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From Tarotize: Calling All Seers, Oracles and Prophets!

I was pretty surprised -- thought not really since of course I've long ago come to expect synchronicities -- to read this post from Lisa Lloyd at Tarotize:Tarotize: Calling All Seers, Oracles and Prophets! I've been discussing this and going through this very issue intensely the past couple of days.
I believe that we, as tarot readers, need to stop belittling ourselves and our skills. We are seers and have skills and talents that people need. We are psychically and metaphysically in the know. And if we have honed those skills, we are able to help people tremendously in their day-to-day lives as well as when they are undergoing traumatic events. If you are a tarot reader and not willing to step up to the position of spiritual guide, then please put your cards away.

You were drawn to use the Tarot (or the Runes, Playing Cards, Dice, Pendulum, Tea Leaves etc) as part of your calling.

Said calling is Divine and ordained by the Everlasting.

You have a gift. It is unique. It helps you connect the dots between seen and unseen worlds. Not everyone can do this. Not everyone wants this gift. But every single soul on this planet will need this gift at one point or another in their lives. This is where you come in.

Thank you Lisa. And I love that image she used on her blog, which is why I've stolen it and posted it here. :)

Vintage Fortune Telling Images

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, and always has been. I love the smell of dead leaves and the pattern of branches against a grey sky, and the chilly breezes that make it possible to wear all my favorite sweaters again. The colors are amazing -- vivid blue skies, bright white clouds, glowing orange pumpkins and intense purple asters.

I especially love Halloween itself. It's so much fun dressing up in costume, decorating, carving Jack-O-Lanterns and eating baked pumpkin seeds. I also love spending the weeks leading up to Halloween wallowing in ghost stories, ideally on a cold, rainy day with a candle next to me, a cup of fragrant hot tea in my hand, and a warm, snoring cat on my lap.

There's a deeper layer to common Halloween images. When we dress up as ghosts, we should look at ourselves and make sure we aren't really the same, just existing after the life has left us. Are we doing the work we love? Are we surrounded by people we love? Do we spend our time doing things that matter to us, with passion?

How about zombies? They're pretty hip these days, and not only in the movies. Look around -- we're all the walking dead in some ways, not even seeing the world around us, only plugged in to our cell phones and laptops. Take a moment sometime to turn off your phone and go for a walk, really experience the beauty around you. Feel the spirit on the wind, let it rush through you and enervate you.

Don't be a Frankenstein monster, either. As we grow, we all look around at other people, see what we like and what we admire, and try to incorporate those qualities into ourselves. That's normal. But be careful not to overdo it -- you don't want to end up as a hodgepodge of pieces taken from others, animated with some sort of artificial life that allows you to shamble through your day, but lacking the grace that comes from your own inner light.

Letting your inner light shine will also keep you from becoming a vampire. It's great fun to put on white makeup (with or without sparkles!) and red lipstick and fake fangs. But while you're spending time with others, learning from them what you want to create in your own life, use your own energy to do it -- don't draw it off from others. When you're in touch with your own bliss, energy overflows and you have more than enough to do all you want and to share. That's how you know you're on the right track. If you're not feeling that, try different things until you do feel it. You owe it to the world -- others are counting on you to show them how to find their own inner joy as well!

This Halloween, take a moment to breathe, to feel the energies of the earth and the cosmos, to get in tune with it. Take advantage of the waning moon and the shortening days to listen to your own intuition and to learn who you really are behind the mask. In the spring, when the tides turn again, you'll be able to sprout your new self, to come to fruition in the new year. That's what all good witches know -- and it's perfectly okay to be one of them.  :)

Happy Halloween!

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Oral Sex, Yoga, and God's Eternal Wrath: Inside the New Hipster Megachurch That Tells Modern Women to Submit | Alternet

When I saw the link with headline on Facebook (Andrew Colvin's Mothy Talk to be precise) I thought it was, well, not what it is. You have to love the name game juxtaposition-synchronicity of the place: Mars Hill. Oral Sex, Yoga, and God's Eternal Wrath: Inside the New Hipster Megachurch That Tells Modern Women to Submit | Alternet
The church’s blend of pop culture and strict Calvinist doctrine allows congregants to occupy a unique, rebellious niche between middle-aged conservative Christians and their secular liberal contemporaries. Mars Hill members talk about sex, drink alcohol, get tattoos, and swear. They listen to Fleet Foxes; they love Star Wars and graffiti art. They also believe homosexuality is a sin, men are meant to lead, and wives must submit to their husbands as the church submits to God.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stuart Wilde: 'Harry Potter & The Globlet of Filth'

I haven't read any of the books Wilde comments on; neither the Shades of Grey trilogy or Rowlings' The Casual Vacancy. But both offend Wilde:

Harry Potter & The Globlet of Filth | Stuart Wilde | The Official Author Website: you see the S and M filth you spread to turn a buck, and the degradation of the feminine spirit you promoted, and God she says to you, “What was this disgusting performance of yours for greed, fame and notoriety? Explain yourself.”

One could only truly comment after reading the books for themselves, but it isn't a given that something is a "...degradation of the feminine spirit..." if it's erotica, or "soft porn."  I have no idea if either author does, as Wilde believes, "degrade the feminine spirit" (and what of the male spirit?)  since I haven't read the books mentioned. I am always a bit amused when a male decides what is "degrading" to a female. Let us judge that for ourselves. Even then, that will invite passionate debate. One's enjoyable sexual exploration is another's horror.

Juxtaposed with Wilde's comments is his promo for his own work:
Masculine and Feminine Spirituality by Stuart Wilde
“With verve and confident authority, Stuart Wilde speaks on the innate duality weaving through our spiritual and sexual lives as he guides you into worlds of mysticism. He gives you insights on how to tap into the power of the ancients…”

With "verve" and "confident authority"?? That reeks of patriarchal self-assurance.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Home Alone at Sanctuary

A true ghost story by my friend Sandy Penny.  Enjoy!
Home Alone at Sanctuary | Sun Manor Sanctuary

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flying Monkeys!

Alfred Lehmberg: UFOs In Particular...

Friend of Women of Esoterica Alfred Lehmberg writes yet another wonderful piece on what will go on in UFO Land. Posted at, among other places, UFO Proletariat, Lehmberg writes on the whys of so-called "carnival" characters within UFOlogy.The UFO Proletariat: UFOs In Particular...
The ostensibly "serious" and "respected" learned of our torrid and anxious community decries the "carnival atmosphere" of studies "paranormal" in general and UFOs in particular. These persons aforementioned—self-assured that they are at the cutting edge of reasonable entelechy—bemoan the tolerated huckster. They lament the lack of qualified peer review. They weep regarding the "provoked disinterest of mainstream science." Finally, they rather toothlessly bewail the incorrigibly inconsistent and even damaging protocols employed by suspicious "amateurs" in the field. How dare they?

Continuing, Lehmberg offers us a theory:
All have their personal favorites, from Meier to Greer et al. We all know who "they" are or have been, and many of us attendant to the "paranormal" have even been labeled, ourselves, rightly or wrongly, as "hucksters,"—or worse—at one time or another. But why are these "first-wash hoaxsters" with us, at all, those who seem to—so inexplicably—rise again from "complete discredit's" blazing censure bonfire; how do they return and then puzzlingly linger?

I think I can offer a reasonable answer. Here it is: These rise again, return and linger quite simply, reader, because there is nothing or no one of effectual quality—as might be provided by credentialed academia or qualifying authority—to take their place! Yes. The officiators of our mainstream society—ironically compiling and providing for their own discredit—remain very suspiciously moot on these compelling subjects, except to cast moronic, unimaginative, and non-scientific aspersions on same. ...And what's up with that?

Consider, reader, the current skepti-puppy "darling," Bow-Tied Bill Nye—The (erstwhile) "Science Guy." In a nutshell, Nye does not read "UFO Dean" Stanton Friedman's books, for example, because Friedman's books are, in the words of uber-skeptic Michael Shermer, "...Ridiculous nonsense apart from good science and a distracting foolishness serving only for the destruction of same."

But I don't want to hijack or give away, nor dilute by editing. So read it for yourself, in its entirety.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ancient Mysteries Tonight on Coast to Coast AM

Tonight, on C2C, host George Noory with guest Adrian Gilbert.Ancient Mysteries - Shows - Coast to Coast AM:
One of the world’s foremost researchers and writers on the subject of ancient mysteries, Adrian Gilbert, will discuss the magical powers of objects such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Stone of Destiny, which he claims is linked to the pyramids of Egypt, and the Druids.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

UFO Magazine: Adam Gorightly Interview with UFO Researcher/Contactee Cherry Hinkle

Adam Gorightly has a good piece over at the UFO Magazine blog. It's an interview with UFO researcher Cherry Hinkle, who's been looking into UFOs for a very long time. Hinkle is both a researcher and a contactee. UFO Magazine - UFO Magazine Blog - From Jahel to Dulce: The Fascinating Life of Cherry Hinkle.

I have been a contactee since a preschool child. Beings contacted me every two years; no matter if I lived in the United States or elsewhere. At the age of 8, I was reading the works of Madame Helene Blavatsky, and understanding the occult. The unusual and the paranormal was my average day.

By the early 1960’s I had already experienced enough unusual events that I felt confident I would never be unnerved by a strange event. But I was mistaken.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Artist MIchele Witchipoo: The Three of Swords

The Three of Swords, by Michele Witchipoo

Michele Witchipoo is an artist; comic books, creator of Psycho Bunny,
and more. She recently shared her version of The Three of Swords, minor arcana Tarot. I like it; if there's a deck coming from Witchipoo, I'm going to order it!

Visit her site; she has lots of artwork and you can order Psycho Bunny, among others, as well as commission art work.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When is a Tarot Deck Not a Tarot Deck?

When is a Tarot Deck Not a Tarot Deck?
The definition of a tarot deck varies quite a bit from person to person. The bare bones definition is a deck of 78 cards: 22 majors and 56 minors (of four suits, ace – 10, and four courts per suit).

There have been, historically, deviations. An example is a Minchiate deck, which has 40 majors, plus the Fool. Modern deck designers have played with this structure as well, sometimes adding a few cards to the majors or adding a court to the minors, or even an entire fifth suit. Some would argue these are not tarot decks.

I've never considered it much of an issue; a Tarot deck is a deck that follows the rules mentioned at the top of the article. I use the term "oracle decks" -- such as the Druid Animal deck, among others, -- to describe cards used in readings, but just not strictly a Tarot deck. I often prefer oracle decks; this fit my style, more fluid. But of course I used Tarot as well!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Occult Aspects of 9/11 : Federal Jack

The Occult Aspects of 9/11 : Federal Jack

image from

(FEDERALJACK) On this edition of DTRH Popeye goes over the occult aspects of 9/11 with guest Mark Passio exposing that it was more than just a false flag terror attack, it was a massive ritual with the victims being a blood sacrifice with the intent to destroy “CARE” otherwise known as the sacred feminine. Take the time to listen to this broadcast so you can have a full understanding of what happened that day and what has been going on since. The pictures that appear are the slides that Mark Passio references during the interview, so they are in the video and posted below the video as a visual for the listener.

Slide show of imagery at link. Worth exploring.