Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jellyfish Dreams

I've always had a vivid and active dream life; the one I has last night was an incredible one, very epic. One little part of this dream I share on Octopus Confessional and re posted at The Orange Orb.

The dream involves jellyfish swarms in the sky -- disguised as UFOs. And people's responses to such an amazing event. I suspect the image of the jellyfish is due to recent news about jellyfish swarms around nuclear plants, earth changes as one contributing factor, and something someone close to me said once as were visiting the Newport Aquarium. Looking at the jellyfish display, which was beautiful, Jim and I were commenting on their beauty, but also musing on what kind of consciousness is going on in there. This person looked at us oddly and said they didn't believe that jellyfish have anything even remotely close to "consciousness" they're vapid, empty, nothing, -- can't "think," can't feel.

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Liz said...

very cool dream.. I have a thing for jellyfish.. and that just sounds so ..Interesting.. jellyfish dreams.