Friday, December 7, 2007

From The Towerlight: Get Turned On: I Dream of David Duchovny

Base sexual objectification? Sure! But you know, I’m not dead yet . . .

Krysten Appelbaum writes of her love for David Duchovny in the X-Files, (Get Turned On: I Dream of David Duchovny) and gives thanks he’s come back in Showtime’s Californication. About Californication; as Appelbaum comments, it’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s a good show, more to the point, Duchovny does a great job in the role of moody Hank Moody.

I disagree with her that when Duchovny left X-Files, the show wasn’t as good. True, it took getting used to, not seeing Duchovny. The show still worked; it just wasn't Duchovny.

As to X-Files, the second movie is due to be released July 25, 2008, costarring one of my favorite comedians, Bill Connolly. (If you’re not familiar with Connolly don’t be distracted by the fact he’s a comedian, he’s also a good straight actor.)

After all these years, I still think The X-Files was the best show of its kind, although I really like Torchwood very much. I think it comes very close.

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