Tuesday, June 30, 2009


It happened again today. I was sitting on my deck typing on my laptop when I became aware of an agitating noise in the background. I did not notice it at first. You need to be in a setting without television or any type of background noise going on. There in silence you can hear it.

I do not hear this hum all the time. In fact I only recall a few other times at best when I have heard it. It is not loud or offensive. It is however annoying and nerve breaking if it goes on too long.

I also heard this noise a few weeks ago. I was sitting reading in my screened porch when I became aware of this grating non-stop humming. It is a mix of a dull diesel truck idling in the distance and the rumbling of an oil burner in your basement. It is a deep dull husky humming that can last for hours and soon lean on your last nerve causing an annoying thumbing that can drive you up a wall.

I did today what I did the day in my porch. I stopped what I was doing grabbed my car keys and went hunting along the roads and backwoods where I live looking for the source of this annoying noise. I was not able to concentrate on what I was doing as the constant dull pounding of this hum was driving me crazy so I drove around trying to find out what it was.

I would drive and stop drive and stop- turn off my car and stand in the road and listen. I followed the humming sound trying to locate the source or direction it was coming from only to find I was driving in circles. I could not find what was causing this hum and could not find a definite direction for its source. This throbbing low constant hum seemed to be everywhere yet nowhere. It was very frustrating.

I recalled reading of others who had complained that they also were suffering from this annoying hum. I knew other people all over the world were hearing this noise and also unable to locate or figure out the source of the noise.

I recalled reading an article about a town in England where the hum has been keeping the residents awake for weeks at a time. It would stop for a while only to return again. The article reads:

A mysterious humming noise which kept residents of a Suffolk town awake at night for weeks has struck up again.’

I found other articles and you tubes explaining how people all over the earth are complaining about this mysterious hum. They also are not able to figure out the source.

Recently I read a article in which a doctor who could not find a reason to easily explain this annoying noise decided (as is the way with many things that are unknown)- that the noise is in peoples imaginations. He decided they should all simply meditate the annoying hum away. I must admit this was without question the word of one who has not experienced this annoying drumming hum.

I returned home today after searching for the mysterious hum to find both my best friend and my sister sitting on my deck waiting for me. I had left in a hurry leaving my ice tea and sandwich sitting with my open running laptop on the patio table. It made them wonder where I was and gave them cause to sit and wait for me to return.

My sister had arrived first. Before I could say where I had been she asked me what that noise was. She said she noticed it as she sat waiting for me. She looked around to see if she could see a truck or some type of machinery nearby but did not notice anything. My friend arrived shortly after my sister and also remarked about the strange noise that seemed to be coming from everywhere yet not belong to anything.

I explained I was out searching for the root of that annoying rumble. I told them how I searched high and low yet found nothing that was making this background growl we all now sat listening to. I thought about the doctor who decided the sound was a fabrication of our minds and wondered how I managed to have this sound heard by both my sister and friend unless we were all having a united massive hallucination!

Throwing that idea out the window I went back to wondering exactly what was causing this hum that comes from nothing and goes with the wind. It seems to be notorious world wide for coming and going at a whim, which makes it all the more mysterious. My sister who lives about ten miles from my house told me she has heard the same hum a few times in her own yard. It is an odd occurrence that I truly have no answer to.

I have read of all kinds of explanations from high-tension wires (I have none of those near my home) to UFO’s. While discussing this on my deck as we listened to it today my friend thought maybe it was coming from below, like digging under ground or tunneling. That sent a chill down my spine as I could only wonder who or what would be doing that.

I have no ideas why I have joined many others out there who at times suffer from the annoying throbbing of this low humming noise. All I know is sometimes I hear it and when I do it is annoying.

I am curious how many others out there are also hearing this humming where they live or work? I wonder if they also are unable to locate the source of the noise. If so I would love to know about it.

For now pay attention to your surroundings and the things you hear in the dead of night. Who knows -when your least expecting it- you too may hear the mysterious earth wide sound of ‘The Hum.’

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For all the Vamps, an interesting article by Allen Greenfield.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What's Going on With the Weather?

Freak Beijing storm turns day into night

Day turns to night as a storm sweeps across Beijing in China just before midday on June 16, 2009.

Day turns to night as a storm sweeps across Beijing in China just before midday on June 16, 2009. (June 16, 2009, 6:07 pm)

I don't know about the weather where you live but here on Long Island New York it is really strange.

Over my lifetime I cannot recall a time when I was still wearing a jacket in the middle of June. We are not able to go side to do anything summer like as it has been raining every day now for weeks. Our pools sit unused and our beaches deserted.

We have thunderstorms now that are low and frightening. I have had cracks of lightning over my house that nearly threw me out of my chair they were so loud, close and violent. The few days we did have sunshine were so cold I needed a blanket wrapped around me as I tried to sit on my deck to read with a hot cup of tea at my side. The birds I once listened to daily this time of year are silent and hiding. I imagine they are as confused as I am about this crazy weather.

I read the other day that New Jersey had a hailstorm that was so severe they needed to bring out the snow equipment to clear the road in some places. I have to wonder what in the world is going on?

I have a sister who has a science background who has always been interested in clouds and would talk about them ever since we were children. She knew what kinds looked what way and what caused each type to develop.

The last few years my sister has been telling me that she thinks that something is wrong with the clouds. She told me the clouds look fake to her and are not at the normal height in the sky. I am not one to know exactly what cloud I am looking at, but have noticed, once she mentioned it, that some days the sky looked as if it came out of a painting rather then the easy soft flow of mother nature. There seemed to be a stiffness to them. A perfection that was not completely normal. They did not float along as I remembered watching as a child but then again- I am not sure, as I am not a cloud expert.

The fact that the strange spraying that has been going on in our skies for years still continues to this very day makes me wonder if it is in someway connected to this crazy weather. The planes that fly out of the normal travel lanes who crisscross each other leaving miles of long trails of cloud like material that turn different colors, multiply in size and drift over the land for the entire day. I wonder if that is connected to this strange new climate?

It is impossible for me to not consider this, as this spraying has become routine where I live. The only thing that is ridiculous about the spraying going on over our heads is that some people still try to hold onto the cry "It is normal jet traffic con trails."

I think even the most stubborn of us who refuse to acknowledge this ongoing spraying as a man made venture that is not normal contrails are the same who are not able to answer simple questions. If this is from normal air traffic why is it not seen every day or on days with the same exact climate and temperatures? Why are the planes doing this not seen in the normal jet lanes of plane traffic? Lastly why do the contrails of normal air traffic dissipate while the abnormal spraying being done lasts for an entire day and fans out to form long lasting colorful clouds? I know many refuse to deal with this subject however by the many emails I have received on this issue I know a huge amount of the public realize this is strange and are concerned.

So here I sit in the middle of June with the windows closed, the heat on and my yard looking more like early November then June. I think it is obvious I have considered that this odd weather has some connection to the years of spraying that has been going on over our heads.
It is well known that the weather can be manipulated. In China it is done openly. I am sure it is a practice that takes place all over the world at this point. I just wonder how good we are at controlling something that Mother Nature may have wanted to handle on her own?

I just read that seven people died in Beijing China the other day as a odd storm with huge black clouds over took Beijing, the headline read:

“The storms were expected to affect western and northern Xingjian, most part of Inner Mongolia, northeast China and north China.
Today's extreme weather follows yesterday's hailstorms across eastern China's Anhui province, which killed 14 people and injured more than 180, AFP reports.
Anhui's Civil Affairs Bureau said that more than 10,000 people were evacuated and nearly 9,700 houses collapsed in yesterday's severe storm.
Anhui was struck by hail and winds of up to 104 kilometers per hour, causing $82 million worth of damage.
A similar hailstorm struck the region in the first week of June, killing 23 people and injuring more than 200.
Officials have warned residents that more dangerous weather could follow.”

I realize we are heading towards many changes as we enter into new cycles and watch the old ones slip away. I am aware that we are due to enter a time of new galactic alignment and new positioning in our own solar system. I understand that we are due to have a pole reversal as well as on the path of enduring changes with the sun causing flares that will knock out our electric and communication abilities plus much more.

I am aware that the climate is going to change and has been changing however I wonder if we are not sticking our fingers in this already tumultuous world by manipulating the weather? If so it appears we are not too good at it!

I hear all kinds of theories about this wild weather from the standard global warming right to those who feel aliens are changing our weather patterns. I recently listened to two people discuss the fact that the weather may have been made cooler in order to contain the swine flu outbreaks in some heavily populated areas where they were having lots of cases breakout. I listened as they talked about the concern of the virus becoming over powering once the summer heat hit the area. I wondered if there could be any truth in that idea at all?

All I know is that I live in a place where every June I would be spending most of my day outside in the sun - sitting by the pool or walking on the beach. This year I wear my jeans with a sweater and wonder if I will ever get to take a swim or wear my shorts this year at all? I understand in two weeks time it may be hot and normal as all our other July's but so far- this summer is the best fall weather we have had in years!

I have no idea what is going on with the weather. I just know it is not like it once was.
Be careful out there- the new lightning is dangerous and hitting places it never hit before. As always pay attention to your surroundings and understand it is not the same world it use to be.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Binnall of America: Great Stuff!!!!!

From the women at Binnall (me, Lesley, Richelle Hawks, Tina Sena, Lasha Seniuk and A.M. Murphy) we have:
Lesley's Grey Matters column: Dulce - Nothing is New, which addressed the point that, regardless of whether or not there is a government-alien base underground, there is a history of very weird events going on in the area, and have been going on for some time. Lesley also looks at cow mutilations, and recent theories about the cause.

Richelle Hawks has a great piece. Leave it to Richelle to make connections between fashion, Japanese culture, WWII, and Lolita: Occult Exchanges: Manga, Lolita Fashion, and the Bomb

The newest contributors to Binnall are A.M. Murphy, and I like her first two articles very much. Her recent column is titled Everything You Wanted to Know About Channeling (But Were Afraid to Ask) and Lasha Seniuk, her latest is Where Does Your Naga Hide? which, for many reasons, is an extremely cool and powerful article.

In fact, it seems that Binnall has given us the gift of not only esoteric writers, but spiritual writers. Reading Lasha and A.M. Murhpy, (and experiencing other events that I won't go into) I realized I do a lot of slightly embarrassed half-assed apologizing for my so-called New Age self, if you want to use that term. My insecurities and problem. No more. I've moved on a bit... more on that in future columsn for BOA, maybe. Who can say.

Tina Sena writes about The Way of the Sword, and in the piece, Tina has a very interesting take on the symbolism on The Tree of Life.

My latest is on a haunted hotel in the coastal town of Newport in Oregon at the unique Sylvia Beach Hotel.

Aside from us dames, there are other great contributors at Binnall; Richard Thomas, who writes a lot on sci-fi, his latest is A Sci Fi Worlds Interview with Richard Holland. Thomas brings us a lot real gems via Binnall of America.

There are other columns worth checking out that aren't regular, but archived, like Wrath of Joe and Khyron.

Binnall also offers free podcasts with incredible guests, be sure to listen. I'm glad his latest is with the Swedish UFO researcher Clas Svahn; I think the UFO research in the U.S. ignores UFO research from other countries for the most part. Nice to have this available, even though I haven't had time to listen to it yet! But hopefully I'll get to it tonight!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mom has new rants up at "why? . . . thoughts of an angry old woman" -- I love her "far off the map of reality" comment.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On Alien Seeker News: "Giant Crab From Space: Adventures in a Trance State"

I have a new article up at Alien Seeker News. Don, the editor/publisher, did a great job with the graphic, and addition of a YouTube video about Adamski. Giant Crab From Space: Adventures in a Trance State.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing in a Paranormal Park

I write many stories about my childhood. During that time I lived in an area that was full of strange events and unusual sightings. I lived on Long Island in New York along the shores of Great River.

During those years we endured UFO sightings, lost time events and creatures creeping around, and in our homes. To this day all of it remains unknown, yet all of it happened. I recently read of a man who claimed to have been abducted about one block away from where I lived. In fact it was directly in front of my good child hood friend George’s house. I haven’t told George what I found out yet. I guess he will find out upon reading this story. George reads all my stories!

Back to that paranormal community and the park that bordered it. A beautiful park, large in mass, covered a huge portion of the river where we lived. The river ran out to the Great South Bay and then directly into the Atlantic Ocean. We were a perfect pit stop for anything unusual as we were a direct line in from the ocean and sandwiched between two huge forested park lands. The only people around were the small community where I lived.

The kids all used the parks as our private play lands. We would picnic, play, and run wild along the paths and wooded areas of the park along the river. Rarely did you see adults, just a few kids from the neighborhood playing. I would often set up my Barbie dolls and all their outfits and play for hours under a huge willow tree in one of these parks. This willow tree was close to a small outlet branch of the River. In this outlet lived a swan family with a huge nest built upon a small sand bar in the outlet. I would play for hours; the swans would float about or sit in the nest. The world seemed to be a happy place for us all.

One hot summers day I packed up my dolls, my lunch, some comics and my friend Melinda for a long lazy afternoon under that willow in the park. We arrived about noon, had our picnic, read a few comics and then got into some serious Barbie doll play! All seemed well until it happened.

Melinda noticed it first. She stood up and looked towards the river outlet and said, “ What’s that?” She was pointing towards the swans. I looked over towards her out stretched finger to see a ray of light. I stood also. The moment I stood up the swans started to squeal in a strange frantic manner. I never saw them or heard them do anything like it before. The light was odd. It was a color I had never seen before, or since. It was a neon type green. It was very bright, so bright it hurt to look at it. I immediately felt fear. The rays were reversed. They seemed to be coming up from the river instead of down from the sky. The swans were flapping and trying to fly away but seemed so disoriented all they seemed to do was flap around and into each other.

I became terrified and dropped my dolls to the ground and whispered to Melinda, “ We have to get out of here” she backed towards me and started to reach down for our belongings. I took her hand and said “Leave them, we will get them later.” I held her hand and we both slowly started to move towards the path. We hardly breathed. We moved very slowly as not to draw any attention from that light to us. We were on the path and moving away from the tree and light when we heard a low crisp clicking sound. It was a sound I have heard again over my life but this was my first experience encountering it. It sounded like a mix of a water sprinkler that clicks across the lawn and then returns; you know that click click click-mixed with the sound of bugs on a hot summers night. That is the best I can explain it.

The sound was coming closer and closer, the ray of light fanning out larger and larger, we were heading carefully away down the path towards the bigger path and then hopefully to the exit of the park.

As the sound of that clicking moved closer towards us through the woods along the path adjacent to the water, we picked up our speed until we

were both at a full run.

The faster we ran the louder the clicking. The ray of light was expanding so I could now see it over the treetops. I ran so fast and so hard I felt as if my heart would explode. I was completely terrified. Melinda was right besides me, she was sobbing in fear as we ran.

I knew we could not make it back to the main exit and pulled Melinda towards the fenced part of the park, which lined up along a main road back into our community. We hit the fence at a full run and scaled it with the clicking right behind our every step. We flew over the fence and tumbled both onto the main road. A neighbor lady nearly ran us over as we fell into the road right in front of her car. She slammed on her brakes avoiding hitting us by only a few feet. She started to yell at us but soon realized we were crying and frightened half to death. We started to cry that something was following us in the park. She loaded us into her car and drove us to my house.

My parents and Melinda’s both called the police and told them of something or someone chasing us in the park. My father and Melinda’s Dad returned to the willow tree with the police to look around and collect our dolls and items we left behind.

Our Dads came home with some of our things but told us most of the doll items were missing or burned. It seems when they arrived at the willow tree they found a large area of the ground covered with burn marks. My Dad told us it looked as if someone had a large charcoal fire right where we were playing. A few doll dresses and items were burned and the rest were simply missing. The swans were gone as well, nest and all. The police were going to investigate this happening with the Park. The Park closed and did not reopen until the following year. It was due to close in a few weeks but they moved up the closing date.

My parents inquired many times with the police and Park about what happened that day. They brushed it off and tried to make it somehow our fault. They felt it was just silly kids causing a uproar. They even accused us of starting the fire. Thank goodness our parents never believed that for a moment. After that day our parents never let either one of us near that park again.

What happened that day in that park is anyone’s guess. I know it was an encounter with the unknown. I also know I did the right thing and ran for my life and Melinda’s life. I feel fear every time I think of that day. One day I may go back and look at that old willow tree one more time. Up until now I have not had the courage.

Always pay attention to your surrounding. If your gut feeling is that something is not quite right, heed your intuition. And always, always out run the clicking!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Squidoo: Anima Esoterica

Visit my new Squidoo lens: Anima Esoterica.

Are We Jumping the Gun with Our Wanting to Know?

The entire world wants to know. Everyone wonders about life forms on other planets. We know many are intelligent and more advanced then earthlings. We know this as they are visiting us, and we are sitting here wondering if all those UFO’s are really there? Millions see them but still we wonder can this be true? Everyone wants to know are we really seeing crafts from another world? If so who is visiting us and where do they come from?

We search the Internet and we read the articles and reports of those who have seen or had contact with other life forms. We talk about it in places where no one important will hear us and shun any close and personal connection to the subject.

We either join in the laughter when topics like UFO’s or Aliens are brought up in open groups and behave badly towards those who may have had an encounter.

We can be brainwashed into being bullies and attack with ignorance what we do not understand. I am not sure why we do these things but we do. The one thing we do not do is use logic or look to increase our understanding of that which we do not know- yet we demand are the same creatures demanding disclosure. Sort of funny isn't it

How in the world can anyone think this society is ready for disclosure of subjects we are not even adult enough to openly discuss ?

How can we think this is possible when the only information found on subjects considered paranormal are on a few paranormal sites on the Internet or small TV series running weekly that dismiss as much as admit these things are occurring?

How can we ask for disclosure of earth shattering news when we are not able to think of or handle anything unknown in an intelligent manner? How can we anticipate expanding the unknown science of the paranormal into the world of known science when we cannot distinguish the events of space with that of fantasy,science fiction or entertainment?

Our news media will not touch any of these subjects. Our governments will not talk about these things. Our schools have nothing to do with these topics yet we think we are ready for it to be handed over full disclosure? Maybe I am confused but this certainly is not logical thinking.

Obviously the alien visitors do not want more contact. Trust me if they did we would have it. As it now goes is exactly how they wish it to be. Remember who is visiting whom and who can barely get off their own planet much less travel the cosmos.

Have you ever considered the fact that we as a planet could not defend our planet against anyone with the abilities to visit us? What could we do? Do you not think they could swat off our weapons and feeble methods of protection as if we were a annoying fly? Do you really think it would be a problem for those who can bend space or travel wormholes to defend against or over take us? Be honest here, do you really think we are ready as a civilization to take on the responsibility of dealing with advanced societies of beings we do not understand? Don’t you feel we would be far better to get our own act together on this planet before reaching out to others?

Our government’s only actions can be to keep this subject closed and to keep the visits controlled by going along with the alien’s agenda’s, not our need to know! What else can we do? Do you really feel we can have a say in things we completely do not understand? Really , who do you think is driving the alien agenda bus? I will give you a hint, it is not mankind and not human.

So here we sit, we earthlings, in the middle of the cosmos on a beautiful luscious globe called earth. We are new as an intelligent form of life compared to other parts of the universe with older globes and societies that may be millions of years older than ours. Here we sit, just walking out of the dark and we think we now should be out there messing in space. We should be given the secrets of space travel and ultimate energy. We humans who cannot stop killing one another or be trusted with the powers of our own planet and invention - we think we deserve to be handed over the energy advancements of the universe ? We can not be trusted with our own power, do you really think another life form would want to be involved with such a violent primitive species? We are nowhere ready to join our cosmic brothers, we can barely live among our own fellow humans. To hope for full disclosure so we can tap into the technology of those visiting us , well, the idea to me is really rather frightening. We need to grow up first.

I have been reading all kinds of things about how everyone demands it is time for us to know. I also read statements of drooling humans who talk about the desire they have to understand and be able to posses the technology and energy that those who visit us from vast distances must have in order to cross huge areas of space in crafts the size of large buildings at incredible speed. I say again giving mankind that knowledge in our present state of evolution is simply frightening. It would be a fast track to our complete devastation.

To be rather frank the idea of that being placed in the hands of the greedy, hate filled war like, killing dog humans that populate this beautiful planet is just terrifying. Can you imagine how quickly that information could be used to completely destroy not only this great planet but also every living creature on it? I have no great need to quench my curiosity about our visitors until we can become better beings. The day we stop killing each other in non-stop wars or self-inflicted civil unrest for me needs to come first. We need to be united before reaching out to the unknown.

Living in a world where so much hate penetrates our daily lives is not a time for reaching out to other civilizations we may not be able to handle.

As it stands we live on a planet that has one thing going for it that we can count on. War! We spend a great deal of our tax money, resources and thought concerning killing other earthlings. When we are not out right killing each other we spend our time in hate. Do I need to spell that scenario out for you? Simply hit any populated area at rush hour and jump on any busy highway system and just soak in the love! If this is not enough human behavior for you tune in one of the political driven talk or news shows, or visit an Internet chat room. The nature of the beast shows clearly in all these places.

If that has you confused look at the economy and think about the word greed! Am I making my point yet? If not lets talk world hunger, disease or climate and natural disasters. All of these things need work. Our work. They are all earth problems driven by and caused by the earth dwellers or mother earth’s natural cycles. The black and white of it is we do not have control of this planet; thinking of jumping the gun to other places and becoming involved with other beings for me is just a bit premature.

Lets think about the beings that do visit this planet from who knows where? We know nothing about them but the fact they are more advanced. We also can assume they have mastered the need for energy not only for their own planet but maybe their entire solar systems. The beings visiting us can master whatever energy source needed to either travel through the universe in methods we are too dumb to understand or to bend space and maybe even time. We are clueless but we are reckless and dangerous as the conditions on our planet have proven and off we go demanding we be told what we are not ready to handle…into the unknown- headfirst!

I think we need to straighten out our act here on earth before busting out into the cosmos. We do not have a stable planet. We do not have a stable society. We are too busy fighting each other to ever consider taking on the unknown. We cannot yet discuss these things without having them sadly mixed up with fantasy or considered a laugh factory. How about we get serious about how we feel about the topics of UFO visitation and alien visitors as a society before demanding disclosure. As it is a great deal of the public does not what to consider these things to be true, or will they discuss it. Lets tackle those roadblocks before unleashing the dam!

Who knows what type of hornets nest we may shake up reaching into the unknown when we have no ability to defend our planet from what we may find? How can we think anyone would give us the facts when most of us simply could not handle them? We have miles to go as a civilization before we can demand to take on that which we simply do not understand. Lets prepare and become a more cohesive population before inviting the uninvited unknown into our lives.

Look, I want to advance as much as everyone else. I want to know who and what all the beings are that visit and intermingle with many of us. I just think we have some work to do here on the home front before we jump into areas we are not ready to handle.

We have a beautiful planet. It is a water covered gorgeous planet full of a life. I am sure that is why we have so many visitors. I also know we are lightweights in the cosmos community and are at the mercy of those who are further along the universal path then we are.

Frankly I am a bit nervous about what we may find or reach out and draw to us at this point in time.

I know we are not yet able at this point in time to protect this planet and mankind from what we may find. I am not sure we are doing the correct thing by beaming out to space directions to our planet without knowing who or what we are inviting back! I think we are way to pushy and far too unprepared for what we are doing with our attempts to reach out and become involved with our universe and neighbors.

I would be far more comfortable knowing we were more stable as a planet, able to work together as a species before inviting unknown creatures here or sending them invites to our homes in the middle of the night!

I would be far happier if we could learn to live together and work and FIGHT together as a life form before reaching out to large advanced civilizations. I think we need to clean up, bulk up and smarten up our own planet before taking on advanced older more complex societies.

It may be a crazy idea but how about trying to deal with those earthlings that are having encounters with those who visit us in a more civil and scientific manner here on earth before jumping out to the stars? Lets place some of our black project and space exploration money into following up and helping those who have had sightings, been abducted or have had lost time events. How about we figure out what is happening here on earth by those who are visiting before we jump the gun. How about we try to improve in an open intelligent way contact with those many of us do encounter? How about becoming beings that are better then the violent killing greedy monsters we appear to be? How about the best of mankind tries hard to reach the rest of mankind so we can be worthy of joining the universal community?

I know what I am writing today will make many people very angry. I understand that we all want to know who and what it is many of us see. I understand that our curiosity is eating at many who simply really want to know what is going on. I too want answers. I too have questions however I am far more nervous about taking on what we cannot handle.

I have seen unknown crafts. I have had lost time events since I have been a small child. I have suffered and I do understand a great deal about other beings and the unknown subject of advanced life forms and our part in our relationship with them.

My opinion is that we need to grow to the point we can deal with these subjects in open adult like ways before reaching out for more information in this area. I know we need to advance as beings before taking on the involvement with those visiting us. I do not know what else to do but try to reason with those I can and warn those I cannot. In the matter of the paranormal and other life forms visiting this planet. I beg of you. Do not bite off more than you can chew. This planet is not ready.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Trickster's Realm: "Newport, Oregon: A Haunted Hotel?"

My Trickster's Realm column is up on Binnall of America, and this week I write about the wonderful and unique Sylvia Beach Hotel, and my experience walking around the haunted building. Newport, Oregon: A Haunted Hotel?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish for and Who You Invite Into Your Home in the Dead of Night!

If you consider the billions of stars that have billions of planets in the vast galaxies of the universe you can sort of figure out there are a few good chances not only that we have visitors from other places but most likely multi kinds of different life species visiting this planet.

In this universe there seems to be a positive and negative to all things. Dark and light, matter and antimatter, good and evil- you get the idea. I am sure this average of things follows along with other beings in this cosmos. I am sure just as on this planet with earthlings that there are good and bad aliens having both good and bad intentions towards others sharing the same universe.

Look at earth and the humans. We cannot get along on our own planet. I am sure for many others who may have evolved to a point of growth where they do not kill each other -our planet is extremely primitive. I am sure there are areas of the universe where solar systems exist that work and live in harmony. I also think there are areas that contain creatures as violent and ruthless as humans. I think we all exist, all are part of the big picture and we humans are simply not smart enough yet to understand it all.

With the warm weather coming in my part of the world I have been hearing whispers of plans of those who are interested in the subject of UFO’s and aliens making plans to gather together and go UFO hunting.

I think that keeping a watchful eye on the sky is a good thing to do. In fact I think if you watch long enough you will without question see something unknown and unexplained.

I also have heard about those who want to alone or in a group try to attract aliens so they can have a visit with them.

This is where I become concerned and this is where I have to drop my two cents down on the idea of calling out to the unknown with open arms.

I have been told about groups planning to meet on beaches, along open fields, in mountain ranges- all with the intention of drawing aliens to them. I have been told of groups planning to use group telepathic methods, all the way to using codes or flashes of light . I understand the over whelming desire to want to know the unknown but I also know that these practices are not safe in fact could be very dangerous.

Going back to my understanding of how this universe seems to be set up I will remind you that as sure as you are that there are aliens visiting us with good intentions there are also those who simply do not care one way or the other about our needs or desires and even others who would scoop you up to never be seen again.

I wonder if those who are inviting the unknown into their lives also open up all the windows in their house, throw all the doors open – unlocked before going to bed?

I wonder how many of the people reaching to alien contact simply open up their homes, cars, kids rooms, older parents houses, and leave it to fate to see who walks into their lives? Chances are a neighbor you know may wander by, or a nice guy who likes to collect ant farms. Maybe a number of nice lovely people will end up sitting in your living room however chances also may be you find a deranged, deadly dangerous wild man or a distraught woman who enjoys hanging kittens sitting on the end of your bed!

It would be a dangerous crazy thing to keep a open home offered to anyone who passes and it is a dangerous thing to invite other species from the unknown into your life without proper precautions.

I am curious on how you can tell what kind of alien you are hailing? What makes humans think that only the good ones will answer their call? How do you know what will respond to such invitations? What is your plan to deal with something from the unknown that you may find standing in front of you on a lonely beach, road or hilltop that may not be friendly or kind?

I know that many types of intelligent life forms had to develop throughout the universe. I also am aware we are on the lower level of the intelligent being ladder. As I always tell my fellow earthlings, before you feel all knowing and powerful remember who is visiting whom!

I am sure among the many forms of intelligent life in our universe many are kind benevolent beings curious to what we are doing on our planet. I read once that during an alien encounter a woman asked the alien standing before her what they thought of what we humans were doing to our planet. She claims the alien answered “It isn’t what your doing to your planet that concerns us as much as what your doing to each other!”

I think that aliens are not humans. I think humans need to stop giving aliens human qualities and characteristics that belong to the human species. I encounter time after time groups of humans who try to mold aliens and alien intentions into human behavior or emotions. Humans can no more expect an alien to think, act of feel about life as a human does as we can figure out what they think or feel or accept as normal.

Simply understand an Alien is NOT a human – so stop thinking and wanting to treat them that way.

Aliens may not grasp pain, or love or intrusion of personal space, or the idea that being taken against ones will is wrong. Aliens may not understand humans need to eat and have water requirements daily or that giving birth is painful. Aliens may not relate to mothers loving and wanting their own babies or families living together. Aliens may have no idea of personal choice or will – aliens are not humans so do not anticipate your meeting one will fit in with any human like agenda you have concluded in your wish to visit with one. Encounters with aliens are encounters with those we know nothing about who are not human. You must understand that. Be it good or bad you are not going to meet a perfected human you are going to meet something non-human.

I am aware I have said these things many times before however I am also aware that many simply refuse to use logic and common sense in this area and continue to spin fantasy and want before reason and safety when it comes to other life forms. Wanting something is one thing- being logical and based in reality when dealing with the unknown is another. Do not confuse your love for a fantasy world presented via Hollywood and many fanciful media outlets as fact. Fact is staring dead into black eyes of a unknown creature and having no idea what to do.

Knowing our cosmic neighbors can, will and for many already have been a wonderful adventure. It is a step on the way to belonging to our universal community for the human species.

I think this part of the growth in galactic belonging for humans needs to be handled with care and slowly as we are so vulnerable to those able to visit us while we sit stuck on our own planet.

It is only recently we earthlings have even thought about reaching past our own globe. We are being watched as we struggle but we are far from equal to those who visit and watch our progress.

The main thing we need to remember is that just because our visitors are technically advanced and older than our species that does not mean they are kind god like creatures with only our best intentions in mind. We have no idea what they think of what or us they intend to do with or about us!

It is obvious as it stands we are at the will and mercy of those visiting us. It is also obvious that there is more than one type of being visiting us. It is fair to say we are completely ignorant to whom these visitors are and who are ones we should cozy up to and which ones we should be careful in dealing with. As it stands we are clueless to these things.

Just as it is unlikely you are going to throw open your doors and windows in the dark of night while sending out inviting messages to who ever may wish to enter your home it is unwise to call out to other beings inviting them into your world, lives and homes.

Just as it would be dangerous to do among your fellow humans it is dangerous to do among your fellow cosmic neighbors. Can you be sure the nice guy down the street will show up with his wife and kids or the crazed serial ax murderer who has been hiding in the forest for the last 15 years? How would you know?

It also needs to be mentioned that it would be far easier once you did find yourself in a difficult position to defend against the ax murderer as I am positive you would have no defense against our technically advanced universal visitors.

I realize everyone wants to know the truth. I understand the world is now starting to look past its own borders of this planet and wants to expand into this huge universe we belong to. I get it that we are anxious and really curious but people- you need to do this with intelligence and care.

I look at it this way. When we are ready as a species of beings we will be introduced openly to those who visit us. As we stand, well we need a bit more work before we are cleaned up enough to meet the neighbors.

With the new cycles of the galaxy, solar system and our alignment in them comes the road to the end of times for many things on this earth. We will see changes and hard days ahead as well as the end of a dark period of hate and violence as we enter a new more balanced lighter time.

As we go down this road of the end of one cycle and the start of another we will all have choices to make about how we will live, think, behave and evolve. I think once we find our roads and begin anew we will then be on our way to joining others who also are living and experiencing this universe along with us.

Until then, be careful whom you invite home to meet the family and please be careful out there. There are many beings out there in this universe and we are just one small part of it. Walk softly and slowly down your unknown roads. It is better to see the path clearly then to jump without care off the cliff.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A.M. Murphy: New BOA Contributer

Tim Binnall's Binnall of America has a new writer: A.M. Murphy, who has a great first article for her "Not Always So" column. In her first column -- Perilous Objects and Ghostly Handprints:
Women in Esoterica
-- Murphy discusses women in esoteric research. While it's obvious that women have always been in the background of UFO, paranormal and Fortean studies, a subtle contradiction is at work. Women have always been firmly entrenched in esoterica; some could say the anima is of that world, hence, the on-going war from the male view against the "divine feminine." Murphy writes:
Women are still not well-represented among UFOlogists or cryptozoologists, but our leadership in the esoteric field literally goes back to prehistory. We belong here.

Graham Hancock writes about female handprints that appear in shamanic cave art from 30,000 years ago, at the very dawn of human consciousness. In the caves at Delphi, generations of female oracles are believed to have squatted over a rift in the rock, inhaling hallucinatory gases that wafted up from the belly of the earth. The Delphic oracles were routinely consulted by heads of state, as was a Biblical prophetess named Deborah who literally led 10,000 men to victory in battle.

Murphy goes on to cite more examples, following a history beginning with cave paintings to the present, along with the still very much present intent of many cultures and religions to virtually annihilate the feminine within the esoteric.