Friday, December 21, 2007

Of Sexy Witches and Fairy Soap

I was going to post this over on Mating Hedgehogs, but since it has to do with women, fairies,witches and cleaning, (of which I put a curse on thee!) I decided to post it here. . .

As readers (all three of you) of Mating Hedgehogs know, I love vintage ads. I stumbled upon an old fairy soap ad, and was hooked. I didn’t know that there’s a whole history of fairy soapiness.

According to the site Fairies World, “Fairy” is a popular brand in Europe, even though it was created here in the United States. It’s widely known in Europe, and gets very little attention here. (Well, hell, we’re such a pragmatic, no nonsense nation!)

Fairies World
gives some background on the origins of the soap:
Nathaniel Kellogg Fairbanks who was born in Sodus, New York County in 1829 and who moved to Chicago after the civil war where he created a business importing cottonseed oil and processing the manufacturing of soaps, one being Fairy Soap which was named, of course, from the first four letters of Fairbanks last name.

The Fairy label now belongs to many cleaning products in Europe, not just soap.

Sexy Witches

I found this blog while looking for fairy soap images: Sexy Witches. This is an image of the Pear’s Soap Witch from 1899. There are some great photos of Ava Gardner in witch costume. Have fun!

Fairy Soap site:

Sexy Witches blog:


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