Monday, August 25, 2008

The Undecided

Whether your death comes with the aura of peace and contentment or your last breath stolen from you from a violent murder, there is a moment in the void to decide your fate. In a glimpse of darkness preceding the tunnel of light that escorts you to infinite happiness, there is a decision to be made. Do you proceed to your rightful place in the universe, overseeing all with wisdom and love or do you remain behind in a foggy and turbulent existence to complete a quest that your zealous soul deems worthy?
Tragic souls that have been viciously murdered often seek retribution from those guilty parties who selfishly stole their earthly rights. It may be a random perpetrator who slipped silently into their world donning a sharp blade and draining precious life blood. Or it could have been a trusted loved one who’s dark heart pulled the trigger to close the victim’s eyes one last time. Whomever the executioner may have been, the murdered soul retains the right to stay behind within a realm of justified limbo.
Endlessly searching the human world for their rightful vengeance, they pace the halls of oblivion. Wandering aimlessly with intent, they attempt to penetrate the veil between the worlds in search of easing their sorrows.
Some poor souls are so inevitably bound to their loved ones and feel literally torn from the envelopment from the love of family and friends. They hover with sadness and despair over their children or spouses debating how best to comfort them. With ardent loyalty, they sacrifice their voyage into the light to remain steadfast beside their grieving loved ones. Waiting patiently in the void for their beloveds to cross over to join them.
Occasionally, a wayward soul that has committed suicide will subject themselves to years of disembodied guilt due to their desperate decision. Dwelling in a world of depression or addiction, they reject their human form, choosing to end the precious gift of life early. Taught in the human realm that this is an act of sin, some feel unworthy of stepping onto the threshold of heaven. More than welcome to come home, these guilt ridden souls forever mourn their premature expiration.
When that inevitable moment arrives, when your blood ceases to course through your corporeal veins, whether from the hands of another, yourself or fate, which door will you choose? Door number one invites you to a home from which you came, filled with light, love and the merging of your soul into the afterlife. Door number two allows you the choice to reject your homecoming and remain in a metaphysical flux until you feel ready to move onwards in your spiritual existence.
Would you choose to be a ghost? Would you choose to haunt the living as alternative to entering a society of celestial beings? Ask yourself how you’d respond to being murdered or unjustly ripped from your mortal existence?
The choice is always yours.

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richelle said...

However, you should always switch doors if there is a donkey behind one of the doors you didn't choose...