Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a couple of little things

A couple of new posts on MySpace, and a small item over at The OrangeOrb on UFO Hunters, and a Bigfoot-UFO item on my blog Frame 352.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comments on SLIding

I very much enjoyed Karyn’s post Thoughts on SLIders and I wanted to comment on it.

I first remember having SLI experiences in my teens, there wasn’t a name for it way back then. I even had one driving home at around 3 am that may have involved missing time after the street light went out. I say may have because in all honesty I had been drinking (I was a teen what do you expect, but I wasn’t drunk) and I was incredibly tired so I don’t know if I fell asleep at a stop light that never seemed to change to green or if I actually lost about 30 minutes.

Anyone who is a daily reader of my Debris Field blog knows that I am often plagued by strange electrical problems. I normally blame this on experiments at Kirtland and Sandia just across the road. I know they are doing EMF testing over there, but maybe it isn’t these experiments, maybe it is just me.

It is always me that these things happen to. I am the one that flips the light switch only to have the bulb pop. I am the one who plugs in the vacuum and without even turning it on blows the fuse. I am the one continually shocked by materials that are not suppose to conduct electricity. I am the one shocked by the shock resistant plastic cover of my I-pod enough that arm is sore for days and my I-pod batteries are so drained that it takes over a full day for them to charge. Britton gets static electricity shocks too, but not so much that they actually burn things out or from materials that aren’t suppose to conduct electricity. Then there were two years in a row, on November 29th 2006 and November 29th 2007 that all the electricity went totally dead. In 2006 it was as easy as flipping the breakers, but in 2007 someone had to come out and flip some switch on the pole.

The date of those occurrences along with Richelle’s story about being angry and having a huge spark leap out of the stove at her makes me wonder if this isn’t caused by emotions. November 29 is near Christmas and could easily make me stressed just by thinking of all that is ahead of me. That would especially be true for the past 2 years when things happened around that time that had not much to do with Christmas, but caused me added stress, along with sadness and anger.

Also these weird electrical things don’t happen to me on a daily basis. There will be a few days, a week or two of it and then it will go away for months. I think I may start observing my emotions during these times more closely and see if there may be some connection.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

...and on her tongue is the law of coolness

Janis Ian might be the coolest woman in the world. She sang her famous song "At Seventeen" on the very first episode of Saturday Night Live, as the first musical guest. She offers some of her songs as free downloads, and has proven that this actually creates sales. She's openly gay and writes for The Advocate. And...she recently began writing science fiction short stories that have been well received and published in sci-fi anthologies. Many of her stories are available in their entirety via linkage from her website; click here. Rock on.

Thoughts on SLIders -- Street Light Interference syndrome

In checking out the Women of Esoterica page for the first time, an article on “The Super-Charged Grandmother” caught my eye. Mavis Price is said to have so much static electricity coursing through her body that she gives electric shocks to people she touches and burns out electrical appliances when she tries to use them – completely unintentionally, of course. I was amused to see that the official explanation of this phenomenon is that she must shuffle her feet in a particular way when she walks, and she must walk across carpeting, as this would cause static electricity to build up. Not that she actually does this, but she must do it, because otherwise this wouldn’t happen, right? Well, the very first thought that popped into my head is, the woman hasn’t walked on anything but carpet in over fifty years? Because that’s how long this has been going on for her. It happens at home, at her daughter’s home, at school, everywhere. She tried to take a computer class once, but every time she touched the computer it froze up or shut down. Her instructor was baffled. (I’m picturing the sceptic’s view of her, touching her computer to short it out, then shuffling madly around the carpeted classroom so she can do it again, rather than sit down and get the information she paid for. But I digress.)

So what exactly is this phenomenon? I have to tell you up front that I don’t have answers, but I’d like to tell you about what I did find when I went digging, and about some of my own experiences. The phenomenon has been named SLI, or Street Light Interference syndrome, and people who experience it are commonly referred to as SLIders.

Personally, I believe many more people experience this phenomenon than we know, because many people either don’t recognize it happening to themselves, or are afraid to mention it for fear of being thought crazy. Let’s face it, light bulbs do blow out, sometimes just as someone is walking under them. We all accept that. And traffic lights do seem to turn red for some people and green for others. It’s a funny family joke, right? How about when other people begin to notice it? How about when it happens so regularly that you can predict what the traffic light will do, based on who’s behind the wheel – and it works every time?

I know of a family that lives just a couple houses away from an intersection with a traffic light, and has been in that house for over ten years. Wherever they go, they first pass through that intersection. When the husband approaches the light from their house, it turns green. He never stops at the corner. When the wife backs out of the driveway, the light turns yellow, and is red when she reaches it. Weird, huh? Pretty funny? It’s a running joke in that family, even the kids notice it. They kept a notebook on the dashboard for a while to keep track. It works nearly every time. Nearly...because there’s one exception to the rule. Apparently, if the wife drives the car right after her husband did, she can sometimes slip through on a green light.

This would imply that the traffic light is responding to something about each of these people, possibly an electromagnetic field? It also implies that the husband’s field may be stronger than the wife’s, for two reasons: one would assume that a green light is the desired outcome, which he gets but she doesn’t. Also, and to my mind more compelling, is the fact that after he drives the car, at least the first time she drives it, there seems to be a residual effect, and she gets “his” green light.

I used to work on the fifth floor of a local hospital. Every day, I would enter the building by the same door, walk down the same hallway, pass one bank of elevators, and go to my office by way of the second elevator I came to, at the next hallway intersection. After the first two months or so, I began to notice that I never had to wait for the elevator any more, even though others would be standing there reading the paper when I got there. It came within moments of my arrival.

I thought it was a funny coincidence, or just funny that it appeared to arrive at the same time I did, EVERY DAY, but brushed it off because things like that don’t happen, right? The really weird thing was that one morning, a man who was in a small group waiting for the elevator, glanced up from his newspaper and saw me coming down the hall – and immediately folded up his newspaper and picked up his briefcase. As usual, the elevator door opened as I stepped in front of it, and we all got on.

So apparently, not only did I recognize it, but a total stranger had also recognized it. It didn’t happen for him, but he realized that it would happen for me. After a few more months, the elevators that I passed every day on my way to my office would open for me as well, even though I never got on them.

A few years later, when I changed my job to one in a different department, I still worked in the same building but in a different area, and no longer used that set of elevators. However, I still walked past them occasionally. I noticed that it took two or three months for the effect to wear off, to the point where I could walk past the elevators without seeing them open up.

I never tried to influence the elevators. The husband and wife don’t try to influence the traffic lights (at least, not regularly; I’m sure the wife has probably begged for a green light on occasion, but I’m not aware of any instance when that worked). I was able to walk past one elevator without influencing it, but the other one, the one I used daily, was affected after a couple of months. The couple lived in that house for a few months before they noticed the traffic light reacting differently for each of them, in a consistent way. They’ve never noticed the same effect with any other traffic light, even the ones facing different directions at the same intersection. Only the one nearest their home, the only one that they pass through every single time they go anywhere, is affected.

Magnetic charge can build up. So can electrical charge, as in static electricity. It’s possible that one of these, or both, may provide the explanation. I can at least attest that I do NOT always walk around shuffling my feet on the carpet, as skeptics alleged Ms. Price must do in order to achieve her effects. I’d like to find out more about this, and plan to continue digging for information. My forays into Google searches and Wikipedia have been disappointing so far; all I’ve gotten is a list of articles on why it’s all a hoax or mistake. I’d love to hear from anyone who has info or leads on it, so please e-mail me at

Hi Everyone!

Hey everyone,

I want to thank you all for inviting me to join Women of Esoterica! I'm honored to be here and looking forward to reading all the cool stuff on this site.

You will be hearing from me soon -- I just wanted to mention that I got to hear Farah's presentation in Atlantic City last week, and it was awesome! She has some great photos and really pointed out a lot of pagan imagery in architecture around the world and right here in the US, in New York City. Very cool!

(And I'm very jealous that she got to go to Laughlin, since I didn't this year!) :) Way to go!

Thanks again, Lesley, for your great interview in UFO Magazine. Fantastic questions, and I had a lot of fun doing the interview. I also really enjoy your blogs on MySpace -- I look forward to reading your work here.

Thanks again, everyone, I'm really happy to be part of the Blog Team!

Teeth-chattering greetings from the frozen North (Rochester NY),


Karyn Dolan, WOE's Newest Contributor

I am very pleased and excited to announce Women Of Esoterica's newest contributor, Karyn Dolan.

Karyn was interviewed for UFO Magazine by another WOE contributor, Lesley Gunter, who writes Beyond The Dial column for the magazine, and has her own blogs: Lesley Land, Land of Enchantment, and The Debris Field.

Karyn was also interviewed by our good friend Tim Binnall in October of 2007.

And of course, Karyn has her own radio program: Through the Keyhole, for the Paranormal Radio Network.

Thank you Karyn and welcome!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Die Hand Die Verletzt

Barbara Snow, the therapist that was in the forefront of the 1980s Utah/LDS Satanic Ritual Abuse hysteria and false memory syndrome saga has apparently been practicing her craft til recently, and has recently been disciplined:

'In January 2007, the division accused Snow of violating Utah codes of professional conduct and ethical principles defined by the National Association of Social Workers.The disciplinary notice alleged Snow convinced a male relative he was sexually abused by his father. It also contended Snow convinced a female relative she was the victim of satanic abuse and military testing. '
read the full story here

And this is a good overview of the whole 80s thing, including Snow's role here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stone Crop Circles

After longer than intended, (always the way with research), I’ve just uploaded my latest article, entitled: Stone Crop Circles. In the end it didn’t turn out quite as I’d intended it to when I had the first idea to write it. But I hope you’ll enjoy the read.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hello from Farah

Hello all

Thanks for this lovely invitation ! It is great to have a place where we can share our ideas, research, questions and answers.
I have just came back from Atlantic Coast UFOs Conference where I was a speaker during Feb 15,16, 17.
Please check the website to get more info on this conference: This is a new conference and we got wonderful response from the public.
Next week I will be speaking at International UFO Congress, Laughlin Nevada.
Soon I will be joining you with my articles and much more info from my native country Turkey's UFO-paranormal related history.

Love to all

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Richelle Hawks: CryptoBotanical Hypothesis

Richelle Hawks has an idea to explain some of our alien encounters:The Going Green Cryptobotanical Hypothesis. An article of hers about this appeared on UFO Digest a bit ago, and has been picked up on UFO Updates and a blog called The Chika Project.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Farah Yurdozu: New Women Of Esoterica Contributor!

I am so excited to announce that UFO researcher and writer Farah Yurdozu is our latest contributor!

Farah writes for the print magazine UFO Magazine. She is the author of Confessions of a Turkish UFOlogist, and will be a speaker at the International UFO Conference in Nevada, February 23 - March 1. She's been interviewed on several podcasts, including Tim Binnall's podcast. Visit Farah's website for more information.

And, thank you Farah! Truly an honor.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Interview with Kithra

Be sure to read this interview from a couple of years ago on Women Of Esoterica's contributor Kithra. The interview is with her and Stuart Miller, who runs UFO Review and has just started the print magazine Alien Worlds.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stephenville, Texas UFO Website

I just saw this on the UFO Updates list; a link to a new site, still in progress, on the Stephenville UFOs. Journalist Angelia Joiner, who was fired from her paper for reporting on the UFOs, is participating in the website's production.

Speaking of Stephenville. . .

As I've commented elsehwhere, I hadn't written anything about this case, since so many others were doing a fine job without my two cents. I simply had nothing to say. But just when you think this story has run its course, it hasn't. I just put something up at my blog The OrangeOrb on this; and any search will bring up all kinds of continuing stories on this incident.

It doesn't seem to be over yet my friends.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Regan Lee: New UFO Digest Piece

I have a new piece up at UFO Digest: The Continuing Saga of My Invisible Aliens: They're Listening.

Stand Down: Putting the Kibosh on the Texas UFOs

I haven’t commented on the recent Stephenville, Texas UFO sightings because everyone else has. Nothing much I can add. But the recent firing of reporter Angelia Joiner has me wanting to comment.

Reporter Angelia Joiner of The Empire Tribune was fired. She was asked to “stand down” from reporting on the UFOs in Stephenville, after writing a series of articles on the sightings. And in particular, two articles on Ricky Sorrells, a repeat UFO witness and victim of apparent military harassment.

What The Empire Tribune told Joiner was that the UFO angle had been “played out,” and it was time to let it go. It was said some city council members found the whole thing embarrassing. For those reasons, it was suggested Joiner choose something else to write about. E-mails Joiner sent to a UFO group were also found too embarrassing; in good faith, Joiner gave two weeks notice. However, her computer was confiscated and she was told to leave the premises immediately.

One of Joiner’s articles, UFO Witness Claims Harassment
Alien Surveillance of Stephenville & Sorrells,
(The Empire Tribune, 2-3-08) discusses witness Ricky Sorrells alleged harassment by military authorities. In the article, Joiner writes that Sorrells:
... believes military officials have been harassing him by flying military aircraft over his property at low altitudes, at all hours of the day and night.

Sorrels says he’s seen the UFO four different times. The UFO was the length of “three or four football fields” Sorrells was contacted by someone from the military the day after an interview he gave with the Associated Press about his UFO sightings:
“He was sort of nice to me right off,” Sorrells said. “He asked to come and talk to me.”

Sorrells said he told the man that he needed time to think about it and then,
“He (the man) became really arrogant.”

The caller told Sorrells he wasn’t taking “no” for an answer and would be out to talk to him. Sorrells again tried to politely tell the man he did not wish to have company.

After that, Sorrells said the conversation became heated and he told the man not to cross his cattle guard.

Sorrells said the man responded with, “ Son, we have the same caliber weapons as you do but a lot more of them.”

Sorrells continued to experience more harassment with continued helicopter fly overs, bright lights shining into his home, and finding a threatening intruder on his property.

In this context:the number of witnesses to the event, Joiner’s termination, and the harassment of Sorrell, reports of military jets chasing after the UFO, it’s obvious there’s something more here than weather balloons or flares.

There’s also something I’ve been noticing the past couple of months; and I’m not the only flying saucer junkie to notice, not by any means. That’s the sheer number of UFO sightings lately, and not just small zippy lights in the sky, but huge craft not that far up above our heads. Are we in another UFO flap? Military weapons or some form of psy-op warfare?

There’s men in black type stuff, harassment, cover-ups, military involvement (both overt, as in the military jets seen going after the UFO, and covert, concerning Ricky Sorrells,) world wide media attention, photographic evidence, and, I suspect, some counter/disinformation going on as well. For example, on Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles site, she has images of lights given to her by Steve Allen:
Steve said, “I have an amazing videotape to show you. The gentleman, David, who operated the camera brought a DVD to me at my office, I paid him some money and he said I could do whatever I wanted with the videotape. And I want you to have a copy, Linda.”

I acknowledge my paranoid side and so, will say this sounds like a set up to me. That’s not to suggest the images aren’t “real,” of course they are; they’re on video, and other witnesses have seen them. But I am of the opinion there’s some intentional manipulation going on by military factions -- or some human element -- in the midst of the Stephenville UFO sightings.

Whatever is going on - and there is something going on -- it’s getting pretty hot out there.

UFO witness claims harassment,Angelia Joiner
Sunday, February 3, 2008

More twists in the Sorrells' Saga,Angelia Joiner

Monday, February 4, 2008

Texas newspaper writer unemployed after publishing military harassment story of UFO witness

CNN clip

Linda Moulton Howe
Part 1: Mysterious Symbols Projected in Night Sky
by Aerial Disc Near Stephenville, Texas, Local Airport

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Richelle Hawks on Radio Misterioso

Richelle Hawks was the recent guest on Greg Bishops Radio Misterioso. There's also a link there to the podcast I did with Greg a few weeks ago.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Kathrina Wilson writes about MILABS in Project Open Mind for UFO Digest. Here is how she describes Project Open Mind and the idea of MILABS:
Most people realize that as a single entity, the Government is not aware of the extensive nature of the UFO-ET phenomenon. Although it is safe to assume their knowledge has been highly compartmentalized, there are specific people within the Government (specific agencies and military personnel connected with those agencies) who have a "need to know." It is these individuals I am referring to when I talk about alleged Government involvement in abductions. The types of abductions they carry out have been termed "MILABS."

The MILABS topic is one of my favorites within the UFOlogical landscape. The idea that our government (or some human organization) could stage UFO/abduction events is both paranoid and terrifying. As terrifying as the aliens. Variations on this scenario include real, actual aliens working alongside humans, humans breeding some creature/thing presented as an alien, government agents dressed in alien suits, and so on.

Leah Hadley has written about these kinds of experiences. See Abduction Secrets: The Military And EtsAnother book about MILABS is MILABS by Dr Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer.

This scenario of government factions staging abduction events doesn’t negate the reality of actual extra terrestrials and or abductions. Both could be happening; some are the "real thing," while others are staged. (Of course, it could be said they're all staged, in some way. . .)

Happy Birthday to an Awesome Esoteric Woman!

I wanted to add even more birthday wishes to a truly Esoteric Woman, Nancy Birnes, editor of UFO Magazine. Nancy works her ass off putting together UFO Mag every month, totally by herself and she deserves many kudos and birthday wishes.

Sure, Bill gets lots of attention doing UFO Hunters and other TV shows, but Nancy is doing tons of work and never gets the credit she deserves, at least not in my opinion. So I take this opportunity to leave her birthday wishes for the second time today!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

You're Part Diva

You know that a girl's gotta work it to get her way in the world.
And while you aren't about to throw a tantrum at every turn...
You do amp up the drama when you know you need it.
You mix charm, honesty, and kindness to get ahead.

Make that an Esoteric Diva, Dahling!

Friday, February 1, 2008

The beamships equal love poem I said I'd post that I'm just certain everyone is holding their breath for...

I Dream Beamships Equal Love

The Florida coastline is sinking;
its breath a famous conch shell,
seeks the rusty swing-sets of its past.

It takes out an ad in the Miami Herald.

The rest-stop could not understand
why I began ovulating Polaroids
of Vulcan-earred Asket from Timars.
Even the highway produced a conspiracy,
which I carried like a bottle of Sangria
to Billy Meier's birthday extravaganza.

We all sat on the lawn spitting out orange rinds,
and pointing to his trees.
"One was in falling-leaf trajectory right there, remember?"

He remembered.
He was amazed to learn his name
was mentioned in the ad. He looked like Santa,

the blinking lights of his beard.
He could not understand Spanish,
but he smiled and nodded.

He was so full of birthday cake.
When he arrived in Florida,
he became judgmental of its palms.
Now, he refuses to believe William Burroughs
died in Kansas. The lights of his beard never lie.
"Billy," they whisper, "Kansas."