Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Mimikry-Hypothesis And The Guadalupe Event

As some readers may know, I’m very interested in Marian Apparitions.

Here’s an article that Katharina Wilson posted at her Alien Jigsaw site by Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D from 1997: The Guadalupe Event.

Coming across this article is a bit of synchronicity, since I’m working on a piece that includes an episode of a strange “normal” helicopter appearing in connection with UFOs and UADs. Is it possible that whatever force is responsible for this -- whether it’s ET or what -- mimics what it thinks we’re about, and would recognize?

Dr. Fiebag thinks so. He developed “the Mimikry-Hypothesis” which considers this idea;
The Mimikry-Hypothesis tries to explain the various apparitions and behaviors of possible ETIs throughout the centuries by suggesting that we consider them as virtual manifestations that have been adapted to our cultural-sociological and religions belief systems, as well as our fantasies, imaginations, and expectations.

The article discusses in detail interesting facts about the tilma (the material in which the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe appears.)


Ray said...


I tried the link in your post and it didn’t work. I did some Googling and found this one:


This is the same article, right?

With your interest in Marian Visions, are you familiar with Our Lady of the Roses Shrine in Bayside, Queens, New York? Or the BVM visions in Skaneateles, NY, dating back to 2001?


Ray said...


Sorry for the mix-up. Obviously my comment was addressed to you. I mixed up Lee with Lesley. Sorry.


R. Lee said...

Hi Ray,

Thanks for the link info, it worked when I tested it :(

Yes, I know about Bayside, in fact, one of my professors years ago had gone there, and took some interesting photographs when he was there, with anomalous light thingies all around.