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My Neighbors Ill-Mannered Ghost! – A Follow Up Story

This past Christmas I wrote a story about a family who lives with the ghost of a old man who once lived in their home about 40 years ago. He would make his presence known more often during the holidays, but always seemed to be a well-mannered spirit who never caused any harm or alarm.

I always thought the idea of living with the unknown something better left alone. I suggested a few times to this family that they find a professional in the area of haunting who could move this spirit on. The family seemed perfectly content living with this spirit so I did not give the situation any more thought.

I ran into a relative of this family who also lives in our town. We were on line in the grocery store and while we talked I asked about the ghost. The relative told me that they were having problems with it as the ghost seems to have made a change in behavior and has started throwing things at the family. I found this strange and questioned this relative to what exactly was going on.

“Well just last week I went over to visit for the holidays. We were all sitting in the dinning room of the home when all of a sudden the plate of cookies on the sideboard flew across the room and smashed into the wall with all the cookies flung around the room and the platter broken into a pile of pieces.” I was stunned at how matter of fact this relative was telling me of a experience that would have frightened the day lights out of me.

“We have all gotten rather use to the old man I suppose “, she replied as I expressed my concern. “He has gotten so active barely a day goes by something doesn’t happen.” I found this alarming and told the relative that I feel it may be time to find some help for this family to move this spirit on. The relative shrugged her shoulders and ended the conversation, as it was her turn to check out.

On my way home I stopped at my sisters house that happens to live a few doors down from this family with this now frisky ghost. I told my sister about the conversation I just had in the food market about her neighbor and their ghost. My sister was busy putting on the teakettle for us and I did not get a good look at her as I continued to rattle off my story about the new behavior of the neighbors ghost.

With the teakettle heating, mugs in hand, my sister sat down across from me at her kitchen table. I looked at her and blurted out “What happened to your eye?” My sister had a very red swollen eyelid.

My sister lifted her hand to her eye and said, “Funny you should ask. I visited our ghostly neighbors house yesterday. I wanted to bring them some cookies and thank them for the lovely Christmas cactus she sent over last week. I picked a time I thought would be quiet and walked down to have a little visit and drop off my baked goods.

All seemed as usual to me. They had their usual large Christmas tree set up in front of that large window, the house was decorated and it seemed truly warm and cozy. They even had a fire going in that wonderful large fireplace they have. All was fine until we (the women of the house and my sister) were sitting in front of the fire talking. All of a sudden I felt something ping me sharply on my arm. It stung enough for me to make a little yelp” My sister went on to explain what followed. “A second later the neighbor let out a yell as well and started to rub the side of her face. I felt a sharp sting on my neck this time and stunned said to my neighbor- Stop that, it hurts! My neighbor looked at me and said – it isn’t me.”

At this point my sister felt a sharp pain in her eye and winced in pain. She felt something fall from her face and looked down to find a rubber band on her blouse. Both the neighbor and my sister then searched the floor and found other rubber bands that were being shot at them on the floor and on the tops of their shoes. My sister knew they were alone in the house and simply walked to the door without saying one word and ran out of the house.

The neighbor called and tried to sooth my sister but my sister would have none of it and told her neighbor it was now time to call in help before someone ended up seriously hurt.

I just sat and looked at my sisters swollen eye and did not know if I should laugh or cry. We talked about it and knew that something had changed with the ghost in my neighbor’s house and that it was proving to be a very bad idea allowing the spirit to remain under the now changing circumstances.

My neighbor called my sister and told her she contacted a university who did research on the paranormal and they were sending over a team to investigate the activity in their home.

I don’t know what to make of the entire thing. I do know it is time for them to sort it out. I am writing this follow up to my original story as I feel it always best to call in those who understand these things rather than to simply try to live with them. After re- reading my first article on this families dilemma with this spirit I wanted to add on this update. I think the moral of this story is that the unknown is something we should never take for granted.

If you find you are having any events like these in your life or home, It may be a good idea to seek out those who understand them before you end up with one of those big red swollen eyes!

Ghosts, haunting and things like that truly are not this paranormal writers favorite things. Give me a good old solid UFO any day!

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