Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Orange Orb: Orbs and Beams: Reader Sends In Images

The Orange Orb: Orbs and Beams: Reader Sends In Images

A reader of my blog Orange Orb sent me an email, with images, about her experiences involving ghosts and possible UFOs.

Sean Castell Reviews Secrets of Death Valley- Mysteries and Haunts of the Mojave Desert

A very nice review from Sean Casteel of Tim Beckley's/Global Commincations recent release: "Secrets of Death Valley – Mysteries and Haunts of the Mojave Desert” which contains articles by Adam Gorightly, Diane Tessman, Paul Dale Roberts, Joe Parzanese, and myself, among others. The book also has a reprint of contactee George Van Tassel's "I Rode a Flying Saucer."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thoughts on ENOCH

Enoch, 2010, by Autumn Williams

The comments on Williams new book Enoch have come flying in since the OSS last weekend, where the book made its debut. Autumn Williams has been accused of outright lying, trying to make a buck, slopppy -- or no -- research, being gullible, and (in, sigh, I’ll say it, sexist attacks) being too emotional about her own Bigfoot sighting. Another reaction by critics of Williams work is the proudly stated comment they aren’t going to read the book (!) yet they offer opinions on the book anyway.

Others, myself included, think the book is fantastic, and highly recommend it.

I don’t know Autumn Williams very well; we’ve known each other on-line for years, and I was very glad to meet her and talk with her a couple of times at the OSS. I don’t have the impression she’s a liar. As to her making money from her book, I hope she does. Why is it that, when it comes to the field of the strange, be it Bigfoot, UFOs, etc. it’s considered an immoral act to make money from your research?

I’m also alarmed, but not surprised (sadly) at the vitriolic nature of some of the criticisms. Williams has been in the Bigfoot field for twenty something years; doesn’t that count for something? Whether you end up agreeing with her or not, it seems a researcher with the kind of history Williams has, who offers something different in terms of research and the nature of Bigfoot, deserves to be carefully considered.

It’s possible Willaims was duped by the witness referred to as “Mike” but, all any of us have when dealing with others is, ultimately, our intuition. I trust that Williams knows what she's doing in that regard. She’s a researcher and a witness -- and as we’ll see, this combination is key -- and so, I choose to believe that both “Mike” as well as Williams, are telling the truth.

If I'm wrong, if Williams is wrong, so what? Yes, I said “so what?” Williams message in Enoch is about the nature of research; it’s relationship to the witness and the hugely important question of goals in searching for Bigfoot.

This message cannot be stressed enough. Regardless of any potentional gullibility on Williams part, the point isn't whether the book is fiction or not, it's what Williams has to say about the nature of research, including protections of Bigfoot.

Throughout the book, Williams asks the reader to consider the witness in relation to researcher as well as motivations in searching for Bigfoot. Consider your personal agenda in looking for Bigfoot. Why do you want to find Bigfoot? Vindication? Confirmation? Proof? Williams points out (as I have regarding UFO research) if you’ve seen a Bigfoot, you know they exist. You know they are, what they are, is a different  issue. In continuing to search for Bigfoot, the question becomes: why? Do you want another sighting for personal reasons? Or to prove it to science? If the latter, that agenda needs to be very carefully thought through. If the story of Mike turns out to be a “lie” (and I’m not saying it is) those points still stand.

There were several times while reading the book I said to myself "Wow, you can replace the words 'bigfoot research' with 'UFO research." Not that Autumn addressed UFOs in her book; I don't want to imply that she did or put words in her mouth. She has enough trouble right now; she doesn’t some Bigfoot researcher going around saying that “Williams believes Bigfoot researchers need to study UFOs” or some other misinterpreted nonsense. The parallels I see in her work to UFO research are mine, and I think fellow saucer heads would see those parallels if they read the book.

Bigfoot or UFOs, whichever world you find yourself in --  and some of us find ourselves in both -- the reasons why we haven't found "The Really Big Answer" has to do with a mindset, a world view, a philosophy of research that, ironically, so many researchers don't get. Until that changes, nothing else will.
Except for the witnesses. If you're a Bigfoot witness, you don't need proof; you've seen a Sasquatch.  Who are you going to prove it to, and why? Williams asks this question many times. We have to know ourselves before we go out there in the field. The same, in many ways, is true in UFO Land. I'm a witness, many times over. Since childhood. I know they exist. I know weird things happen related to them. I don't know what they are. But they are. I don't have proof of any UFO encounter I’ve had. None. No photos, no scrap of metal from a flying saucer, no artifact, no dead body of an alien. Nothing. "Just" my story. If that's not good enough for some, that's tough. I'm not going to go away or shut up. I'm going to continue to explore. Reasons for my writing and researching UFOs and related topics vary and are no doubt complicated at times, but I'm not out to prove anything. Part of my journey is to share, and have others feel safe and respected in sharing their stories with myself and others.

Of course, with UFOs we’re talking about machines  and I don’t mean to compare the vitally important need to protect Bigfoot at all costs with a nuts and bolts flying saucer. As to aliens; whatever, whoever, those are... here we start to veer off into another area. The point is, witnesses are valuable and need to be treated not only with respect, but the power shift between researcher and witness needs to change.

These are the points both UFO and Bigfoot researchers need to understand if we’re to “get anywhere” or rather, to get somewhere different. Researchers need to understand their own agendas and intent. Witnesses need to be respected and listened to. Some researchers are also witnesses; how does that affect “research?” 

As far as the relationship between witness and researcher and their roles, what Autumn is saying isn’t new or even radical. It is, apparently, for a lot Bigfoot researchers out there but in other fields, say Folklore, (my subject in college, including  grad school,)  this dynamic between the “informant” (witness) and the interviewer/researcher was an important part of our training; the issue couldn't be discussed enough.  Responsibility of researcher, responses to witnesses, response of the researcher to the witnesses responses to her, ... it’s an ever deepening and growing relationship. Growing, morphing, shifting. “Research”  doesn’t always have to start and stop with a plaster cast, or a UFO sighting report on paper.

(A few years ago, Lisa Shiel's Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of  Stick Signs, UFOs and the Sasquatch came out. Shiel, also a researcher as well as a witness, has similar things to say, though in very different ways, as Williams. I’m not suggesting Williams and Shiel's books are interchangeable, just that both books were written by researchers/authors, and both offer new perspectives on Bigfoot research.)

Enoch, aside from fascinating looks into the “Skunk ape” culture from Mike’s interactions with them,  is also about the nature of research and the witness; a new paradigm in the search.

Autumn Williams has really put herself out there by publishing this book. Why would she do such a thing unless she had the courage of her convictions? Publishing Enoch was a brave thing for her to do, and I thank her for choosing to do so.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Karyn Dolan: Young People and UFO Research

Karyn Dolan writes a guest article for Richard Thomas  Young People and UFO Research.

Richard also contributes to Binnall of America; see Richard's Room 101 on home page.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Witchipoo's Oil Spill Mermaid Benefit

Michele Witchipoo, artist and blogger, has done a nice thing. She's put up her artwork (shown on left) on Cafe Press. Proceeds go to benefit the victims (which is all living things, all of us) of the spill.

Related items: it seems mermaid imagery is becoming an iconic symbol in this surreal madness caused by BP, one that denotes the real-yet-unreal-is this-really-happening-hopeless-helpless situation.

See related posts on my blog Octopus Confessional: The Secret Sun: 17, the Green Sun and the Deepwater Horizon,
Mermaid Synchronicity, The Secret Sun, and The BP Oil Spill
(Update) More Mermaid Synchronicity and Symbolism as Icon of BP Madness
Mermaid Synchronicity

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sharon Lee Reports on Sasquatch Symposium

 (reposted on Frame 352)

Sharon Lee has been posting items, including a video clip, on the 1st Eugene, Oregon Sasquatch Symposium.

I got to spend a bit of time with Sharon Lee and Craig Woolheater; both "real" and nice people. Thanks Sharon for all the info.

Overall, the conference was great. For a first time event, Toby Johnson, the coordinator, did a fantastic job. Wonderful line-up of speakers, and just overall, really an excellent event.

One more thing: Autumn Williams presentation was perfect! Very well presented, but more importantly, what she had to say about research, researchers, witnesses, and the Sasquatch  themselves, was brilliant.

Visit the Sasquatch Symposium site for information on all the presenters, the conference, and news, hopefully! of next years conference.

More to come on this as I slowly get it together. I'm unwinding myself from all the stuff of life, work, etc. But, summer is now here!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A tiny bit more of synchronicity

Just to add to Regan's post below -- a bit of synchronicity for me as well.  Yesterday my new copper pendulum came in the mail!  That is it pictured above.  Of course, I don't dowse for spirit guides (not that there is anything wrong with that) and I mostly use copper rods and pendulums.  I do have a couple stone pendulums I have bought recently -- a moonstone one and a rose quartz one, but I still much prefer copper for my purposes.  Still a pendulum synchronicity.

As for my new pendulum - it is smaller and lighter than my other copper one.  I think the weight will take a bit of getting used to.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Strange Planet: Ready to Meet your Spirit Guides? In Just 24-48 Hours, You Will. Read on!

From Strange Planet, an article on using the pendulum to contact your spirit guides. Pendulum synchronicity! For I've been using mine recently, as well as my dowsing rods, and, have been moving towards using an amethyst pendulum, which SP mentions in the following article:

Strange Planet: Ready to Meet your Spirit Guides? In Just 24-48 Hours, You Will. Read on!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peepshow, Creepshow - Where Did You Get Those Eyes?

By Deirdre O'Lavery

When I was 15 years old I began seeing Shadow People. I call them "Shadow People", because that's the common name given within UFOlogy and related fields, but in my case (as well as others I have read about) Shadow People aren't always in the form of people. Yet "shadow" isn't really the best term for these types of events, because shadows would require a significant light source for them to present themselves in such rich fashion against backgrounds of varying darkness-es. Also, there seems to be a three-dimensional depth to them. "Semi-transparent Silhouettes" is a much better term, but I suppose that isn't as ominous sounding as, say, "Shadow People". Oh well.

The onset of this peculiar shadowy addition to my already-then peculiar life started in the spring of 1990. For the first few months, I wasn't convinced I was seeing anything beyond floaters, shadows from an unseen source, or nothing at all. Maybe they were nothing more than tricks of the eye, I thought, as many of these shadows were caught within my vision only peripherally. But as they increased in regularity over the weeks that followed, I paid more attention to my surroundings and those peripheral sightings appeared to be more detailed than just a visual distortion of my environment. Some of these shadows appeared as figures -- humanoid, I suppose, that would move alongside of me and then vanish as instantly as they appeared. On most occasions, however, I could not discern what exactly it was I was seeing.

Over time the shadowy creatures began to appear more inward of my field of vision, to a point where I was becoming pretty certain that I was seeing certainly something. My vision at the time and through most of my life, was above optimal -- my eye sight was always one of my most notable characteristics. I was also not using any kind of medication or drugs, and didn't drink alcohol being only 15 (which you might think would go without saying, but I grew up in an interesting neighborhood). So, I feel that my state of mind and vision at the time were optimal and adequate enough to better interpret mere tricks of the eye from sightings of actual, real things.

I remember two events more vividly than the others, as they both happened on the same night, and unlike most of the other times, were detectable in my direct field of vision:

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Call of the Drum Synchronicity

I don't know yet if this is to mean anything.

For a while now, I've been wanting to find/learn/contact a local drumming circle, or something like that. Someplace I can learn about the doumbek. No success, so far. Seems to be a lot of local drummers and a few groups, but ... it's kind of like the saying "When the student is ready, the teacher appears. . ."

I don't want a one on one experience, but neither am I quite ready for a group thing, or maybe I am, just not a large group thing, since I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know the subtle stuff about who comes in where and why and how, etc. And I also have this quirk that I'm a loner, but want to connect, yet when I do, it often ends up not what I was looking for. Too much authority, or would be petty tyrants, or just, simply, not a good match for me.

Meanwhile, for a few years now I've had my lovely blue ceramic doumbek sitting on the floor near a small table. Next to the table is a chair. One of my cats loves to leap up and sit in that chair. Never a problem. Except that, for the past two nights, we've been awakened by a loud crash, and find that my drum had been knocked over by the cat. Fortunately, the drum didn't crack or break.

Before all this, a few nights ago, I had been thinking very heavily about my drum, that I should pick it up and just play. Even if I don''t know what I'm doing. And also thinking about my drum, and how I would take my drum with me in our new life, no matter how impractical that might be.  (more on that to come, I don't want to say anything yet about that...)

Today at work, the school play, which I didn't know about until the last minute, was "The Drum." Theme was: sharing and gratitude, two intents I've been concentrating on these past weeks.

And for your pleasure, Raquy, an incredible woman doumbek drummer, who has played internationally; you can find several clips of her playing in a variety of venues, including her band Raquy and the Cavemen. I can't get enough of her; she's simply amazing.

Credit Card TOS: "No Occult Material"

Warren has an entry: Square: It's A Kind of Magic, about the Tos involving credit card purchases:
So I looked at this clever new thing called Square, that’ll let you accept and make card payments on your phone. It comes from a good place: the inspiration was an artist who couldn’t sell a piece of art because he couldn’t process card payments on the spot. I like their intent a great deal. And I was picking through the terms of service, to see if this was a US-only thing, because obviously I know a bunch of people who might find Square useful. (A simple mobile card processing solution would be a boon for creators working tables at conventions.) And I found this:
And you'll have to read more on his blog. Thanks to The Daily Grail for the link.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP Updates on Octopus Confessional

It seems that daily, at least once a day, comes more news of what BP, and our own government, are doing in the Gulf of Mexico. BP's take over of that part of the country, several U.S. governmental agencies at BP's bidding, acting as BP's personal and very private security force, continued denied access to media -- and politicians -- the strangely silent and absent presence of the British government, the heavy handed (and illegal) tactics used against the local citizenry . . . all these, and so much more, are on-going assaults against not only our country, but the planet.

I've been updating and commenting as I am able on my blog Octopus Confessional. Or, of course, you can enter "oil spill," or other like minded combinations of terms on Google, and that will give you the pop-up links at the top to the BP site, where they have utterly audacious and surreal propaganda pages on what's allegedly "really" going on. For as anyone who's been following this tragedy knows, BP has paid Google the bucks to ensure that people who type in those afore mentioned terms are led directly to the BP site. And if you don't like my blog, fine, there are plenty of blogs, YouTube videos (like James Fox), and journalists who can give you the information.

Do something, pray, chant, mediate, blog, scream, rant, agitate, protest, send intent, focus, tell, witness, share ... something, anything, but don't, please, act as if "it isn't that bad." Because it is.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ghost Cat

I’ve seen my cat, Crash, around the house several times lately. Each time, he brushes against my leg, I look down in time to see his large, black furry body disappear down the stairs. I continue on into another room and am surprised to see my other black cat, Frankie, asleep on my bed or watching the birds through the window. I thought he was the one who brushed against my leg and went downstairs, because Crash passed away more than a year ago. Yet he still comes back occasionally.

I know, it sounds crazy. I can hear it myself. I don’t know what else to say, though. I’m not the only one who’s seen him, and I’ve felt him as well as seeing him. He frequently rubs once against my leg, then I look down to see him round the corner or flit through a doorway. I’ve never been prone to tactile hallucinations, so I don’t know what to think other than that he stopped by to say hello.

Oddly, I haven’t heard his voice, and if you ever knew Crash you’d realize just how odd that is. He was one of the most vocal cats I ever knew. When he was just under a year old, he was hit by a car and spent several weeks in the local animal hospital, in a kennel cage that was in a room populated by both dogs and cats. When he came home, his meow had changed drastically, more resembling a bark, and he never lost that distinctive sound. He was also very talkative. Every morning, he’d bark a greeting to me, I’d respond to him, and we’d keep up a conversation throughout breakfast that both amused and exasperated the rest of the family.

He was severely injured in that accident. Two of his legs were broken, one in the back and one in the front, and the back one was so badly damaged that it had to be removed. His front leg eventually healed, but remained badly scarred, and two toes were missing. It didn’t slow him down, though. As soon as he returned home we began a new game, with me flicking tiny cat treats along the floor of our long hallway. He would run after them and hurl himself down, sliding into the treats like a baseball player into home plate. With such physical therapy, he recovered quickly, and soon ran as quickly as he ever had. His gait, however, was slightly different – he hopped on his remaining back leg, and held his muscular tail to one side for balance. That tail soon became as thick as a broom handle – he was a large cat to begin with – and standing close to him when he lost his balance would get you a smack in the leg that you wouldn’t soon forget, as he swung his tail around to compensate. Soon he was chasing the other cats and wrestling with them as he always had, usually winning. At just over a year old, Crash decided that only loser cats needed all four legs.

He lived a long and, I hope, happy life with us. I joked that he was my familiar, and called Frankie, our black kitten, my “sorcerer’s apprentice.” At the age of thirteen, Crash began to lose weight quickly, and was diagnosed with lymphoma. We kept him home as long as possible, but when he seemed to be in pain, we knew it was time. I held him on my lap that last evening, the night before his final appointment at the vet, and he purred for me though he had no energy left for anything else.

Now, I curl up with Frankie at night instead of with Crash, and he gazes at me with his green eyes as I remember Crash’s dark golden ones. And I notice something odd in those green eyes. Frankie’s left eye now shows two distinct spots of deep gold. Frankie is taller, too, and more massive. Crash was an unusually large and muscular cat, once described by my father-in-law as looking more like a panther than a housecat. I wondered at Frankie’s sudden growth spurt, immediately following Crash’s passing, but thought it was too ridiculous to think there was any connection. Until one day, when I saw Frankie walking across a room, and he hopped a couple of times on that back leg – exactly as Crash had done. One could argue that he had seen Crash do it a million times, but the fact remains that I had never seen Frankie do it before, ever, and neither had anyone else. It’s almost as if they’re sharing that black cat body now, as if Crash comes back now and then, sometimes on his own and sometimes not.

There are plenty of accounts of animal ghosts for anyone who cares to look for them. Since my experiences with this extraordinary cat, I’ve spoken with many others who share their own similar stories. I don’t pretend to understand it, but I’m deeply grateful that he was allowed to come back to visit, and that having that opportunity, he chose to do so several times. I told him that I’m happy to see him, that he’s always welcome here, but that I want him to move on if that’s what’s best for him. Since then, I’ve seen him less frequently, but he’s still around occasionally. He knows he’s still welcome.

Chris Holly's How to Train a Human

I have been listening to different Internet radio shows while I work on my computer.. I think I have heard every theory there is concerning who controls our world. I have heard theories about secret governments, black operation sections of governments, mad scientists hiding in secret labs and of course alien species -as those responsible for controlling the human race.

I am confused and bewildered about who is controlling us however I am resigned to the fact that some ultimate force other than who we are being told is actually controlling this planet.

Long ago I realized we seem to be giving over our brains and will to a united group of something.

I cannot figure out if it is our governments or an advanced human community or another species of intelligent life. Who is in control remains the extreme mystery.

It is obvious we are controlled in many ways including the media, Hollywood , the Internet, the need to belong and our gadgets. We dress, believe and obsess on what we are told to.

It is similar to training an animal. Consist repetition in form of commercials and movies along with all other forms of the media that flash what to wear, what to listen to, who to believe, what to laugh at, what to drive, eat even desire is all programmed in to our society.

We are similar to a dog who is brainwashed to do as we need by the reward of the treat in our pocket. For the human the reward is to fit in . Simple. Tell us we need to have a cell phone, or tight jeans or platform shoes, listen to certain music - whatever is needed to fit in with all the other sheep people and we will run and obediently do it.

The difference with dogs and humans is that dogs seem to maintain a more basic attachment to their natural individual desires and will run off and sniff at whatever they find interesting with little care of what the other dogs may think. Humans seem to have given up the basic act of being individual for the overpowering need to belong or be cookie cutter to fit in.. In short I think the dogs have remained far more true to being who they really are where as the humans seem to willingly sell out their individuality.

Since the start mankind has been living in groups, pack animals - to insure survival.

From the start there has always been the need for a organizing force to maintain a working society. Laws were the obvious way to keep us in line. Punishment for bad behaviors were developed. Law was also used to control people from moving in directions that were looked down upon by the ruling forces.

Religions work well in keeping society controlled.. The rules of the religions of the world did and still do work to control behavior and conquer the masses.

Governments control us and use us to war against each other when one group disagrees with another group. We support the group we belong to and are controlled by and go about the destruction of others often and easily when our group is threatened.

Of course there are those who mind their business yet are forced to defend against those who are the aggressor which continues us on the long time constant road of control via war on this planet.

As society moved forward so did the training techniques. Religion , Law via governments worked well for a very long time. Brain washing by way of propaganda has always been a effective tool in training the masses to follow like sheep . Look at the world wars. Look at the way the few can spread hatred or doctrine among the many. It seems the human race is rooted in a sheep like mentality that makes them extremely easy to pull about by the nose!

We now have entered into a era where our control has leaped forward to a far more sinister trend which I fear may be the beginning of the end for our species.

It started with the breaking down of traditional and cultural lifestyles. The first crack in society started in the western sections of our planet where a new style of control has emerged.

Now instead of controlling society it seems we are in a era of destroying our civilizations.

This is being done with the breakdown of basic foundations that have clued humans together from the start of civilization.

It is obvious that for the last 30 or 40 years we have been busy with the destruction of the family unit. Families failed as people were convinced to enter into the era of self. A time when what you want has become far more important than the family or group. A time when the individual has been fooled in to thinking they are wasting time building a untied society and instead should seek out singular wants and desires instead. The price for this has been the death of the family unit.

Being all you can be is a needed goal as is maintaining a strong untied family base for society to spring board from.

Becoming a strong individual depends on a strong foundation which has been in our past the family unit. This still remains part of many races who are thriving on the planets way of life still today . The destruction of the family unit continues however to decline in the worlds races that are now at a zero population rate. This decline and zero rate will soon complete extinction in this area of the worlds population. I am sure similar patterns will soon emerge all over the world.

Following the era of self and the destruction of strong family units came a zero population rate for many western world races which of course has them on a downward journey to extinction.

With the start of our decline by way of separation of family leading to a zero population growth for many areas of the world population we see a tidal wave of continued growth and obsession with self which quickens allows us to march blindly to our own end.

We are slaves to the media. They tell you what to think, what to wear, what to listen to and watch as well as what to think. Enter the internet and you have extreme control mechanisms in place where you can control the masses from their homes with ease.

The new lawless land of the Internet is a land where anyone can brainwash who ever will listen with insane theories and complete fantasy. You can find long ranting speeches delivered all over the net by those with private agenda's that are swallowed hook line and sinker by a mass of gullible sheep people who will believe anything they are told.

If people find someone who fills their own fantasies or offers them a accepted group to become part of they join in believing whatever nonsense is being presented without ever researching the facts. I find this a dangerous way to make decisions on topics that may be life changing or extremely important in a person's life.

The Internet has made the use of technology the brainwashing tool of the century. This tool is being used on the people by the people for reasons other than the information tool it was intended to be. It is used for communication which is a good thing however it is also used for evil self serving purposes which makes it a extremely dangerous place. The Internet is also a land where you can never be sure who or what you are actually communicating with which in my thinking is the real danger .

These facts of Internet land make it extremely easy for whoever or whatever is guiding this planet to work among the havoc and confusion of the net to do as they need to in order to keep us doing whatever it is they want us to do.

Our allowing the confusion makes for a convoluted and muddied mess which makes the control of our species a piece of cake.

Humans are sheep like in behavior with a extreme need to fit in to a herd or group. They are pack animals who have rejected their packs instead searching to find a new place to belong or fit in. This allows for easy control by the few over the many via groups , forums and chat rooms spread all over the Internet. Offer people a herd ( which sadly fill the need for the broken family unit) and you have the few controlling the many. All that seems to be needed is a common interest for those searching to find a group to attach to.

The sad part of this is that this is taking place in houses with families lost to technology sitting in different rooms, engaged with some sort of machine be it a TV or Computer , blackberry or cell phone searching for a connection instead of sitting together as families or friends sharing real communication.

You end up with people being brainwashed with crazy thinking believing all level of people instead of discussing with real people real issues in real time. This miss use of the Internet as a tool for humanity is our greatest failure. Instead of using the net to research things you do not understand in a intelligent manner many simply switch it on immediately enter whatever herd they have attached themselves to and believe whatever idiot they come across as long as they are a heard member.

Time after time I listen to chat room, groups or radio shows with large followings of brainless sheep people agree with the alpha dog of the group while he or she spreads ridiculous thinking with fake science that is straight out of a Hollywood movie. It does not seem to matter if the ideas being presented are fact or fiction as the sheep people agreeing blindly seem to believe every word without ever considering if truth is involved. It is a frightening fact of the Internet.

This behavior also is the base of why subjects like the paranormal are stuck in the dark ages. The real issues, sightings, experiences and serious investigators and research is lost in the enormous mix of those who are using this area for self serving agenda's creating fake events, photo's , video's and outrageous stories or theories for reasons that only they understand. This prevents forward movement in the paranormal as every step forward is blocked or broken by those using the area for fun fraud or fame.

It is sad as so many things paranormal are simply part of science or life we simply do not yet understand. Our approach to it will keep us ignorant and in the dark until this changes.

I recently listened to a radio show with a group of people which included two paranormal investigators, one physicist and two people who have had real time abduction experiences.

We listened in group as a raving mad man made up all kinds of nonsense about the aliens coming to kill us all along with other scenario's he was portraying as absolute truth. A large group of people sat and listened to this fantasy thrower who was obviously doing this for his private agenda of hopeful stardom .

We could not believe that the people listening did not question his silliness or take the time to simply research parts of his claims to see if they were real.

The people simply sat and agreed with this fool as if he were a god. We did research his claims and detailed reports of technology he claimed were going on in the world to find he was full of total hog droppings.

This willingness to believe anyone who says things you may want to be true is why those who really do control this planet have such a easy time doing so. Somewhere along the line we decided to stop thinking.

So here we sit in a society that is losing its basic foundation of family who also has given up the art of thinking for themselves. We follow who ever yells the loudest or is the most popular. Add the fact that we are addicted to the gadgets of technology and you have a deadly mix.. Can you see how easy it has become for any secret group be it human or alien to use these things to both control and turn us into a bunch of trained pets?

We have given up thinking and our individuality becoming brain dead swallow any nonsense fools being pulled about by our noses. We do not think about the logic of what is being said or check the incredible statements being told to us, we simply swallow it.

We do this willingly providing a lovely smoke blanket for those who truly work behind the scenes to control us and herd us for reasons we do not understand. How those running this planet must laugh as we give over our souls without a thought or fight.

By the time the self agenda humans finish with us in the media , net or via Entertainment those who need to download control over us barely need lift a finger. We have done all the heavy lifting to our own extinction for them. They merely need to stampede us over the cliff. Destroying humanity looks to be quick and easy task.

One way to speed our road to our end days would be to make us more robotic enabling control by way of downloaded information even a quicker manipulation of human control and or takeover.

Enter in the era of technology . Computers, wireless communication, cell phones. blackberry's, I Pods, gadgets- hanging on us, attached to us.

We are constantly hooked to sitting in front of some type of communication device. Humans are addicted to them. How simple and easy to gain control when we are all hooked up to a system that could be downloading in to our pea brains with who knows what as we sit numbly tweeting, texting, chatting our brains and lives away.

I do not know why we have been trained or by who. I am sure however that we have been and currently are being controlled and manipulated by whoever and whatever runs this planet .

I am not sure who is running the human show. I do know it is not the people we think are running things. It may be a secret global government of humans who have a ultimate plan for this planet. It may be a group of top powerhouses calling the shots. It may be a different species of beings over seeing our development or a combination of all of those things.

If our decline is by our own hand and we are the ones driving our own species to extinction I do not think we will be able to stop it and our part in this universe will soon come to an end.

However if we are being manipulated we can do something to slow our decline and fight to retain our humanity.

We need to begin thinking again. We need to stop believing , following and acting like mindless sheep people and begin to find our minds and strength by breaking away from those who have us drooling followers instead of thinking growing humans.

We need to research things on our own and talk to many gathering multiple opinions and view points before forming our own. We have to shake our heads and reboot our brains.

It is imperative for humans to learn quickly to use technology as tools and not as a way of life. Giving over access to a wireless world without precaution is a dangerous game that may be our doom. Consider this the next time you spend your day with a Bluetooth attached to your head day and night.

Look at your life and be honest about your disconnect with real time connection and communication with your fellow humans. Do you talk with those you love or do you sit across from them in silence while texting , tweeting or lost in some type of screen?

You can decide to restart your brain and save your humanity by breaking away from the raging lunatics found across the Internet as well as our Media systems .

Learn to think for yourself and use this great tool of the Internet to research what many have to say about a subject as well as real facts on things told to you before swallowing the rants that invade our space day in and day out.

Return to your basic needs as a human and work hard at being a thinking being and not a weak robotic follower.

I realize this article may offend many who have become lazy and lost in this world of mind numbing control .

To those who feel that way I can only hope some of us can withstand the stampede so that all mankind is not driven to extinction by our weakness and soft soaked minds broken by the control of few for reasons that benefit only a handful.

The masses are the ones who will fail unless we stop this world from the road it is traveling. It is like watching a train racing a thousand miles per hour directly in to a mountain. The explosion will be complete and no survivors will be found.

If a advanced race of humans are trying to cleanse this earth I refuse to help them. If a alien species is at the root of our control I refuse to be a willing experiment or help in the extinction of my own kind.

Whatever is happening around us I am not willing to blindly jump of that cliff nor will I walk away from my own humanity.

I have written this article under the direction and help of two people I respect who have both survived lost time abduction experiences.

They feel strongly about the warnings I have written about and wanted me to express them as clearly as I could to whoever may read this article. Their hope is that some of you will consider some of what has been written here today.

In closing I would like to make it perfectly clear I have no idea who may be controlling this planet. It can be our own stupidity that has brought us to this point or a global force of elite humans . It could be an alien species or a group of alien species. It can also be a combination of some of or all of the above.

It is clear that you and I do not have the ability to do very much about the overall issue. We do however have a great deal to say about our taking part in the game.

Control would soon flip hands if we all decided to think and be our own person as well as breaking away from the technology control used on us all. Use the tools as tools not as your way of life.

What do you think? Still want that blue tooth stuck in your ear all day?

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