Wednesday, August 6, 2008

There's Something in the Woods

Nick Redfern’s latest book “There’s Something in the Woods” is the third in a series about his research into the weird, wonderful, and almost certainly paranormal, creatures of cryptozoology. It’s a much darker book than the two previous ones. This volume mainly concentrates on the strange entities that keep being seen throughout the UK, but there are also a few chapters about strange events across the Atlantic.

I really felt for Dana, Nick’s wife, as I’m sure she went through hell at times while following Nick around on some of his monster investigations, especially in their search for the Man-Monkey of the Shropshire Union Canal in the Midlands of the UK, detailed in Chapter 2 “The Devil-Monkey.” It includes the story of Nick’s research, and the terror of their overnight camping trip. At the very end of the chapter her fear was palpable.

The two chapters about UK Crop circles, and their makers, were fascinating. The first of these chapters gives a most revealing insight into how, and why, they are made. And the second one tells of some of the mystery beings, and bizarre phenomena, that are frequently associated with them.

But, overall, I thought that Chapter 8 “Terror in the Trailer,” one of the shortest chapters, was the most frightening. It records the time they spent staying in a trailer home outside Fort Worth, Texas. It tells of the weirdness they encountered there, and the possible Bigfoot that prowled around their temporary home.

Many book reviews give details of exactly what the book contains, but I think that would spoil the enjoyment of reading it. Suffice it to say that if you’re a fan of Nick Redfern, which I most definitely am, you will want to read this book right through to the end without putting it down.

At he back of the book is a gallery of pictures associated with some of the cases Nick refers to in the text. This is followed by an interesting and comprehensive list of references and then, finally, a good index. This information is a real treat as, with so many books published in the USA, you find no indexing of any sort.

Being a Brit I loved this book because it contains so many stories about the weird things that might be unexpectedly stumbled upon in the countryside of my homeland.

I’ll never look on woods and forests in the same way again!


Unknown said...

A wonderful review indeed.
I still have not been able to delve into this book yet,but I will be doing so very soon.

Great review!


Regan Lee said...

Thanks for the review Kithra! I'm a big fan of Nick's as well, I'm reading Man Monkey right now.

I heard him on C2C the other night; good interview. The most surprising thing Nick talked about, as well as the truly scariest (for me) was the werewolf shapeshifting stuff.

I'm looking forward to Something in the Woods; haven't read those yet but on my list!