Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adventures of a Devil-Worshipping Whore, or, Why I Don’t Believe We’re Arguing About What We Believe

I like this. Unfortunately, some pagans aren't immune to behaving like religious fanatics either.
Adventures of a Devil-Worshipping Whore, or, Why I Don’t Believe We’re Arguing About What We Believe: Second: who’s marginalizing you? Other pagans? Really? Aren’t you more concerned about the social or religious mainstream communities of America or the news media marginalizing you? And aren’t you being just a little bit hypocritical, accusing others of “marginalizing” you when you refer to others’ spiritual beliefs as “horse shit?” Just saying. But again, I ask, how precisely are you being marginalized? The fact that other pagans do not share your views does not mean they are marginalizing you. It just means they don’t agree with you and don’t believe as you do. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t respect your views, and it most definitely doesn’t equate with oppressing or “marginalizing” them, or you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Anya is a Channel: The Corrections

From Anya's blog:
Anya is a Channel -- The Corrections:
So, in the course of human events (because even though every skeptic and their mother likes to think I'm supposed to be all-seeing, all-knowing, and 100% right all the time) I have to make some corrections to who was in attendance at the UFO researcher event in Bucks County, Pa. last fall. 

(Re: this post:

Three of the people on that list wound up not showing up. They were:

Dr. Steven Greer
George Noory
Richard Dolan

As an aside, I am friends with Rich and we have cleared up this misunderstanding. Everything's fine between us. He's really happy that we are friends and have cleared this up as well. The confusion came when it turned out to be a case of a simple scheduling error that had been made and he wound up not going, nothing more.

But OH MY GOD you would have thought I had murdered a puppy based on the response on Facebook!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shared Dreams: Dog and Wolf

Dreamt of a dog last night:
Jim and I are at a  lake. Beautiful, hilly, lots of trees and green. And people. A dog that looks somewhat like a Golden Retriever, but smaller, and with long ears like a beagle, comes running up to us. I love this dog! He is so friendly, so sweet, so happy! His fur is very silky soft, and little curly and long. Jim and I are both enchanted by this dog. The dog keeps running off, only to come back. When it's time to leave, the dog follows us and gets in the car with us. We bring him home, he gets along great with our cats. I worry and wonder: why is it that I like this dog, when two dogs recently killed my beloved cat Roswell? But I know this dog had nothing to do with that. Jim and I think of names, what to call him? Silly names that don't sound like names we'd like or think of come to mind: Giddy, Fred, Freddie, etc. I bring the dog to work and everyone loves him. I try to have "Fred" sit, stay, and he wants to please, to do these things but it's obvious he doesn't know what to do. Then I realize my neighbor is the one to talk to, he's a professional dog trainer. We're discussing the dog training course, and Fred is with us, when my neighbor looks at the dog and says, "You do realize he's wearing tags?" I look down and sure enough, Fred is wearing three collars, with lots of tags. I am amazed, how could it be that we missed those things?! I reluctantly look at the tags and see Fred's owners name and phone number. I don't want to call but I know I have to. The number is in California; the woman answers and she is very weird. Seems very combative and not interested in the dog so much. She misunderstands everything I say and then says she wants her husband to talk to my husband. Her husband then starts in on how lousy the water is in Eugene, and how stupid Oregon is, etc. Jim says none of that is true, but that aside, what does that have to do with the dog? They expect us to drive down to California to return the dog. We say no way, but we'll meet you halfway. Then I say "Forget it. They are too much trouble and too stupid, we're keeping the dog. This dog deserves better than them." I take off his collars and Fred seems even happier.

Jim told me (before I told him my dream) he dreamt:

He was somewhere in the woods. He meets an old girlfriend of his, who's showing hims something in the woods, including all her old boyfriends. Jim is wondering what this is all about. Then he meets a man who tells Jim something, and Jim wants to go with him. The man says "If you can keep up with me" and shape shifts into a wolf, dropping to the ground and bounding off. Jim stays where he is, he  can't possibly keep up. He doesn't feel afraid or bad, in fact, feels good, watching the wolf bound away.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Healing with the Angels: Nature

Attended a wonderful angel workshop this afternoon, so thought pulling a card from the Doreen Virtue deck Healing with the Angels was appropriate. Feeling good, but then, as I was getting ready to do this, (shuffling the deck, etc.) I got into a strange place energy wise -- including a slightly negative interaction with someone -- and everything felt off. I was trying to adjust my balance and continue on. The question was general: what do the angels have to share with us right now, to help heal? And Nature came up. From the book:

Nature. Spending time alone in nature is important for you. Even five minutes in a garden would be healing for you right now.
At first I wondered at this, I wanted something more pithy I guess, feeling the imbalance of energy as I was.  But it's not about what I want or expect the cards to say, it's what needs to be heard. Nature is all about energy and balance, as well as healing. This card is a reminder to spend time, no matter how short a period, in nature every day. Nature is real; the petty self-involved things of every day are not.  Let those things fall away as we allow ourselves to connect with Nature, including the Nature within us.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Card for the day: Mermaids and Dolphins

This card is from Doreen Virtue's Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle card deck. I drew this card with the general intent of "what do we all need to know for today, as a collective consciousnesses kind of thing?"

Time to Move On. "It's time to let of of the old and worn out so that the new can come in."
We need to clear out our minds, and our hearts, let go of emotional stuff that keeps us stuck. The physical part of letting go will follow. 
I found this very specific to my situation, since I am blocked, or stuck, and have been for years, really, in my life. I was just saying to someone close to me that we need to now get physical, literally, with out living space. (Clearing, cleaning, purging, moving . . .) Since we haven't, we remain stuck. Our intent is there, but now it's time to stop living in the ether, and actually physically do the work to bring about manifestation.

So, while I tried to do a general reading, this came out very personal. But it's good advice for anyone in this place! Many of us are feeling very strong feelings on issues that concern humanity, the planet, now is the time to let go of the old comfort zones that really just keep us stuck,  and do something!