said...

It's curious too, how some of these qualities can also be described as sociopathic. The almost supernatural charm, the pathological ingratiation of oneself into a clique or onto a person (a parasitic existence,) etc.