Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hunger of the Incubus

As twilight begins to caress the sky with it’s dark veil of ebony lace, the fear once again begins to creep into her consciousness. Contemplating sleeping on the couch or in the spare room, she succumbs to the knowledge that he will find her anywhere she rests her head. Stealthily and cautiously, she retreats to her bedroom wondering if he will come again tonight.
Slipping on her nightgown, she glances nervously around the room, anticipating his nightly attacks. Wearily, she turns out the lights and prays once again for the assaults to cease. All alone in her home, she waits, knowing that the predator is awaiting the perfect moment to strike. He always comes just as she enters the first stages of sleep. Out of shear exhaustion, she reluctantly closes her eyes, knowing full well what awaits her.
An hour later, she is awakened by a familiar sensation. The comforter is slowly being pulled to the bottom of the bed. Her nightgown is slowly and methodically being lifted up by unseen hands. Gently and slowly at first, teasingly. Clutching her hands together over her chest, she begins to whimper, recognizing the strategic pattern of attack. Once her gown is high enough, the invisible enforcer starts his brutal sexual attack. Crushing weight and forceful violation, the incubus defiles her and restrains her, forcing her hands above her head. The bruises from the previous attack hadn’t even healed yet.
During the assault, the entity transforms himself from an invisible perpetrator to one of horror and abomination. He manifests himself into the ultimate evil phenomenon.
Enduring the pain, she cries and lies still, praying it will end soon…until tomorrow night.
An incubus, the male version, or succubus, the female, has been a mysterious paranormal phenomenon for thousands of years. Described as grotesque, but humanoid, in appearance they prey on the lone human while they slumber. The attacks can happen only once or go on for many months, sometimes years. Many an individual have been a victim of this horrific and terrifying experience.
The incubus is basically a poltergeist with an alternate desired energy source than the average annoying home wrecking poltergeist. Normally, a poltergeist is an entity that invites itself into a home and creates enough stress and havoc to feed it’s negative energy appetite. Manipulating and taunting, the poltergeist behaves irrationally and occasionally violently with the bewildered owners. Throwing objects, scratching or strategically exploiting the living, they strive to control the environment in which they decide. These paranormal vermin are not easily disposed of, but they have a tendency to simply leave out of the blue, when they feel the fun is over at that home.
An incubus or succubus is a poltergeist with a different energy consumption than the household variety. While the average poltergeist craves energy from fear, negativity and anger, the incubus also desires sexual energy. The prey of choice for these violent paranormal rapists is the single and sexually repressed individuals, as well as those who may have experienced sexual molestation in the past. Sexual energy is raw and powerful energy that allows the perverted entity to be extremely strong and very physical. While most poltergeists remain completely invisible and cause physical upset within the home in short bursts, the incubus can sustain physical and visual manifestation for several minutes due to the extreme power of the sexual energy he is absorbing.
Ridding yourself of this type of entity can be extraordinarily difficult as the attacks can cause great mental and emotional strife. Support from loved ones and spiritual advisors is highly recommended as well as clarifying the home of negative energy. Positive energy introduced into the home will hopefully help clear out the unseen predator faster. Attacks are less likely if another individual is in the home or bedroom. Having a friend or family member stay often would be a great source of positive energy as well as helpful for the victim.
Calling upon your spirit guides and angels is a must when attempting to flood your home and soul with positive, healthy energy.

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