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Makow on The Illuminati and Gays

Makow's at it again, and who has posted a link to Makow's paranoid homophobic ranting -- - Jeff Rense, as usual, who seems to be Makow's cheerleader, for it's Rense that posts numerous links to Makow's stuff.

As previously noted, Makow does have one talent, and that's integrating many agendas into one article, no matter what the topic of that article is. Basically, Makow's philosophy is simple: all that is satanic, which is mainly feminism and homosexuality, (and pinko commie Jews) are the doings of the Illuminati.

Makow links to a 2001 article of his: "Why I'm Proud to be a Homophobic." The link appears broken on his site but Google it and you'll find it. Or, just go here. - exposing feminism and the new world order

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Richelle Hawks' Medusa's Ladder: Patron Saint of UFOs

Women of Esoterica contributor Richelle Hawks  has a wonderful new column (Medusa's Ladder) at BoA entitled Patron Saint of Flying Saucers. As usual, Richelle writes beautifully. In this article, Hawks writes about a lovely book find from 1925 that evokes flying saucers:

Considering it more closely, I was getting a strange, provocative, sci-fi, atomic age kind of vibe from it and it was a very peculiar feeling, quite anachronous. I knew from the book's feel, particular materials, fonts, and agewear that it was older, an interbellum relic. Inspecting the title pages, I was correct—1925. What could this more mod feeling be, then?
I sat down with the book and considered the feeling and the answer hit me suddenly in a flash of recognition—the bottom Saint-scene transformed before my eyes: it's a classic UFO form.
Inspecting it further, I found there were even corresponding details. The window/doors of the coliseum, are fairly close to the place where portholes are described, and there are even spectators in the places where UFO occupants have been described.

Richelle Hawks : Medusa's Ladder

Speaking of Richelle Hawks, saints, and UFOs, a reminder to readers that you can download a free collection of articles by yours truly on Mary and UFOs, including Richelle's article A New Vision:The Virgin Mary Tree of Salt Lake City

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mad Henry Makow: Feminism, A Lesbian Disorder

Best Mad Makow line; in where he describes feminism as:
"An essentially lesbian disorder. . . "
Makow is good at one thing; no matter what the topic, he manages to weave into the article all of the following: misogony, homophobia, anti-Semitism, paranoia, uber-patriotism, and warnings of Satanic-Illuminati-Communist wars for our souls. In his current piece Feminists Surprised their Daughters are Sluts, Makow once again demonstrates this talent.
"Women's rights" indeed! Feminism is Communist in origin. Communists view women as a public utility. It is classic divide-and-conquer, satanic subterfuge which now extends far beyond gender.
Henry Makow is author of Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order. 
Feminism is elite social engineering designed to destroy gender identity by making women masculine and men feminine.  Increasingly heterosexuals are conditioned to behave like homosexuals who generally don't marry and have children. Courtship and monogamy  are being replaced by sexual promiscuity, prophesied in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Queeranormal: Demons in the Wood

Women of Esoterica contributor Deirdre has a good, slightly creepy story at Queeranormal, (loved the part about the teddy bear)
Queeranormal: Demons in the Wood

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



Sally is a friend of mine. I have known her since I was 7 years old. She is a very kind person who has had a life filled with spirits, ghosts or maybe her guardian angels. I am not sure what follows Sally but I do know they are there and they protect and guide her.

Sally has lived in the same house her entire life. When Sally married years ago her parents gave Sally and her husband the family home as a gift. Sally has lived there her entire marriage. She raised her children in this house and to this day, still lives in that old family home.

During her lifetime Sally has had good times and bad. The only difference with Sally and other people is that when Sally has a extreme happening in her life, the spirits around her let themselves be known. I know this for a fact as I have witnessed these events first hand while at Sally’s house.

The first time Sally became aware she was going to become a mother happened years ago while Sally, her sister and I were sitting around her dining room table having a cup of tea.

 Sally mentioned she thought she might be expecting  but quickly added  she was not sure.. The second Sally said that a guitar that was hanging on the wall in the dining room started to play. It did not make a few notes due to weather change or temperature adjustment, it played part of a song.

When the guitar started to strum an actual tune I did what anyone would do.   I jumped to my feet yelling “ Oh my God, oh my God” with my hands in the air frightened to death.

 Sally and her sister  just sat there. I could not contain my fear as I not only was hearing the guitar - I was also watching the guitar on the wall play. I  ran  out of the dining room yelling!

 Sally and her sister tried to comfort me. I kept running, knocking chairs out of my way and spewing books on a shelf near the door all over the floor until I was outside and away from the house.

Sally and her sister  calmed me down.. Sally and her sister  explained that they think the spirits of all the family members who lived there before them still hang around. I just stood and starred at them.

They went on to tell me that often when either a very good thing happens or very bad things are coming, odd events like the guitar playing, happen in the house.  Needless to say Sally was indeed expecting her first baby. I sort of figured that after the guitar played its happy tune.

Years passed and I started to become accustom to the odd happenings at Sally’s house.

 One year Sally’s brother seemed to be out of sorts. Sally thought he may need help but was hesitate on insisting he go to a doctor to see why he looked so sickly and was acting so oddly. Sally and I were talking about it while out shopping together.
I had seen Sally's brother the night before we went shopping and was stunned at how awful he looked. I was trying to convince Sally to insist her brother go to a doctor.

 The conversation  about Sally's brother continued as we finished shopping and returned to Sally's house for coffee. 

We unlocked Sally’s front door and entered her house. As soon as we walked into the house a putrid smell  overcame us  both.  

It was over powering. We  both started to retch and ran to open the windows. The house smelled like rotting meat.

Sally and I searched the entire house but found nothing that could  possibly be causing the odor.

Suddenly without rhyme or reason, the odor was gone. It simply vanished. We stood in her living room looking at each other confused by the entire event.

As we stood there  we heard a muffled meowing from upstairs. Sally looked at me and said, “That sounds like Sammy”. We both ran up the stairs following the sound of the family cats faint cries.

We followed the sound of the cats cries  to a big dresser that was standing in the hallway in front of and blocking an old linen closet.

The cat continued to cry. We pushed the big heavy chest out of the way and pulled open the linen closet door to find Sammy wedged on the top shelf terrified and shaking. We pulled the cat down and comforted the frightened animal the best we could.

How the cat got into that closet or why that house smelled was simply a confusing unknown. We searched and found no sign of a break-in. Nothing had been taken, the house seemed perfectly fine other then the fact it had that overpowering smell and Sammy was found locked away in a blocked closet.

Sally insisted her brother go to the doctor the next day. The doctor told the family that if her brother had waited another day he might have died. His heart needed immediate surgery  He was operated on immediately which saved his life.

  Sally  was sure the spirits in her home were telling her in a forceful way to get her brother help  right away. Sally fully believes the strangeness in her house saved her brother's life.  Sally knew she was being warned and she knew the message was for her to take immediate action.
I had an incident of my own in Sally’s house.. Again I was  in her dining room drinking a cup of tea with Sally and her sister. We were talking about a  decision  I was trying to make about getting  married or not.

 I was in love and very happy but extremely nervous about making the final commitment. I was telling my  friends that I just wish I knew what the right thing was to do.

 I remarked I thought it was time for me to be a married woman. As soon as those words came out of my mouth a music box sitting on the hutch next to the dining room table started to play. It was playing the same  wedding waltz tune that my grandmother had in the music box she was given on her wedding day, that I now owned.

I sat and listened to the  little music  box play the familiar song.  Nonchalantly I asked my friends  how they got the music box to play timed into our conversation like that?  I thought it was really great how they were able to do what they did to have it play at that exact spot in our conversation.  My friends looked at me. Sally said, “We didn’t”.

 I looked at them and replied an articulate “What?” Sally got up and walked to the music box and brought it back to the table and placed it in front of me. She then said, “ Turn it over and look at it, you have to wind it to play, and look at the songs it plays, it is right there on the label where you wind it up.”

I turned the box over and saw the key where you wind it to play. I also read the song titles; it said Jingle Bells and Silent Night. I turned the key until it was tight and placed the music box on the table to play. In a soft bell like ringing the box played  Jingle Bells followed by Silent Night.

They were the only songs this music box played.  It took some time but after a long examination of the music box my friends convinced me the music box only played those two Christmas songs.

Sally told me it would be her thinking that the spirits that over look the family think it is time I got married too and  that was their way of telling me!

  I was  told I should get married as the angels of the house definitely  approved!

The activity in this house continues to this day  TV sets in the house often switch on and off
as do radio's  . I had an incident when  my watch was removed from where I placed it on the counter  while I was in the room only to find it  later on the dashboard of my car. The events in this house are countless, and to this day continue.

The thing of it all with this house and its events is that they do not frighten you once you get use to them. The family uses the events as the opinions and guidance of those who lived there before them. The family feels it is done in love and caring and often considers the strange events the opinions of those who look over them.

I have no idea what is going on in Sally’s house. I do know the events happen. I do know they happen often and I find the attitude of the family the key to making the unknown second nature for this family. They simply think of it as another voice to consider when big issues are at hand. They feel it is just one of the relatives, long past, throwing their two cents into whatever is going on.

I wonder about Sally’s house sometimes. I think it best left exactly as it is. It certainly seems that everyone and every spirit involved seems to be doing fine. The only one who seems a bit annoyed now and then is Sammy the cat ! However, a little cuddle and a new mouse toy to chase and even Sammy seems to be content!   By the way I did get married and it was the best decision of my life!

This story was written by  Chris Holly as told  by her sister. 

Copyright © 2010
Chris Holly's Paranormal World

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Amazing Spectacle: Total Lunar Eclipse Monday Night - Yahoo! News

The Winter Solstice and a lunar eclipse!

For a few hours on the night of Dec. 20 to Dec. 21, the attention of tens of millions of people will be drawn skyward, where the mottled, coppery globe of our moon will hang completely immersed in the long, tapering cone of shadow cast out into space by our Earth.

Amazing Spectacle: Total Lunar Eclipse Monday Night - Yahoo! News

Deirdre O'Lavery's Queeranormal blog: Dreams

Women Of Esoterica contributor Deirdre O'Lavery has a new post at her blog queeranormal on dreams. An excerpt:

... we dream, and in those dreams we experience emotions, tastes, smells, texture. So vivid are these experiences, that they can feel as real as our waking world. And when we do wake up from our dreaming -- if the dreams are vivid and emotional enough for us to recall them in detail, it isn’t uncommon to experience what I call ‘the dream haze’, which is the kind of foggy feeling left over from the events that transpired while asleep, coloring our daily life with sadness, anxiety, elation -- what have you. We are affected by our dreams sometimes as much as we are affected by our ‘real’ life.
More here Queeranormal

:: Current Show :: | Future Theater

BoA's (Binnall of America) Tim Binnall is the guest on Bill and Nancy Birnes Future Theater podcast -- airing now, if you're on the west coast. Fortunately, shows are archived, so you can listen now, or later. Past guests include Uri Geller, yours truly with hubby Jim Rich, ahem, Nick Pope, Alfred Lehmberg, who discusses the John Ford case (a UFO-political prisoner) and so much more. If you haven't tuned in yet to Future Theater, you've missing a great podcast!

:: Current Show :: | Future Theater

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Women in Ufology - A Resource Site

Regan already mentioned this in October, but I wanted to write up a bit more about it:

Women in Ufology:
The Women featured on this site bring both intellectual and practical skills. They are available as conference speakers, as media guests, as artists, designers and filmmakers, to serve on boards of UFO organizations, as case investigators, consultants, regression therapists, writers, and in a variety of other capacities.

The purpose of Women in Ufology is to inform those members of the UFO community who may not be aware of the many accomplished Women working in ufology today. Conference promoters, media hosts, leaders in the UFO community—this site will help YOU! We believe you will be amazed at the wealth of talent and experience you will find among the Women described here.

Women in Ufology is still in it's fledgling state, so keep checking over the next few weeks as the site fills out and more women added to the resource list.

If you are interested in being listed on this site, shoot and email to:

~Deirdre O'Lavery

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Critics Of Big Sis/Wal-Mart Spy Campaign Branded Insane

To be fair, though it is a moot point, objectors to the propaganda are "ridiculous" not "insane" but point taken:
Critics Of Big Sis/Wal-Mart Spy Campaign Branded Insane

Makow, Ape Man: Illuminati Use Women to Destroy Men

Makow is relentless. In his latest surreal posting, he pushes his usual agenda of the Jewish satanic gay Illuminati controlled females running amok amidst poor cowering males. In one example of a woman being pushed by her male lover -- she called the police -- Makow writes:
She had the power. He felt guilty for being resentful and angry about it. He was sorry for pushing her and thought his anger was a terrible thing. This reflects his indoctrination. His striking out was a natural result of an untenable situation.

He related a Jane Goodall documentary about chimpanzees. The male chimps sometime go haywire, screaming and yelling and throwing things. The women and children cower in fear. Then the storm passes and they're all nurturing and welcoming again. He felt that as a male, he was like the chimps. He had this evil demon within him.

"You've got it all wrong," I said. "Those male chimps were asserting their dominance. Once they did that, they could go back to being loving husbands and fathers. Don't believe what the counselors tell you. You're not dangerous. A man has a right to be master of his domain. Quit beating yourself up." - Illuminati Use Women to Destroy Men

Episode 45 – Jacques Vallee |

Jacque Vallee on The Black Friday podcast:

Episode 45 – Jacques Vallee |

Haven't listened yet; but I am looking forward to this one!

UPDATED Post: Remote Viewer Ed Dames on Missing Kyron Horman | Oregon L.O.W.F.I

An interesting vision of where the missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman might be, from a visitor to the Oreong L.O.W.F.I. blog, and my similar vision. We all hope that this boy is still alive.

UPDATED Post: Remote Viewer Ed Dames on Missing Kyron Horman | Oregon L.O.W.F.I

The Ghost the Remodel and the Holidays


I wrote the story below about two years ago. It is the story of a  friend of mine  who had a  ghost in her house. I  had not seen my friend in awhile and decided to call her for a lunch date. She told me I should re run the story about the ghost who has  been living with them but to wait until we have lunch together as she had an update to the story. Let me start by telling you the original story of my friends ghost.

My friend and her family are a average American family living here on Long Island  in New York.  They live in a  average neighborhood in a  modest comfortable home on a friendly street. All is well and normal in their world except for one small annoying intrusion.

Since they have lived in the house , especially around the holidays, the family has been dealing with a ghost in their house. This  has been going on for over 40 years.

The  house was originally built by a young couple who had two  little  kids and a grandfather  who lived with them. The grandfather lived on the second floor and loved his  home. He had a sitting room on the second floor with a bedroom and private bath. Outside he kept roses and flowers that he loved and tended with care.

Both the young husband and wife worked full time jobs. The grandfather watched over the children until the couple returned home at night. The family seemed typical to the other families in the neighborhood. The granddad was happy to be with his family and tend his roses. He was content with his life. Often you could find him smoking his pipe waiting in his rocking chair on the front porch for the children to return from school. Life seemed to be working and happy for this family.

It started during one hot summer. The young couple began to fight. The young man started to drink heavily. Often you could hear yelling and loud arguing erupting from the house. The neighbors began to talk. Eventually  the  people on the street had to call the police when the fighting became too loud or violent.

Often the neighbors  could hear doors slamming and furniture being thrown against walls. By the fall of that year gunshots were heard a few times and the police were a constant fixture at the home.  The  family was dissolving. The old  grandfather was caught in the middle of a terrible situation. It was a difficult time.

The couple divorced. The wife took the children and moved away. The young husband placed the house for sale. The grandfather had to be placed in an old folks home. Word had it his heart was broken.

 The family, my friend, who now live in this home were the people who bought the house from the young husband. That was over  40 years ago. They are a lovely happy normal family who have loved , taken care of and enjoyed the  house all of these years . They raised their children in the house and have kept it in good condition, including trying to tend to the large rose garden that came with the house. This family also has put up with the grandfathers ghost all of this time!

It is said that the old man did not make out too well once he left his once happy home. He hated the old folks home and only lasted a few years before he passed away.

My friend and her family who now own the house  started to notice odd activities around the home from the time they moved in to it. . It would increase  around the holidays.

Often when the family would be sitting in the dining room eating  they would hear the front door open and someone walk up the stair case to the second floor. The family would call out to see who was there without any reply. They would  search the house to find it empty but for the family members who were  sitting at the table. This odd activity would often increase around Christmas time.

The family would hear someone slamming doors or footsteps overhead on the second floor of the house while s they sat in the family room on the first floor. Again. they would search only to  find an empty house.

The worst of it  was the ongoing  smell of someone smoking a pipe. Each time this would occur the house would fill with the smell of a freshly lit pipe being smoked. At times the odor of the pipe would be so overpowering the family needed to open windows and doors
I ran into my friend who owns this house a few years ago when I was  Christmas shopping. I asked her at the time if she was still having ghostly problems? She laughed and told me  that the old grandfather was still with them. She told me he still brings his smelly old pipe with him too!

I was  amazed at how matter of fact my friend was  about sharing her home with this ghostly invasion. I wondered if she ever feared the ghost or if she ever thought about bringing in a ghost hunter?

This is what my friend told me:

“No, we are not fearful at all. After 40 years of  having him walk around the house we  feel he is harmless. For some reason he likes to be in the house during the holidays. He also refuses to move on. We think he still is tending his roses and smoking his pipe. It doesn’t interfere with our lives so we just let it be. Anyway we never touch those roses yet they get bigger and more beautiful each and every year for the last 40 years. Why spoil a good thing? . We don’t mind, we are use to him.”

I remember the day she told me that on the day I ran into her while we were both Christmas shopping  I could not help notice in her basket a bunch of red stockings with the names of her family written on top of them . I had to smile as I looked at the pile of stockings as right on top of the pile was a stocking with the name Grandpa written across it. I had to envy how easily this family was handling the strange encounters of their live in ghost.

 I could not wait to meet my old friend for lunch this year as I was curious to what was happening with the  family ghost. Once at lunch my friend  filled me in on the ghostly update..

My friend told me that since we had last seen each other  she and her husband did a large addition and renovation to their house. She told me they demolished the front of the house adding new rooms and a new entrance to the house. They moved the stair case to the back of the house and enlarged the bedrooms on the second floor. They also added a large deck and pool to the back yard and had to pull out the old roses and plant new ones in another area.

She told me the ghost reacted when the work started by throwing the tools of the men working on the house  or moving them or taking them to never  be found again. He would push the men who worked alone hard enough to make them lose their balance and fall over. The carpenters were frightened which often caused delays and problems for all involved. She told me he would pull down sheet rock and bang on the floors and walls frightening the men trying to work on the remodel.

My friend told me that this went on until the day the roses were removed. She told me that was the last day  they ever saw or heard or smelled the pipe of  the ghost of the old grandfather. Since the house  remodel was completed they never again were visited by the ghost .

My friend feels that the grandfather  ghost  finally  moved on . Once the house was no longer the one he knew he did not seem to want to stay. Once the roses he loved were removed and replaced with the deck and pool the ghost seemed to lose interest in staying on and simply moved on.

I guess we changed the house  to the point he did not feel he belonged here any longer. She added that she and the other family members felt it was a good thing for their ghost to move  on to a better place and feel he has finally found his peace..

I could not help wonder if she kept that stocking with his name on it. When I asked her about it she laughed and told me the stocking goes up every year. She told me that after 40 years of sharing the house with him they want him to know he is always welcome- especially during the holidays!

I find the manner in which this paranormal event was handled by my friend and her family one in which they accepted the unknown as simply something they did not fully understand but also something that was not completely out of the ordinary. They felt the grandfather needed to stay for awhile and they allowed him to. He moved on when he was ready .
I do not know if I could be as easily going with a ghost in the house . I do know I did learn a new way at looking at something that I once considered extreme with new eyes and realize sometimes we just need to relax and let things be.

I truly wish my friends and all of you the love and happiness of the  Season.…and Happy Holidays to you too Grandpa!

Copyright © 2010
Chris Holly's Paranormal World

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sex of The Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies: | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

From Paul Schroeder for UFO Digest, the following article on sex and aliens:Sex of The Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies:
Part of the understanding of the interaction between alien and humans on Earth is not just in understanding alien tactics and underlying alien motives.
It is of a sexual nature.
The astounding answer in part begins with the realization that we are, by nature, beyond our awareness and general understanding, inter dimensional beings.
We contain and exude both a physical energy and a spiritual energy.
As some of our psychic "energy" extends into other dimensions, these energies can be seen and regularly utilized by dark entities.
Reptilian/grey aliens the pilots of UFOs, demons, and other dark astral wildlife, frequent this dark dimension.

Sex of The Fourth Kind: Alien-Human Sex Studies: | UFO Digest provides video proof of ufos, alien abduction and the paranormal.

Idea is, entities/aliens=demons, who are feeding off us sexually... really a not unfamiliar theme in esoterica, and lore has a wealth of stories of succibi and incubus. Are those really aliens, or descriptions of energies religious people call "demons" (non-ET, but non-human entities just the same).

And in a somewhat related post: my entry on UFO Mary about "demonic possession" via sexual activity, as well as the general insanity of Henry Makow's website.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Panel discussion on MILABs and the occult/ET connection

Hands down, one of the best interviews I've ever had the pleasure in participating in. This is boffo-Four female experiencers/researchers and MILABs in a room together talking about subjects related to the paranormal connection to the military industrial complex.

Joe Montaldo told Gia, the host of this show, that it was one of the highest ratings in the history of the radio network, thank you all who participated with me, this covers the Extraterrestrial/psychic/Illuminati/satanic connections to the MILAB experience.

Panel: Anya Briggs, Melinda Leslie, Eve Lorgen, November Hanson