Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lesley had this quiz at her The Debris Field blog, so as usual, I stole it from her. I think hers was "Universal Unitarism" which I expected mine to be; but as it turns out, I'm more Buddhist-like. Hmmmm.... Okay, next!

You Should Follow Buddhism

Like Buddhists, you're not concerned with the ideas of god, heaven, or religious purity.

You rather focus on eliminating suffering from your life and developing a deeper sense of compassion.

For you, bliss is something you find within yourself through reflection and meditation.

Everything is temporary, and you don't get to attached to possessions or people.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Undecided

Whether your death comes with the aura of peace and contentment or your last breath stolen from you from a violent murder, there is a moment in the void to decide your fate. In a glimpse of darkness preceding the tunnel of light that escorts you to infinite happiness, there is a decision to be made. Do you proceed to your rightful place in the universe, overseeing all with wisdom and love or do you remain behind in a foggy and turbulent existence to complete a quest that your zealous soul deems worthy?
Tragic souls that have been viciously murdered often seek retribution from those guilty parties who selfishly stole their earthly rights. It may be a random perpetrator who slipped silently into their world donning a sharp blade and draining precious life blood. Or it could have been a trusted loved one who’s dark heart pulled the trigger to close the victim’s eyes one last time. Whomever the executioner may have been, the murdered soul retains the right to stay behind within a realm of justified limbo.
Endlessly searching the human world for their rightful vengeance, they pace the halls of oblivion. Wandering aimlessly with intent, they attempt to penetrate the veil between the worlds in search of easing their sorrows.
Some poor souls are so inevitably bound to their loved ones and feel literally torn from the envelopment from the love of family and friends. They hover with sadness and despair over their children or spouses debating how best to comfort them. With ardent loyalty, they sacrifice their voyage into the light to remain steadfast beside their grieving loved ones. Waiting patiently in the void for their beloveds to cross over to join them.
Occasionally, a wayward soul that has committed suicide will subject themselves to years of disembodied guilt due to their desperate decision. Dwelling in a world of depression or addiction, they reject their human form, choosing to end the precious gift of life early. Taught in the human realm that this is an act of sin, some feel unworthy of stepping onto the threshold of heaven. More than welcome to come home, these guilt ridden souls forever mourn their premature expiration.
When that inevitable moment arrives, when your blood ceases to course through your corporeal veins, whether from the hands of another, yourself or fate, which door will you choose? Door number one invites you to a home from which you came, filled with light, love and the merging of your soul into the afterlife. Door number two allows you the choice to reject your homecoming and remain in a metaphysical flux until you feel ready to move onwards in your spiritual existence.
Would you choose to be a ghost? Would you choose to haunt the living as alternative to entering a society of celestial beings? Ask yourself how you’d respond to being murdered or unjustly ripped from your mortal existence?
The choice is always yours.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Debris Field in the Top Ten!

The blog The Heavy Stuff includes WOE contributor Lesley's blog The Debris Field in the top ten blogs:
6. The Debris Field http://thedebrisfield.blogspot.comTHS Comment > To THS this website is the number one for UFO’s and current ufo info - often you can find 20 links a day and most are about ufo’s. Leslie, the editor, also is a writer on various blogs and highlights her daily writings and life too on this blog. The blog has many pictures and more of a `female’ tone to it. THS really likes the black background of the page too. Overall, the page has a weeks worth of diverse links numbering over 100. Leslie picks up posts from this blog, and THS gets many hits from the archive - which you won’t want to miss. Less commentary than some - but lots of links. This is an example of a recent link

Pretty cool, Lesley!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Women On The Bigfoot Circus

Both Tina Sena and myself have columns about the Georgia Bigfoot Circus hoax on Binnall of America.

Tina's article is "Counter Intelligence," where she tells . . . well, read it and find out.

Mine is "Turn That Frown Upside Down: The Discovery of Rickmat." I've also been commenting on this at my bigfoot blog Frame 352. (Personally, I think I'll declare that blog a "Geogia Bigfoot Hoax Free Zone" or something.)

Lesley comments on The Debris Field that she's working on a piece on this latest Bigfoot episode, which she'll probably post on The Debris Field so make sure to watch for that.

Danille Lee has commented both here, (scroll down a bit and you'll see her post) and on her blog The Spirit Guide with Have a Little Faith.

Bigfoot author and researcher Lisa Shiel, of the Backyard Phenomena blog, has been commenting of course.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Of Sexy Witches, Fairies and Aliens: WOE Search Engine Phrases

Now and then I like to check out the search engine phrase stats for my blogs, just to see what I can see. Here are some for WOE that I thought were intriguing:

Sexy Witches

A popular interest, it seems. We have:
sexy witches in history
sexy witches

Robot Women
perfect woman robot
robot perfect-woman
"Perfect Woman" robot (I’m glad they put “perfect woman” in quotes)

Some prefer sexy fairies to sexy witches:
sexy women fairy art
fairies sexy


bigfoot in the sistine chapel -- now, that is certainly unique!

Sexy Witches, Fairies and Now We Have:

alein (sic) sex slave ebooks -- which gives me a fantastic idea! Who wants in? Seriously, lol.
"alien abductions" "true confessions" -- see, told you! True Confessions of Alien Sex Slaves, a new ebook by Regan Lee. I’m loving it.

demons farting -- well, that’s specific.

Herbal Whirled

Followed a visitor to Trickster Northwest and found her blog: Herbal Whirled. This is more than your typical blog; there's a forum, recipes, and all kinds of things.

Image source:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Animal Messages

Bigfoot is an animal -- whether paranormal, flesh and blood or both. I comment on the few positive takes on the whole "RickMat" Biscardi Bigfoot body found! situation on Trickster's Realm on Binnall of America, which should be up sometime tomorrow.

Another animal post is up at my Trickster Northwest blog, about a series of slightly odd encounters today: Animal Messages.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Rant of the Day on Snarly Skepticism

My Rant of the Day on my blog Snarly Skepticism. About Bigfoot and . . .well, you know.

Speaking of rants, I have a Rant of the Day on The Orange Orb, this one about fascist UFO overlords.

Really, I'm having too much fun.

Have a Little Faith

With this newest revelation of the discovery of the corpse of a Bigfoot, I’m increasingly disenchanted with the spirit of the human race. These three men who have potentially discovered the elusive Sasquatch, have devoted much time, effort and money to this particular cause. Time away from their friends and family, they tirelessly pursued their passion and goals. Mr. Biscardi has spent 35 years of his life searching for the mysterious beast, why would it be so unlikely that he actually found something?
It’s very disheartening that the immediate response from the news, general public and more surprisingly, the Bigfoot researching community, is of disbelief and ridicule. Why not try something a bit more enlightened and novel approach and give these people the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty. It’s no wonder UFO witnesses shy away from sharing their experiences when everyone is so quick to scoff and mock them.
It is exactly this attitude that keeps the UFO secrecy so prevelent. I tire of the old and weary behaviors of the skeptical and pessimistic.
Ask yourself before jumping to the standpoint of pessimism how you yourself would go about introducing to the world the most outstanding discovery of the decade? How would you convince the public and the scientific community and the bullies who immediately call you a hoaxer? How would you get people to listen?
With all the photographic proof, video, audio and personal experience we’ve established with UFOs, aliens, ghosts and Bigfoot, it seems it is never enough. What is it truly going to take?
Remember, Galileo was ridiculed and laughed upon for his theories and presentations of proof of the seemingly impossible. Now we look upon him as a great scientists and revolutionary leader of enlightened thinking. Who knows if hundreds of years from now these three Bigfoot hunters won’t be revered and acknowledged by society as heroes?
I truly hope that these men have truly found the legend himself. I pray that enough evidence can be brought forward to convince the skeptics and that those who have decided themselves judge and jury can eat crow.
You have to admit, it takes a lot of courage to announce this type of discovery to the world. Would you be able to handle the scrutiny and name calling? They’ve been named as schemers trying to make profit off of the discovery, well of course they’re going to make money! Wouldn’t you want to profit from years of searching through the bushes and buying expensive equipment? Why shouldn’t they? It’s like winning the lottery or getting a reward for hard work. Those who balk at the idea of these men accepting money for their discovery are displaying the obvious attributes of jealousy.
If it does unfold itself into hoax, a desperate attempt for fame by misguided men, I shall be sad but at least for a few days since I heard the news, I experienced the excitement of possibility. The very idea of a paranormal anomaly proven to be real.
I truly believe that this and other discoveries of mysterious creatures is the universe’s way of preparing us for even more amazing future events. But, will the unenlightened society that deems all people liars before they even have a chance to prove themselves have enough hope left in them to believe.

Copyright Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Personal UFO

It was a cold and calm winter evening in Alberta as I was drove my children home from my daughter’s dance class. The ambient sound of the children’s movie played on the van’s DVD, hypnotizing my children into transfixed good behavior.
I could see the crescent where my home resided from a couple of blocks away. As I hummed along to the music playing on the children’s video, I noticed an odd light emanating to the west of our house. There were numerous street lights in the vicinity so I assumed it was merely part of the normal backdrop of the city’s horizon. I continued en route not giving the light another thought.
We turned into the crescent, parked the van and I began unloading my two children. As I rounded the north side of my van, I heard a distinct burning or sizzling sound from behind me. I turned around confused by the odd disruptive noise and was shocked to see the ball of light hovering directly above me. It was the size of a basket ball and approximately two street lights high as it was well above several of the street lights in my neighborhood. It was so bright that my eyes struggled to stay focused on it for too long. The sound was so distinct, like a hissing, it reminded me of a very powerful propane torch.
The luminescent and illuminated white orb emanated it’s splendor mere meters from me, dancing eloquently within the clear black evening sky. Nothing impeded the view in front or behind this amazing entity.
In this moment, I had the distinct impression that it was saying hello. Sort of an excited message just for me stating ‘Hello there, we are here! Nice to meet you.’
Right after this interesting telepathic message was conveyed, I noticed several airplanes entering the air space above my home.
I looked up at the glowing ball again and as my eyes focused on it, it zipped to the west so fast that my eyes couldn’t even adjust to track it into the mountains.
My heart pounding, I raced into my house and excitedly called my husband on his cell phone. I frantically explained to my calm and collect husband what had just transpired. He of course, being my cool and relaxed best friend said, ‘Cool….I wish I was there, I always miss the good stuff.’
I called the radio station to see if anyone else had reported seeing anything odd in the sky that night, but they said no. The polite station manager stated though that he had experienced many calls reporting strange occurrences in the sky when he was a DJ in Saskatchewan years before.
Oddly enough, I had many strange issues with all of my phones over the next couple of days. My house phone would ring and have odd noises coming from it. My cell phone’s alarm, which I’ve never used, would suddenly go off without being set.
I truly feel that this wonderful ball of light was a benevolent and curious being merely saying hello. Someday, it my wish that whomever these glorious, highly evolved beings are, trust all of us enough to land our front lawns and shake our hands in friendship.

Copyright Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

sex slave::pit bull clones::mink lined handcuffs::miss wyoming::etc.

This is one bizarre story that I can't believe I didn't know a thing about until now. Apparently, trent Harris (Utah filmmaker, Rubin and Ed, et. al.) has even made a documentary (pronounced'.ry if you are from upstate New York, apparently...) about this. The full story is here, and great photos to accompany it are here.

I have to say, that's kind of a cool dress.

Hunger of the Incubus

As twilight begins to caress the sky with it’s dark veil of ebony lace, the fear once again begins to creep into her consciousness. Contemplating sleeping on the couch or in the spare room, she succumbs to the knowledge that he will find her anywhere she rests her head. Stealthily and cautiously, she retreats to her bedroom wondering if he will come again tonight.
Slipping on her nightgown, she glances nervously around the room, anticipating his nightly attacks. Wearily, she turns out the lights and prays once again for the assaults to cease. All alone in her home, she waits, knowing that the predator is awaiting the perfect moment to strike. He always comes just as she enters the first stages of sleep. Out of shear exhaustion, she reluctantly closes her eyes, knowing full well what awaits her.
An hour later, she is awakened by a familiar sensation. The comforter is slowly being pulled to the bottom of the bed. Her nightgown is slowly and methodically being lifted up by unseen hands. Gently and slowly at first, teasingly. Clutching her hands together over her chest, she begins to whimper, recognizing the strategic pattern of attack. Once her gown is high enough, the invisible enforcer starts his brutal sexual attack. Crushing weight and forceful violation, the incubus defiles her and restrains her, forcing her hands above her head. The bruises from the previous attack hadn’t even healed yet.
During the assault, the entity transforms himself from an invisible perpetrator to one of horror and abomination. He manifests himself into the ultimate evil phenomenon.
Enduring the pain, she cries and lies still, praying it will end soon…until tomorrow night.
An incubus, the male version, or succubus, the female, has been a mysterious paranormal phenomenon for thousands of years. Described as grotesque, but humanoid, in appearance they prey on the lone human while they slumber. The attacks can happen only once or go on for many months, sometimes years. Many an individual have been a victim of this horrific and terrifying experience.
The incubus is basically a poltergeist with an alternate desired energy source than the average annoying home wrecking poltergeist. Normally, a poltergeist is an entity that invites itself into a home and creates enough stress and havoc to feed it’s negative energy appetite. Manipulating and taunting, the poltergeist behaves irrationally and occasionally violently with the bewildered owners. Throwing objects, scratching or strategically exploiting the living, they strive to control the environment in which they decide. These paranormal vermin are not easily disposed of, but they have a tendency to simply leave out of the blue, when they feel the fun is over at that home.
An incubus or succubus is a poltergeist with a different energy consumption than the household variety. While the average poltergeist craves energy from fear, negativity and anger, the incubus also desires sexual energy. The prey of choice for these violent paranormal rapists is the single and sexually repressed individuals, as well as those who may have experienced sexual molestation in the past. Sexual energy is raw and powerful energy that allows the perverted entity to be extremely strong and very physical. While most poltergeists remain completely invisible and cause physical upset within the home in short bursts, the incubus can sustain physical and visual manifestation for several minutes due to the extreme power of the sexual energy he is absorbing.
Ridding yourself of this type of entity can be extraordinarily difficult as the attacks can cause great mental and emotional strife. Support from loved ones and spiritual advisors is highly recommended as well as clarifying the home of negative energy. Positive energy introduced into the home will hopefully help clear out the unseen predator faster. Attacks are less likely if another individual is in the home or bedroom. Having a friend or family member stay often would be a great source of positive energy as well as helpful for the victim.
Calling upon your spirit guides and angels is a must when attempting to flood your home and soul with positive, healthy energy.

Copyright Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rasputin was an Indigo

With piercing crystal blue eyes that penetrated the soul, he wove his web of seductive lies to bewitch the Russian queen, Tsaritsa Alexandra. His lustful and hypnotic nature entranced the royal Romanov’s leading them to a dark and traumatic end. Tsar Nicholas and his family were tragically and brutally murdered by fellow countrymen who believed the Emperor and his family unfit to rule due, in part, to the family’s belief and trust in psychic, healer and mystic Grigori Rasputin.
His ability to woo, possess and charm some of the greatest and most powerful people in history was extraordinary. His courtship of the queen and many other women was exemplary especially considering he was not a man of virtue nor abundant attractiveness. His riches were few as were his manners and practice of hygiene.
The energy that surrounded this man was described as enchanting and alluring. His eyes were the main focal point of his captivating spell, ice blue eyes that mesmerized and entranced his prey.
What mystical and captivating allure did this vulgar man possess in order to control so many regal and intelligent people?
An Indigo is an individual who possesses unique qualities and abilities that is normally used for positive and illuminating change in the world. They utilize their innate higher awareness for good and helping those in need. Their energy is captivating, warm and invigorating for others. Psychic, empathic and enlightened healers, these wonderful and popular individuals have chosen to be the bearers of the light and positive spiritual messages.
Physical attributes recognized of many Indigos are the eyes, often icy and penetrating blue, their soul seems to emulate through them with breathtaking illumination. They are known to have spellbinding energy surrounding them making them irresistible to those around them. People are just compelled to be near an Indigo, to speak to them, to know them.
With all positive, there must be an alternate balance creating the mystery of the great dichotomy. Rasputin was one of those who embraced his mystical gifts for evil purposes. Serving only himself, he manipulated and lured the naïve and innocent to weave his own twisted labyrinth. Craving the attention, energy and desire from others, this anti-Indigo used his supernatural endowment for personal gain.
In his presence, women swooned and men admired welcoming him into their elite and prestigious societies. Stealing, lying and deceiving any lady of her virtue, he connived his way to the top of Russian nobility.
Once those in power finally realized his treacherous game, Rasputin was named the antichrist and was punished for his crimes. He was poisoned, shot, stabbed, beaten and thrown into the icy river.
With all power and wisdom comes choice, choice to promote illumination, hope and peace, or to embrace the power as your own and evoke the destruction of others in your wake. His vengeful earthly soul is long gone into the abyss of the afterlife, but the memories of his power and supernatural evil tendencies will live on for centuries.

Copyright Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

There's Something in the Woods

Nick Redfern’s latest book “There’s Something in the Woods” is the third in a series about his research into the weird, wonderful, and almost certainly paranormal, creatures of cryptozoology. It’s a much darker book than the two previous ones. This volume mainly concentrates on the strange entities that keep being seen throughout the UK, but there are also a few chapters about strange events across the Atlantic.

I really felt for Dana, Nick’s wife, as I’m sure she went through hell at times while following Nick around on some of his monster investigations, especially in their search for the Man-Monkey of the Shropshire Union Canal in the Midlands of the UK, detailed in Chapter 2 “The Devil-Monkey.” It includes the story of Nick’s research, and the terror of their overnight camping trip. At the very end of the chapter her fear was palpable.

The two chapters about UK Crop circles, and their makers, were fascinating. The first of these chapters gives a most revealing insight into how, and why, they are made. And the second one tells of some of the mystery beings, and bizarre phenomena, that are frequently associated with them.

But, overall, I thought that Chapter 8 “Terror in the Trailer,” one of the shortest chapters, was the most frightening. It records the time they spent staying in a trailer home outside Fort Worth, Texas. It tells of the weirdness they encountered there, and the possible Bigfoot that prowled around their temporary home.

Many book reviews give details of exactly what the book contains, but I think that would spoil the enjoyment of reading it. Suffice it to say that if you’re a fan of Nick Redfern, which I most definitely am, you will want to read this book right through to the end without putting it down.

At he back of the book is a gallery of pictures associated with some of the cases Nick refers to in the text. This is followed by an interesting and comprehensive list of references and then, finally, a good index. This information is a real treat as, with so many books published in the USA, you find no indexing of any sort.

Being a Brit I loved this book because it contains so many stories about the weird things that might be unexpectedly stumbled upon in the countryside of my homeland.

I’ll never look on woods and forests in the same way again!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mom Has A Blog!

My mother is eighty years old. She has Web TV, and decided she wanted to start writing reon-line. We couldn't do the blog thing, since Web TV is limited. But we figured out she can use their web page feature. So mom is now ranting away, mostly about politics. She's titled her page Why? . . . thoughts from an angry old woman. Go mom! I love it.

I had to laugh at one of her recent entries, about McCain:
campaign strategy? why in almost all of McC.'s public appearances is he accompanied by or introduced by Senior Barbie? It is rather fun, though, to watch for the different hair styles and wardrobe changes....and I'm sure that all those women out there who are working two jobs to put food on the table,gas in the car and trying to make the rent are equally amused.

"Senior Barbie," I love it. And my mom knows first hand all about working two jobs and trying to take care of a family with little help from outside . . .

A big thank you to Alfred Lehmberg, who sent me these images the other day. I love them! Thanks Alfred!

Evolution of an Entity

Just like living humans, ghosts maintain their unique individual personalities and traits. From the friendly, curious and playful to the grumpy and reclusive, we must respect and be mindful of these foreign fourth dimensional citizens.
Being that there are many character and personality traits within the spirit community, there are also a considerable amount of different forms or species of ghosts, entities or spirits. Each varying in composition and origin. For instance, the average human ghost is most often simply the spiritual energy and essence that remains after the dense earthbound human shell is shed. On average, the intelligent free roaming spirit that resides at a location, rarely interacting or bothering the living, is of the fourth dimension. Those living on earth reside in the third dimension.
Generally, these fourth dimension spirits vibrate at a higher frequency than human beings. Just like the nearly invisible wings of a hummingbird, some ghosts retain a higher consciousness that vibrates at a much faster pace, propelling their physical state into that of translucent existence. The vast majority of these beings are those of recent deceased relatives and those who have a personal and peaceful agenda to complete on earth. Usually they are interested in checking in on their loved ones or offering spiritual comfort to those in need. They basically go about their own business, occasionally bumping into the odd living person, creating a mystery.
When these beings wish to communicate with us living, they must reduce their vibration frequency and we must attempt to raise our own. When conditions are favorable, such as available energy for the spirit to draw from for manifestation and the living participant is able to transcend it’s consciousness to a higher plane, communication can be possible.
It is interesting to note that most ghosts are seen wearing clothes. When a person crosses over, they still maintain much of their previous self. That includes their fashion tastes, morals and dignity. The image that they represent on the other side is often that of who they were on earth, now blended with their spiritual self.
Even ghosts who experience trauma at death will sometimes retain the form in which they were last cognizant of themselves as alive. Ann Boleyn’s ghost was often seen wandering the castle carrying her head under her arm due to her beheading.
A spirit that has been roaming the afterworld for a while, will present themselves to others as what they decide is appropriate. A grandmother that appears to her granddaughter, will appear as an old woman, but may resume a younger image of herself afterwards while exploring the afterlife.
Redundant ghosts are blips in the fabric and flow of time. Explanations of time theories suggest that time is irrelevant, that we all simply exist in this one moment. If this is true, all eras and time frames are loosely stacked upon one another and can occasionally intersect.
Some ghostly activity seems strangely repetitive. Toilets flushing, pacing in hallways and doors opening and closing for no reason, suggest a residual redundant haunting. An overlapping incident that occurred in some other moment, forever replaying like a broken record. These are not self aware entities, just imprinted recordings, so they are not available for comment.
The next type of spirit is the poltergeist. This is a very complex creature that feeds off of the human energy fields. It can literally be a entity merged with mixture of many strong emotions that emanates from one or more human beings. Because anger, hatred and fear are some of the strongest emotions that a human can portray, this entity can literally feed off of the potentially toxic core energy of a humans aura.
Many poltergeists begin as a small, harmless and pesky ghost imps. Never existing as a human or having been from flesh, this entity can be best described as a leech. The more blood a leech drains from its host, the stronger and bigger it becomes.
The entity utilizes intense negative energy and because paranormal activity can cause even more stress to an already toxic or tense environment, the poltergeist can grow stronger and more destructive with each passing day. Studies have shown that homes containing one or more teenagers, particularly girls, can be a perfect breeding ground for the poltergeist due to the intense hormone fluctuation and mood swings.
This irritating and frightening spirit is often misdiagnosed and mislabeled as a demon, but most times it’s just very effectively manipulating those around it. They find particular joy in mentally and emotionally torturing the living. Unfortunately, these beings cannot not be reasoned with rationally. They exist only to taunt and provoke, not to mention they vibrate at much lower frequency than humans, allowing them to manipulate solid objects. They seem very proficient at throwing items of all sizes and shapes at their seemingly defenseless homeowners.
Mythology maintains a dark overlord with vast and powerful minions. As an ever evolving and spiritually maturing species, we are slowly becoming aware that what the mass consciousness believes, the universe will manifest. As we become more aware of the power of intention and consequences of our conscious thoughts, we can begin to comprehend how our own diverse energies can affect our environment.
Exorcisms or objects of religious faith seem to be effective in taming the feral poltergeist, but these divine acts and items are merely a means to a hopeful end. It is the shift from negative to positive consciousness that this act and these items portray. A cross, holy water and the bible are all symbols of intense positive thought and energy therefore creating the homeowners to subconsciously alter the apparently evil charge of the house to peaceful.
The very best and most effective way to tame and rid your home of these paranormal residential vermin is to literally positively charge the environment. Meditation, intentional positive reinforcement and conscious spiritual cleansing causes the acidic environment to return to balance, therefore retarding the poltergeist’s efforts. Eventually, because they cannot feed on their preferred energy source in that home, they move on.
Remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only altered. These creatures cannot be destroyed, just denied. If you deny it the destructive negative food it seeks, it cannot sustain it’s tantrums. If you fear and condemn it, you feed it and give it authority. Yet if you take the power from it by inducing powerful positive thoughts and actions, it is demeaned and will quickly tire of the game. Like a toddler throwing a tantrum, ignore them, don’t give in to them.
As with every rule, there seems to be exceptions. In rare cases, violent, malevolent and evil based entities can be particularly dangerous. Drugs, alcohol and any mind altering agents can induce these creatures to terrifying status. As well as highly abusive and toxic environments. Paranormal professionals that can better deal with these intruders should be contacted.
In the rarest of events, negative entities with extreme energy and self awareness can penetrate a weakened human’s aura. When a human is worn down to mere inches of their self awareness, they can be manipulated by these evil beings. The human soul is untouched, but the physical nature of the human’s fragile state compromises its actions. When there is weakness within the aura, caused by many, many factors such as drugs, alcohol, abuse or depression, there is a porous hole left in the aura’s field of energy. The entity, being that it is a energy parasite, can latch on to the host causing it to be temporarily incapacitated.
This event over history is what is deemed as being possessed. The soul, however, is impenetrable, no harm can be done to it. The physical self however, needs spiritual, physical and emotional attention. There are several ways this can be done. All require time, effort and the willingness to cleanse oneself of this ailment. Trusted advisors must be sought out, for counsel as well as medically discounting any mental ailment that may be affecting judgment.
On occasion, a deceased human energy, suffering a traumatic or violent death can become trapped within a confusing state of conflicting vibration. Because they are confused and angry with certain circumstances of their death, they ignore or choose not to move on to the higher vibration dimensions. It can be tricky dealing with these spirits as some of them don’t realize they are dead or are angry that their life is over or was taken from them. Patience and extreme care must be taken for these people. It may take a very long time for them to come to the realization that there are better places for them to be.
Due to their molecular instability, they can continually jump back and forth through realms, causing a ruckus for the living and creating even more confusion for themselves. Often, they are convinced that you and your family are the intruders and attempt to rid themselves of you. Don’t take it personally, only try to understand their discomfort and attempt to resolve the misunderstanding. Compassionately treat them as though they were the victims of Alzheimer’s or amnesia, then we may not be so inclined to be impatient or frightened with our unseen houseguests.
The very best way to deal with these spirits is to calmly and patiently communicate to them often that they are deceased and need to go home. All of us remember home at some point, some while living, some a while after they are dead. Keep reminding them and eventually they will leave.
Without evil, we would not understand good, without the negative, we would not appreciate the positive.

Copyright Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ghost Hunting Etiquette 104

Transparent apparitions of delicate pasts tell tales of heartache, woes and sorrows. Aimlessly pacing an endless hall of regret and earthly desires. Ghosts penetrate our oblivious and simple understanding of the normal realm. Causing confusion, fear and unrest, these creatures of the paranormal world infiltrate our natural concepts of conscious comfort with their disquiet disruption of earthly logic.
When entering the ranks of a professional ghost hunter, one must attempt to reconcile fears and preconceived notions of the paranormal. Enter into the domain of the supernatural with a clean slate of expectation. Every experience with the unnatural will be as unique as meeting a new acquaintance at a party. Individuality is just as vast on the other side as it is here in the living world.
Just as we would be cautious of the spirits’ intentions in the haunted home, we must be cautious of who we invite along on the quest. Your paranormal team members must be chosen with the implicit expectation of honesty and integrity. Choose wisely when interviewing members of your investigative posse, unfortunately there are many unsavory characters in the living realm that may cause more upset in a client’s home than the unwanted invisible guest.
Stealing, damaging or disrespectful tendencies must be vehemently avoided when forming a quality paranormal team. Formal background checks with police officials is highly recommended when considering any new investigator. Having the new recruit sign an official bond agreement stating personal responsibility of obligation would be advised.
Beyond the tedious, but necessary, paperwork and formalities, the selected newbie should be extensively trained in the safety, technology and protocol requirements. Establish basic parameters and guidelines for basic ghost hunting procedures. Mental and emotional stability should be factored into an initial interview, someone who has a history of paranoid schizophrenia or anxiety attacks may want to rethink their paranormal investigative intentions.
Taping down equipment wiring throughout the house and performing an extensive tour of the home’s geography are both essential safety factors.
Be sure to inform your newest detective in the basic knowledge of your chosen equipment. It would be a shame to have been in the midst of a visual paranormal breakthrough and have had the camera’s lens cap on. Run through the usage, storage and maintenance of your equipment.
Establish an organized guideline of your investigative procedures. It’s embarrassing and time consuming to simply wander into a home and not know what to do next. Have specific goals and efficient plans for your ghost hunt, proficiency may be the key to your success.
Additional insurance in case of accidental damage by you or your team should definitely be considered as well as coverage for team members in case of injury.
Dishing out cash for vast quantities of batteries is a simple reality you must face, it may be prudent to suggest that there be a monthly contribution from all members to compensate for these and other necessary costs. Wholesale stores may sell batteries in bulk for less.
Other considerations while stealthily hunting the elusive entity in closed quarters would be noise control of the team. It may be wise to suggest team mates wear slippers rather than shoes that click or squeak, causing unnecessary noise pollution. Any accessories, such as jewelry, should be removed if they have a tendency to produce a jingle. Check clothing before progressing through the home for audible friction, some fabrics when rubbed together can cause quite the disruption, so no eighties windbreakers, sexy leather pants or funky corduroy please. Stay in the investigative fashion with good old breathable and quiet cotton.
Outside attire should be considered if scouting the grounds will be necessary. Warm jackets and gloves will hopefully prevent any teeth chattering that can override catching any of the all important EVP (electronic voice phenomena).
Brimmed hats should go due to the visual impediment they may cause. One’s line of sight is considerably reduced by the need to hide one’s bad hair day. Often times, there are reflective buttons and clasps as well that may cause confusion when light is reflected, allowing members to inadvertently assume an orb was captured. Keep this in mind as well with clothing choice, the less reflective items visually, the better.
An important point to consider, make sure all of your team members have had sufficient food, water and rest. Low blood sugar, dehydration or excessive fatigue can lead to the discouraging failure of a ghost hunt. The last thing you need is someone fainting from hunger or having mild hallucinations from exhaustion when trying to prove yourself professional paranormal scientists. It goes without saying that any member that arrives at the location intoxicated or under the influence of drugs should be escorted home.
Possibly having the homeowner convey discretely to the neighbors that there will be strangers parading in the dark with flashlights in their home at an odd hour would be a definite consideration, unless you would like a minor visitation from the boys in blue.
Politely asking your client to find a babysitter for their pets while you are conducting an investigation would be wise. The less disruption in the home, the better. You wouldn’t want Casper the friendly feline being responsible for ominous shadow in the basement nor would you want him jumping out of a closet and causing near heart failure for your poor team members.
All in all, your ghost hunt should contain elements of intelligent investigative skills, respectful scientific approach and an open mind willing to spelunk the mysterious caves of the paranormal.

Copyright 2008 Danielle Lee All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ghost Hunting Etiquette 103

With so many questions pertaining to the paranormal, it’s hard to grasp what the truth really is. The mystery of the glowing orbs in photos, the ominous electronic voice phenomena, why ghosts are seen wearing clothes and the ultimate question of why on earth do these deceased earthly patrons cling to the mortal realm. It’s easy to understand why so many living individuals are frightened, and sometimes petrified, by these anonymous unknowns.
For the majority of the population, the question of whether or not these mysterious anomalies actually exist is still up for debate. But for most ghost hunters, we’re pretty convinced they exist. Too many unexplained experiences occur for us to simply cast them aside as imagination or coincidence. Far too many eerie and bizarre events have happened that we inevitably cannot logically explain with rational and scientific probabilities.
Passionately, we ghost hunters march forward into dark and unknown territory. With flashlights blazing and sweaty palms clutching our recorders, we stumble through poorly lit domains. Hearts pounding, eyes scanning the environment diligently and ears set to sensitive. All senses are heightened and ready to catch that all important and desired moment of glory. We brave cold weather, long nights, cramped closets and damp basements, all in the name of paranormal science.
Then, in the darkness, a light of hope emerges. There is movement, there is an ominous figure standing just a few feet away. We cling to our camera, we call to our crew, we reach for the recorder to catch any unearthly whispers of EVP (electronic voice phenomena). It’s just hovering there, waiting.
Question is…now what? The moment you’ve been waiting for all your paranormal investigating life and you don’t have a clue what to do or say.
This is where science and the paranormal may clash a little. True, you could ask questions and hope that the electronic voice phenomena with capture the secrets of the dead. You could attempt to speak to the apparition verbally and hope that the lines of communication have good reception that day and they will be able to be heard audibly. But the most effective way to communicate is through telepathy.
I know, that sounds like unscientific mumbo jumbo, but we are not dealing with an exact science here are we? This is where your intuition, your dusty, rarely used sixth sense is going to have to kick into gear.
There are a few ways that ghosts communicate at a telepathic level. They can verbalize words through thoughts. Just like a radio wave, they send out the thought and the intuitive part of your brain can ‘hear’ it. It is a very primitive form of telepathy, but yes, you have it. We all do, most of us just never use it. The challenge with this form of communication is that it is difficult to determine what is imagination, your own thoughts or the actual spirit’s words. Quite honestly, the spirits voice and thoughts are vastly different from your own, so it’s not as difficult to distinguish once you recognize the difference.
Another way that they may communicate is by sending waves of pictures into your consciousness. Flashes of places, people and events may involuntarily dance into your thoughts. Don’t ignore these, trust your rusty sixth sense. These images may hold clues as to what the spirit wants from you or to tell you. They are on this realm for a reason, usually to right a wrong that occurred in life, they are trying to help you to understand what they need to say.
Thirdly, communication can occur with intense sensations. They can impress physical sensation onto you possibly explaining what caused their death. This can be unpleasant, but not intolerable. You may just feel a tingling or light pain where the ghost incurred injury in life.
So this is how they may communicate with you, how do you communicate in return?
Oddly enough, speaking out loud can be effective, but even more effective is writing out what you are speaking. When writing, a subconscious area of the brain is activated and can enable the spirit to better interpret what you are attempting to articulate. Ouija boards work in the same way, while concentrating on the board, you are essentially keeping the conscious part of your brain occupied therefore allowing your subconscious to explore more efficiently.
Considering that spirits can utilize EVP recordings to their advantage, one might hypothesize that the reverse would also be effective. If one could adjust the frequency to the opposite end of the spectrum of what the ghost uses to imprint their voice, we may be able to have a two way radio effect with the other side.
Controlling one’s fears and apprehensions are crucial when attempting communication. Spirits are essentially concentrated psychic emotion. Every minor or major emotion that courses through you, they are acutely aware of. Their realm differs than ours in that respect because without a dense and all-encumbering human body, they are pure thought energy. They have no concern with hot, cold, tired or sick. They simply exist in an element of pure intuition.
Considering all of these aspects, there is still one last task to complete once you have your correspondence cleared up. The puzzle of what they desire. They would not attempt communication if they truly didn’t desire a resolution of some sort and being the good paranormal citizen that you are, you of course wish to help.
Don’t be afraid to return to a location several times if you feel that help is needed and it may take several tries to develop an understanding of what the entity needs. There is a place of better rest and joy for them once they feel they have succeeded in tending to their earthly concerns.

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