Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jellyfish Dreams

I've always had a vivid and active dream life; the one I has last night was an incredible one, very epic. One little part of this dream I share on Octopus Confessional and re posted at The Orange Orb.

The dream involves jellyfish swarms in the sky -- disguised as UFOs. And people's responses to such an amazing event. I suspect the image of the jellyfish is due to recent news about jellyfish swarms around nuclear plants, earth changes as one contributing factor, and something someone close to me said once as were visiting the Newport Aquarium. Looking at the jellyfish display, which was beautiful, Jim and I were commenting on their beauty, but also musing on what kind of consciousness is going on in there. This person looked at us oddly and said they didn't believe that jellyfish have anything even remotely close to "consciousness" they're vapid, empty, nothing, -- can't "think," can't feel.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Woman's On-going Encounter with the "Eel Siren"

I posted a link about this story of a very strange encounter with a reptilian on my Frame 352: The Stranger Side of Sasquatch blog: The Eel Siren of Maine. I found the story on Bigfoot researcher Linda Martin's Bigfoot Sightings blog, who has been in contact for some time with this woman. Here's the link (that's also embedded in Linda's article) to this woman's Squido site: Encounters with Water Faeries. And here's Linda's article:
Maine: Report of a humanoid that may be reptilian

This is a very weird story, and of course, as Martin points out, and is just a given, no way to know if this is real, delusions of some poor unbalanced person, outright lying or hoaxing, or, the truth. But let's say it's the truth, at least acknowledging that it's the truth as far as this person knows. Remember too, there are plenty of these stories in the UFO and Fortean realm; high strangeness encounters with reptilian beings, etc. Mostly, I am always impressed with those who are willing to put themselves out there and share their experiences, no matter how bizarre those experiences may seem.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

THE FEAR- The Truth About Alien Abduction

I write and investigate to the best of my ability about encounters of the unknown. Over the years I have talked to many who have had abductions or lost time events involving beings that were not human- taking humans.

Many of the experiences of abduction or lost time I have written about. Other events I have listened to but did not feel inspired to write about. I do believe most people I talk to yet also feel many are not as truthful as I had hoped they would be.

It is a difficult position to be in when dealing with paranormal subjects. I try to write about events that seem to be truthful and that did actually happen. I rely on logic and years of experience interviewing people as well as my own personal knowledge of some of the subjects I write about. I try hard to avoid attention seekers and agenda folks to the best of my ability.

Like any job skill you learn with practice how to do it well as you tackle and work your way along all the unknown paths. In time you develop a second sense about the people you talk to and let that guide your judgment. I feel after years of doing this that I have developed a second sense of things and know rather quickly who is telling me an experience that they truly encountered and who is making it up as they go.

I am sure there are many reasons why people do the things they do. My interest however is to bring real experiences of real people to the public in hope paths already walked may one day help those who may have similar roads of lost time or abduction ahead of them. It is far better to have knowledge of things unknown rather then walking blindly into them. Reading what others have experienced may one day help someone survive their own encounter with the unknown.

I know for a fact that the ordeals of others that I have written about have prevented people from making errors that could have had life of death consequences if they had not been prepared by something they had read that lingered in the back of their minds.

Recently I had a young man tell me that while on a hiking trip he and his friends noticed a strange object hovering over the lake where they were walking.

His friends wanted to try to find a way to get closer to the craft so they could try to call out to it. He was able to talk his friends into returning to a nearby cabin with lights and other people near by. He told me that he read one of my articles and knew they would be far better off finding other people and shelter and understood that calling out and offering them selves to the unknown was not a good idea at all. I think this mans use of the knowledge he had tucked in the back of his mind may have saved him and his friends from a possible abduction experience.

I cringe each time I read or hear about people who go out to deserted areas in order to try to draw unknown crafts and beings to their location. I can only shake my head as I listen to ideas of using laser lights, radio signals and even camp fires and smoke signals to try to draw the creatures of the unknown to their location. I can only wonder what these people are thinking?

I am curious how they know they will catch the attention of kind benevolent beings? I am far more curious why they think they would be chosen to be contacted when it is obvious our visitors take extreme caution and care in who sees them and whom they take? I also wonder how they would feel if emotionless beings who care little about the human race arrived, took them and what they wanted from their bodies and discarded them once done like worms or rats? I wonder why they do not think out these things? Do they really think that this type of careless action could not bring them harm? Are these people living under some ridiculous notion that nothing bad will ever happen to them? Theses reckless dangerous behaviors have always been a mystery to me.

My reasoning for feeling as I do about this comes from my understanding of ‘The Fear’. The fear is the key that makes me pay close attention to those I talk to who claim they have had a close encounter with other beings. When I see or hear this fear that I have come to know so well, I usually believe whom I am talking to.

There is fear that is so horrid you feel you will not be able to survive it. This fear is a heart stopping paralyzing sense so strong you are certain it will kill you. It is of absolute horror- a feel of fright that is like no other. It is a fear that life has stopped as you have known it and something else deadly and sick now replaces it.

This devastating fear is what a human being feels when face to face with a situation they do not think they will live through. It is a feeling that locks your senses and over takes your body with such power you do not think you will live another second. This over powering gut retching fear is what is felt when your are alone looking into the non-human face of a creature you have never seen before. This is what is felt when you have lost control of your surroundings and find yourself being completely controlled by others. This fear is what you feel when your destiny is in the hands of a being that is alien and cold and you find you are powerless and without choice to do anything about it. This fear is what those who are taken against their will feel when abducted by beings that are not human and are not asking but taking you without your consent. This fear is why I find those who go looking for aliens with flashlights and cameras extremely foolish and child like in their thinking.

I have been told by a few that they have had wonderful adventures and loved their abduction of being taken by aliens. I find it hard to believe anyone would love to be taken against his or her will under any circumstance. I have never heard of anyone being asked if they wish to be taken, examined or questioned. I have only been told of those who have been taken- against their will. That one fact seems to be the main truth of the alien abduction agenda- they take us without permission.

Be it a child, teen, adult or senior citizen if they want you they simply take you. I do not find that friendly or fun.

It would be far too harsh for me to say I do not believe the claims of those who talk about being taken by lovely beings who fly them about the universe in scenic flights while sharing a lovely chat about the meaning of life. I will say I personally do not find any interest in this type of report. I am far more involved and drawn to the less fabulous but far more realistic reports that have common threads that run from report to report.

The common threads I do find in those I feel have had alien abductions include:


1. Being taken against their will

2. Not recalling much or any of the events however do suffer from hellish flash backs of things they do not understand

3.Suffer the incredible fear when encountering a partial memory or flash back.

4. Are fearful this will happen to them again

5. Many felt ill after the event and repot having rashes, sick to their stomachs or have strange bruises or body changes that can last for years if not a life time.

There are exceptions with alien contact that take place when humans encounter the human like aliens that also visit this planet. I understand people who have had face-to-face encounters with beings that fit in with our concept of humanoid looking creatures have a far less traumatic close encounter.

When confronted with a being that looks similar to a human and who is able to communicate with humans in familiar ways the initial over whelming fear is far easier to handle. I have spoken with those who have had dealings with this human type of being. They told me they were of course cautious knowing they were in contact with a creature that was not human but did not have that deadly fear of those who encounter the other forms of aliens. As comfortable as they may be with this type of visitor it is always clear they are having an encounter with a non human being and caution remains paramount in their dealings.

It is clear that those chosen to have contact with the human type of alien also have returned with nearly the same exact message from our visitors to mankind. . These people do not know each other and come from many different walks of life yet they all have been told to try to get our fellow earthlings to listen to reason and to start being better beings. Our on going obsession with war, hate and genocide is something aliens find primitive and barbaric.

It seems the aliens that are human in appearance are those who truly want to warn us about becoming a less violent hate filled society and do want to see us evolve into beings worthy of joining the other universal societies.

I am aware that other visitors to our planet really have no interest one way or the other about our evolution and simply take us to observe earthlings as they do other less evolved life forms they come across in this vast universe.

They do not interfere with our growth as beings nor do they care about how fast we advance of even if we survive. Those choices and challenges of growth are being left to us as the evolving creatures of earth. They do not care or have interest in our development.

Visitors to our planet do seem to acknowledge in their own way that we are viewed as violent self destroying animals that have only recently started to advance into the area of technology. I am sure it would be like our visiting a planet where they just discovered the wheel and the use of fire. If that seems too harsh a comparison think of finding a planet where the world is still without electric and dependent on horses and elephants for travel. I think that a fair comparison to the differences between mankind on earth and our visiting alien neighbors.

The fact of the matter is that being taken by those who view us with curiosity is for me a terrifying idea. Being viewed with the same attitude we view monkeys or lab rats is an extremely frightening event to endure. The reason I understand this is because I have known this fear and I have shared this feeling with others like me. It is a mortifying experience to be on the wrong end of the microscope.

It is something that changes your life and cannot be placed aside or forgotten. It also is a hard world to be in when those who have no idea about these things mock and ridicule you for talking about your encounters making them even crueler and harder to endure.

Every time I write about my own experiences I receive two types of emails. One is from those who have been enduring the same things and have lived through an abduction. The other emails are from cruel nasty humans attacking me for writing the truth about these things. I am called names, insulted and laughed at. Each and every time I write about my experience with creatures we know, as aliens I am sent hate filled emails by people I have never met.

I imagine I make those who wish to live in fantasy angry and frighten those who do not want any of this to be true. It is sad but that this is the nature of humans. They quickly become unkind and vicious to those who do not tell them what they want to hear and filled with anger at those who talk of things they do not want to be real.

I will continue to write what I have seen and encountered. If I can go through that heart stopping fear and live to talk about it the least I can do is be a voice for all others like me. I know how difficult it is enduring an abduction and also what it is like to go through a second abuse by way of the reactions of your own kind.

I think it is best said that until you experience ‘THE FEAR ‘ that goes hand and hand with those who have had a close encounter with a being of unknown origin you can not understand the emotional life long horror that follows abductees through each and every day. That fear is why I write and why I will stand up for those who live daily and have encountered the road of being taken.

Be careful out there and always be fully aware of what you wish for. Some dreams do come true and those nightmares can last a lifetime.

I dedicate this article to Edward , Millie, Jo and Patrick, all fellow abductees whom I respect and thank for their honest reports of experiences they have endured with beings that are not of this world. To all of you I say thank you

♥ Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
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My Teacher Was Abducted By Aliens! Preparation For Fake Disclosure?

My new article up at UFO Digest: My teacher was abducted by aliens! Preparation for fake disclosure?

Seems a school in England decided to stage a fake alien crash and abduction; with the help of the police for added effect. Is this event, like many others beings staged in the U.S., Canada and England, a psy ops affair? And are programs like Project Blue Beamn, HAARP, etc. part of the plan?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


When I was a small child I played in a large public park that was located directly down the road from my family home. All the kids in the neighborhood would simply climb the fence that divided the park from our neighborhood to use the park as our private playground.

Thinking back to this time I realize how dangerous it was for us l to be running loose in this large park without adults or supervision. During those days however no one gave the dangers too much thought. That was a mistake as the children who ventured into this park to play had experiences that were unusual and dangerous.

I wrote an article about one of these events called Playing in a Paranormal Park. I was traumatized my entire life by what chased me in that park that day. My encounter as taken from my article happened as I was playing with a friend in the park:

My friend noticed it first. She stood up and looked towards the river outlet and said, “ What’s that?” She was pointing towards the swans. I looked over towards her out stretched finger to see a ray of light. I stood also. The moment I stood up the swans started to squeal in a strange frantic manner. I never saw them or heard them do anything like that before

The light was odd. It was a color I had never seen before, or since. It was a neon type green. It was very bright, so bright it hurt to look at it. I immediately felt fear. The rays were reversed. They seemed to be coming up from the river instead of down from the sky. The swans were flapping and trying to fly away but seemed so disoriented all they seemed to do was flap around and into each other.

I became terrified and whispered to my friend; “ We have to get out of here” she backed towards me and started to reach down for our belongings. I took her hand and said “Leave them, we will get them later.” I held her hand and we both slowly started to move towards the path. We hardly breathed. We moved very slowly as not to draw any attention from that light to us. We were on the path and moving away from the tree and light when we heard a low crisp clicking sound. It was a sound I have heard again over my life but this was my first experience encountering it. It sounded like a mix of a water sprinkler that clicks across the lawn and then returns; you know that click click click-mixed with the sound of bugs on a hot summers night. That is the best I can explain it.

The sound was coming closer and closer, the ray of light fanning out larger and larger, we were heading carefully away down the path towards the bigger path and then hopefully to the exit of the park.

As the sound of that clicking moved closer towards us through the woods along the path adjacent to the water, we picked up our speed until we were both at a full run.

The faster we ran the louder the clicking. The ray of light was expanding so I could now see it over the treetops. I ran so fast and so hard I felt as if my heart would explode. I was completely terrified. Melinda was right besides me, she was sobbing in fear as we ran.

I knew we could not make it back to the main exit. I pulled my friend towards the fenced part of the park, which lined up along a main road back into our community. We hit the fence at a full run and scaled it with the clicking right behind our every step. We flew over the fence and tumbled both onto the main road. A neighbor lady nearly ran us over as we fell into the road right in front of her car. She slammed on her brakes avoiding hitting us by only a few feet. She started to yell at us but soon realized we were crying and frightened half to death. We started to cry that something was following us in the park. She loaded us into her car and drove us to my house.

After that event happened I realized that other things had been happening to us as we played in the deserted corners of the large wooded park.

There was a little island that you were able to access by a tree branch type primitive bridge called Breezy Island. The years I played in this park were between 1959 and 1962 Breezy island was a small island that stuck out into the river off the mainland coast of this park.

The island had winding paths that would take you to the islands shore along the rivers edge that was filled with ducks, swans and all the assorted wild life that lived along the river. For kids it was a paradise of adventure. In the center of this island was a open air large gazebo also made from old tree branches. This structure was two stories high with a brick fireplace and enclosed area of three sides on the first level and a open sided gazebo on top. It was built to be very rustic and tree house like. For the kids it was a fabulous popular place to sit and eat our picnic lunches.

As I played in this park I found I had a very strange reaction to it. I both loved and hated the park yet did not understand why. When my friends wanted to go play there I also wanted to explore the paths and run in the open forests but also felt a cold fear I did not understand.

Before the green ray of light incident I already started to hate Breezy Island, which was a favorite stop for all my friends. Just before the clicking ray event that chased us that day I had already refused to join the other kids when they headed for that little Island. I would fill with terror when on the small Island. I especially hated the under side of the tree house gazebo. The terror was so extreme after the ray incident that I stayed away from the park and that Island from the age of 10 on. I did not want to or think about returning to that park or that little island -until this year.

I thought it was time the spring of this year to investigate my enormous fear of this park and that island. Now some 50 odd years later I wanted to go see if my lifelong fear was as bad as I remembered or a childhood memory blown out of proportion.

A group of people I knew were going to visit to this park. I decided to go along so I could use this group adventure to visit my childhood demons while returning once again to this dreaded place.

It was this past May. We went one lovely spring day during a sunny afternoon. The group met in the parking lot of the park and decided to explore the building holding a small collection of items from the past when a rich family privately owned the park in the 1800’s.

After exploring the buildings we ventured out onto the great lawn that swept down to the river and the paths that wandered into the wooded areas of the large Parks land mass.

As soon as we hit the waters edge my stomach started to turn upside down. There were about 15 adults with me so I felt secure yet I knew that my childhood fears were not fantasy but of trauma. We headed towards the tree area where my encounter with the ray took place and Breezy Island.

We came upon the old tree where the green ray event took place. By now the tree was heavy and over grown and did not resemble the memory I had of it so many years before. I did have total recall of the incident and wanted to move past the tree to Breezy Island to see if I felt the same fears about that little island.

The little island still stood as it did in my childhood. The old wooden bridge was replaced with a safer modern bridge. The island seemed sad and depressed with much of the once healthy greenery drab and bleak. As all things from our childhood the entire area seemed much smaller.

The old gazebo structure was changed but there were parts of the original building still in place. I immediately felt uncomfortable and sick to my stomach as I crossed the bridge to this old childhood play area.

As I looked out from the island to the river I had a sensation of being dizzy and needed to quickly stumble to a near by bench or I would have fell to the ground. The bench was set on an angle that viewed both the river and the old structure of the original tree house. As I sat looking where the fireplace once stood on the first floor of the tree house gazebo I had my first recall of what was going on in this dreadful place during my childhood.

As all who have had encounters they cannot explain or totally recall of lost time events or abductions it is common to have flashes of recall of things that you do not understand

Over a lifetime of experiencing these flashes or quick views of memory you soon realize you are seeing bits and pieces of events that were mostly wiped or removed from your mind. Like many others who have encountered these things they will tell you parts of these memories can stay intact and will pop out at odd moments or if the memory is provoked.

There are people who try to retrieve these memories by different methods while many others want no part of remembering what took place. These people want what has been wiped from their memory to stay wiped and want nothing to do with trying to bring back what has been removed. I am one of these people.

To understand this you must realize that a feeling of absolute god awful terror comes hand and hand with these flashes which is why so many want them left alone and if possible forgotten. I am in that category and do not want to recall any of the events that took place during my lost time events or abductions and try hard not to relive the events that bring me the emotion of ultimate suffocating terror.

As I sat on the bench on this beautiful blue-sky white fluffy cloud day I felt a horror that made my heart want to blow apart in my body. The fear that filled my being was so over powering and dreadful I did not think I would live through it. I was sure my heart was going to stop beating.

I sat on that bench as my mouth filled with the contents of my stomach and saw in fast clear flashes an odd shaped terrifying creature walking towards me from the first floor fireplace area of that old tree house. This half human shaped dank gray green creature was coming towards me with a strange long arm reaching out to me. I could smell a vile odor of a mixture of chemicals, mold and death. As fast as the flash vision occurred it was gone.

I leaned over the bench and threw up. I stood up and knew all at once that this was a place I was taken as a child and that the horror and fear I carried inside of me was real and unkind.

I filled with anger as I was just a child and whatever, whoever that being was, IT had no right at all to interfere with me as a helpless child alone in a deserted area.

I understand that these encounters are part of a journey of events in my life that I had no choice or say in. I handle it differently now, as an older person who better understands the events that have occurred during my life. I know I never wanted any part of these encounters and know one thing about abductions and lost time - they are against our will and unfair on every level.

This was one event in my life. I have not written very much about my own experiences but feel now at this point it may be the time for me to add my own encounters to others like me.

I have been taken on this journey to the unknown without choice and against my will. It now is my will and my choice to write about these experiences and the events of those who have had sightings, abductions, lost time events as well as other paranormal encounters similar to mine.

Those who read what I write can make the choice to believe what has happened to me and others who have experiences like mine- or not. That is completely the reader’s choice.

I do know that many out there will one day also come face to face with a strange being, odd sighting, endure an abduction or find they are dealing with a lost time event. Those who do experience the unknown may recall something they have read that someone else has lived through before them and pull from that knowledge what they need to survive their own encounter.

Trips into the unknown are happening day in and day out all over this world by millions of people I write for those of you who may one day walk unknown roads so you understand you are not alone and these things are very real and do happen- even to you!

Be careful out there and pay attention to your surroundings

♥ Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

Aliens From the Deep? Or, What in the HELL is Going on in Alaska?

Whatever is going on in Alaska right now is definitely the stuff for Forteans. I don't mean Sara Palin's abrupt departure (was she visited by a blinding white light and decided to follow the voices within) although that was certainly odd. We have this news item from July 8: 'Uplift' baffles scientists, transforms area beach:
Ike a giant fist punching through the earth, a 1,000-foot long section of the beach below Bluff Point rose up 20 feet from the tidelands sometime last Friday or late Thursday, pushing boulders up from the ocean bottom, cracking sandstone slabs and toppling rocks upside down.

Below Bluff Point, a new fissure opened up at the base of the 800-foot high cliff. The uplift could be a re-activation of a landslide that happened perhaps 12,000 years ago.

There's also the big glob of goo off Alaska: Big blobs of mystery goo floating off Alaska coast
Hunters from Wainwright first started noticing the stuff sometime probably early last week. It's thick and dark and "gooey" and is drifting for miles in the cold Arctic waters, according to Gordon Brower with the North Slope Borough's Planning and Community Services Department.

Andrew Colvin Interview

Andrew Colvin, along with Adam Gorightly, Joan D'Arc, Peter Lavenda, Iona Miller, Pinchbeck, a few others, have it right, or close to it, in my opinion. They go about it in their own way but I'd put them in the same category. Anyway, listen to Colvin (author of Mothman Photographer's series) on this podcast.

Yeah, it's "dark" but it's still truly esoteric, in that just about all sides consider this perspective kooky and embarrassing. Some UFO researchers and paranormal/anomalous researchers would gain from going in this direction. It's a fine line between this kind of thing -- and I don't neccesarily share in all of the opinions or theories expressed -- and the horrible yellow journalism, drama queen hysterics of Jeff Rense. It's the process, the style I guess; looking at tendrils of that estoeric octopus. More on this later, meantime, listen to the interview, and if you haven't read any of Gorightly's books or Colvin's.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

richelle hawks on Esoteric Journals

richelle's current Medusa's Ladder for BOA is about esoteric journals. Three Great Online Esoteric Journals A great resource; the journals are quality journals, very scholarly...definitely worth exploring.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Out of this World is Hiding in That Cloud?

I had an interesting talk today with a friend who is renting a vacation house on Fire Island this summer. Fire Island is a fantastic Island separate from the main land of Long Island New York. Fire Island is used as a vacation land for many New Yorkers. It is only accessible by boat or small water landing planes.

It is a thin island lined with small beach towns with summer homes connected by boardwalks making small hamlets along the beachfront.

At night all one can see is miles of ocean ahead of you and endless stars over you. I try to visit Fire Island during the summer months. With my friend staying there this year I decided to take a ferry over before the crowds hit for vacation time.

During my visit my friend told me of a strange sighting he had a few weeks before of something over the ocean hanging in the sky like a huge cone of cotton candy.

He was walking his dog along the beach on one of the few days it was not raining when he noticed a cloud that was much lower then the others hovering out over the ocean. He told me that the cloud was much whiter and brighter then the other clouds.

He noticed it was not moving along with the wind, as the rest of the clouds were that were much higher then this one. He told me that the cloud had a very specific shape to it that never changed either. He told me he stopped and sat down on the beach to watch this odd cloud for a while.

The cloud remained in a standard position hovering lower and lower until it was only a few hundred feet above the water line. When the cloud fell close to the ocean he could see an outline of a metal gray craft that seemed to be wrapped in cotton candy. He could clearly see that something was being cloaked behind or inside this cloud shield as it came lower and lower towards the ocean line. As he watched the craft seemed to thicken its width and density of layers of the cotton candy cloud like material.

He watched as this cloud craft object lifted slowly back up towards the other clouds now that it had become thicker and fuller completely hiding what was deep inside this cover of white cloud material. The cloud kept adding altitude until it was level with the other clouds in the sky and started to increase its speed floating away with the higher clouds until it was far out to sea and lost in the blue and white of the ocean and sky.

This is not the first time I have heard or read about the new cloud cloaking UFO’s that seem to be floating about right over our heads. I have noticed the clouds are strange on some days. I know the weather is extremely odd. I have to wonder how often this is going on directly over our heads without our noticing it. We are creatures of habit and easily distracted from our surroundings. This cloud cloaking would be a logical way to carry on as they wish right over our heads.

My friend had a very simple explanation about what he had seen. He thinks that the new cloud cloaking crafts are just the 2008-2009 models of one of our visitors. I must admit that during my life time I have watched as the typical saucer style crafts changed to being cigar shaped, then very big in size or mother ships, to triangle shapes, rectangle shaped, and of course orb and pure light in design. Recently we have had videos and photos of crafts releasing or discharging some type of light substance as they hovered overhead.

I realize that there are most likely many different types of beings visiting our planet and do not expect the beings or the crafts they use to all be one style or design. I also realize we have been viewing these visitors over many years. We have gone from the horse and wagon to SUV’s and hybrids. I am sure our visitor’s crafts have advanced and changed as well.

I think the one thing that seems to stay stationary between earthlings and our visiting neighbors is that they want to remain anonymous and at arms length with most of us who populate this earth. They obviously like to observe us but always hidden away or in encounters with one or a handful of us at a time. Other wise they seem to intend to stay cloaked in the clouds.

I am sure we will hear more and more about those of us who do have close encounters with our visiting neighbors but as it has been I think it will remain for a while longer at their desire and on their terms.

I will be paying close attention to the clouds this summer and hope you all will do the same. I cannot imagine what will be coming our way once their new 2010- 2012 models begin to appear overhead. I am sure it will be something beyond our imaginations or understanding. I do know they are very tricky and we will have to pick up our skills in detecting what hovers directly above us. Be careful out there and keep looking up!


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Monday, July 6, 2009

Currently on Binnall of America: Bruce Rux, Animals, and Much More. . .

Over at Tim Binnall's BOA website, a lot of great stuff. First of all, there is the mega-interview with Bruce Rux, author of Hollywood vs. the Aliens. I listened to most of the interview (s) last night, have one more to go. I have Hollywood vs. the Aliens in my collection -- an excellent book -- but don't have his
Architects of the Underworld: Unriddling Atlantis, Anomalies of Mars, and the Mystery of the Sphinx, so I ordered it last night.

My Trickster's Realm column for BOA this week is about crop circles: Crop Circles: There Should be Joy. Lesley Gunter's article for her Grey Matters column is Celebrity Death x 3, and Lasha Seniuk writes about cat spirit energy: Angels With Fur. Richelle Hawks dicusses the music of Kate Bush and the occult in Kate Bush and the Occult.