Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mom Has A Blog!

My mother is eighty years old. She has Web TV, and decided she wanted to start writing reon-line. We couldn't do the blog thing, since Web TV is limited. But we figured out she can use their web page feature. So mom is now ranting away, mostly about politics. She's titled her page Why? . . . thoughts from an angry old woman. Go mom! I love it.

I had to laugh at one of her recent entries, about McCain:
campaign strategy? why in almost all of McC.'s public appearances is he accompanied by or introduced by Senior Barbie? It is rather fun, though, to watch for the different hair styles and wardrobe changes....and I'm sure that all those women out there who are working two jobs to put food on the table,gas in the car and trying to make the rent are equally amused.

"Senior Barbie," I love it. And my mom knows first hand all about working two jobs and trying to take care of a family with little help from outside . . .

A big thank you to Alfred Lehmberg, who sent me these images the other day. I love them! Thanks Alfred!

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