Monday, June 30, 2008

Tim Binnall's Women

(heh) Since Richelle and Lesley won't shamelessly promote themselves, I'll do it for them, and promote myself as well.

We all have articles up at Binnall of America.

My Trickster's Realm went up today; it's on Marian Apparitions again: Apparitions and Control. I don't know why I've been having apparitions of the Marian variety on the brain lately, just that way.

Richelle, as usual, has an interesting perspective on things, this time it's the "going green" meme that's the fad now. It's good to be green, as Kermit said years ago, I'm not knocking doing what needs to be done. But Richelle has some good insights, addressing the "evil" side of the whole green thing in A Hero's Dilemma: Green and its Evil Twin. for her Medussa's Ladder column.

Lesley, for her Grey Matters column, writes about the blog on UFO Magazine in UFO Magazine: Online and Blogging ! She's done a great job of getting that going, and it looks great, with lots of bloggers contributing.

Tina Sena (not a contributor here at WOE even though she's been invited -- hint!) writes Heaven Can Wait for her Esoterica column.

But it's not just about us dames. There are other great columnists (yes, I just called us all "great") like Richard Thomas's column Room 101. His current piece is Alternative 3 and the Secret Space Program

And Khyron writes The K Files; the current column is his "summer movie preview."

And as always, there are great podcasts to listen to (for free) so be sure to visit Tim Binnall's site and look around, post in the forums, and listen to some great interviews!

Nothing to do with esoterica

But it does have to do with women so I thought I would mention it here. I added a new blog to my squarespace account - The totally girlie blog. I plan to comment about girlie stuff from time to time, make up, clothes and whatever silly girlie things come to mind. :-)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Marian Apparition Book Arrived!

In regards to my post of yesterday about Marian Apparitions and UFOs; I forgot to mention my book arrived today! Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon, by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada.

I don't get to order any more books for a month or so; budget won't allow. SO many books, so little time . . . and money. :(

I'm reading Redfern's Monkey Man book, as well as Chris O'Brien's Mysterious Valley; when I finish those, it's on to the Fatima book.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Mimikry-Hypothesis And The Guadalupe Event

As some readers may know, I’m very interested in Marian Apparitions.

Here’s an article that Katharina Wilson posted at her Alien Jigsaw site by Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D from 1997: The Guadalupe Event.

Coming across this article is a bit of synchronicity, since I’m working on a piece that includes an episode of a strange “normal” helicopter appearing in connection with UFOs and UADs. Is it possible that whatever force is responsible for this -- whether it’s ET or what -- mimics what it thinks we’re about, and would recognize?

Dr. Fiebag thinks so. He developed “the Mimikry-Hypothesis” which considers this idea;
The Mimikry-Hypothesis tries to explain the various apparitions and behaviors of possible ETIs throughout the centuries by suggesting that we consider them as virtual manifestations that have been adapted to our cultural-sociological and religions belief systems, as well as our fantasies, imaginations, and expectations.

The article discusses in detail interesting facts about the tilma (the material in which the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe appears.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tim Binnall, Bill Birnes and UFO Mystic

Our pal and friend Tim Binnall is mentioned on UFO Mystic; about his interview with Bill Birnes, publisher of UFO Magazine and UFO Hunters lead guy.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sexist Esoterica

I was spending some time earlier wondering about why there are so few women as compared to men in esoterica.

Yeah, first off is the fact that many women have children and families that come first, but then something else hit me --

All of my life I have been sure that women are really more interested in the paranormal than men. However, being interested and investigating are two different things. It occurred to me that maybe women, unlike men, don't care about trying to seek out the actual answers. I am that way myself, I am attracted by the mystery, not the hope of finding the answers. So instead of being out there trying to dig up clues most women sit happily at home reading books and thinking out their own theories, but not at all caring about publishing or sharing them with others. Maybe for most women it is a personal thing.

Perhaps it has to do with the male survival and domination instinct that more of them are investigating ufos and other paranormal topics. Maybe it is their manly instinct that they feel they have to find out what these things are so they can try to protect against them if necessary. I am not saying that women don't have survival instincts, but probably not at the level of men. I don't believe most women perceive every unknown as a threat, but I think many men do.

I am speaking in broad generalities.

Still, maybe that sounds sexist. It probably does, but I think there may be some truth in it.

Assuming earthmen really do have the need to defend earthwomen -- taking their eggs without the necessary paperwork would be a perceived threat and whether true or not would result in men trying to figure out the entire mess. Women on the other hand know they have plenty of eggs, if a few are taken maybe it is no big deal -- especially if they don't remember it happening.

Now I am sure I am being sexist so I will go away.

Michelangelo 'hid secret code in Sistine Chapel'

Did Michelangelo paint "secret codes" in the Sistine Chapel based on esoteric Jewish symbolism? Did he give the Pope the finger? According to Rabbi Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner, authors of The Sistine Secrets: Unlocking the Codes in Michelangelo's Defiant Masterpiece, he did. Critics call the book an example of "Dan Brown syndrome" and as attacks on the Church. Read the article here.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alien Worlds - Issue 3

Issue 3 of the most excellent Alien Worlds magazine is about to be published. For a précis of the contents click here.

This issue also includes an article by me about the Cumberland Spaceman and the Ilkley Moor Alien. Both are old UK cases, from 1964 and 1987 but they still hold fascination for many people. You can read my article on my website at this link.

And over at Stuart’s blog the first paragraph will tell you where you can obtain a copy in the UK, the USA, Ireland, and Europe, or by direct subscription on his site.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Perfect Woman ( Robot )

Hi all

I am not sure if this is serious or just a joke. But it looks interesting. Perfect robot women soon will be available on internet shopping. Are they esoteric, I don't know. Please check the website:

Best to all

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"The Gray Area" Melissa Hovey and Monica Rawlins

Bigfoot researchers Monica Rawlins and Melissa Hovey have a new podcast: The Gray Area. A bit about the show from their intro:
Straight forward in your face commentary [is shared] about the issues surrounding Bigfoot Research and the Paranormal Community with hosts Monica Rawlins and Melissa Hovey. This isn’t your typical Bigfoot show. Be prepared for strong opinions mixed with humor, and a healthy dose of common sense.. .

I love it; if you have complaints or rants, this is what they say about that:
If you have a problem with the opinions expressed by Melissa Hovey or Monica Rawlins, you should put on your big boy/girl panties and bring it to them. No one else can or will help you

Hat tip to Cryptomundo for the info.
The radio program link on Talk Shoe is here. First episode airs June 18th.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lesley on Aliens in Windows

Lesley's Grey Matters on Binnall of America says the obvious, but it needs to be said. I mean, really, who even for more than two seconds thinks it's a real alien? Lesley makes good points, like the DVD for sale, etc. She also links to Micah A. Hanks' blog,The Gralien Report, a blog I really enjoy. Take a look; good things over there, who has his own take on the alien in the window.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Farting Demons

Richelle wrote, in her Medusa's Ladder column for Binnall of America, a piece about demonologists and ghost hunting. I came along and shamelessly hijacked her article for my Trickster's Realm column at Binnall: Religious Ghost Hunting.

I've received a response to that from someone who says he's a minister. Here it is:

Just read your blog. As a Christian Minister I too get ticked off by self important religious people. But in my biz you will always find them regardless of denomination (of course the more conservative the more plentiful and self aggrandizing they are). I have had numerous experiences with "demonologists" and "exorcists". I have even taken a graduate level course of "deliverance". I was astonished to find that I was possessed by over 42 demons. One of them was a demon of flatulence that went by the name "windy". Wow. That explained a lot. I thought that it was just the starchy food at the cafeteria. Some of my colleagues were even "exorcising" their infants because "you never know if a Demon got in before it was dedicated. I shit you not. This was an accredited Seminary. Religious abuse can run rampant when you have an expert manipulator in a position of power.

On the 'reality' side of it, I have had many encounters with what I would call 'demonic' entities. Same type of malevolent spirits you probably have encountered. I've also encountered ghosts and other beings that I have to label 'angels'.

But I have to say though I respect your opinion it does sound a little intolerant. When I was a Pastor in New Castle, Pa one of my best friends was a self proclaimed Satanist. He was a nice guy. I've had a lot of Wiccan friends. I myself could never be one because as a fat man I do not want to scare people by public nudity. We all are trying to embrace the mysterium and explain it in our own context. A lot of Christians can seem to be obnoxious because they want to share their worldview. Just as you do. But I'm afraid in your rhetoric in this blog you almost become the very same thing you disdain. Ridiculing a religion and making fun of people of other faiths is what self important religious people do. It seems you wish Christians to keep quiet. But do you feel the same when it comes to others of your own faith view? What one might call a malevolent spirit another might call it a demon or the devil. They are just labels for the same thing. And we all deal with them as our faith and world view permits. We might not like it, but to mock it is akin to religious bigotry.

But it's your blog. I know that Christians can hurt and judge. Man you would not believe some of the stuff I have seen. If you've been hurt or judged by a Christian I'm sorry. I've been there, in fact I left ministry for over 10 years at one point in my life because I was fed up with judgemental hypocrites. But your generalizations hurt others of us of the Christian faith who are not crazy assholes.

And I guess that's what it comes down to. We all are looking for meaning and transcendence, but along the way we meet a lot of self absorbed assholes.

And those assholes stink.

Have a great week,

Pastor Swope
(a former stinking asshole who learned how to wipe properly)

Well, I didn't mean to come off as intolerant to Christians. I'm not intolerant of Christians. I am intolerant of pompous Christians. I'm intolerant of those who assume every one else; ghost, spirit, the dead, and the living, are going to respond favorably to their religious mechanization's when it comes to ghost hunting.

I know there are malevolent forces out there, believe me. I know there are "angelic" ones as well. I personally don't interpret them in a Christian framework,a nd I don't care if others do. I do care when those that do get all self-righteous and all.

Goodness, was I not clear on that?

Anyway, when I die, and if you think I'm haunting someplace, please do me a favor and refrain from screaming that I'm a demon and wave a huge cross in my ghostly transparent face,or singing Oh Holy Night. Thank you.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Well, come on now, you aren't surprised at this are you?

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