Monday, January 31, 2011

Taken and Thrown Back


A paranormal friend of mine contacted me about my interviews with people  who  have encountered unexplained lost time or abduction experiences .  My friend Ed Fleming told me he knew a man who he felt had   been dealing with abduction events for many years. I asked Ed to  find out if the man  would allow me to talk to him concerning his abductions.  

Ed  informed  that the man has endured extreme events of high strangeness since he was a small child. He did not enjoy talking about them due to the reaction of most people including those who investigate or write about them. Luckily for me Ed was able to convince this man to spend some time talking to me.

Intrepid Synchronicity: Mom, Military Manipulations and Chip Coffey | MOTHMAN FLUTTERINGS

Intrepid Synchronicity: Mom, Military Manipulations and Chip Coffey | MOTHMAN FLUTTERINGS

Saturday, January 29, 2011

UFOMystic: Calling for Mothman

I have a new blog post at UFO Mystic, take a look:
UFOMystic: Calling for Mothman

The Debris Field: Through the Keyhole and onto Dreams and Visions

Women of Esoterica contributor Lesley Gunter, also Blog Queen in her own right, on Karyn Dolan's (who is also a contributor here!) Through the Keyhole. Congratulations Lesley!

The Debris Field: Through the Keyhole and onto Dreams and Visions

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Y.UFOLOGY: Artemis, Marian sightings and that girl at Fatima...

Women of Esoterica contributor Tina Sena has an interesting post on her blog Yufology about the BVM at Fatima, and connections to Artemis and "bulbous things" :
Y.UFOLOGY: Artemis, Marian sightings and that girl at Fatima...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Search For Bigfoot: Expanding on the Bob H Story and Occam's Razor.

Melissa Hovey, at The Search For Bigfoot blog, discusses her views of skeptics like Greg Long, among others, who have worked hard to "expose" Patterson, et al as hoaxers and put Bob Heironimus in a good light:

The Search For Bigfoot: Expanding on the Bob H Story and Occam's Razor.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ida Craddock: 'Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic'

Reviews of: Vere Chappell's Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic: The Essential Ida Craddock.

A skeptic view (fantasy prone, sexual abuse, etc.) on the following but still interesting: THE MAGONIA BLOG: Sexual Outlaw, on the story Ida Craddock. Craddock (1857-1902) was a sexologist, who learned about sexual pleasures from 'Soph' a ghost. Parallels to Mary, to contactees, succubi and incubus, and to all those sexual-supernatural unions are obvious. I haven't read the book; I'm not familiar with Craddock  but I'm looking forward to reading this book.

I notice that the forward is written by Tarot author and scholar Mary K. Greer. 

Craddock was the victim of her times; the moral setting she lived in would have put her in prison for her attitudes, (she was the target of "Anthony Comstock and his Society for the Suppression of Vice . . ." according to this review on Vere Chappell's bio page. Instead, she committed suicide.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conspiracy Guru Rense Asks: Government Hoarding Tampons?!

In one of the stranger conspiracy discoveries today, I found this link: Government Hoarding Tampons? Women Pay eBay $76 for supply.

I love conspiracies, so naturally I had to follow up on this one. I clicked on the above link and  first found that the page didn't load (ah! it is a conspiracy), so I Googled "tampons supply" and found a blog entry on the very funny Jezebel blog verifying the sad news: O.B. tampons have been discontinued.  No mention of the government hoarding tampons, but the O.B. tampon is no longer in supply. They are impossible to find on the shelves, and Johnson and Johnson, in a response to Jezebel's letter to the company, confirmed they've discontinued the product:
Unfortunately, production of our o.b.® Ultra Absorbency Tampons has been discontinued due to manufacturing updates. We do intend to bring this product back to market
 The Rense link lead to this article, which I finally found: Women Searching Far and Wide for O.B. Tampons After They Mysteriously Disappear From Shelves but no mention of a government campaign to hoard tampons, though one can see why Rense would glean conspiracy! from this. This article does say that Johnson and Johnson had a "temporary supply interruption" which does sound a bit conspiratorial. It does make one wonder: I mean, "temporary supply disruption?" I thought it had something to do with "manufacturing updates."  The article notes that "The company wouldn't explain the manufacturing or distribution glitch, which began in the fall, any further," but did say the tampons would be available again soon.

I'd love to know why Rense thinks the government would want applicator-less, super absorbent tampons  but so far, he hasn't offered us any details. Maybe Henry Makow will come up with some.

Friday, January 14, 2011

From Speculative Realms: The Girl Who Saved Her Own Life

Gary Haden at Speculative Realms is one of the few out there who are diligently exposing David Jacobs. (Others include Jeremy Vaeni and Jeff Ritzman, who have received a lot of bewildering flack for bringing this story to the UFO "community" in the first place.) It continues to astound me that UFO culture remains, at turns, either silent on Jacob's methods and character, or, continue to vilify Emma Woods as [paraphrasing various pundits] a "crazy, troubled, mentally ill bitch."

Haden is an excellent writer, on top of being an excellent researcher -- his painstaking articles contain reams of analysis -- and I certainly don't want to want to take anything he's written in his current article out of context, or "high jack" his words and intent. But here's just one little something: Jacobs' outrageous, crazy, fucking straight out wrong action, in suggesting to Woods that she has Multiple Personality Disorder. This alone should be enough for others to roundly call Jacobs out, but, there's been very little of that, and a whole lot of cricket chirping.

Here's just one excerpt from Haden's article, relating to Jacobs planting the suggestion in Emma Wood's subconscious under hypnosis without permission. Again: without permission:
At no point in the four-hour tract I listened to did David Jacobs ask Emma Woods's permission to administer to her a posthypnotic suggestion she had multiple personality disorder. [bolding mine]
“I'm going to count from five to one, and just remember now, my diagnosis is that this is Multiple Personality Disorder and you should take medication for it. (nervous chuckle from Emma Woods) I have seen lots of cases of MPD, and this absolutely fits the MPD profile. And, my professional diagnosis therefore is Multiple Personality Disorder.”

“I am studying it. I am writing a book about it,” Jacobs continues. “That is my next book. I feel that the whole sort of alien business is all a matter of multiple personality disorder. It’s a much more widespread phenomenon than people think. Lots of people are walking around with it. It’s a public health problem. And that, you are unfortunately suffering from it. And, my opinion is that yours is a classic case, and that – that the only thing that will help you will be medication. And um, I am not interested in--in--your stories, I am only interested in the fact that you tell those stories, because multiple personalities are all different.”
Speculative Realms: The Girl Who Saved Her Own Life

There are so many side shoots of this nasty, weird, episode in UFOlogy, so many, and one of the many tangled, twisted, darkly gnarled and poisonous roots of Jacobs' actions is the question of the aliens themselves. Why is Jacobs now suggesting aliens are nothing other than manifestations of MPD? A big, bellowing HELLO on that one. (And do I have to note that David Jacobs is not a psychologist, a therapist, or a psychiatrist, and that his doctorate is in history?)

But, I do not want to deflect from the main issue, which is Jacobs' actions, his words, his behavior, his denials, his excuses, his justifications, his treatment of Emma Woods and others like her. Theories are one thing, as to what the aliens are, -- not one of us knows that. Well, some of us do, there are those in power we never see or hear that know damn well, but that's another issue and I digress.  What I, or you, "believe" about aliens, UFOs, ET, and the myriad of theories addressing those things doesn't change, nor negate, a damn thing just because David Jacobs has turned a very ugly corner.  No, the only issue here is Jacobs' approach to the witnesses he's interviewed. And, I'd add, the continued silence from others about that.

Wake Up Now! Conference Sat-Sun, April 29-May 1, 2011, Albuquerque, NM

Lesley Gunter is one of the organizers of a new UFO/conspiracy/paranormal conference in New Mexico. Wish I could attend this! For more info visit link:

Wake Up Now! Conference Sat-Sun, April 29-May 1, 2011, Albuquerque, NM

Saturday, January 8, 2011

found poem: from the ravings of henry makow, rearranged . . .

found poem

from the ravings of henry makow, rearranged. . .

pounding the drum for promiscuity
In a fit of nostalgia
I had fond memories

I quickly realized why
was so messed up as a young man.

no one has a clue

the "J" word
is never mentioned.

The movie oozes
yet the audience
 is totally unaware.

"Why can't we just
have sex?"

I walked in on someone
watching "Hot Tub Climate Change,"

A habit of promiscuity
in the trailer, awakes
directed by another tribalist

Jewish navel gazing

own Hollywood
Sabbatean satanism, Sabbatean-Frankists

fig leaf

Monkey see, monkey do
a tiny cult
use us
as their human shields

From the words of Henry Makow in Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda, January 8, 2011
constructed by regan lee, January 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Abductee's Symbol - The Ongoing Mystery


For the past few years I have been searching to find a symbol that a lifelong abductee has been drawing since the age of three.

The abductee first remembers strange events occurring in life at  the same time this mysterious symbol entered into this person's life which was about age three.  That is when the constant scribbling of this mysterious symbol started.

As a child the abductee would be shown this symbol along the walls at night . It was not once or twice it was a nightly event that went on  for a few years.  The abductee's parents had other children and considered this simply a child's nightmare and brushed it off. 

It was also the time the abductee could recall strange events  including being taken while playing and being placed back down from a height by way of a white ray of light . This abductee 's life was never like that of other people.

The symbol is a one motion continuous line that a three year old should have a problem conquering however that was not the case with this abductee.

Along with the normal scribbling art of a typical three year old this abductee also constantly drew this symbol. This continued on  throughout  childhood  with every drawing the abductee made. When the parents questioned the young child to what it meant she would reply that is me! The entire symbol ordeal was becoming very strange for this family and the child.

The symbol continued to appear on schoolwork , art work and all things that could be used to doodle or draw. At about age 8 the school insisted that this behavior of adding this symbol to all the little abductee's work must stop. 

The Abductee told me it was a great effort that needed a huge amount of concentration and focus to not form this symbol . It had become such a part of the abductee's personality that not making the symbol took enormous work to stop.

Today now age 60 this abductee has spent a life time of carrying this symbol through life. The habit or  ritual of automatically forming it was controlled but to this day it can be found everywhere on things like bank books, calendars , note pads, anything that is laying around that is not of a business or important  nature. 

It is odd that a child would develop such a complex one motion symbol at such a young age. It is odd that the compulsion to constantly repeat it continued for a life time when the abductee showed no signs of any other compulsive character traits.

I have been asking my readers if they have ever seen or have any knowledge of this symbol for the last two years. 

I have had many good people try to help  however most suggestions were not close at all to this one line continuous motion symbol. 

Two people have given me material that may bring  some answers to this mystery . I am hopeful that by reaching out one last time to my readers and those who have an interest and  hopefully some insight or knowledge concerning this symbol we may be able to find some answers to this mystery.

I have asked the abductee to once again draw this symbol and show me how it is made with one quick stroke of the pen.  I will tell you that this symbol jumps from her pens tip with such speed that it is impossible to follow the method.  It is broken down to show you the direction used to make it in one quick move.

If you have ever seen this exact symbol before or have any information of what it means please contact me.

For now this symbol will remain as mysterious as this abductees entire life has been.
Be careful out there and always pay attention to your surroundings

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Chris Holly's Paranormal World

Monday, January 3, 2011

Rest in Peace Ms. Francis: An Esoteric Look

     I was sad to hear that Anne Francis had died, at age 80, of pancreatic cancer. I blogged about Ms. Francis at Pulp Jello, with a link to the very excellent Monster Island News, who has a lovely post about her.
     Aside from her role in the classic sci-fi Forbidden Planet, Anne Francis was had her own way cool TV show in the sixties: Honey West. I loved that show! I was ten years old, and watched it religiously. Boy, I wanted to be her when I grew up!
     In looking at clips of the show on YouTube, I noticed a couple of estoeric themed episodes. One is The Owl and the Eye, where Honey West is hired to protect a statue of an owl:

     This episode clip is titled The Abominable Snowman:

The trailer for Forbidden Planet: