Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Bloggers Here at Women in Esoterica

Some readers may have noticed that this blog is now not just "mine," but Lesley's and Richelle's (Hawk) as well. I am very glad they thought that being a part of this blog was something they wanted to do. I'm very happy and excited to welcome them!

Both women have their own thing going aside from contributing here. Lesely runs her Debris Field blog, Beyond the Dial, Paranormal Meet and more. She also writes the Grey Matters column for Tim Binnall's website, BoA, and has a column each month in UFO Magazine, Beyond the Dial.

Richelle Hawks also writes for AC, UFO Digest, and there may be a surprise or two coming up in regards to her writing. She also has a blog with one of the oddest but charming and neatest names: Beamships Equal Love.

So thanks Lesely and Richelle!

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richelle said...

Thanks for the introduction, Regan. And thanks for thinking my blogname is neat. It's from a poem I wrote about 12 years ago called I Dream Beamships Equal Love, about going to Billy Meier's birthday party and spitting out orange rinds on his lawn. Not that you asked. I just always loved the sound of those words 'beamships equal love' and wanted to use them somehow. I'm very happy and proud to be a contributor to this lovely blog. Thanks again.