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Richelle Hawks on Synchronicity

WOE contributor Richelle Hawks Medusa's Ladder column for Binnall of America is about book synchronicity, a very enjoyable article. Slightly Woo-woo: Synchronicity and the Unconscious.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rays and Alien Interactions with Unwilling Earthlings

Last year I wrote an article about an experience I had when I was a child. I called it Playing in a Paranormal Park. I told the story of dealing with an encounter of the unknown that I will never forget. Let me let you read part of my child hood ordeal.

One hot summers day I packed up my dolls, my lunch, some comics and my friend Melinda for a long lazy afternoon under that willow in the near by State park. We arrived about noon, had our picnic, read a few comics and then got into some serious Barbie doll play! All seemed well until it happened.

Melinda noticed it first. She stood up and looked towards the river outlet and said, “ What’s that?” She was pointing towards the swans. I looked over towards her out stretched finger to see a ray of light. I stood also. The moment I stood up the swans started to squeal in a strange frantic manner.

The moment I stood up the swans started to squeal in a strange frantic manner. I never saw or heard them do anything like it before. The light was odd. It was a color I had never seen before, or since. It was a neon type green. It was very bright, so bright it hurt to look at it. I immediately felt fear. The rays were reversed. They seemed to be coming up from the river instead of down from the sky. The swans were flapping and trying to fly away but seemed so disoriented all they seemed to do was flap around and into each other.

I became terrified and dropped my dolls to the ground and whispered to Melinda, “ We have to get out of here” she backed towards me and started to reach down for our belongings. I took her hand and said “Leave them, we will get them later.” I held her hand and we both slowly started to move towards the path. We hardly breathed. We moved very slowly as not to draw any attention from that light to us. We were on the path and moving away from the tree and light when we heard a low crisp clicking sound. It was a sound I have heard again over my life but this was my first experience encountering it. It sounded like a mix of a water sprinkler that clicks across the lawn and then returns; you know that click click click-mixed with the sound of bugs on a hot summers night. That is the best I can explain it.

The sound was coming closer and closer, the ray of light fanning out larger and larger, we were heading carefully away down the path towards the bigger path and then hopefully to the exit of the park.

As the sound of that clicking moved closer towards us through the woods along the path adjacent to the water, we picked up our speed until we were both at a full run.

The faster we ran the louder the clicking. The ray of light was expanding so I could now see it over the treetops. I ran so fast and so hard I felt as if my heart would explode. I was completely terrified. Melinda was right besides me, she was sobbing in fear as we ran.

I knew we could not make it back to the main exit and pulled Melinda towards the fenced part of the park, which lined up along a main road back into our community. We hit the fence at a full run and scaled it with the clicking right behind our every step. We flew over the fence and tumbled both onto the main road. A neighbor lady nearly ran us over as we fell into the road right in front of her car. She slammed on her brakes avoiding hitting us by only a few feet. She started to yell at us but soon realized we were crying and frightened half to death. We started to cry that something was following us in the park. She loaded us into her car and drove us to my house.

My parents and Melinda’s both called the police and told them of something or someone chasing us in the park. My father and Melinda’s Dad returned to the willow tree with the police to look around and collect our dolls and items we left behind.

Needless to say this was a terrifying experience for two little girls. I will tell you there was no doubt in my mind that this was a life or death moment and I knew we had to make it back to a populated area or this thing, this ray of light that was chasing us would have had us. If that had happened- I doubt I would be here writing this article today.

I have received many emails and have people who have contacted me to tell me the same type of event with rays has happened to them. I have noticed during my time talking to and interviewing people about many unknown events that light rays and beams are often a preamble or part of a encounter that occurs when people experience abduction or lost time events.

A successful medical professional sent me this account of her experience with a craft and beam or rays of light. She sent me this account:

I wanted to share my experience in the mid 1960's with you because I had a sighting in an isolated place and it has had a lasting effect on me.

I was traveling in my car with my brother and mother. I was around 18 years old at the time and I had asked my brother to drive my car. All three of us were in the front seat of the car (the cars had bench seats in those days) because my backseat was filled up with my grandmother's belongings. She had recently passed away. As we were leaving the small town of Clear water, Ks. traveling east and approaching the railroad tracks all three of us observed a dark strange looking object that was hovering over the power lines that ran along side the railroad track. All of us said at the same time, "What is that"?

This part of Kansas was a very small farm town and it was about 8 p.m. and dark outside. On the other side of the tracks were wheat or cornfields. The town pretty much closed by dark, not much activity there in the sixties. Even the gas station closed by dark and our car was the only one on the road.

My brother slowed the car down, I guess to observe this object. The next thing that happened was the object was flying toward and over our car.

It then was in front of our car to the right of the passenger’s side where my mother was sitting. The car was completely stopped by now. The object made no noise whatsoever. It positioned itself in midair and shined a very bright beam of yellow light inside of our car. We all sat very still and silent looking at this light. I was too scared to move and I felt that we were in danger. Suddenly I was able to look at my brother and I said, "Don't stare, just go".

Then the object turned out the beam of light and I saw a light underneath the object come on, and a flap door was closed. The object then ascended into the atmosphere at an extremely fast speed and just vanished.

To this day I have been affected by this incident. My husband would like to build a new house out in the country away from people and I refuse and want to stay close to the city. This is a huge difference between us. I refuse to travel on roads at night unless I know there are a lot of other travelers. I don't even like to let my dog outside in the backyard at night and my dog won't go outside unless I go with him.

I often ask myself why nothing further bad happened to us that night. After reading your article, I wonder if it was because there were three of us, was it because we sat very still and silent (we were scared), or was it because we remained inside of the car instead of getting out to get a better look at it? Did the windshield of our car protect us, acting as a barrier against the bright yellow beam of light?

I don't think many people think they will have an encounter and I know how fast and unexpected an encounter can happen.

This woman’s encounter was very typical to what is endured by many who experience lost time events or abductions. After re- reading this encounter I do feel this may have been an abduction with the abductees having under gone a memory wipe by the Aliens.

I had another account told to me by a woman who lives in a desolate area of the Canadian Rockies that fit right into so many of the accounts I hear concerning lost time – abduction and rays of light.

The woman told me that about ten years ago her grand parents were traveling along a deserted road deep in the Canadian wilderness in the Alberta area of Canada. They were not able to stop in time as a deer jumped from the wooded area lining the road and they hit it with their truck. The deer seemed almost frantic as it launched from the forest onto the road directly in front of the older couple driving along this deserted road.

Being practical country people the couple pulled to the side of the road and decided to try to butcher enough of the animal as to not waste the meat. They set up their tools and started to deal with the task at hand along the bank of this lonely road. It was noon time and they knew they had enough hours of light left in the day to successfully butcher the animal and still make it back home well before dark.

As they worked on the animal the grandfather noticed a green light shinning from the forest on the side of the road they were working. He had never seen anything like this light before and walked towards the wooded area to have a better look. As he watched what appeared to be a group of rays of light were roaming the forest as if they were searching for something. The couple watched this for a few minutes and decided to quickly pick up their tools leave the animal and leave as soon as possible. The rays were coming closer and they frightened them as they were unlike anything they had ever seen before.

The couple remembers driving away and arriving home. They do not recall the ride exactly but knew they drove home. The older couple were extremely confused when they did arrive home as it was early evening and they could not account for the time loss of when they were dealing with the deer at noontime and fact it was nearly dark when they made their way home. The lost time was a complete mystery to them.

I think it is very possible that the older couple did not make it out of the grasp of the rays in time and were indeed taken and returned with their memories wiped clean of the event which is very common in many if not most lost time abduction cases.

I believe that once you are in range close enough to notice the rays you have a very limited amount of time before you are taken over by them. It is one of the reasons I preach over and over to leave any sighting where you are alone in deserted open areas at once. Do not wait for a better look and never approach the unknown. The few seconds you waste could be the difference of ending up having a sighting and being abducted

I am glad that this older couple has no memory of the hours they lost out in the Canadian Rockies. I think they are far better off never knowing what transpired between them and those searching rays of green light.

I write this as information only that hopefully you will register somewhere in the back of your mind incase a day comes you too find you are looking at a strange ray of light coming your way. Take my advice and remember my warning. If this does happen to you do not hesitate, do not close in for a better look- do only one thing- turn and run the other way and get yourself back to other people as fast as you are able.

For now keep paying attention to your surroundings and always keep looking up! Remember be careful out there!

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World into the Endless Journey

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Tarot, Maxi Pads, and Animal Sacrifice

Richelle Hawks has a great piece on commercials and advertising, on Binnall of America in her Medusa's Ladder column:Strange Days, Indeed: Notes on Identity and the Super Bowl Commercials And when I read this I just had to find out more:
"I found a magazine ad of an Always maxipad slapped on a tarot card."

If that isn't esoterica I don't know what is. It's teeming with esoteric symbolism.

I found the image; it appears on The Tarot Channel blog. Of course there isn't really a Tarot card called "The Protector" but here's what Tarot Channel says about the number II assigned to the ad card:
I'm thinking that the ad creators had to have some knowledge of Tarot because "The Protector" is assigned Roman numeral II, The High Priestess (who is, of course, associated with the moon).

And in a bit of synchronicity, my Trickster's Realm column for Binnall of America is also about commercials and advertising. Conspiracies and Cannibalism: Animals and Advertising.I didn't know Richelle's column was about commercials until she told me the other day; after I had been working on mine. I avoided reading her column until I sent mine off to Tim Binnall.

Richelle's is up now, mine will be up sometime tomorrow. And be sure to read all the great columns over there as well.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Alien Image Enhanced

This is the image of the strange creature hiding behind the tree from the story below . I think you will agree something very strange took place in that field in the Canadian Wilderness.


We were recently contacted by a very interesting man who wanted us to look at a photo he took on his property located deep in the Canadian wilderness.

The man was on his usual inspection of his property when he came across this huge light mass hovering over the trees lining one of his fields. He told us it was a massive extremely bright light that lit up his entire field. Along the right side of the light stood what looked like a rectangle structure of some type that seemed to be hovering next to this huge light.

The man thought this was the strangest thing he had ever seen and luckily had his camera with him and took a picture of the lights and his field. The object was so strange looking the man became extremely fearful and immediately left the area after taking the photo.

This event has upset this man since the day it happened. He decided to send it to Ed Fleming of F.T.T.O.U.F.O to see if Ed could help him identify what this light and structure next to it could have been. Ed examined the photo with great care and noticed what appears to be a gray looking creature peeking from behind a tree towards the man while he stood next to his truck to take his photo. The man never noticed this creature at the time.

Ed also agreed with the man that it does appear to be two objects one being the massive light source and the other some type of light structure, it also appears the light structure not only has form but some type of base supporting it.

Ed analyzed the photo to the best of his ability and could not find any obvious attempt the photo had been tampered with. Ed also thought the source seemed to be a very cool energy source – not a hot energy source.

More disturbing is that the creature behind the tree seems to have some type or object or weapon to the right of him either in his hand or standing next to him .This object is also lit and aiming at the man who was taking his picture at the time. You can see that this object next to the creature seems to be casting a light on the tree behind it.

This ordeal has been extremely upsetting for this man and he would only release the photo to us with the promise we would not identify who he is or where his land is located. We always first and foremost protect those who come to us with information and have agreed to show his unique photo without disrupting his privacy.

We find this to be an interesting photo. Chris Holly wrote a story not to long ago about two men in Australia who had almost the same exact experience happen to them in a remote field in Australia while they were hunting. They too saw a similar light however they experienced lost time during the event.

You can find that story along with this one located on our site. This type of thing can also be found in the events that happened at Fort Benning In 1977 to John Vasquez. He too suffered a light experience while serving at Fort Benning which was a bit different than the men in Australia and this event in Canada yet contained a mysterious bright light from the sky as in both these cases.

You can find the articles Australian Peters Close Encounter and The Strange Encounters of John Vasquez both on the F.T.T.O.U.F.O. site.

I want to point out that this man in Canada did the correct thing by leaving this area at once. He was alone facing the unknown and knew his best course of action was to return to the safety of other human beings. This action was clearly the right choice as although at the time the man did not notice the creature hiding behind the tree- the creature was watching him. I think it is clear that if he had ventured into the field the outcome of this story may be very different. Remember caution first when dealing with things that are unknown.

Pay attention to your surroundings and keep looking up, you never know what you may see. For now be careful out there.

Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World into the Endless Journey

Sister Wolf of TruthSeeker Needs Prayers and Light

Lesley on The Debris Field posted a link to Sister Wolf's blog; she needs all the positive healing energy we can send, so please send her some. . .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Magic Inscription of Lilith Found on Human Skull

Magic Inscription of Lilith Found on Human Skull by Stephen Yulish on UFO Digest. Yulish, a Christian steeped within a Christian framework, comments on Dan Levene's article in Biblical Archaeology Review,: Rare Magic Inscription on Human Skull.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

"It's more complicated when you're talking about women..."

Video Courtesy of

Yet another student/teacher sexual scandal case in Utah. Every time of these arises, whether the offender is male or female, there are gender dynamics and rhetoric thrown about within the reports and ensuing public commentary on boards, perhaps apropriately so. But when the offenders are female, it seems the case is extra newsworthy, extra vile, extra important, extra outrageous.

In this latest one, I noticed something interesting. The psychology professor notes that when it's a man--it's about the sex. "But it's more complicated when you're talking about women. For them, Strassberg says getting into a relationship like this is likely more about them: their needs, having control, getting attention."

How do these dynamics he mentions (personalized needs, control, attention) not describe sexual motivators, for both men and women? There is a clear line drawn--an opposition. For men, it's sex. But, for women, it's....not. So, this implies for men--need, control and attention are not involved with sex. Men are purely physical, uncomplicated. One dimensional, so there you go--problem soved, no need to inquire further. It's not condoned by any means, but what are you going to do? Boys will be boys.

Women, however, are oh so complicated and difficult! Sex can't be merely a physical motivator, because women seeking sex must be looking for something else. Women are always viewed as using sex as a tool to get the side effects. Here's the thing--it's all the same. Sex is its effects.

But, there is something implied in the word "need" here for women, and it isn't sexual gratification as it is for men. It's "more complicated." There's also something a bit alarming about the phrase, "...getting into a relationship like this is likely more about them." "Them", referring to women. It's narcissistic and selfish. Again, a line of difference is drawn. This is all comparison. What does it imply about a man's reason for entering into such a relationship? It's a very blantantly faulty argument.

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Chemtrails: Are You Becoming A Conspiracy Theorist?

Are You Becoming A Conspiracy Theorist? | Gather

I came across that post earlier today.

It kind of irritated me because chemtrails have nothing to do with being a conspiracy theorist.

Quite a while back, like many people, I believed chemtrails were just contrails. However, after observing them for a while I came to the conclusion that they were not.

The first thing that drew my attention to them was actually seeing UFOs flying into them. Unknown orbs and cigar shaped objects.

After that I began paying more attention and I noticed that these trails are only made by certain planes. Unmarked white planes to be exact. Unlike contrails they do not quickly fade and I have recorded the same trail being in the sky for over 4 hours.

It isn't conspiracy theory -- anyone paying attention can figure out that these trails are different than the ordinary contrail.

Echoes of the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax?

Fringe world is barely recovering from the Georgia Bigfoot body hoax, and now we get images of an alien body from Mexico. Mexico's UFO researcher Jaime Maussan has brought this story out, as has Joshua P. Warren, who recently appeared on Coast to Coast. The video clip link posted there leads us to the They Don't See Through Us blog, but the clip has been removed from YouTube. Not surprising, but frustrating.

If this was a once living creature of any kind, it's a sordid and gratuitous episode: capturing the thing, trying to drown it, putting the body in acid, killing it... finally succeeding. Adding to the seedy mystery is the tale that the rancher who found it was later killed, burning to death in his car. No proof or evidence of this, yet the story remains.

Other possibilities: monkey caught in a trap, found already dead, or, killed, etc. Rancher either tried to pass it off as a hoax, or genuinely thought it was odd.. endless speculation on motivations.

There are the obvious symbolic images and "twilight language" aspects of this story: the Mexican "alien," the deaths, the burnings,sacrifice ... the typical paranormal, esoteric happenings; removed YouTube clip, unsubstantiated stories.

There's talk of DNA testing in the works, all the usual. A lot of comments about a dead monkey, passed off as an alien. Questions about why would a well known UFO researcher such as Maussan, get involved in something like this?

Whatever it turns out to be and of course, it is not an alien from space, it is, on the one hand, creepy even, but on the other, business as usual. These things happen all the time in fringe world.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Strange Encounters of John Vasquez – Fort Benning September 1977

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Vasquez who many of you already know has been the subject of many articles and books concerning his strange encounters while stationed In September 1977 at Fort Benning located in the State of Georgia.

Many who have written about John’s experiences during that time period have connected them to Alien interference with our military troops or experiments by aliens on our troops. John knows that at least 1000 men experienced the same experiences he did at that time. John is one of the very few who seem willing to talk about them or remember them.

I talked for a long time with John about his adventures while stationed at Fort Benning and know something very out of the ordinary did happen during that time. I also think most of the men who endured what he did had the memory of it wiped clean leaving few if any besides John with any recall of the events that took place.

John told me that during his time at the base he had a few events that were extremely strange. John does not claim to know what happened and to this day is without answers or conclusions. John knows something went on that was not normal or explained and still has no idea what it was that he unwillingly took part in.

John recalls the main event as a confused event that took place one early evening in September of 1977. John explained it to me what he could clearly recall of that night.

“ It was early evening. The night was a hot sticky southern night in September. About 1000 of us were called out into this big open field that stood in front of our barrack housing units. We were called to stand in formation waiting for the brass in charge to inform us of why we were called to the field. It was not the normal procedure to be called to this field at night and we all a bit nervous to what was going on.

As we stood there I heard some of the men in line talking and pointing. I heard them say something about something strange in the sky. Before I could figure out what they were talking about or looking at we were called to attention. I am not sure what took place during this time period. It is a mixture of being at attention in formation and of the men breaking ranks and yelling and talking about some thing approaching us from the night sky.

I could not see what was going on but realized as I tried to look to my left and right that some of the men standing around me seemed to be asleep while standing in formation. I then realized that half the field of men where yelling and running away from the field. I was able to see a blinding white light coming down over the field but could not distinguish what it was or what was happening. All I know is the men caught under or in that light were screaming and running away from it and the field.

The men who were standing with me seemed to be OK. We were panicked, as we did not know if we were under attack or what was happening. All we knew was that people were screaming and running and no one seemed to be in charge. Some men seemed to be standing completely still as if in a trance or asleep. I yelled to the guys standing around me to run towards the Barracks. I could see others running towards the buildings, which were built up on stilts, and crawling under them to take cover. Being the only cover around we ran for them too.

As we took off running towards the Barracks we could see rays of blasting lights scanning the field and hear the men caught out in the field screaming for help. We ran for our lives and rolled under a buildings as fast as we could. The bunch of guys I ran from the field with all crawled as far under the middle of the building as possible. The only protection we could think of was to get away from the light and try to hide from the field until we could figure out what to do.

We huddled under the center of the Barrack building and whispered to each other. Everyone was confused and very frightened. We were trapped under the Barrack. We could hear the terror and screaming from the field and knew our weapons were inside the Barrack above us. We talked quietly for a few minutes as we watched the rays of light start to search under the Barracks trying to reach the men who had crawled under them for safety. You could hear the men start to yell for help as the light beams found and hit them where they hid.

A few other guys and I wanted to try to crawl back out and make it into one of the buildings to find weapons as to have a fighting chance. We started to crawl towards the edge of the building trying to avoid the searching light rays as we made our way. We had no idea who or what was attacking us.

As I crawled to the end of the Barrack I could see the entire field and area around us covered in this odd extremely blinding white light. As I reached out from under the building I placed one hand out from under where I was hiding into the open and as I did I could not see the end of my arm or hand. It simply vanished from sight as I placed it into the light.

I am a bit confused as what took place next. I recall standing and trying to make a run for it towards the Barrack. I had my back to the field and was trying to get to the entry of the building when I felt it. It was as if an arrow hit me behind my shoulder. Then another, it was piercing and painful. Then there was nothing.

Next thing I recall is coming to in what seemed to be a huge warehouse or hanger. It was a massive building with hundreds and hundreds of stretcher type beds lined up for as far as one could see. They all had men laying on them. It was a colorless cold place. I tried to stay awake but couldn’t.

I next recall being in a normal army medical unit. The first thing I did was check to see where I had been shot in my back. To my amazement I did not even have a mark anywhere on my body. I asked what had happened but only got vague answers and was told I had been on the ward as I had been suffering from some type of virus or flu. I questioned them about that night but was told they had no idea what I was talking about.

When I returned to the Barracks none of the others seemed to recall any of that night at all. I was told there was a huge measles out break on the base and many of the men had been moved and isolated to a medical unit until they recovered.

I was really confused yet seemed to be the only one remembering what had happened.

Life went back to usual after that first event for a few weeks. Before I left Fort Benning I did have two other odd events occur.

They happened with in days of each other. The first was when a small group of us were sent out into a forested area around the Fort for practice maneuvers. We often spent time in this wooded area and knew it well. As we were making our way along the forest from point A to point B we walked past a base camp set up with tents and a mess tent and military equipment. We walked past it along a common path we walked many times before and knew very well. It was noon. We walked past the camp and then we walked past it again. As if it was an instant replay. It was strange. It was as if we got lost in time and we were repeating what he had just finished doing. Again we passed the campsite at exactly noon. This time however – nothing was there. Not a tent or piece of equipment or any signs of life at all. In fact the area looked as if it had not been touched in years. It was over grown and void of any sign of human life. We stopped in confusion and checked our map and tried to make radio contact with the base. We could not make contact and we could not find our camp. We checked our watches, which still remained at noon. It was as if we were lost in a non-existence warp of some kind.

We continued to walk and once again came to the same place in the forest on the same path where we just walked past the empty campsite, however this time the camp was just where we left it the first time! Of course we questioned the military. They acted as if we all had lost our minds and told us we had just been lost and got confused. We knew that was not true, as we knew that part of the forest like the backs of our hands. We also knew that four hours had pasted yet our watches till all remained at noon.

A few days later the same type of event occurred. This time was a bit different. We seemed to cross through what I can only describe as an invisible wall of time while on the same type of mission. We also saw what appeared to be dark type shadow people cross our paths and walk into what appeared nothing as we made our way along the path between camps. It was similar to the strange events of the mission in the woods a few days before. This time we seemed to somehow cross over in time or a kind of dimensional change as we traveled the same area of land. It was very strange. I knew by now not to talk about it, as I just wanted for all of it to end. I didn’t want any part of it.

I was lucky as soon after I was transferred over seas and was able to leave Fort Benning and all of these strange encounters behind me. I still have no idea what happened to us all that September in 1977. I know it all happened and I know the Army knew about it, I just have not been able to find any help on being told what it was all about”

I found Johns experience extremely interesting on many levels. I believe John was caught up in experiments during his time at Fort Benning. It is not clear who was in charge of these experiments but if not by the military it was allowed by the military or in partnership with our government.

I was curious if John had any lasting effects since the time he experienced those odd events in 1977. John told me he had no other lost time or has he ever seen the same type of strange lights in the sky or any time events since that September in Georgia.

John did mention a few things off handed to me that I did find extremely strange. John reluctantly told me half laughing that he seems to be a ghost magnet. He told me he had many unusual things happen over his lifetime with others seeing ghostly figures, orbs or sounds when he is around.

He also saw the ghost of a woman clearly while working in an old restored Hotel in California. John clearly saw a woman walk past him in a closed off section of this huge hotel yet was told no such woman could have possibly been where he claimed to see her. He was told a woman was murdered who fit her description years ago in the 1920”s. John told me events like that seem to follow him around.

After some thought John also mentioned to me that his oldest son who works with him claimed that John would omit a bluish aura or light that his son would sometimes see. John did not notice it but his son swears he has seen it around John a few times. Other than that Johns life seems to be normal, or as normal as it can be

I was left completely confused on where to go with this interview and knew I needed to find others I trusted who would have some ideas to what occurred to John during the time he was stationed at Fort Benning.

I talked to two paranormal specialists I know and trust plus two scientists and one physicist. I also was able to discuss it with a high-ranking retired military man.

They all had opinions which I will try to share to the best of my understanding.

The first thing that was suggested was that it was a military experiment to see what happens to crowds when they are placed under an unknown attack scenario. I was told that there have been other experiments along those lines using military units in the past. Needless to say that explanation does not explain the fact that the men who experienced this event in 1977 all seem to have had it removed from their memories to the point most are unsure of what- if anything took place.

The other ideas were of new weapon testing where sound and light were used on the men to see if they could control them as a mob and or remove all memory in a mass of people at the same time with one weapon. This of course would seem to have some basis as the military just recently released a report concerning the development of weapons that can be used to control crowds or used as weapons that do use waves light beams and other devices. The Army just released the information that the Army is to develop and deploy directed-energy weapons, which would produce a concentrated beam of electromagnetic energy or atomic or subatomic particles to blind, disrupt or destroy targets. Such technology could be used in a variety of attack modes against enemy equipment, facilities or personnel.

Also the for the first time since the end of the Cold War, the Army is updating its plans for electronic warfare, calling for more use of high-powered microwaves, lasers and infrared beams to attack enemy targets and control angry crowds. Military trained people would be able to consider this a huge flash bang event, which is a weapon that can be used today.

With this said all those I talked with could not explain how over 30 years ago such a large experiment could have been carried out with most of the event wiped out from the 1000 or so men who were unwilling participants in it.

It also does not explain the time events that John encounter in the forest Army camp that summer while on duty in Georgia.

I think after talking to all concerned that something unknown happened to John Vasquez that September at Fort Benning. I also think that it is highly unlikely that this level of experiment was at that point in time possible by our own abilities.

I have know for a long time that as a super power our military in the United States is at least one decade if not a few decades ahead of the rest of the world in technology, weapons and craft advancement.

I know our secrets are par to none anywhere else on this world. I have to wonder if we are truly that much smarter in the sciences. Can on our own our men and women of science really be that much more advanced than all the others in the world? It is true that we had been a world leader in education and schools for many years. However- it is also true that we now trail the world in education and have fallen to somewhere on the list in education to a line 20 something behind other countries.

We now have a country where many can barely read or write. In skill of the sciences, biology, math and engineering we are far behind. We cannot fill those seats in our own universities with our own countrymen and need to import others from the world to fill those classes. If this is the case how can we be so extremely advanced in the matter of military, weapons and air force type matters? Is it possible, of course it is. It is also possible we have been helped by others far more advanced than we are.

It is nearly impossible for me to find an absolute answer to what happened to John Vasquez that year of 1977 at Fort Benning. I think we can all agree that John’s encounters will forever remain a true mystery into the unknown.

I would like to add that I found John Vasquez to be a level headed normal lovely man who has no agenda at all concerning what happened to him. He does not know what happened and makes no determination to what exactly happened. The one thing John knows for sure is that it happened and to this very day remains a walk into the unknown.

John may have been a pawn in the hands of military experiments or John may have been willingly given over for Alien inspection or experiment. Whatever happened I for one am very glad John Vasquez has survived the events and is kind enough to tell us all about his encounters.

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Los Angeles UFO Examiner

Skylaire Alfvegren, Goddess of L.O.W.F.I. and elfin yellow journalist, has a new gig at the Los Angeles UFO Examiner (cool title). Be sure to check it out.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to Protect Yourself During an Alien Encounter

I have talked to many Abductees and lost time people over the past year. I have found common threads that clearly occur in both lost time and abduction cases.

When I started to find myself repeating similar factors in the reported encounters of those I interviewed I thought I could sew these similar threads together to form a list of what to do and not do to protect others from becoming the victims of these mysterious encounters with the unknown.

The first thing that comes to light with each case is the fact that those taken or who are victims of lost time events are always alone or with one other person. Most often the person is alone. I have taken reports of couples that reported lost time experiences. I am sure there are reports of groups or families who have had both abduction and or lost time encounters but I have only had experience with interviewing singular abductions and lost time events.

I have found the people who have suffered these experiences to have the main factor of their experiences based around periods of time they were alone. The next factor that repeats itself in these cases is that the people are often taken at dusk or at night.

I did interview people who were in dark woods or sunset fields. I do not find many taken during the light of day. The people who reported these experiences also have told me that the surrounding that they were taken from always were situated in an area that other people could not easily view due to it being in an isolated landscape such as a field or wooded park or deserted beach.

Others have reported Abductions in dark alleyways between buildings or structures that separate the victims from being seen by the ongoing business of routine living. A victim may be working in a large super store with hundreds of cars parked in front of the building with the store packed with shoppers, however the back of the building may be dark and isolated from the view of others. This would be the perfect scenario for an abduction to take place. Of course most seem to occur while the people are in open lonely areas at night but there have been cases of people being taken from dark spots in the middle of populated areas.

Driving while on deserted or lonely roads are always a favorite place of choice for those who take us. It seems to be an easy place to remove and replace those who are abducted for obvious reasons. I find many lost time reports occur while the victim is traveling alone at night on roads less populated with a regular flow of traffic. It can be a side road running along side a heavily traveled highway. As long as it is dark, lonely and easily accessed it is a perfect spot to pick up a lonesome human driving alone. Not only is it easy to abduct them, it is a good place to return them without an audience or interference.

I recently went to the small town where I live to pick up a few last minute items at the market in town. My town is very New England like in design. It is a small little village with one Main street which has remained the same for the last hundred or so years. My town is located on the north shore coast of Long Island facing the Long Island Sound, which separates us from Connecticut.

Located at the end of my town facing the Long Island Sound and Connecticut is the

town’s harbor dock and park. By the time sunset hits in winter this part of town becomes deserted and lost in the dark night that blends easily into the dark water of the habor. It is a surround of dark blue with bright stars overhead and gentle waves slapping against the bulkhead of the deserted dock. I like this time of day in town and often will drive down to the harbor to stand and look out to the open water and star lit sky as night drifts in across our small town.

I picked up my goods from the small market on Main Street, and decided to drive down to the end of town to take in the approaching night before heading home. A hand full of people where standing around the main dock of the harbor walking their dogs and checking ropes on docked boats. I wanted to have that special look of the open sea before I headed back home. I drove my car to the end of the harbor parking lot and got out of my car. I walked out to the end of the last dock in the harbor park that jets directly out to the harbor opening to the Long Island Sound. I was standing there taking in the beauty of the water and the sky when I noticed one very bright very round orb light heading towards the town. It was coming in off the water at a rapid rate of speed.

I knew at once it was not an airplane or helicopter. The speed was incredible and the orb changed direction twice over the sound without reducing its speed. I did not miss a beat, not one beat. I turn and ran at full speed to my car. I did not turn around; I did not care what it was. I ran to my car with every bit of speed I could muster. I started my car and took off with my foot pressed to the metal forcing that vehicle to fly as fast as it could back to the main dock.

I stopped once where the few people were gathered who remained at the waters edge and yelled to them something odd was at the end of the dock and for them to get out of there and return to town.

I did exactly what was needed to protect myself from a potentially dangerous situation. It took me many years to train myself to remain focused in the grips of an unknown experience.

Years ago I would have hesitated and watched that odd light to see if it really was something unusual. Years ago I may think locking myself in my car would be enough to protect me incase it was something unknown heading my way. Years ago I may have used my cell phone to call the town’s police and waited for them to arrive. But now after interviewing all I have about abductions and lost time, I know better.

There are certain things we all need to keep in the back of our minds during these times of ongoing reports of sightings, abduction and lost time events. First they are happening all over the world all of the time. Second they are not experiences you want to endure and should be looked at as things you should protect yourself from. The unknown is exactly that things we do no understand or know and things we need to handle with care and suspicion.

The first way to protect your self is to stay away from isolated areas especially at dust or dark times of day. Do not linger in dark lonely areas; try to stay in eyesight of others. If forced to work in dangerous areas do it quickly and try to do bring or turn on lights if possible.

The key to overall protection in these situations is the same as all safety rules. Do not allow your self to be found alone in dark lonely areas. This also applies to driving. Try not to drive alone on dark roads that are not near or traveled by constant traffic. Most all abductions and lost time events occur while the people are on that one lonely dark stretch of road. If possible keep your travel route along the populated roadways.

If you think you have sighted a strange craft immediately call others to view it with you. Safety is in numbers as well as credence you actually did witness a sighting. Never stand alone or out in the open when viewing something unknown. You are risking your safety and those around you. Retreat to safety, find as many people as possible, lock yourself into what ever structure you have to escape to and light up the area as bright as possible. Call the police, and your neighbors. Try to draw as many people as possible to your location. If you need to yell for help remember yell fire and not UFO’s or you may be ignored or deserted by the other people around you. What ever you do, never willingly go towards the object or stand dumbfounded at the sight of the unknown before you. In times of events of the unknown you must first and foremost control your emotions and focus on what you need to do to survive the event unharmed.

If you do encounter a lost time event or feel you have been abducted do not panic. The fact is you will most likely be returned and not recall what or where you have been taken. You may feel ill or have markings or bruises on your body. You may suffer burn type areas on your arms legs or abdomen. You may feel drugged and sick to your stomach for a few days, but mainly you will recover and survive. If you are able to see a doctor you may want to be checked and have your regular blood tests done. You may suffer dreams of unknown origin and repeat these nightmares for years ahead. You may have many symptoms ranging from a slight pain in your head to extreme reports of internal damage.

The most important thing for you to remember is that you are not alone. Many others walking this earth have experienced abduction and or lost time events. You may want to join a support group like F.T.T.O.U.F.O where others who have had similar experiences join to discuss and help one another. You may also want to be careful of those who want to exploit you for their gain or have you hypnotized to recall your encounter. I would strongly suggest you stay away from all those ideas and people. Find others who have gone through the same events. I do believe unless you have experienced certain things you cannot understand them. Trying to explain childbirth to a man is like trying to explain the terror and violation of abduction to those who have not been abducted. You can get the idea across but one can never truly understand the raging terror or the pain of forced violation by creatures that are not human unless they have experienced it.

I write this article with a hopeful heart the public with start to seriously recognize the fact that the unknown has become far wider known now due to the access of the Internet, digital cameras and video ability of the masses across the world. I think it nearly impossible if not ridiculous to try to remain a cold closed skeptic to the idea of many things going on around, above and below us that we simply do not understand. I think laughing it off or simply closing our minds to things we do not understand ignorant and extremely dangerous. Please consider the things I have written about today and keep them in the back of your mind for your safety and that of your loved ones.

The reports of Abduction, sightings and lost time are on the rise. To think these things are just going to go away because you do not want to deal with them just will not work any more. The best thing you can do is think about some of the things we have talked about in articles like this one.

If one day you find you are smack in the middle of an unknown event try to keep calm. Try to focus on the best course of action to first and foremost protect your self and those around you. Once you have people around you, positioned yourself in a safe environment and called for help, then try to photograph, video and make notes of everything you see and hear. Most of all know what you see or experience may be the most incredible experience of your life. Know you are not alone and know this knowledge will in time expand your view of life and mankind. Seeing what others tell you do not exist is an enormous life-changing event. If you do experience such an adventure do it with safety and under your terms and control.

Remember people there are many unknowns out there and somewhere someday we may all experience a paranormal walk down an unknown road! Keep looking up and always pay attention to your surroundings who knows what lurks beyond the next dark highway.

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