Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Orange Orb: Brazen Hussies Invade Earth! Serious UFO Research Attacked!

Ms. Deirdre O'Lavery (Interstellar Housewife, JAR, WOE contributor, ) is UFO Magazine's newest columnist. One person at UFO Digest (which I occasionally write for; this is nothing to do with UFO Digest, simply a response to one article over there) has taken great offense at Deirdre's first column. One, single, first time introductory column has caused David P. Kuhlman immense distress, so much so he has written he will no longer read the magazine. And yet, he insists he's a serious UFO researcher, even while rejecting an entire publication because of one column.

Read more at The Orange Orb:

The Orange Orb: Brazen Hussies Invade Earth! Serious UFO Research Attacked!

And be sure to read the comments left by readers, including one from Emma Woods, who attempted to leave her comment at UFO Digest but was rejected.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Half Cat Mutilations a Continued Horror

Since I wrote my last article concerning the horrible on going half cat mutilations that have been happening across North America I have received weekly mail from readers who have had this disturbing ordeal happen to their pets or in their neighborhoods.

It seems that many people are finding their beloved pets dead with only one half left for them to find. In all case only half of the cat is found cut cleanly from the other half. No mess or blood are found with the half left. In most cases the part or half of the cat left to be found is left in an area close to or easily found by the owners or people to find. The remains seem to be clearly left to be discovered.

This adds to the horror of this awful killing of animals for reasons only known to those killing them. If it were a natural predator the remains would be messy and scattered. They certainly would not be neatly placed for them to be found.  It seems that those murdering the poor cats go out of their way to leave the remains of their deadly deed for the owners to find.

This disturbing fact added to the strange actions taken of neatly slicing the cats in half makes this an odd dark mystery.

I felt compelled to write another warning to all who may read my articles concerning this on going horror after receiving this email from a reader this morning.

 "  Dear Chris-   I found your article online and found it extremely interesting as I thought it was only my cat that this had happened to.

Scruffy was an indoor cat that accidentally got out  one day when our door blew open.  We did all the usual lost kitty things including trapping and posters.  It  took almost a week to find his remains

A neighbor called and said she saw cat remains just off the road behind a big tree stump.   When we found him there.  Actually we found just his rear half behind the tree stump.

  It was hard to identify him.  He was an orange short hair with just a little white on his chest and de-clawed.  I had no front half to check and all orange tabby's look the same from the middle back.  But in my heart I knew it was him. 

 Anyway he was as you said evenly divided in half and I didn't realize until I read your article that there was no blood around and no mess either....just a clean cut half cat.

We thought it was a coyote although they are rare in my part of Pennsylvania.   My husband said he heard a horrible animal noise  overnight when Scruffy disappeared.

  The thought of cult mutilations did cross my mind but it's something you don't want to think about.   I looked all around for Scruffy's front half but found no sign of it.  I wondered why would an animal take the head part when the better eating  I'm sure would be the back half of any animal.  I know that sounds gruesome...but your mind gets more clinical when the shock of finding your much loved cat wears off.  

 Thank you for your article.  I have four  inside cats that I know watch like a mother hen.

 It was good in a strange way to know that what happened to us was not a lone event.
 We are sad however to learn others have experienced the same thing with their pets.

 It's a horrible sad thing to happen to a pet owner and something that stays with you. "

I think the above first hand experience sent to me by a pet owner gives us a clear understanding that this half cat mutilation is a malicious  on going problem we all need to be aware of. It seems obvious the cats are captured and taken to a location where they are slaughtered. After this hideous deed is done the monsters doing this make sure they return the half cat corpse close to where they took the cat in order for the remains to be found by the cat owners or people in the neighborhood who knew the cat. It is a cruel and ugly thing to do.

I do not know if this is a widely practiced sick ritual of a strange cult or something more alien . I do know it is on going and needs to be addressed and stopped.

I was asked recently if this event was strictly being done to cats. I can only answer that by what people are reporting to me. In my findings all but one half animals found were cats. One small dog however was reported found in the same condition.

Watch your animals and be aware that strange things are going on out there to our beloved pets.

I am far more careful now with my own pets and understand I need to be aware of this new strange half cat killing.

 Be careful out there and keep an extra eye open for your little pets.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Old Scrapbook: Dreams

I loved this page, not only for the "Dream book" graphics, but also the pages of vintage dream interpretations beneath that.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gary Haden: The Hyperbolic Chamger: Bozotopia, Or Don't Blame the Clowns for What the Circus Did to Them

Another stunningly excellent article by Gary Haden on David Jacobs academic UFO research meltdown, and Emma Woods: The Hyperbolic Chamber: Bozotopia, Or Don't Blame the Clowns for What the Circus Did to Them. The comments, many from Emma Woods, and others mentioned in Gary's post, are as much a part of the article as Haden's content, so be sure to read those as well.

I left a comment over there, remarking that I still find it astounding that so few in UFO Land are actively discussing this, and, worse, among those that are, many are defending Jacobs, seeing him as victim, misunderstood, a person stalked by an obsessive, mentally unbalanced female. It is simply unbelievable.

Aside from Gary Haden, UFO Magazine, in its current issue, has addressed this, with, among others, an excellent article by Jeremy Vaeni. Vaeni and Jeff Ritzmann have been discussing this since the beginning, and, given a place for Emma Woods to speak. (See the Paratopia list feed for episodes.) Researcher Raymond Fowler has left a few encouraging post at UFO Magazine's blog.

But overall, the majority of voices out there remain silent, or give the aura of boredom surrounding this.

Women of the Golden Dawn (from Strange Attractor)

From the Strange Attractor blog: Women of the Golden Dawn: SA Salon, 18 November
Although primarily a quasi-Freemasonic mystical organisation, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was also a hub for progressive, creative, free-thinking and free-living individuals sensing the first signs of social, cultural and political change at the end of the 19th century.
Indicative of its forward-looking outlook, the Golden Dawn encouraged women to play a central role in its organisation, something that was still unusual in Victorian society – the women’s movement was still in its radical infancy –  let alone Masonic orders, which prohibited women members entirely.
More on Strange Attractor. Neat post!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Book of Mystery

Several years ago, we happened to be at a local thrift shop.  Well, not your regular sort of thrift shop, but I wouldn't really call it a antiques shop either -- somewhere between those two.  They sell a lot of vintage collectable stuff, but most of it not in the best shape.  Not really what true collectors would want.

Anyhow, I had walked all around the shop and not found anything and just as I was about to leave I spied this book in a case.  I was attracted to it because of the beautiful leather cover and had someone get it out of the case for me.  Although, a glanced through it a bit I really bought it for the cover and because it was only $25.  Really in my quick glance through it didn't seem very interesting.  I remember looking through it when I got home and thinking there were a few interesting things in it, but then it got put in a book case with my photos and scrapbooks and I hadn't looked at it since.

Yesterday, after receiving some cool vintage trading cards from a friend of mine I decided to look through it again and see if there was anything similar.  Wow!  I don't know what I was thinking the first time I looked through it, but it is full of all kinds of interesting stuff.  Something I hadn't realized is that each page is built up in layers, so what is on top is only part of what is there.  I still think I have only scratched the surface of what is in there, but there are lots of esoteric related things.  The earliest item I have found is from 1909 and latest from 1977.  However, much of the news clippings and other items seem to be from the 1930s and 40s.  You would think there would be a lot of war related stuff, but I didn't find any.  Nowhere that I could find was the name of the person (or maybe persons, I had a thought that it might have been passed on through generations and different women added to it) who created the scrapbook.  Whoever she was that did the bulk of work on it seems to have grown up around Chicago and later, probably about 1940, moved to NM.  I say she because mostly women do scrapbooking, but also there are fashion related items and lots of cute animal items.

I thought it would be fun over the upcoming days to post some photos of the esoteric related items here.  So if you are interested keep checking back. :-)

The 'C' Influence: SP:11 1897 Airships, and the Little Fellow in the ...

Over at the C Influence blog, I have a response to Erich Kuersten's article about UFO research, the Aurora, Texas UFO/airship mystery, and more:

The 'C' Influence: SP:11 1897 Airships, and the Little Fellow in the ...

I mention Linda Moulton Howe within the post:
As a side note and a bit off topic, look at the criticisms of researchers like Linda Moulton Howe. Howe, who has done significant work in the field of UFO and related research, like cattle mutilations, has been heavily trounced by others for her gullibility in some cases. Agreed, to a point, but so what? Do moments of hope, even gullibility in some cases, wipe out previous work, the data revealed? We’re human, regardless of philosophical stance on research, and when it comes to the soup that is Fortean-Esoteric-Paranormal-UFO stuff, we can’t afford to continue pretending things are so neat and tidy, clear and obvious. We are not objective beings, and we are often being played by forces we are barely aware of, and certainly don’t understand.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The 'C' Influence: SP:11 1897 Airships, and the Little Fellow in the ...

The 'C' Influence: SP:11 1897 Airships, and the Little Fellow in the ...: "Erich Kuersten made many absolutely right on points about UFO research. He asks, using the Aurora, Texas case as his example, why residents..."residents of that town, science, etc. stonewall UFO researchers at a given point:

What is the reason for all the refusal to let science and ufology blunder in to try and prove the truth of the legend? Where does disrespect end and legit quest for understanding begin?

Of course we can broaden Erich’s question to all other UFO cases where this occurs, as well as paranormal and Fortean events like Bigfoot and other cryptid encounters, hauntings, etc. I think one reason this resistance to researchers “blundering in” is due to a fear of looking ridiculous. This fear runs so deep, it becomes far more important than answers or clues to Really Big Questions, like the nature of UFOs and the existence of aliens, or, Bigfoot, and so on. Fear of looking silly, gullible, or naive, of being hoaxed, or somehow taken in. Those fears loom over any truths that may be discovered.

Read Erich's OP and my response, as well as lots of other fresh esoteric renderings, at The C Influence!

I will be a guest on the radio show Dawn of Shades on Tuesday, Nov. 9th from 7-9pm CT

I will be discussing all the ins and outs of being a practicing psychic who is also a UFO/ET contactee/experiencer and more. Should be a fun and interesting show. Gia Scott hosts.