Monday, August 18, 2008

Of Sexy Witches, Fairies and Aliens: WOE Search Engine Phrases

Now and then I like to check out the search engine phrase stats for my blogs, just to see what I can see. Here are some for WOE that I thought were intriguing:

Sexy Witches

A popular interest, it seems. We have:
sexy witches in history
sexy witches

Robot Women
perfect woman robot
robot perfect-woman
"Perfect Woman" robot (I’m glad they put “perfect woman” in quotes)

Some prefer sexy fairies to sexy witches:
sexy women fairy art
fairies sexy


bigfoot in the sistine chapel -- now, that is certainly unique!

Sexy Witches, Fairies and Now We Have:

alein (sic) sex slave ebooks -- which gives me a fantastic idea! Who wants in? Seriously, lol.
"alien abductions" "true confessions" -- see, told you! True Confessions of Alien Sex Slaves, a new ebook by Regan Lee. I’m loving it.

demons farting -- well, that’s specific.

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