Sunday, December 9, 2007

Women and Bigfoot

Cryptomundo blog has an item about
women in cryptozoology, namely Jan McGirk who investigated the stories of 10 ft. giant apes in Malaysia.

Also read Cryptomundo’s item that asks: Women Bigfooters Do Better Field Work? Interesting comments to this post as well.

I’m personally extremely interested in Bigfoot, but not as a field researcher. I’m interested in all Bigfoot stories, but especially the ones that contain the supernatural aspect. So it many ways it’s a moot point because Bigfoot will never be “found” -- as I say,
“Run, Bigfoot, Run!” But as far as male and female researchers go, there might be a difference in approach. Generally speaking, you have males with guns and making lots of noise and screaming into the forest, and you have women without guns who take a different, quieter approach, not so aggressive. This is all very gender specific and really, more than a gender thing, I think both women and men can go either way in approach, and it isn’t a case of who’s better at it. I’d say it’s more one’s personal philosophy in looking for Sasquatch.

Just two of the many women involved in Bigfoot research: Autumn Williams and Lisa Shiel.

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