Friday, December 7, 2007

Our Magic Bodies

A while ago, I wrote an article about avatars, icons, etc., suggesting the mystical language and imagery that is appropriated may be more than novel or random. There is really a recent flooding of religio-occultism in technology and youth culture, and the rather mainstream lot of the 'alternative' culture.
There's also much linguistic oriented symbolism (think: cell phone. my cell. my prison.) It's all very curious, this idea of identity and visual representation, and it seems especially important to and is widely displayed among women and girls.
Just glancing through MySpace, or the lesser known paranormal networking site, I Am Haunted there seems to be a competition of sorts between: sexiest, flashiest, glitteriest, sparkliest, busiest, cutest, spiritualest...all alluding to 'best.'
There's oftentimes an occult edge to it too, sometimes angelic or white-mystical as shown here, or darker, with fangs, a tear of blood, or pseudo goth tattoos, etc. Usually, the imagery sports a rather obvious fetishist element. The appropriation of mystical elements and objects in presenting one's Self in uncharted territories seems to be desirable, acceptable, and maybe even necessary somehow. Perhaps there is a real semblance of power, energy, or protection. Or, perhaps occult and religious forms are the default visual language of sexuality and identity.

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