Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Peter | YUFOLOGY

Tina Sena writes about "Black Peter" at her blog Yufology:Black Peter:
Growing up in a haunted house, you learn a few things. First, never open your eyes when you KNOW something is standing over you and, Second, never ever assume it's just your mom. I had run in's with that kind of stupidity. Thinking the lady in white standing by my window was my mom, or the vague outline of a dark mass standing at the foot of the bed was my mom. Not this time. I was hyper-aware that whatever was standing over me was radiating a malevolence that my mother did not possess.

I remember talking myself into breathing calmly. Into making the thing, whatever it was, believe that I was still asleep. I had succeeded because eventually the darkness was replaced with the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. But whatever it was, it wasn't gone. Yet.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

On being a MILAB

From a forum comment I left about being a MILAB:

On a spiritual level, we chose to be MILABs so that people would never have to be MILABed again- we chose at a certain level to understand the experience of the MILAB and to talk about it openly what is really being done to members of the human populace so that people who are not having this done have the choice to participate in ending this battle, this struggle- so that others would receive a clarion call of help to those who cannot help themselves. We chose as figureheads to destroy the mind-body-spirit connection so that we would learn the "art" of cruelty and inhumanity so that our stories could be enlightening the masses so that their sensitivities would be awakened to become more compassionate in the process. It is all about love and compassion and we have chosen a hard road, but make no mistake, we are on a very real, tangible level waking up the masses one at a time. Psychicly people could not have done the Occupy Wall Street phenomenon without the aid and assistance of people like ourselves, the disappeared, the abducted in other ways, the kidnapped, the silenced, the tortured- spiritually the energy of that awakening to these experiences has fueled the revolution of the masses to just say no to it ever happening (or continuing to happen) ever again. "First a ripple of consternation, then a revealing" is what my guides call it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

StarworksUSA — Annual Women's UFO Symposium

StarworksUSA — Annual Women's UFO Symposium

First Annual Women’s UFO Symposium

The Women's UFO Symposium brings together leading women in UFO research, documentation and related information.

The first annual Symposium will be held at the Somervell County Expo Center and Texas Amphitheater in Glen Rose, Texas on May 19-20, 2012. The event will be hosted by Tracie Austin Peters, producer and host of "Let's Talk...Paranormal" radio and TV talk show.

Symposium admission includes all speaker presentations. A Meet & Greet with conference presenters will be held Friday evening, May 18, and a Texas Bar-B-Que will be held Saturday evening, May 19. Symposium registrants may purchase admission to these events separately. Space is limited, so early registration is encouraged.

Print and mail our Registration Form, with payment, today!

* Special Award to Angelia Joiner - This event is near the Stephenville, TX Sightings
* First Time Keynote Speech by Kim Arnold (Daughter of Kenneth Arnold)
* James Carman will screen his film THE HIDDEN HAND, winner of the 2011 EBE Film Festival Award for Best UFO Feature Film

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Canadian team draws heat for ‘Jack the Ripper’ nickname - Big League Stew - MLB�Blog - Yahoo! Sports

They say it isn't based on Jack the Ripper. No connection at all ...Canadian team draws heat for ‘Jack the Ripper’ nickname From the article:
From the London Free Press:

Team president and general manager David Martin was unapologetic, saying the name, Rippers, is a common baseball term that speaks to the bat prowess of the cartoon character they've created as part of a marketing strategy.

"That (Jack The Ripper) is not our story," said Martin, when told about the reaction. "Ripping a ball is used in baseball all the time."

Martin said the character's name is Diamond Jack, a frustrated hockey player who found he could "rip" the cover off baseballs. Despite his talent, teams grew weary of the expense of replacing balls so Diamond Jack decided to form his own team in London, Ontario.

"It's Phantom of the Opera meets baseball. He's a mysterious character who is somewhat edgy," said Martin.

Say, you know who was also a "mysterious character" who was, uh, "somewhat edgy"? The actual Jack the Ripper. The guy murdered at least five streetwalkers in the Whitechapel District and though his identity has never been revealed, he is most often portrayed as wearing a black top hat and a long black coat.

You know, just like the outfit the guy in the London Rippers logo is wearing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Orange Orb: Crop Circle Dream Memory: Beep!

I had a dream the other night involving the beeping sound that some experience during paranormal, UFO and anomalous events. In that dream, a crop circle appeared, along with skeptics. Here's what the dream; for the rest, including the beeping (with links) go to:The Orange Orb: Crop Circle Dream Memory: Beep!
There's a large, beautiful and intricate crop circle. We're all amazed and wonder at how it came to be. It literally appeared, not over night, but over a few minutes. One moment we were looking over at the large field where there was no crop circle. Turned our attention elsewhere for a few moments. Turned back, and there, was the crop circle. Huge and intricate.

Then a group of skeptics come along. They're loud and arguing and demand that we listen to them. The crop circle is a fake! They shout at us. And to prove it was a fake made by man to fool us, they throw little pods of dirt on the crop circle. These pods, the debunkers smugly tell us, contain a chemical that "exposes" the fakery, and bright yellow squares will show up within the crop circle. The yellow squares are proof the circle is a fake. So they thrown the pods on the circle, and stand back, big stupid grins on their faces, waiting for the proof that will reveal how fake the crop circle is.

We wait and watch. At first, the yellow squares begin to pop up. The debunkers are overcome with joy. Ha! they say. But a few moments later, the yellow turns red, then other colors, then "over rides" the crop circle. In other words, the "proof" the skeptics have shown us hasn't proved a thing. In fact, the "real" crop circle takes over, obliterating the debunker pods.

The skeptics are mad and embarrassed. Most of all, they're baffled. Confused. They can't understand that the crop circles are real and have an as yet unexplained source that transcends prosaic explanations.

UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - Boycott MUFON. Stop David�Jacobs.

UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - Boycott MUFON. Stop David Jacobs.

Dr. David Jacobs (Dr. of history, not psychology) is set to speak about his new angle at L.A. MUFON on the 15th. Why MUFON is buying into this scam as legitimate research and valid I don't know. Of course, MUFON has been in decline as an organization for some time now. Its days of being solid are gone.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Class Act: Calif. MUFON and David Jacobs

As I posted on Orange Orb, David Jacobs is going to speak at MUFON in L.A. He's slated to talk about the psychology of the abductee. We will remind the reader Jacobs is a Dr. of history, not psychology. Following are some words from Jeremy Vaeni:

Alright, this has to stop. MUFON LA is promoting a speaking engagement with David Jacobs. The title of his lecture--tellingly enough--is, "Abductees and their Involuntary Tasks." This is set to take place on Tuesday the 15th. Read all about it here:

Now, Steve Murillo is the section director for MUFON LA. He knows all about the Emma Woods case. In fact, she tried to warn him about Jacobs when he was previously scheduled to give a lecture entitled, “Hybrids: New Research into the Integration Program.”

She gave him a brief description of what had taken place between her, Jacobs, and Elizabeth along with links to her website and audio backing up her claims, to which he responded in email:


Your website has a ton of information to go through. It's going to take a while to go through it. Suffice it to say that your remarks here regarding Dr. Jacobs are duly noted. Forgive me if I seem obtuse, but are you a hybrid as well?

Steve Murillo
State Section Director


Clearly, this man is not a serious researcher and does not care. So who do we turn to? Is anyone above Steve Murillo? Do [i]they[/i] care? Well, Jeremy Vaeni wrote about him in the Woods/Jacobs cover story for [i]UFO Magazine[/i] and he's still got his job, so draw your own conclusion there.

What can we do, then?

I urge everyone to call or write to the Unitarian Church in which this is supposed to take place. Let them know who the man is they are welcoming into their fold.

That phone number is: (818) 769-5911
Their email address is:

Send them a link to Emma's website:

Tell them that this was the big shocker of the year in ufology and although they may be unfamiliar with the issue, it is unacceptable that this man be given a platform in their church!
Steve Murillo, California State Section Director of MUFON, actually had the classless chutzpah to ask Emma Woods if she was a hybrid. Doesn't this astound anyone else out there?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Star Jelly

Mystery jelly baffles experts
MYSTERIOUS goo, which inspired cult horror movie The Blob, is advancing across the English countryside.

Scientists are baffled by the piles of translucent jelly which has bewildered experts for hundreds of years.

Walkers have spotted it on the Yorkshire moors just days after it appeared in the Lake District.

The gloop is thought to be star jelly which according to folklore is deposits from a meteor shower and was first reported in the 14th century. Another theory is that it is the remains of frogs, toads or worms.

The Orange Orb: The UFO Trail: The Leah Haley Case: The Pink Elephant and a Sample of Comments

Mind control, MILABS, contactees, Leah Haley, Jack Brewer. . .
The Orange Orb: The UFO Trail: The Leah Haley Case: The Pink Elephant and a Sample of Comments

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In Pursuit of my Inner Pin-up

Rapunzel at In Pursuit of my Inner Pin-up has a neat tradition: marking the day after Halloween the "new year" and a time to, as she writes, "re-commit" to herself. Take a look. In Pursuit of my Inner Pin-up

Three-Eyed Fish Discovered Near Argentinian Nuclear Facility

In a frightening life imitates art moment, a three eyed fish is found in a lake near a nuclear facility where water from that facility is routinely dumped. With photo: Three-Eyed Fish Discovered Near Argentinian Nuclear Facility