Friday, August 15, 2008

Have a Little Faith

With this newest revelation of the discovery of the corpse of a Bigfoot, I’m increasingly disenchanted with the spirit of the human race. These three men who have potentially discovered the elusive Sasquatch, have devoted much time, effort and money to this particular cause. Time away from their friends and family, they tirelessly pursued their passion and goals. Mr. Biscardi has spent 35 years of his life searching for the mysterious beast, why would it be so unlikely that he actually found something?
It’s very disheartening that the immediate response from the news, general public and more surprisingly, the Bigfoot researching community, is of disbelief and ridicule. Why not try something a bit more enlightened and novel approach and give these people the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty. It’s no wonder UFO witnesses shy away from sharing their experiences when everyone is so quick to scoff and mock them.
It is exactly this attitude that keeps the UFO secrecy so prevelent. I tire of the old and weary behaviors of the skeptical and pessimistic.
Ask yourself before jumping to the standpoint of pessimism how you yourself would go about introducing to the world the most outstanding discovery of the decade? How would you convince the public and the scientific community and the bullies who immediately call you a hoaxer? How would you get people to listen?
With all the photographic proof, video, audio and personal experience we’ve established with UFOs, aliens, ghosts and Bigfoot, it seems it is never enough. What is it truly going to take?
Remember, Galileo was ridiculed and laughed upon for his theories and presentations of proof of the seemingly impossible. Now we look upon him as a great scientists and revolutionary leader of enlightened thinking. Who knows if hundreds of years from now these three Bigfoot hunters won’t be revered and acknowledged by society as heroes?
I truly hope that these men have truly found the legend himself. I pray that enough evidence can be brought forward to convince the skeptics and that those who have decided themselves judge and jury can eat crow.
You have to admit, it takes a lot of courage to announce this type of discovery to the world. Would you be able to handle the scrutiny and name calling? They’ve been named as schemers trying to make profit off of the discovery, well of course they’re going to make money! Wouldn’t you want to profit from years of searching through the bushes and buying expensive equipment? Why shouldn’t they? It’s like winning the lottery or getting a reward for hard work. Those who balk at the idea of these men accepting money for their discovery are displaying the obvious attributes of jealousy.
If it does unfold itself into hoax, a desperate attempt for fame by misguided men, I shall be sad but at least for a few days since I heard the news, I experienced the excitement of possibility. The very idea of a paranormal anomaly proven to be real.
I truly believe that this and other discoveries of mysterious creatures is the universe’s way of preparing us for even more amazing future events. But, will the unenlightened society that deems all people liars before they even have a chance to prove themselves have enough hope left in them to believe.

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Regan Lee said...

I disagree with you on this one Danielle. Biscardi has a repuatation that isn't good, this long before this stunt.

The photos look fake to many, including me. There's been a lot of stalling and overall weirdness.

Biscardi and his co-Bigfoot hunters can take it; being made fun of regarding Bigfoot isn't enough to make them shy about any Bigfoot story, news, etc. they may have.

At one point, they said they wanted to go out and find themselves another one; this time, a live one and trap it. I support a No Kill/No Trap policy when it comes to Sasquatch.

Overall, lots of backstory swirling around this particular Bigfoot event that screams "hoax" among other things.

There's always the chance -- very very slim, in my view, -- that this is real, but I very much doubt it.

Very much doubt it.

I am of the firm opinion Bigfoot exists; and actually, it's because of that opinion that I doubt this story. Something reeked right from the beginning about this whole thing.

Lots of talk around about this, see Micah's blog, Blogsquatcher, my comments on Frame 352, and so many more. The Anomalist has daily updates to blogs and sites with the latest on this.

(as much I disagree with your take on this, I totally appreciate you posting such great pieces, including this one!)

Your point about belief, and "paranormal anomaly" preparing us are well taken however. I just don't think it applies in this case.

Danielle Lee said...

I totally agree with you that there are many questions surrounding the discovery.

I guess what I keep asking myself is why on earth would these men claim such a tremendous discovery with evidence and DNA and really have none.

I'm not sure what they would gain by looking completely ridiculous and perpetually stupid forever.

What would they gain with such a lie?

It's the same idea with the UFO skepticism. Many highly decorated officers, NASA employees including Astronauts and even a President of the United States have disclosed their experiences, but have been completely ignored and laughed at.

These guys are just your average joes, but what if....

I personally would rather feel foolish for believing, than left feeling regretful for my lack of faith if it were proven true.

I guess I just wish that the media would let the events unfold without contributing their bias and doubt before the facts are laid on the table. :D

Kithra said...

I'm afraid that I, too, have thought this was a hoax right from the outset.

And, personally, I think that Bigfoot - along with lots of other weird creatures - are probably from another dimension rather than being "flesh and blood" realities.