Friday, July 21, 2017

Contactees, Victims of MILABS? Mind Control?

Here's the call out: what do you think? Are some of the contactee and UFO, abduction encounters caused by us --  our own government?

I think so. It's no secret (now) that the U.S. government has covertly experimented on its own people. Drugs, mind control, staged scenarios and more -- all done in the name of, apparently, science. My opinion is that our government (and others) have been complicit in many a UFO and or abduction event. Whether or not in tandem with aliens, or, by themselves. Or, both. (I also think that our government has long been aware of other beings, not necessarily, always, ET, but other non-human entities and has manipulated these beings, and forces, for their own agendas.) None of this negates the concurrent existence of aliens, ETs, etc.

I'm interested in hearing what other Women of Esoterica think.

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