Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Debris Field in the Top Ten!

The blog The Heavy Stuff includes WOE contributor Lesley's blog The Debris Field in the top ten blogs:
6. The Debris Field http://thedebrisfield.blogspot.comTHS Comment > To THS this website is the number one for UFO’s and current ufo info - often you can find 20 links a day and most are about ufo’s. Leslie, the editor, also is a writer on various blogs and highlights her daily writings and life too on this blog. The blog has many pictures and more of a `female’ tone to it. THS really likes the black background of the page too. Overall, the page has a weeks worth of diverse links numbering over 100. Leslie picks up posts from this blog, and THS gets many hits from the archive - which you won’t want to miss. Less commentary than some - but lots of links. This is an example of a recent link

Pretty cool, Lesley!


Lesley said...

Yeah, that was super cool! THS is in my top ten too!

m4ever said...

Thanks Regan and Lesley for the links and comments.

Rick Phillips (THS)