Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kithra's Krystal Kave: Christmas Angst!

I agree with Kithra!
Kithra's Krystal Kave: Christmas Angst!: Christmas is a Christian Festival but the way it’s celebrated these days you’d think it was no more than the idolatry of mammon. However, that is what it seems to be, akin with the celebrity culture that’s so prevalent now. Everything done to excess and totally out of control."

There's more at her site; and I agree with the rest as well.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

When Sex Hurts | Love Dove Tarot

From my favorite Tarot person, Lisa Frideborg Lloyd. This is not a SM or BD article; it's about the literal, and a much neglected topic, even by those in health care. It's also very synchronisitc, since I had a conversation about this earlier today with someone -- I wasn't looking for this article, it just popped up on my FB page:When Sex Hurts | Love Dove Tarot