Monday, May 31, 2010

Barbara Threecrow

Barbara Threecrow on Paratopia. Her blog here, and her website.

From Jeremy Vaeni's Paratopia site:
Barbara Threecrow returns from  The Heart of The World to share with us her time helping the Kogi people with an ancient sacred ceremony. This profound, detailed account contains information never heard before by Western ears.

Here's something from her site, about the sacred feminine and Grandmother's counsel/council:
PROPHECY & teachings of the Grandmothers

The Return of the Sacred Feminine

The prophecy tells us that "now is the time" to renew our relationship with the sacred mother, enter sacred circles of women and return to the center of the grandmother's counsel to fulfill the original promise as Peace Keepers. "All that we love, the mother earth, the winged ones, green nations, four legged, our children and grandchildren are waiting for us to fulfill our promise"

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but did explore Barbara Threecrow's blog and site; very beautiful and very important . . . please take a look. Now, off to listen!

A Stone Synchronicity

When we bought and moved into this house years ago I noticed something strange about the yard.  A certain large part of it is covered in stones, but not stones that were naturally there.  Someone that lived in this house before us was a serious rock hound.  Obviously, being a minor rock hound I have always thought this was awesome!

Every summer I go out and try to dig out stones (and lots of petrified wood) that have been buried by wind, rain and whatever.  The top is a pile that I dug out and the bottom in just a random shot of one of the many rocky areas in the yard.

I don't know what all those stones are, but I do know there is a lot of quartz, petrified wood, and much that looks like carnelian, some that looks like raw turquoise and rest I have no idea, except that they are not natural to the yard, especially since they are centralize in one area.  The petrified wood I know did not come from this area, but I assume that a lot of the others did come from hikes around here.  This area has tons of the most common rock I find -- quartz.

I have often wondered if the concentration of quartz in this canyon attracts UFOs and other esoteric phenomena.  Well, that is not the point I wanted to make, but rather that I do think it is kind of a synchronicity that someone so attracted to stones ends up in a house with a yard full of them and I didn't at all know about them until after we moved in.  It is almost like some kind of sign.  A sign or what -- who knows, but maybe that I am suppose to continue with my first obsession which was a love of stones?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting Stoned

I have always been kind of obsessed with stones.  As a kid, when we went camping or to the mountains, most of my time was spent looking for fossils and other cool rocks.  At one point I had quite a collection.  Even now I am always looking for nice stones if I am somewhere that I think I may find some.

Another part, actually a big part, of my stone obsession is jewelry.  Although, I often joke that I will wear anything sparkly (not really a joke), I also like opaque stones just as much.

So given that you would think that my love of stones and jewelry would have led me to get into some of the esoteric aspects of stones, but up until now it really hadn’t.  I guess, I just hadn’t put much thought into them since most of my esoteric thought goes into more UFO related subjects.  Although, I do dabble with dowsing, most of my esotericness goes towards UFOs.

So a couple weeks ago, I didn’t make the local UFO meeting, but I met up with everyone at Applebees afterward.  Across from me sat Mary, her daughter Hannah and one of Hannah’s friends from Herbalism school (can’t remember her name).  Sometime during our chatting, Hannah started explaining her jewelry and why she was wearing each stone and what it was suppose to be good for and I found myself totally fascinated.   I first met Hannah a couple years ago at one of our first group meetings, she was only 16 years old then.  I believe she is now 18, but she is far smarter than a mere 18 years.  I always find myself amazed by her.

Anyway, I found myself so interested that I actually bought a book on Amazon, The Crystal Bible, by Judy Hall.  Which came in the mail yesterday and turned out to be a really great book, but it didn’t have all the stones I sometimes wear in it, so now I will have to order The Crystal Bible 2

When I went through my jewelry I noticed there were certain stones that I have a lot more of - moonstones, amber, purple and green jade.  Not sure if that is because I was more attracted to those stones or there is just more jewelry made with those, even though I do love all of those I think it is more of the latter.

I found myself at ebay looking at jewelry, but what really caught my attention was a moonstone pendulum and I ended up buying it, even though I have always used copper for dowsing.  I also found some really cool orgone pendants and I will probably eventually buy one of those.  They are suppose to protect from EMF.

When I have experimented with this for a while I will report back on the results.  There was also one more kind of stone synchronicity that I was going to mention, but I think I will save it for another day.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dimensions of Genesis - The Novel

At this very moment, a mysterious anomaly is poised at the edge of the universe. It awaits the decision of a single soul. Her choice will decide the fate of an entire world.

On Earth, a young ghost girl trembles before evil beings forcing her to sacrifice one loved one in order to spare the other.

Before evil entered her life, seventeen-year-old Lily Donovan existed as any teenage girl. In love with her best friend, Gabe, she was prepared for a life of marriage and children.

That was before the nightmare.

Meeting a tragic fate and haunting the life she didn’t get to live, Lily wanders in limbo stalked by dark predators.

Unknowingly the reincarnation of an ancient and famous soul, Lily must remember her true identity before the cosmic storm devours Earth.


Dimensions of Genesis is a unique novel offering a fresh viewpoint on the afterlife and spirituality. Inspired by The Celestine Prophecy, this novel incorporates the basic laws of attraction introduced by The Secret and blends it with the wonderment of What Dreams May Come. With the intention of inspiring those in search of their true purpose in life, this story is sure to entice readers of all ages, backgrounds and belief systems.

To read the first four chapters, click here.

Women of Esoterica: The Next Wave

When you think of men chasing the unknown, you think of Indiana Jones. And why not? Dr. Jones was pure embodiment of the adventurous scholar/swashbuckler. That's how men in Esoterica are perceived. So much so that today current Paranormal Researchers use Indiana Jones as an iconic image to follow, even going to far as to don hats that resemble Indiana's infamous Fedora.

But what about the women of Esoterica? There was a time no one could conjure one particular image of a tough as nails female scholar, capable of finding lost treasures and maybe even defeating a horde of Zombies. Most typical of todays media is the sight of the female scholar as some sort of sidekick.

That is, if you aren't really paying attention.

The new image is not of the quiet damsel in distress. She isn't the scholar who does all the work and gets none of the glory. The current view of the Scholarly Female Paranormalist in the media may have began with Ms. Lara Croft. Originally an action-adventure game character (Eidos Interactive/Square Enix), better known as TOMB RAIDER. Lara was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was the daughter of a prominent Scholar and because of this was given very best education. But above all, she was tough.

A female Archaeologist with the chutzpah to go toe-to-toe with Indiana Jones was unheard of before this fanboy fantasy came to media attention. She solidified her place in  the pantheon of action figures once Angelina Jolie donned the little shorts, serpentine french braid and infamous dual pistols.

Then came Anita Blake.

Anita Blake, the heroine of 19 books by Laurell K. Hamilton, is an Animator by trade. She re-animates the dead in a world where Werewolves, Vampires and the like actually exist. She is a monster hunter extraordinaire, killing vampires who feed on humans. Oddly enough (but perhaps rightly so) she is a devout Christian, which adds to much of the conflict she incurs day to day as she tries to protect the world.

Trained in combat, with skills ranging from Judo to her scholarly knowledge in the paranormal makes Anita Blake the all around triumvirate of a heroine. She currently stars in her own comic book series, published by Marvel.

Despite Anita Blake's all too fictional abilities, she is no different than Lara Croft in the sense that being capable of fighting monsters whilst solving mysteries seems to be their modus operandi. In reality, the Women of Esoterica (although I wouldn't doubt that some of us are skilled in martial arts and have encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Esoteric) do not spend our nights fighting evil cryptids. Althought, honestly, if it ever came down to that, we probably would be the first line of defense. (What with our knowledge and all.)

With the popularity of Anita Blake you would think Entertainment would be geared more to conjuring other versions/clones of such a character. Instead, we have something new (or if you are a fan of old school swashbuckling, old) to look forward to.

Luc Besson, the man who has given us plenty of tough, indomitable female characters in such films as THE FIFTH ELEMENT, JOAN OF ARC and NIKITA has turned his attention back in time for the Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec. In a parallel universe where steampunk is the supreme tech and occult crimes run rampant, Adele is an aspiring novelist cum investigative journalist whose skills come to the fore when a Pterodactyl is on the loose, hampering her quest to convince a mad scientist to heal her comatose sister.

Adele uses her charm to get her by while maintaining a palpable air of strength and dependability that is all too lacking in some of todays heroines. Don't get me wrong; we've come a long way, but when a heroine can't save lives and fall in love and do her job without having to remind us in not so subtle, and sometimes overtly cheesy ways (like getting pregnant by her partner) that she's female, well...that's when we start to lose again.

I am sure there are many more Women of Esoterica in the media and in Entertainment, whether they be on the big screen, small screen, in comic books or in the latest novel, that I haven't mentioned. Some are not as prominent, where as some are probably in our face every day but just don't make their knack for delving into the unknown common knowledge.

I like to think Temperance Brennan of BONES is one such character. Solving crimes alongside Agent Booth, that verge more on the bizarre and the macabre. With her keen intellect and obscure knowledge of human anatomy, and her love of Archaeology and all things ancient, she is the perfect personification of the formidable Woman of Esoterica.

And that's the thing. You can't exactly put Esoteric Researchers, especially women, in a box. It's refreshing to see kick ass versions portrayed in Entertainment because why should the men have all the fun with the Errol Flynn-esque heroes and their science? Girls can do adventure too.

Maybe, just as Indiana Jones inspired generations of young men to study Archaeology (and engage in scholarly pursuits that hint toward the solving of the worlds greatest mysteries), the women I have listed will inspire young women to do the same. Or maybe, inspire them to at least pick up a book or two on the Esoteric and then take it from there.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kithra is Moving On

Contributor kithra is moving on, but not for long. Read her post on her blog Kithra's Krystal Kave for details.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Krishna Das

I just felt like I needed this. . .

Tina Sena, New WOE Contributor

I'd like to welcome Tina Sena, who very kindly agreed to contribute to Women of Esoterica! I am so jazzed! Thanks Tina.

Tina writes a column for Binnall of America: Esotericana, and has her own groovy blog, Yufology.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Italian Woman Ordained as Priest

 The Catholic Church is shifting; the systems of doctrine, dogma, and rule are being shaken, non stop. From a variety of angles and means, the Church is crumbling away-- possibly for a new Church, or the complete destruction? Who can say. There are plenty of Catholics who've left the official Church but remain culturally and spiritually bound and the following is one example:
Female priest ordained in Italy by rebel Catholics.

A 35-year-old Sicilian became the first Catholic woman to be ordained in Italy on Saturday.
Maria Vittoria Longhitano is a member of the breakaway Old Catholic church. But she was made a priest at the Anglican church of All Saints in Rome ‑ an act some in the Vatican are likely to see as provocative, not least because the organist at the service was dismissed by the Catholic hierarchy after deciding to change sex.
The Old Catholic church broke with the Vatican in the 19th century in protest at the adoption of the doctrine of papal infallibility. It is in full communion with the Anglicans.
Longhitano, who is married, told the congregation: "I have opened the way. Catholicism means universality, and without women it is mutilated." She said she was convinced the laity in Italy were "ready to welcome a female ministry" and that in her native Sicily people often asked her: "Why don't we have the joy of women priests?"
The first Italian woman to become a priest was Teodora Tosatti, who was ordained in 2006, but the service was held outside Italy, in Bonn, Germany.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

With My Own Eyes- A Ghost Story

My friend Beth is an incredible woman. She teaches in a local college, is a yoga instructor has a husband, a bunch of kids and lives and runs a small horse farm.

Beth is a practical person. Although open minded she really has not had any personal experiences with the paranormal. Beth was the last person on earth I ever thought would call me for advice about a ghost.

Beth told me she was having an ongoing situation at the house and on the farm and wanted to know if I could drop by and visit with her. Beth has been a good friend for many years and she is the last person to think a creaky floor or flickering light is a ghost. I knew something must be going on for Beth to bring it up at all. I decided to visit her right away to find out what was happening.

I arrived at Beth’s farm and drove immediately to her house that sat on top of a small hill in front of the farm. Behind the house were paddocks, a big barn, with many different horses along with a pony, a goat, dogs, cats and chickens- I think you get the idea. Beth and her family love animals.

As soon as I arrived Beth walked me directly to the main hall explaining that it happens in her bathroom.”

We walked down the hall to the homes master bedroom. The bedroom was at the back of the house facing the barn . We stood in the bedroom facing the bathroom door. Beth pointed at the bathroom door and said, “That’s where it happens, right at that door.”

Beth then told me that two of her older children would sometimes use her bathroom when trying to get ready to go out if other family members were using the other bathrooms.

The problem started about three weeks ago. Her oldest son was in her bathroom taking a shower about 7pm. Standing in Beth’s room ironing his shirt at the time was Beth’s other teenage son. All of a sudden a violent pounding started to occur on the bathroom door. It was a loud clear hard knocking.

The boy in the shower started to yell out to his brother in the bedroom ironing, asking him what he wanted. At the same time the boy ironing was yelling to his brother in the bathroom asking him why he was banging on the door. The commotion stopped and both boys continued on with what they were doing.

A few minutes passed when the knocking started up again. This time the pounding was loud and vibrated the entire room. Both boys thought it was the other one doing it and both headed towards the door. The boy inside the bathroom opened the door and started to yell at his brother. The brother in the bedroom returned the screaming both insisting the other had been the door banger. Both boys started to walk out of their parent’s bedroom one behind the other when the door pounding started one last time.

Both boys stood silently looking at the other while the pounding shaking door seemed to be knocking and shaking on its own. The boys bravely flung open the door to look inside the bathroom. It was empty. They then ran the water in the shower and sink and tried hard to repeat the noise. Nothing happened. They searched inside and outside the house yet found nothing that would cause the door to be pounded in the way that it was. The two young men were confused and quickly reported the event to the rest of the family.

A few days passed when my friend was home in her kitchen with her oldest son who was the boy in the shower during the first incident. Suddenly they could hear hard loud knocking coming from the back of the house. They followed the noise to the end of the house where the first incident occurred. They could not find anyone or anything that was causing the loud banging.

The loud knocking continued occurring every few days. The family continued to search their property, check the pipes and look for construction problems to try to find the cause of this strange happening. They came up empty handed.

This is the point I enter the picture. Beth knew I was friendly with a psychic who was a sensitive. I knew the psychic was good but rarely used her gifts as she was not always able to receive information when she wanted to making her fearful of disappointing people if she was having an off day.

Rather than disappoint people she simply kept her abilities private. Beth wanted me to try to convince the psychic to visit her small farm to see if she could sense anything odd going on.

I told my psychic friend about the happenings at Beth’s house and asked if she would like to take a ride over to the horse farm to see if she had any feelings about the place. The psychic doubted she would be able to help but agreed to take a quick ride with me to Beth's farm.

I arranged to take my psychic friend to Beth’s horse farm during the afternoon when Beth's family was out. My psychic friend wanted to visit the farm with as little commotion as possible around so she could concentrate on the energy around the place.

While driving to the horse farm my psychic friend warned me she most likely would not be able to pick up anything at all. She did not want me or Beth to be disappointed. She also told me that she was not use to being around animals especially horses and did not know if she would be able to pick up anything in this type of environment. I told her we did not have our hopes up and just wanted her to take a quick tour of the farm.

We arrived at Beth’s farm. I entered the long road that drove past the house back to the paddocks and open areas of the farm and barn.

My psychic friend became silent. As we drove past the house she yelled for me to stop. I jammed on the brakes and watched as she sat silently looking at the house. She then told me to drive on. I drove past the chickens, past the goat’s fenced area and on to the barn. Along side of the barn was a large fenced paddock with two horses in it. A pinto and a big brown horse with a white stripe on its nose. Both horses stood munching feed out of large feeding pails.

The psychic told me to stop. Once again I slammed on my brakes. She sat silently looking out her window. She threw open the door before I could react and climbed up on the paddock fence. The psychic beckoned to the large brown horse with an arm gesture while softly calling for the horse to come to her.

I sat without making a move watching as the large brown horse ran over to my psychic friend. She pulled the head of the horse to her face and started to pet and talk to the animal. They stood together for a few minutes until the psychic told the horse to show her something. The horse turned and trotted over to the opposite corner of the paddock near the entrance of the barn. The psychic jumped back into my truck and directed me to drive over as close as possible to where the horse now stood.

The psychic once again was out of the truck the moment I came to a stop back standing with the horse. The psychic knelt near the horse and ran her hands over the ground by the corner of the barn. This went on for about five minutes. She then stood up and walked into the barn. I got out of the truck and went into the barn after her. She waved for me to stay away. I stopped and waited at the entrance watching as she examined every stall and section of the big long barn.

When she was done she marched towards me down the middle of the barn and told me to get back into the truck. We drove around the farm for a few minutes until she told me to return to the house but this time to park in the back of it near the part of the house that had the door-banging event.

We sat silently. I knew not to speak or break her thoughts. When she was ready she turned to me and said. “ There are people buried here. I think they may have been Indians. They are tormenting the brown horse. They are confused about this family being here and especially concerned about two young men who live here.

I did not know what to say. She went on and told me how the brown horse was very unhappy and being tormented by spirits or lost souls who once lived on this land and are confused about the horses. She told me that they seem to be trying to take care of or protect the horses but instead are making the horse miserable. The psychic turned to me and said, “ The horse wants help”.

She continued by telling me that the farm had darkness about it due to the fact the people who once were here were hanging around the land and not moving on. She told me she felt they were Indians and we should research the history of the area.

The psychic also told me she was sure that the banging on the back of the house was from these lost souls or ghosts. She told me it was just a warning to let the family know they were on Indian land. She thought the banging was being brought on by the families two tall strong young sons who tended the horses. She thought that they somehow were a threat to the lost souls still wandering the farm.

I drove to the front of the house where Beth stood waiting for us. The psychic repeated in detail all she told me about the farm to Beth. Beth stood silently listening to every word the psychic told her.

Beth told us both that indeed her farm was part of a large Indian settlement at one time. She was not at all shocked at what the psychic reported feeling.

The psychic gave Beth a list of things to do to ease the situation before it became more intense or increased. The psychic felt the horse needed a rest from the torment of the lingering souls and suggested Beth get right to what she thought should be done to calm the restless souls.

Beth was to obtain a smudge stick, a cross, salt water, clean all dead matter like old leaves from the barn and house area and talk to the spirits while cleansing her land.

The psychic knew of people in the area who may help with this cleansing and agreed to arrange a meeting for Beth as to find out the correct method of dealing with this situation.

I did not see Beth for about two weeks after that meeting. Beth did meet with those who gave her ideas on how to handle her seemingly haunted Indian land.

Beth did smudge stick cleanings of her land using certain herbal smudge sticks. She would burn the smoky stick while walking the borders of her farm as well as all the land within her property lines. She would tell the spirits she was there to care for the land and the horses and young men where her sons belonged to her. She also asked the spirits over and over to let go of the land and move on to the light. Beth did this routine over and over for about two weeks..

One late afternoon I stopped over to visit Beth. She was glad to see me, as she liked having someone with her when she did a smudge stick cleaning and was planning to do one just as I arrived.

It was still light outside but turning quickly into dusk and I was anxious to have Beth do what she had to do so we could leave the darkness of the large open farm and head for the bright lights and warmth of her house.

I drove my truck to the front of Beth’s barn. Beth was already in the barn where she was lighting the smudge stick to smoke the barn to clean away all bad energy. She walked into each stall and every part of the barn speaking clearly to the spirits that may be lingering. Beth was strong and serious as she spoke to that which did not belong in her barn. She told the spirits it was time for them to move on. She promised it was her time to take care of the land and horses and they needed to move on to their own destiny.

I watched without interrupting as Beth carried out her ritual as instructed by those who knew how to sooth the souls of those who lived there before.

Beth finished and told me she had to run up to the house for a second. She told me to wait for her in the barn, as she did not want to leave the animals alone while the smell of the smudge sticks lingered in the area. She told me to just stay around and keep my eyes open until she returns.

I was not comfortable at all alone in the barn. I walked over and got back into my truck. Beth’s dog came crying at my door. I let the dog jump in and sit with me in the truck. I backed up and faced the barn so I could see both inside it and into the large paddock on the side of it.

Beth’s dog began to whimper softly. I looked over at him and then to where he was looking into the large paddock next to the barn. I caught the quick movement of what looked like a large gray horse cross the field heading at a full run for the back of the paddock. I started to panic as I thought one of the horses was upset by the smell of the smudging and was trying to get out and run away. I pointed my truck towards the paddock and turned the lights into the field. I could see the pinto and the brown horse as always but no other animals.

My first thought was that the back gate was left open to the paddock during Beth’s smudging ritual. I feared the large gray horse I saw run across the field got out and was running away. I quickly drove my truck along the side road that takes you to the back of the barn and other paddocks on the farm.

The dog and I drove quickly to the backside of the barn. The gates were all closed. I got out of the truck with the dog sticking tightly to my legs. I looked all over but did not see that gray horse anywhere on the farm. I walked over to the back paddock and climbed up on a fence overlooking the back of the farm. The dog was next to me and started to bark a high-pitched strange whining bark..

That is when I saw it. A figure following what looked like a gray-white haze into the woods that lined the back of the farm. The figure looked to be a man wearing a grayish white overalls or jumpsuit as it was all the same color. The figure was walking at a fast pace and followed the larger object into the woods.

The dog barked and whimpered. I did not know what to do or think. I ran back to the truck, the dog jumped over me into the passenger seat and together we headed full speed towards the house.

I started blowing the horn as I neared the house. Beth came running out. I told her what I had just seen. I thought maybe her neighbors walked their animals around her farm or cut across her land. Beth told me she did not have any neighbors in the back- it was all woods. Beth got into the truck with her dog and we went back to show her where we saw the figures walking in her back paddock.

I would not get out of the truck. I showed my friend the spot. She was confused as no one was ever anywhere near her farm. I then asked her where she kept the gray horse as I thought he got away. My friend looked at me like I had lost my mind. She told me she did not own a gray horse. I started to feel a little sick inside.

I did not know what I had seen. I felt sick and weak inside and wanted to leave the farm. Beth tried to comfort me but I just wanted to leave and quickly drove home.

The next morning while sitting drinking my morning tea telling my family about my adventure at Beth’s farm the phone rang. It was Beth. The psychic had just stopped by to see Beth to ask her if the spirits were gone? She told Beth she could see them leaving and knew that they no longer were lingering around her farm. Beth told her of my encounter with the figure and phantom ghost horse. The psychic just laughed and said, “I know, she saw the last of them leave”. She then told Beth that the great white spirit horse goes first into the light to be followed by the last warrior.

I have no idea about what happened at Beth’s farm. I know the brown horse is happy now and bounds around the place like a young pony. I know the dog runs around and never whimpers. I know all the knocking and banging has ended in the house. I also know I saw with my own eyes a white ash colored horse that did not exist, a gray haze and a ash colored figure cross Beth’s land that day with my own eyes. It was not a man. It walked with the haze through a fence into the woods without losing a step, and it did it right in front of me.

I claim nothing more than the fact this happened. I watched whatever it was at Beth’s farm leave.

And I saw it with my own eyes!

♥ Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium
Saturday, June 19 at 9:00 am
Sunday, June 20 at 5:00 pm
Eugene, Oregon --
Lane Community College Campus

Autumn Williams will be the keynote speaker. See here for Autumn's excellent blog post about the symposium, her thoughts on witnesses and BF and her new book... (in fact, her whole site is the best in the field, I think, for it contains data, research, as well as an open minded approach to various Bigfoot theories...)

Toby Johnson is the one behind all this, and it seems like he's doing a fantastic job!

Visit the Symposium site for more info.

See you there!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflections on the 2010 McMinnville UFO Fest

I posted this over at my site The Interstellar Housewife, and while I usually don't do the whole cross-posting thing, I thought this would be a nice addition since some of it includes Regan.

Well, that was unexpected! I had a great time at the annual McMinnville UFO festival, in McMinnville, Oregon! Oh, it wasn't so much the festival itself that was grand -- I mean, it was filled with your usual nutbaggery and abundant silliness complete with grey-type alien faces galore *shudder*. No, the best parts were the times Maggie and I spent with Erik Stitt, Regan Lee and her husband, James Rich.

Regan is an amazingly cool woman! I was very happy to finally meet her in person. We all had some great conversation the first night, nestled into a quiet corner in the always-overpriced McMenamin's. For those of you how aren't familiar with McMenamin's, it's a company that buys up old landmark buildings and converts them to restaurants, pubs, hotels and so on. This particular McMenamin's was a bar/hotel, but featured the same inflated prices and overrated consumables you've come to know and love from the chain. Despite this, I very much enjoyed myself.

Sadly, Maggie wasn't feeling well, so I drove her back to our hotel a couple of miles down the road and put her to bed, before I headed on back to the pub to continue on with our conversations. Regan and her husband eventually called it a night and ascended up to their room, while Erik and I closed the bar -- and then some.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two High Strangeness Fests in Oregon

This weekend is the McMinnville UFO Fest, which honors the 1950 Trent UFO sighting. This year's speakers include Colin Andrews and Travis Walton.

In June, there will be the first annual Bigfoot conference in these parts in Eugene; the Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. A great line-up of speakers; Autumn Williams, Sali Shepherd Wolford, and many more. Find out more here.

I'll be attending both of course!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lesley has a new blog: Menagerie of Mystery

Menagerie of Mystery, Lesley's new blog.

Elena Kagan: Jewish Lesbo Illuminati Pawn of the Devil's Spawn

Henry Makow, er, make that "Dr." Henry Makow don't you know, is Jeff Rense's favorite go to guy on all things paranoid, anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic and generally fucking weird, as in "I still live in the 1950s -- in a Twilight Zone episode" weird. It's easy to say Makow's a joke, and he is, but he's also a scary joke, and one of the thousands of reasons he's scary is because of the comments left on his website. Which, -- and this is hilarious -- is named Save the Anyway, the comments left are left (we assume) by real people, real living people who really think the way they do. And while that is funny on one level, I also find it pretty damn scary that right now, right here, are actual living people who agree with Makow. Oy.

Okay, so what has me ranting this time on Makow is his latest post -- kindly promoted by, who gives Makow a platform to promote his insanity -- on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. In the typical but nonetheless bizarro world that is Henry Makow, he writes an article titled Two Jewish Lesbians in a Row ??

As usual with Makow, (for this is his style) he mixes in a mad frenzy all kinds of hateful paranoid feelings. No matter what the subject of his rant, from movies (like Chicago) to scientists (like Einstein) he quickly brings in misogynist, anti-Semitic, conservative (and that's putting it mildly), sexist, homophobic, Illuminati controlled, etc. opinions. No matter the topic of his ire, it all gets down to one thing: pinko-loving-lesbo-Jewish-anti-American-Illuminati-feminazi-man-hating sons of bitches.

The best part of this is that Makow is, himself, Jewish.

Okay, so his current pile of bile is about Kagan. Makow wastes no time, beginning his piece with:
The nomination of the unsightly Solicitor General, Elena Kagan, to the Supreme Court signals that the Illuminati satanic cult that governs America intends to use government institutions to enslave Americans.

Kagan is the second Jewish lesbian appointed to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama.

Wow, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Jewish, all at once!

You might be asking, "Who's this other Jewish Lesbian Makow is talking about?" Hold on, it's . . . Sonya Sotomayor. Yes, she's not Latina, don't you know:
Sonya Sotomayor is no more a "Latina" than I am. She is a Marrano crypto Jew who belonged to the lesbian Belizean Society.
Dangerous times. Jews on the Supreme Court, and lesbians! It's important to know that, according to Makow, all women are lesbians, except for those women who are Christian, not feminists, and are breeders. For example, according to Makow's philosophy, I'm a lesbian (as well as dangerous, anti-American, commie loving, Christian hating, etc.)  After all, I'm a feminist, a Jew, and, married for over thirty years without breeding! Devil Jew Illuminati Spawn fer sure.

I mentioned the comments left at Makow's site. Here's one by "JAK":
JAK said (May 12, 2010):
Good heavens! This woman(?) looks like hell and death itself blew up all over her(?)... If this is what we as a nation espouse as normal, decent, honorable and good and put in the court as judges, no wonder at all that our country is dying.
Well, "JAK" if that's why you think "our country is dying" . . . you poor sexist sap.

For another look at Makow, see my post on Makow's piece on Avatar, the Raelians, and Illuminati recruiting agendas.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Queen Regina Synchronicity

Last night, I posted the following item on my blog Snarly Skepticism. The piece was about a dream I had; I was a psychic performer, appearing in Vegas, under the name Queen Regina, and wearing sequins. The thing was, while it was a lot of tricks and glitz, the psychic part was real. Underneath the patter and manipulations of audience and "victim" on-stage, was an honest, authentic, and all too real psychic knowledge. One of the main points of the dream seemed to be that people can't hear the real stuff unless it's presented as almost a joke; entertainment at least. As I wrote:
Despite the carnival aspect of all this (after all, I really do come from circus folk) it turns out I am a very good psychic.
In the dream I have to buy something full of sequins to wear; I find a great wide multi-colored sequined belt that I wear with black.

So that was the dream. Today I received in the mail, absolutely unexpectedly and just as a nice surprise, a gift from my cousin. We met a few times when we were kids, but had no idea each other was around, until she found me on-line via some geneology thing. I was looking up information about my grandparents, who literally were circus folk (as was my dad and uncle) as well as vaudville performers. My grandmother, for example, was one of the Gladstone Sisters.

My cousin had sent me a sequined top that belonged to my grandmother. It's not multicolored, or, I assume, not associated with the circus, but it's still a bit of neat synchronicity!

New posts...

I have a new post at Snarly Skepticism: Queen Regina Appearing Nightly in Vegas!

My new Trickster Realm column should be up anytime, probably sometime tomorrow, on Binnall of America. An old episode of UFO Hunters was the inspiration for that one.

I also have a new piece at UFO Mystic: Typical Frustrating Elusive Sighting of . . . Something

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Congratulations on Lesley's Five Years at Binnall of America!

Lesley Gunter has been writing her Grey Matters column for Binnall of America for five years! Congratulations Lesley, (and thank you for the kind words) -- you can read her columns here.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

For Traveller Women In Ireland, Life Is Changing: NPR

 Thanks to Professor Hex for the link to this story about "travaller women" and their tradition, which is changing due to the dominant society views and actions. . .
Travellers, "the people of walking," are often referred to as the Gypsies of Ireland. Mistrusted for the most part, their traditions and lifestyle are not well understood within the larger culture. Historically, they were nomads who moved in caravans and lived in encampments on the side of the road. Their tradition as "tinkers" or tinsmiths, and as the breeders and traders of some of Ireland's best horses, goes back hundreds of years.
As times change in Ireland and the notions of private and public space change and contract, the culture no longer accepts the Travellers on public and private lands and has begun to create "halts" where they can settle.

The Traveller's live in caravans (trailers, RVs, etc.) and go from place to place, camping out.
Travelling girls don't really mix much with settled girls," says Shirley Martin, a 23-year-old mother of three. "The way of living, caravans, by the side of the road. A come and go thing. My family is a Travelling family."
 However, the Irish Travellers are not Gypsies in the sense that they're Romany:
There are similarities between Traveller and Romany Gypsy culture, but Travellers do not define themselves as Romany, says Mary Burke, associate professor of Irish literature at the University of Connecticut.
Having a large family is desired and appreciated for many reasons, including the power and status of women:
As women age in Traveller culture, they gain power. They often outlive the men. They can become matriarchs in the culture, particularly if they have a large family. And there's prestige attached to being the mother of many.
Living outside of mainstream society, has been the Traveller way. But the dominant society wants that changed, and is trying to force Traveller's to live within the system. Even though, they will always be outside the system, in terms of their struggle to adjust, as happens with just about all groups who are pushed, pulled and forced to "assimilate" into mainstream culture.