Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lesley Gunter Interview with Jon Ronson

In the current issue of UFO Magazine, (which is a great issue, very strange and out there -- in a good way -- ) Lesley Gunter interviews Jon Ronson, author of The Men Who Stare at Goats. Very interesting article; I appreciated Lesley's thoughtful and substantial questions.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Nymphomaniac Vampire of Wolfgang Schloss

The Nymphomaniac Vampire of Wolfgang Schloss on SuperNatural ParaNormalities. I found this on the blog entries at The Daily Grail.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Fear, Wonder and Control: Global Staging

I consolidated and slightly altered a few posts that I entered earlier today at my blogs UFO Mary and Octopus Confessional. The past month or so the world has been witness to some unusual events; signs in the sky, attempts at toppling authorities, and the implementation of control and fear from the infrastructure, who, I suspect, are responsible for such seemingly disconnected events.

Red Hooded Woman and Nigerian Bomber

A strange incident, that seems odder still when juxtaposed with other odd events this holiday season; the attempted bombing of Northwest Flight 253 in particular.

Both incidents served to grab international attention during a time when many of us are vulnerable emotionally and spiritually; we're amped up at this time of year on many levels. Add to this mix international travel; people dependent on the whims and fates of weather, airport security, government, flight arrivals and cancellations. . .

The Pope, during the Christmas Day blessing, was attacked by a young woman in a red hooded sweatshirt. The woman had climbed over a barrier and managed to pull the Pope to the ground; however, the Pope was unharmed. Reports say the woman was mentally unstable. Interesting for the above reasons but also in context of the attack two weeks earlier on the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi's attacker, it's been reported, also has mental problems.

One of the things to emerge from these incidents --  the bombing attempt, the attacks on the Pope and Silvio Berlusconi --  is the reminder from authority of the need for tighter security. Homeland Security was lightening quick in its announcements for newer, stricter security edicts, which have already been put in place. Along with these even more restrictive rules is the urging of Homeland Security for the use of body scanners in airports.

As to the failed bombing attempt by Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, there's further support for the sleeper agent scenario: Abdulmutallab told authorities "operatives" in Yeman gave him the explosives. The US attacked Yemen on December 19th.

Whether intentionally planned by the Global Cabal (you know, "Them,") or the Trickster in our face, there are esoteric elements all over these events. Two mentally unstable people, a  woman in her twenties wearing a hood that's red, (Christmas color, blood, sacrifice, wanton woman,) the inept would be airplane bomber from Nigeria, (the Nigerian e-mail spam scams,) Christmas Day, (world peace, love, goodwill to men, religion. . . ) the Pope, (authority, religion, spiritual control, sexual control, Nazis,) the Vatican,(more control and authority infrastructure, hidden treasures and secrets, power, global presence) and Kafka-esqe rules that are, we're  told,to keep us safe, but really serve to humiliate and control.

These incidents seem unconnected and maybe they are; but they all happened on the global stage, during a time of global sharing and unity, and where travel is at its highest on a world wide level. Institutions were attacked: the Pope/Vatican, (and two weeks previously, Italy's PM, another authority) and an airline, directly involving Homeland Security.

The BVM Returns to Egypt
The BVM made an appearence  in Egypt this month:Virgin Mary appearing in Egypt?
Hundreds, if not thousands, have been lining up for hours every night at the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in a Cairo neighborhood just off the Nile. Many of them claim that a mysterious light hovering above the church's domes is an apparition of the Virgin Mary who will bring Christian Copts prosperity and relief in a time of national and religious struggle.
The crowds began appearing Thursday evening when a number of residents spotted a flickering light. No one was sure where the illumination was coming from, and word quickly spread that the light took the shape of the Virgin Mary wearing a blue gown and standing in the sky between the church's two high crosses.
There is a video clip at the above link on, with a link to the following clip on YouTube:

The image shown reminded me of the BVM's appearence, which the article mentions,  in Zeitun, Egypt, from 1968 to 1971. Similar white, cut-out type figure, and pigeons. Pigeons are mentioned in the recent BVM apparition as well:
The scene on Saturday was huge when we saw the lightning and white pigeons flying around us. White pigeons always accompany apparitions like these," one Copt told The Times.
Watching the clip shown here, an orange light can be seen flickering off towards the end of the clip, as if the image of Mary was being projected from that source.

Coming in on the heels of other recent weirdness in the world, this BVM apparition doesn't seem to be a paranormal event, but part of this staging on a global level. Signs in the skies: UFOs for the saucer heads (Kremlin, etc.) blue spirals in Norway for the skeptics and rational, the BVM for the religious. And to keep us on our toes, failed Nigerian bombers and attacks on Italian authorities; the Pope, again performed for the religious, the Prime Minister for the rest of us.

Control, fear and wonder all at once. All are distractions, seemingly without connection to each other. Year end strangeness; it appears to be a bit much.

Red Hooded Woman Synchronicity
After I had posted these entries, I watched the movie Inkheart after dinner.  I had a jolting moment of synchronicity when, during the opening scene, where the character is reading to his daughter, a red cape and hood float down from the sky and fly about, landing outside their window.

Detroit attack: terrorist once again confounds airport securityChristmas assault on pope in St Peter’s

United States Attacks Yemen 

Reposted on my blog  Octopus Confessional

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Skylaire Alfregen Interviewed!

One of the coolest, smartest and excellent of female writers in the UFO/Fortean field, Skylaire Alfregen, is interviewed here.

Skylaire is the founder of LOWFI, which hosts people like Andrew Colvin (Mothman Photographer's), Adam Gorightly, Lesley Gunter, myself, Thomas Cosgrove, sMiles Lewis.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Skylaire Alfvegren Gets Mention for L.O.W.F.I.: "What Should L.A. Say to the Space Aliens?"

Skylaire Alfvegren, writer, Fortean and the creatress of L.O.W.F.I. (League of Western Fortean Intermediatists gets exposure in What Should L.A. Say to the Space Aliens?, by Jeremy Rosenberg for Think Tank L.A. (Lesley Gunter and myself are state reps for New Mexico and Oregon, respectively, for L.O.W.F.I.) Other contributors include Adam Gorightly and Andrew Colvin, among others.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Mushroom Christmas Indeed

The previous post about One Step Beyond's Sacred Mushroom journeys inspired me to have fun looking for more; I found this trippy clip from a BBC program on reindeer and fungi:

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1961 One Step Beyond on The Sacred Mushroom

A clip from a 1961 episode of One Step Beyond on sacred mushrooms and ESP. Dr. Andrija Puharich, author of the book The Sacred Mushroom, appears, as well as others involved in related research at the time.

Princess of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs Princess of Mars is soon to be released as a movie. Reading Wikipedia's entry on the novel, considered to be "a classic example of 20th century pulp fiction" inspired me to read the book. The movie I'm not so sure about for a variety of reasons, including what comic book author and writer Christopher Mills of Atomic Meltdown has to say about the film. Sci-fi pulp is a genre I appreciate and wish I had time to get into, but I don't know much about it. I am a fan of vintage cover art; pulp fiction, albums, that kind of thing, and found some nice vintage images of Princess of Mars, as well as the others in that series.

The first German edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs'
Princess of Mars (1924)

If you're interested, visit Atomic Meltdown for all kinds of neat-o stuff.

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Mechanical Voices From the Fringe

Reports of electronic, mechanical sounding voices from entities are sometimes reported as part of a UFO or some other unexplained event. Ghosts, aliens, UFOs, general high strangeness... buzzing, whirring, chimes, bells, clanging, metallic-electronic-mechanical type voices seem to emanate but, from where, and why do they sound so weirdly odd? This electronic weirdness has also been reported in some Mothman accounts.

The blog Strange Planet has a very interesting post about this strange sounding "voice," which inspired me to think on this and write about it at my blog Mothman Flutterings.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

My never-before-published ghost story is now...published

In the writing I've done about UFOs, ghosts, paranormal and esoteric experiences, I've never hesitated to share and use my own experiences as examples or just anecdotes. I, like most people, have experienced weird, weird things. I make no serious claims of the paranormal or exotic status, and think most weird experiences have either a key missing piece of information, or are "just" highly synchronous, and reflexive, meaningful, perhaps directed by our own or collective driving force of Unconscious Mind.

So--I said above I've never hesitated to share those experiences, but that's not quite true. I just submitted one to Associated Content that I have always hesitated to relate--not just publicly. It has to do with--ghost or poltergeist activity. There are a few reasons I have reservations about sharing. I can't stand the thought of perpetuating the demonic and evil spirit entity crap. Yes, crap. I just don't buy into it, and I don't think it's a very appropriate or thoughtful part of investigatory paranormal undertakings. Demons? I get it if you are framing your ideas within a religious picture. But doing so pretty much closes the book, as far as I'm concerned. If demons exist, well, then many mysteries are thereby solved. It's not paranormal or unknown--it's religion. Although it sounds like I am mocking or dismissing it--I'm not. I think it is a legitimate conclusion or belief, but it's not paranormal.

Anyway, the article I wrote is about my experiences in my first apartment--an extraordinarily weird place. A trail of (unused) maxipads left by a spooky old woman, yard-scattered kitten fetuses, pit bull attacks, miraculous escapes, shotguns, Mormon missionaries, police action, and--possible poltergoosts. I'm still not sure I should have submitted it, but I accepted about 11 different writing assignments on the topic of the paranormal, and "your true ghost story" was one of them. I HAD to write it. Here it is, but don't go all demonic, please.

Ricky Wills Incredible Reincarnation


Ricky Wills lives in the UK. He is an interesting man who caught my attention when I heard about his past life experience. I was able to interview Ricky about his remarkable experience with a past life event. This is Ricky’s story.

Ricky told me that he did not really have any thoughts one way or the other about Reincarnation or multiple life experiences until this event happened to him.

Ricky is a curious man who is always up for new experienced and adventures. Along his way in life Ricky came to know a man by way of a friend of a friend who used hypnotism as an aid to allow people to recall past lifetimes.

Ricky thought this would be interesting and agreed to be hypnotized to see if he was able to recall any of his past lives.

Ricky was not all that trusting that any of this could work and certainly did not know if it would work on him. The man who did the regressions was a small man, who did not seem able to handle the exercise involved in this past life regression, which involved the person being hypnotized to fall backwards while being caught, by the man doing the hypnotizing. Ricky standing 6ft 5” in height felt less than confident the short thin hypnotist carrying out the exercise could carry off the exercise of having him fall and catching him plus other practices used to create the state needed to bring him to the place where he could recall another life. Ricky went along with it all to see if the man could bring out a past life remembrance from the regression session.

Ricky does not recall the session other than coming out of it. He was surprised to learn he had a full recall of an entire other life!

Ricky told a detailed life of a man who died in 1892 in Tring England. His name was Edward Collins. He was 34 years old when he died. He had a wife and two children both girls. By trade Edward was a printer. He did not have a glamorous life. He was neither a rich man nor poor, just an average man for the time. Ricky told them during his regression that he remembered always being ashamed of his dirty stained fingers. Working as a printer he could never remove the ink from his hands and spent his life always trying to hide his black dyed fingers.

Ricky said he stepped in front of a horse drawn coal cart, which ran him over and died instantly in 1892 at the age of 34.

Ricky was astonished he gave so many exact details during his past life regression. He also was disappointed he did not recall being a King or famous person but a simple printer.

One incredible detail of the regression was that Ricky knew that when he was buried as Edward his wife at that time forgot to place a pin of hers in his coffin before they closed it. She was frantic about it and they had her toss the pin down when lowering the coffin into Edwards grave.

Instead of falling upon his coffin this pin missed its mark for a second time and ended up lying in the ground about a foot down in the ground on top of Edwards coffin. It has remained there all these years.

Time passed and Ricky and his present life wife seemed to forget about Ricky’s past life experience until they decided to take a small holiday near the town of Tring where the man Edward lived and died. Ricky could not resist the temptation and arranged to tour the town on their holiday.

The town of Tring did not seem at all overly familiar to Ricky. He did ask around and found that an old cemetery was located near to where they were staying. Ricky could not resist looking while in this town in the cemetery to see if by chance he could find a Edward Collins buried there around 1892.

Ricky and his wife walked about the graveyard looking at all the old worn out headstones when they soon came upon it. Right in front of them stood the headstone of Edward Collins- who died 1892 age 34. To say Ricky and his wife were stunned is an understatement.

Ricky stood there looking in shock. Was her really looking at himself, his old body? The sensation of it all was like nothing he experienced before He did not know if he wanted to laugh or cry- stand or sit.

Ricky dropped to his knees and start to dig. His wife was shocked and immediately began to question Ricky. “Ricky!” She gasped, “What in the world are you doing? Stop that” His wife bent down next to him while Ricky kept digging “ If this is all true that pin will be right here and I am going to find it. The worst thing will be a bit of dirt taken out that I will just shovel back in. I am going to dig down about a foot”

Ricky didn’t have to go the whole foot, about 10 inches down he found it. A very antique looking pin lying there in the dirt right where he predicted it would be during his regression. Ricky and his wife just stood there looking at the old dirty pin in Ricky’s hand and at each other.

Ricky keeps this pin in a box on his dresser in his bedroom. His wife does not feel right wearing it, they just hold on to it. Ricky’s adventure has been a life changing one. I have to say Ricky’s adventure has given me cause to think as well. I will never doubt those odd feelings I have been to a place before or recall a sight or smell I have never known before.


Ricky understands now why he has always had an obsession with keeping his hands clean. He also always feels as if his hands are dirty when they are not. Without question a carry over from the printers stained fingers.

Ricky is known to be overly concerned about crossing the street. In fact Ricky has been known to pull a few to safety who stepped into the road in a dangerous fashion. It all now seems to make sense to Ricky.

Thinking about this story made me realize why in my own life I fear height or recall the smell of wood burning in a fireplace as second nature when I have a gas fireplace in my home! We may all walk around with memories that are simply not of this life but part of our souls memory.

The picture of the pin above is the actual pin Ricky dug up that day!

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Chris Holly’s Paranormal World-

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Amazing Energy Of Edd Edwards


I read an article about a man being tested by the Rhine Research Center in Durham North Carolina for his extreme energy levels and his ability to control his energy. The Rhine Research Center is a hub for research and education on the basic nature of consciousness. The man Edd Edwards was being tested, as he was able to channel his energy to move or adjust energy fields as well as to heal animals and people who were ill.

My curiosity got the better of me and I searched out this man who graciously agreed to talk to me about his abilities.

Edd Edwards lives in a small town in Georgia. He is a polite friendly intelligent man who is a pleasure to talk to. What makes Edd Edwards different from the rest of us is his powerful energy force and his ability to control it.

Edd (which is pronounced Eddie) first recalls his awareness of energy when he was a small child of two or three. His grandmother had a strong energy source and knew how to use her energy. His grandmother was a well-known hands on healer in their Christian community. She realized Edd also was gifted with this strong force and started him off early in life learning the ways of using and handling his strong energy abilities.

As Edd grew up he continued to develop his skill of controlling his energy. He was able to predict lightning strikes along with being the target for them. Edd has been hit by lightning three times in his life.

He also became aware that he could affect both ill humans and animals with healing energy. As Edd continued to master his control of his, energy he found he was able to move or make changes in other energy sources as well as magnetic fields.

Edd does not look at himself as that unusual or different. Edd claims that all of us could do the same things that he can do. He thinks we are all born with the ability the only difference is that he is aware of his. Edd feels we are all able to use our given energy and that we all could be able to connect to the overall connecting energy of the universe. The only difference is that he has learned how to tap in and use this skill. Edd feels that it is possible we may have become so closed off to these abilities that we have lost this skill.

After talking with Edd Edwards I feel it far more likely he is a example of what we will become and be able to do as we evolve and become more aware of our potential and how to use it. I look at Edd as a step up the human ladder. If we all were able to focus and use our energy like Edd does the world would be a far different place. The possibilities of using our energy in force to move things, change direction of fields and heal would make for incredible advancements that would be a giant stepping stone for mankind.

In the mid 90s Edd watched a TV program where a Dr. Levengood who is connected to the Rhine Research Center, talked about his research with equipment he was using to study energy concerning the on going crop circle controversy.

Edd called Dr Levengood to see if he could help him with his unusual energy abilities. Edd wanted to better understand his healing power, control and use of energy.

Edd went to see Dr Levengood where he was tested. He was tested on a charge density pulse recorder and was able to knock the readings off the scale. They were able to adjust the recorder to handle the amount of energy Edd was putting out. This is when Edd was able to see scientifically what his energy really was able to do. Working with this knowledge Edd was able to fine tune his brain to the point he could choose the frequency he wanted to work with (either DC positive or DC negative) Edd learned that this knowledge helped him in his healing as the different frequencies seemed to affect people in different ways.

Edd told me that people all have different energy levels, which he can easily detect and tune into. He thinks that we all have the resources to connect with the universal energy. He thinks we all are a catalyst who could learn to tap into the universal energy that surrounds all of us. Together we could heal, control and move the world to a better place if we could all develop and use the skills he does.

Edd’s connection to other living creatures is strong. He knows when someone is in pain or distressed. He also knows when someone is putting out good or bad energy. Edd can read a persons energy, which makes him more in tune with the world around him.

Edd can demonstrate his control of energy by concentrating his energy on groups of people. He is able to focus his attention to a group of people where he can send them the feeling of being pulled towards him or being pushed away. He has proven this skill while giving talks about his energy. When Edd gives his talks on his energy he has gotten his audience to stand and feel first hand his ability to pull them towards him or push them away. The people who experience this with Edd describe it like the action between two magnets held together.

Edd had been able to control his energy into a healing force by working with both humans and animals that are ill. Edd claims to be able to cause a positive effect on living tissue and has helped in healing those who suffered with that type of ailment.

Edd does not think he is really that different from the average person. Edd thinks with focus and a bit of concentration and practice many if not all of us could use the same export of human energy to join with the power of the universe and use our given energy to do things like heal the ill. Edd feels we can all learn and recognize the energy forces in us and around us. Edd feels that this skill is a natural skill and power in mankind that could be joined with the energy of the universe, which could be a step in our species evolution.

I think that Edd may be a person who is on the evolutionary ladder to what we may all come to be. I think we all have many powers and energy sources that we have not yet learned to control or even recognize as normal and natural. I also agree with Edd that one day all the energy that fills our universe will be able to be tapped into making us all part of one big picture. I believe this to be true however I also believe we have just started on the journey to conquer these abilities. I also think Edd is what our future will look like and he is indeed the man of tomorrow.

I hope more investigation into the power of Edd Edwards will go on by people like Dr Levengood. I think the world would be a much better place if we all were able to come together and join our given forces to make this world an easier better place. How wonderful it would be if in-group we could join together and heal the ill. Mend a child or remove the pain of the aging or wounded. I think one day this will be our way. For now we have Edd and the few like him to learn from and work with to find our way to being all we can be.

I will share with you the fact that I had a painful earache the day I spoke with Edd Edwards. I told him I had it for about two weeks and that it was really bothering me the day we spoke.

I did not think Edd could do anything for me since we were talking over an Internet connection. Edd did have me hold my hand to my ear and talked to me about healing for a minute or two. I thought little of it until after the interview. By the time I went to bed my earache was gone and to date it has not returned.

Edd told me that interest had been shown in the science community to do research on him and others like him who are able to focus and control their energy. Although I think Edd has been gifted in his energy abilities I do know each one of us has a life energy force within us.

I also know that they discovered as far back as when the pyramids were being built that our strength and abilities increased beyond what they should when we joined together working as one. They soon discovered that 12 men pulling a heavy weight actually had the pulling strength of maybe 15 men. This increased as they added men. Having crews of 20 or 30 men working on a project provided the strength of 4o men.

Knowing this I could not help imagine how our life would change if we could learn to focus in groups using our energy to heal, move objects or reach into space. If our efforts could also increase as mans physical strength does with our energy abilities imaging our abilities can be endless.

I wonder if we spent our time and money on projects like this instead of millions on blowing holes in our moon what good might be learned and done? If we could learn to self heal our own species with group energy we would all benefit. If we could use what is natural and free many problems could be helped and this world be a better planet. I certainly think learning from people like Edd Edwards is worth a piece of that 70 plus million we spent to blow that hole in our moon.

I wish we all could learn from this man so that we all could use that inside of each of us to help improve the world and all of life around us.

I like Edd Edwards. It would be wonderful if we could all be a bit more like this energy filled healing man. My bet for our evolution and welfare would be to learn more about our own abilities here on our own planet before reaching out to other places and other beings. I am sure energy fills all life in this universe. I think it wise we learn all we can about our own powers before going unarmed and ignorant out into the vast universe. Conquering our own abilities and strengths should be our first concern before looking for contact with those who already may have found theirs.

As we walk forward towards the universal community of other life forms and beings let us understand the importance of becoming all we can be. It would be wonderful if mankind was known as focused, healing, intelligent life forms instead of violent, war like killing beings that cannot join as one or control our own life force.

We have miles to go however men like Edd Edwards give me hope we are on the changing path to becoming better beings. I do hope our society starts to build around men like Edd. The doctors who do realize and want to investigate his abilities are not able to find funding or the help they need to do so. I would think that science would be fighting over the chance to work with and learn from Edd. This is not the case and what should be happening does not happen.

I guess until we, as a society figure out what is important in life millions will be spent on Vampire and Horror flicks. People like Edd and all they have to offer to this world will go the way side keeping us at the barbaric end of the universal life chain.

I know our future is in people like Edd Edwards. I guess until the rest of the human race thinks as I do we will continue on leaving men like Edd in small towns healing who he can while the rest of us spend our time fighting, hating and figuring out how to destroy each other. What can I say; I am just a simple paranormal writer living on a big blue globe floating in a vast big universe. The only ability I have is to call it like I see it!

♥ Copyright © 2008- 2009 Chris Holly all Rights Reserved
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Paranormal Activity - Movie Review

Paranormal Activity Trailer

Wow, I don't know about this one! On the positive side, the acting was pretty good, convincing. The 'psychic' character was a good actor and the information he gave to the characters in peril was fairly accurate and rational pertaining to dealing with the paranormal.

On the down side, well, I literally got sick from the movie! The constant movement of the camera and amateur-style video handling literally gave me motion sickness.

While there were a few scenes that got your heart pumping, I think I'd recommend waiting until you can rent it rather than spend the money on going to the theater.

I'd give it a 6/10.

I'd also recommend gravol if you're prone to getting car sick!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2012- The Mayans and Other Strange Predictions of Our Time


The Mayan calendar is set to end on Dec 21, 2012. There are many theories why this date ends the Mayan Calendar.

Many feel that this date is the day of end times and the world will be destroyed. Others feel this will be a time of major earth disasters, space changes, and mythical planets invading our galaxy along with strange Milky Way alignments. There is talk of a pole flip causing problems all over the earth or this being when we have a second coming of Christ.

I also am aware that many scientists, astronomers and scholars think the entire 2012 matter is a over blown myth due to the lack of knowledge. We are confused on how the Mayans set up their calendars and do not understand the method that they used to set their calendar cycles.

It may be that our lack of information on how and why the Mayans set up their systems of time have brought us to a mistaken belief that they ended their calendar due to the fact they thought the earth was going to end. The facts seem to be that the scholars researching the Mayans have not found any information that ties the Mayan Calendar end date to anything at all that mentions end times. I have been told that many of the fears being tossed around the inter net about the planets and the alignment of the sun and its place in the Milky Way is simply not true. The rumors have been confused with the facts making the fears based on the ignorance of astronomy by the public. The men and women of science who study space will tell you that the stories on the net are mostly based on the lack of knowledge of the masses and the fears running rampart are impossible without a ounce of fact or possibility.

My thinking on this entire subject is that 2012 has been twisted and tossed into a mess of confusion exactly like every other subject in the paranormal. I think most of what I hear and read concerning 2012 is ridiculous. I also think that because of this the true fears I have with the coming years ahead including 2012 are brushed aside and neglected.

Once again we over look the forest for the trees and make decisions on false facts and turn our nose up at real problems that will be soon be at our doorsteps. We find ourselves lost about 2012 due to the piles of false claims and annoying people pushing silly ideas for self-agenda purposes.

With that said I loudly yell for all of you to pay attention. The Mayans may not have actually left Dec 21 2012 as a date for end times. They may have not been thinking of leaving us any message or warning at all. They may have simply switched over to a different calculation or had chosen that date for some other reason relating to them and for reasons having little or nothing to do with our perception of time. I think they may have possibly known that this was a time in history of many earth changes but I do not think they were looking at this date of 2012 as a time of end for everything on this earth.

With that said I now will tell you that I DO think that we are without question in a time in history that is dangerous and volatile.

We live in a time of cycles that are due to end and new ones that are due to start. We are past due on earth for the natural explosion of many mega volcanos. We are due for earthquakes to shake our terra firma and tidal waves to crash upon our shores. Many places on earth are already being shaken and flooded causing major damage and huge loss of life.

Besides natural earth cycles due, our climate is moving at its natural stages and changing our landmass along with it’s changing patterns. The sun is over due for its cycle of change and twisting and moaning as it gets ready to explode in mass blasting us with solar flares that will destroy our technology based societies abilities soaring us back 200 years over night with a direct hit by one of its flares. Not only are these events possible- it is Impossible They Will Not Happen!

I have not even bothered to mention a pole flip as we will have a change of magnetic poles on earth. This is fact. This has happened before and it is due to happen again. I have no idea how this will change our world. I know it will not end it as it has happened many times before in the history of the earth and we are still here, big blue and floating in space. It may play havoc with our technology. It may mean new ways of doing things but I do not think it will be our end.

I do know 2012 is clearly on it way and is a date that sits in the middle of many dangerous events due to occur. One thing I do know is we who now walk and live upon this planet will live to see the outcome as 2012 edges closer and closer.

I realize that actual historical records are often flawed and time confused. The date of the birth and death of Christ seems to be debated making a issue of four years that would bring us to living in the year 2012 right now. It also may be off by 100 years or the year 2012 has already happened. I think the reference to an exact date is not as important as the fact that this is a time in history we are due for many huge earth changes which is what we all need to prepare for.

I think the one statement we all can agree on past the craziness of what goes on in the paranormal is that this planet is going to change like it or not! I think it wise to prepare if you can as you do for any storm. The difference in our present time in history is that our storms may be of the sun or a magnetic pole flip. We may have severe climate changes making mankind’s survival based on how well mankind prepares for and handles the earth’s upheaval. We are simply parasites living on top of a huge living planet. We either adapt of die.

I always found our fixation on the Mayan Calendar and the date of Dec 21 2012 odd. We clearly do not have the information needed to obtain a clear understanding of what was taking place during that time on earth.

I find it rather strange that we seem to not see or neglect many things that were going on in the days of the Mayan rule. Many things then from artwork to bizarre rituals seem to point in part to a connection to some of the unknown things that go on today.

It is known that part of the Mayan culture involved the gruesome practices of bloodletting and sacrifice that took place during the worship of their gods. With that I thought about the extreme astronomy information they possessed along with advanced math skills and had a strange idea.

I thought about all the cattle and animal mutilations found all over the world. You can find article after article where farmers find dead animals drained clean of every drop of blood. Add the strange practice of half cat mutilations that have been on going for at least the last 20 odd years to this strangeness. Often Alien interaction is looked at as a possibility in all these mutilations.

After thinking about the Mayans and how they practiced this odd offering of their blood to the Gods I had a stunning thought. What if the Mayans also found animals drained of blood? What if the Mayans found people drained this way too? Would that not be the basis of reason and fear that started the Mayans offering blood to the Gods above?

Could the Mayans have been sacrificing in this fashion in hopes of keeping a step ahead of a blood thirsty God? Was offering up what they witnessed or how they found blood-drained bodies a hope of being spared and in good grace with such Gods? Could what goes on with our farm animals been going on then but with humans as the victims? It is something to think about.

I think if we look at many artifacts, art and designs of the past we can conclude that something from above had influence and the eye and minds of those who walked this earth before us. Have we neglected to consider the influence of other beings as part of our own history?

I often wonder if the truth of the past history of this planet involved visitors from another place who were able to freely mingle among us under the pretense of being gods to those too primitive to understand anything more. It certainly would bring logic to many events of our past that otherwise seem confused and illogical.

Whatever went on in our past history we need to think differently about the meaning of 2012 today as a time when many natural cycles are due to occur bringing possible disaster and catastrophe to this planet and mankind. We need to rethink how we look at our past and why those before us did what they did. It may be our own ignorance in understanding what they were really trying to report or pass down in history.

I believe one day we will have better answers to these questions giving us a better understanding of our own past history. I hope it happens in my lifetime.

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Blog Find: Interstellar Houswife

Followed this link to Interstellar Housewife, out of Oregon, from Jason Westby's blog Naveed's Realm, also of Oregon. Nice to see another woman blogging about UFOs.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Richard Thomas Interviews Karyn Dolan

Great interview, in print, with Karyn Dolan, interviewed by Richard Thomas. Richard writes for Tim Binnall's site, (Room 101) and Karyn is a contributor here at Women of Esoterica. Small Fortean world, isn't it?

Monday, November 2, 2009

WOE Contributor Farah Yurdozu on Other World Radio

From Farah Yurdozu, one of our contributors. Try to listen in if you can . . .

Hello all
I invite you to listen and join with your questions / emails to my upcoming radio interview on Saturday Nov 7 at Other World Radio. I will be talking about alien abductions, alien contact, recent and ancient UFO cases from my native country Turkey and the paranormal aspects of ET / UFO contacts and my recent book LOVE IN AN ALIEN PURGATORY
Here is the link...;

An Intent Experiment: Retreiving Missing Time

Probably inspired in part by the dream post the other day, I've decided to experiment with the intent of remembering. An attempt to retrieve the period of time missing in my (our) missing time episode so many years ago, when I saw the orange orb that seemed to respond to my thoughts and follow us home. (I know, it screams "I Was Chased By A Flying Saucer!") Hypnosis might seem faster, more efficient and just more reasonable all around, but, aside from the praticall matter of money (and how do we explain that to the insurance company?) this is at least equally as interesting. It's also a baby step, maybe, towards undergoing hypnosis.

I'm still out on the whole hypnosis thing. Even if I I'm telling the truth as I know it, is that still the truth? That's one of the big questions I have surrounding this whole thing. I may think I really saw aliens, was taken aboard a craft, (or, not) but how could I ever know that that is what really did happen? Corroboration would give some support to my experience; if my husband has the same story then that would verify the veracity of our stories. Still...I wonder. Maybe it's just what we were led to believe happened; it doesn't mean it did happen.

Then of course, there's the question of: why am I so reticent about not accepting Alien Abduction Scenario 101?

There are other questions that aren't as fun or interesting. For example, what if we both just went mentally off the rails for a few hours? Or someone slipped drugs into our iced teas? Or it was just so damn long ago, nothing at all happened in any way? Come to think of it, when I look at those possibilities, they seem as ridiculous as alien abductions.

I think something very strange happened, and even paranormal-mystical-alien related. But I don't think it was alien abduction in fact, I don't think alien abductions are literally alien abductions at all. But then there are the damn edges of memory, like the paralyzing, terrifying dreams I had after the orb sightingand missing time events. Why
that particular scenario?

Just keeps going around and around.

I think what I'm doing is PAAAR: Passive-Aggressive Alien Abduction Retrieval. (I made that up.) It can't be true, it's just too ridiculous, even while I maintain there are most certainly aliens walking amongst us. I don't want to go through hypnosis (yet) (maybe) for a variety of reasons. I wouldn't trust what came out of any session anyway. Context and coincidences are intriguing as hell, but what do they prove? And how much can be trusted?

And then there's my spouse, who has gone through the same missing time episodes as I, and his own body of UFO related experiences. I feel very strongly there is a trust here and a responsibility; if I go traipsing off to some hynosis, whatever gets uncovered means he has to deal. Maybe he isn't ready to deal. I can't just throw all this in his face. Something like this has to be mutual, embarked upon together.

I think I made a subconscious pact with myself that I'll get to the bottom of this before I die. I have a ways to go yet; I plan on living until I'm at least 95, which gives me a good forty years or so to play with. I'm just taking my time.

Post script: So I just flat out asked my spouse how he feels about going through hypnosis in the context of our UFO and missing time experiences, he said he "supposes" he's for it.

In the meantime, I'll continue to explore my dream time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oregon Abduction

My latest for Trickster's Realm on Tim Binnall's BOA: An Oregon Abduction about a woman I met years ago at a local UFO workshop, and her incredible story in the Gold HIll, Oregon area.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Male Witch

I have been very fortunate to have many people who have had real events, sightings, close encounters and unknown experiences write to me. The fact that I protect those who talk with me gives me a wealth of information about the paranormal to write about. I am not interested in bringing ridicule or heartache to those who endure the unknown. I am only interested in bringing the stories to those who wish to read them. It is up to each and every one of us to form our own opinions. Dragging a persons private life out for others to invade is not my idea of addressing the paranormal. I am not a news reporter I am simply someone who wants to share the experiences of others for us all to use as a base of knowledge. With so many having so many events or sightings happen it is very probable one day you may find yourself in the arms of the unknown. Reading what others have lived through and how they handled it may one day be a lifesaver for you when your paranormal day walks right into your life.

Along with events I have been fortunate enough to find those among us who live the lifestyle of things we all hear about, think we understand yet are sadly confused or misinformed about. I have been able to talk with those who live as real life vampires, pagan witches, as well as those that have been labeled a ware wolf when in fact they simply suffer from a rare disease.

Today I am going to share with you an interesting interview I was lucky enough to have with a real Male Witch.

I found this man to be very polite and easy to deal with. He was good enough to share with me what his lifestyle is like being a Traditional Male Witch.
We interviewed in question and answer form. Since Halloween is a time of celebration for those who are witches I wanted to share some of those questions and answers with you as Oct 31st approaches.
What kind of Witch are you?
I am not a neopagan new age self studied witch. I also am not a follower of a religion called Wicca invented by Gerald Garner around 1950. I am not a Satanist or devil worshiper
I am an initiated follower of an ancient wisdom tradition. A tradition handed down through generations from person to person. A tradition translated into different languages and cultures over the millennia. A tradition known in English as Traditional Wicca.

Do you belong to a coven of witches?
There are two types of traditional witches covens. There are training covens, where people regularly meet with a holder of the tradition, where that ancient tradition is once again handed down to another generation (possibly to a different language or culture). There are also “working” covens, where witches who have completed their training agree to meet regularly for a set period of time for some specific purpose.
I was trained for 10 years in a traditional training coven. Since my training with that coven was completed, I now practice on my own, not belonging to any working coven.

Witchcraft is often associated with the term "Wicca". What is Wicca?
It is a modern English term, coined by Gerald Gardner around 1950.
The term is used in two ways: neopagan Wicca, and Traditional Wicca.
Neo-pagan as the name infers is new paganism typically made up and invented by the leader of each group. This was the case with Gerald Gardner and is done by solitary witches. They do this without following the set traditions that are handed down from generation to generation. Followers of this type of Wicca often call themselves witches and being without a definite tradition, believe in and practice a random variety of different pagan ideas.

Traditional Wicca is a modern English term for a specific set of beliefs and practices that is handed down from generation to generation.

The modern term of Traditional Wicca refers to an ancient initiated, body of teachings and practices that have been handed down through the generations person to person for centuries.

These practices and beliefs constitute something similar to what is known in India as Hindu or Buddhist tantra, and could be described as "the tantra of the West." Contrary to public misconception, tantra does not refer to sexual practices. The meanings of the word tantra aptly describe Traditional Wicca.
Literally the word means: a loom, specifically, the warp or weaving. It also means: the leading principal essential part, main point, or characteristic feature of anything. It is a model, prototype, system, framework, doctrine, rule, or theory. Also: a chapter or part thereof, or a class of works teaching magical and mystical formulae.

Is there some organization behind Wicca?
There are some Wicca organizations, such as The Wiccan Church of Canada. Traditional witches normally have nothing to do with any organizations beyond their own coven of 13 or so members. The idea of some organizing body beyond that is foreign and incompatible with the basic tenets of traditional Wicca.

What does a traditional witch do?

Traditional Witches practice prayers, meditations, rituals and spells. We practice the prayers and spells that are selected, designed or altered by accomplished witches before us that are appropriate to our time and culture.
We learn prayers to watch and develop how we use our minds. We practice meditations, spells and rituals to explore what it is that we are really doing, and what it is that we really are. We do all of these things, so we can help others and ourselves when the need arises.

What's the purpose of the witch practicing witchcraft? 

We are all of One Universal Consciousness. Finding that and identifying with that is our most intimate experience. There are powerful immediate effects that come from recognizing this. Because we can experience firsthand that we are not separate from anything we can be aware by instinct of self-preservation. It becomes impossible for us to want to harm another. We would be harming ourselves!

At the same time any pain or suffering we become aware of we experience as our own. Out of the instinct of self-preservation it is impossible not to want to help heal that pain or suffering. A drive to help others is inherent in the core experience of Existence itself. . Abhorrence for any kind of harm or deprivation is our way of life. These are the effects of learning to be a witch in the traditional sense.

We believe it is the union of the God and Goddess that creates the entire universe. Traditional witches place great value in a balance between the two of them and in the equality between the sexes. One can no more have one without the other than one can have day without night, here without there, or up without down.

Our daily practice is to learn to recognize these truths within us and around us in every moment and everything we do. We have prayers, meditations, rituals, and spells for our own languages, cultures and time that we use as constant celebrations of those truths.

We use prayers, meditations, rituals, and spells to try to reduce the harm we see around us. We use those things to try to help those who are suffering because we can feel the suffering happening to ourselves, as we are all of one Consciousness.

What's an example of a ritual in the daily life of a Traditional Witch?

First thing in the morning, we pay homage (pay attention to)
1. The Gods of Creation
2. The Gods of Destruction (as in renewal, which is the secret of "healing"), and
3. The Gods of Preservation.
We go to a sink, use a special cup acquired for this purpose and this purpose alone, fill it with water and then pour that water in libation, once for each of the above three.
In doing so, we start each day aware of the on-going living dream that we are immersed in. This is a very simple and ancient ritual shared by many cultures through many ages.

What are Witches Sabbaths?

They are eight festivals each year: four festivals of fire (including Halloween), and four festivals of the Sun (solstice and equinox). In the year, defined as one complete revolution around the sun, we see nature go through an entire cycle, and then repeat. This cycle is for us a huge Reminder and Celebration of our own cycles of Awareness.

This cycle is the cycle of birth, death, and re-birth, as traditional witches firmly believe in reincarnation.

While the Sabbaths are sacred to the Horned God, being celebrations of Awareness the Full Moons are sacred to the Great Mother Goddess being celebrations of Life.

What do witches believe about sin and the devil:

We have no concept of sin. We also do not believe in any absurd concepts such as the devil, nor of hell. These are all relatively new and manipulative concepts of the Sons of Abraham, which are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Instead of the idea of sin, we have a more ancient idea, something very similar to the Indian concept of Karma: we believe that what you do comes back to you (because it's all You in the ultimate sense anyway).

Instead of the idea of the devil we have the idea of ignorance and ill intent, which are everywhere we look, but certainly not as an organized force or single mythical entity like a devil.

Instead of hell we have the idea of self-created bad dreams that we experience right here, right now, depending on what we are dreaming. We deliberately go to hell by immersing ourselves in a hospital of needy people, or by visiting a battlefield. We can make our own lives into a living hell by making poor choices of behavior. It is certainly not everlasting though as by simply shifting our attention we can focus on the fact that it is only a dream and not take it seriously or we can dream something better by simply seeing things differently. By changing our habits and behavior we can decide not to visit that hell again or deliberately return to help others out of it.

Traditional witches cannot knowingly practice evil black magic or black witchcraft because everything one does comes right back at them. Traditional witches believe that any form of imposing one’s own will or opinion on another is a form of black magic. For this reason, traditional witches learn to never argue religion, politics or philosophy with others. They never try to recruit or convince others of their beliefs. For these reasons, when political forces seek to impose their will or beliefs on others, to persecute and eradicate the beliefs of others traditional witches end up hiding instead of openly arguing or fighting. Instead, they work quietly in their meditations, prayers and in their magic circle arranging opportunities for people to see the evil in their actions even if it takes centuries for them to accept these opportunities.

What does Halloween mean to you?

Of the 8 Sabbaths that traditional witches celebrate each year this one in particular is called the Grand Sabbath. It is the most important of all to a traditional witch.

Mythological- this is the day that our goddess descended into the underworld seeking the Great Mystery. It is a day when witches do the same. At this time the veil between the worlds reach its thinnest point in the fluctuations of the year. It is a time when we can contact the dead, and for the dead to contact us. It is also a time when the veil between the worlds being so thin allows us to be aware of all kinds of nonhuman living entities and they aware of us.

These entities might include any from the whole spectrum of life including spirits, angels, gods, ghosts, etc. Our Grand Sabbath is held at this particular time because it is a time when our Awareness of so many things occult can be so easily opened.

What is a Witches Familiar?

Part of our training is to experience the dream-like nature of reality and the relationship of imagination to it. To do this we are taught how to move, live and work outside of our bodies for brief periods of time. Think of the way you develop a close bond with a husband or wife. At times you sometimes feel like you can see through their eyes, or tell what they're thinking. A traditional witch can learn to deliberately build such a relationship with a loved pet such as a cat, dog, raven, or owl.

There are techniques for you to actually move out of your body and share the body of your pet. You are able to see through its eyes, walk or fly with its legs or wings. The purpose for being taught this is to see for yourself firsthand that you really do share the same Consciousness that all other beings do. You see for yourself that you are one with every creature in the most absolutely concrete sense. You realize that your own human body is just a witch familiar: it is an animal that you share consciousness with.

You walk with its legs, talk with its mouth, but you are not human. So you get a firsthand experience that you are, and always have been something far beyond human.
My interview was much longer and detailed then what I have written today. I will give this male witches web site link at the bottom of my article. The site is filled with far more insight and history then I was able to cover in this article.

I admit I did not fully understand the true base or lifestyle of a real witch until I interviewed this man. I found it very interesting to be educated to another way of life and thank him for helping me understand the world through his eyes.

Since Halloween is just around the corner I felt it a perfect time for us all to understand the meaning it has for others past our treat or trick give me something good to eat concept.

I do know the next time I dress up as a witch for a Halloween party I will think of this man and be filled with new meaning concerning the term Witch.

Happy Halloween to all what ever you method of celebration may be!

Witches site below Dreaming at the Feet of Hades

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