Monday, December 10, 2007

Esoteric Radio Women

Here I am at what I will call the BFFF Blog. Sure those Hollywood types can have their BFF’s, but here we will have the best female fortean friends. In reality, I don’t really know Richelle, but I have read her writings and enjoyed them. On the other hand, Regan and I have been internet pals for a couple years now.

I thought I would use to opportunity of this blog to bring to mind the few women who do paranormal internet radio shows.

First there is The Paranormal Women League. They have some interesting and fun shows about ghosts, ESP, Wicca and other paranormal related topics. It is hosted by Amy and Kristy, two fun and intelligent ladies.

There is also Eye to the Sky with wonderful hostess Dee Andrews. This show is mostly about ufo related phenomena and Dee nabs some really great guests, including, Richard Dolan, Nick Redfern, Peter Robbins and Steven Bassett.

The last show is Karyn Dolan’s Through the Keyhole. As Regan already mentioned I did an interview with Karyn for UFO Magazine which will be in this month and the Jan issue, so I know her a bit better than the other ladies and honestly I found her remarkable. The fact that she manages to do so much, so well, while home schooling her and Richard’s two children amazes me. My hat is off to her, I seem to manage very little with no children in comparison to her.

In a few months you will also find an interview with Dee Andrews in UFO Magazine. I hope to eventually get around to the paranormal women too, but I figure I should at least write a couple articles in between interviews.

I find it pretty sad that out of about 45 shows I have listed at Beyond the Dial, only 3 of them are hosted by women. However, even though I think the numbers are higher than regular radio for the most part all radio is dominated by men. I am thinking of my local “big” talk station and I do not believe there is one local show hosted by a woman and since Dr. Laura was replaced by Sean Hannity I can’t even think of a national syndicated show they run that is hosted by a woman. Pretty sad, isn’t it?

BTW, if I have missed one of the great gals that hosts a internet paranormal show, please let me know. The slight certainly would not be intentional.


Alice Fullerton-Bugg said...

How about Tracy Twyman's "Plus Ultra"?

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