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Interview with a Vampire!

With all the new shows out concerning Vampires I thought it might be interesting to find someone who claimed to actually be a Vampire!

I knew there were sites and even chat rooms on the Internet with those who live the life style of the Vampire. I decided to try to find a real life Vampire to interview and write about.

This adventure of Vampire hunting proved to be a long and difficult road. I could not find a site I could easily negotiate much less join in, being a non-Vampire myself, so I searched the chat arena where I remembered seeing Vampire chat rooms.

I was finding this entire idea of interviewing a Vampire quickly losing its appeal. I tried at first with curious gusto to visit the different Vampire based chat rooms. Some met me with cold indifference- others out and out hostility. A few even threw me out of the room before I opened my mouth or typed one word. I began to lose hope this idea of a Vampire interview would take place and gave up trying to join in on their closed chat societies.

One night before I shut down my computer I noticed one of these Vampire chat rooms open. I decided to go in and give it one more attempt. I just sat in the room and listened this time. I made no attempt at all to join in. On the voice option a woman was talking who sounded normal and rational. I listened to her for a while and thought she was by far the nicest most interesting speaker I had heard to date in any of these Vampires based Chat rooms. I kept her ID with hopes of making contact with her outside of the chat room confines.

About a week or so later I decided to take a chance on contacting the woman I heard that night and sent her a Immediate message telling her that I was a paranormal writer and wanted to interview her. She replied with a polite note that she would do the interview and we set up a meeting for me to talk to her in a private chat room.

Vampypup and I began our interview alone just the two of us. I started by asking her simple questions and found her sharing what I was asking to someone in the background before answering. I realized that the information I was seeking was coming from this other voice and my interview was being done by way of what this other person was saying.

I simply asked the Vampypup if it would be all right for me to talk directly to whoever that was in the background supplying the answers to my questions?

A man came to the microphone and introduced himself as Redforce. I found this man to be a well-mannered intelligent person who then took over the interview. Redforce was very polite as he explained the world of the modern day Vampire to me.

Redforce is a man in his mid 40’s. Looking at his photo he appears to be an average man of his age with the exception of his fangs! They are not obvious and I am sure he needs to open his mouth in a certain way to display his teeth in a manner to view them- but yes, he does have teeth that have been shaped into fangs. Besides that I found nothing unusual about him, of course one does need to get past the sharpened fangs.

As I sat and interviewed this man I found him to be polite, articulate and well versed on this subject of Vampirism. I sat and listened in fascination while he taught me the basics of those who consider and live the life of a modern day Vampire.

The first thing he explained to me was that there are three categories that Vampires fall into.

First you have your Sanguine Vampires who are those who need to drink blood in order to feel they can live normal healthy lives. They feel that the blood gives them a certain energy that they do not get otherwise. I have read on the Internet that this type of Vampire will drink blood from other humans, or some may use animal blood, while others have been known to drink their own blood. Soul feeder does not feed often and when he does he only has a small amount from one donor. He practices his needs in this fashion out of fear of disease. I am not sure if all follow his protocol of dining on blood but this man was fully aware of the dangers involved in this life style. The reason for this behavior according to this Vampire is the over whelming need for fresh human blood to give him the life energy he requires to function properly. I had to wonder if this type of vampire has serious deficiencies in his own blood or body chemistry, which causes this urge for the need to drink blood.

The second type of Vampire found in society is the Succubus Vampire. This Vampire is a sexual draining vampire who receives its needs from draining others via sexual activity. I think society refers to this practice more commonly as people with sex addictions. In the world of Vampires they are known as the Succubus Vampires using sex as a way to pull energy from others. The more sexual activity they engage in the more alive and connected they feel. It is how they feel they replace their energy needs.

Lastly and most likely the most common type of Vampire is known as the Psychic Vampire. I think we all have come across this type of vampire and simply never thought of them with this title.

The psychic vampire drains people of their energy and feeds on their emotions to fill themselves with certain needs missing in their own makeup. I think we all have come across a person be it in ones family or at work even among groups of friends that simply leave you exhausted and drained when you are around them. Most of us can peg people like this and do all we can to avoid them. Many do not realize they are practicing these energy-draining events and just walk around the world sucking the life out of the people around them as the only way they know how to interact, cope and survive. They are however exhausting and do suck the very life out of those who interact with them.

The truly dangerous vampires in my view are those who intentionally and with skill go about finding victims to drain in order to fill their own lifeless souls with the energy of those they stalk for their energy infusions. Chances are if you run into a person who is a bully and seems to flourish on attacking or ripping apart others you are in the company of a lost broken soul trying to feel whole by making others weak and miserable. People like this try to fill the empty hole in them by way of destroying those around them. Those who behave in this fashion are often in some shape or form part of the Psychic Vampire family. It is wise to distance yourself from them as soon as you realize you are in their company, as they seem to feed endlessly without satisfaction. I think the bottom line here is the word endlessly. If doing what they do worked they would somehow not need to be constantly on the hunt to feed.

I found out while talking to my knowledge filled Vampire that with the invention of the Internet, web cams and the voice options the Psychic Vampires are now able feed on unsuspecting people populating the Internet chats. Those who do use the chat systems have all known people who roam from room to room-causing problems wherever they go. Some enter a chat room, bust into ongoing conversations, change the topic, start a nasty fight, argue with good people and then move on to the next room leaving those in the rooms exhausted, unhappy and drained. Some know them as room disrupters others as Internet Psychic Vampires or IPV’s. These predators will enter a chat room full of happy chatters and within minute’s leave it drained and in upheaval. I have witnessed this many times on the Internet and now realize what I was watching. I think we all need to be very aware of such people as they can cause you harm and certainly are not wishing you well.

Redforce informed me of these things, as he does not feel that Psychic Vampires are ethical preying on people without their consent. He explained to me that there are people who have relationships with a Psychic Vampire where draining and being drained seems to be beneficial to both. Those who just target who ever they please and suck the very life from them leaving them weak and emotionally spent without regard or care are not good to be near. Not in real life or on the Internet

Redforce told me that meditation; or concentration should be done before entering public areas to defend against such Vampires. It is known a shielding and used as a way to protect you from things like IPV’s. Visualizing your self in a protective globe or suit to protect against these IPV’s is a must. I wear crystals and quartz and always pray to my guardian angels before advancing into the unknown. I feel the Internet is always a place of unknown danger and protect myself constantly. If an IPV enters a chat area I am visiting I place them on mute or ignore them from my screen. In real life I pray and rebuff those who wish to drain me of my energy by simply refusing to give them my time or attention. I just leave the room or area. It is as easy as just walking away. I think if we all did these things not only would our lives be stronger and fuller, the entire world would benefit.

I questioned my interesting subject about what happens to the different types of Vampires if they are not able to drink blood when they need to, or engage in sexual activity, or drain the energy from someone else. He told me that most can control their vampire life style but it has been known now and then for a vampire to do what is called ‘Vamping Out’, which is a nice way to say ‘has a hissy fit ‘when in need for their vampire fix! He said they might do outlandish things until they can refuel the needs of their Vampire lifestyle. I thought that would be a good time to keep distance between the Vampires and me!

Redforce explained to me that like all of life you have those who follow this lifestyle with care and keep it between willing partners and those who are not as kind right along to those who can be dangerous. Like life you need to be careful of those around you. The world of Vampires is no different. He did tell me however most who practice these things tend to stay to themselves and do not try to cause harm to those not in their circles. Of course you have exceptions and that is why we all need to be aware of those around us.

Redforce also told me that groups of people exist who are on missions to kill Vampires. They try to locate those who live these lifestyles so they can drive a stake through their hearts. I thought he was kidding when he told me this, but sadly he was completely serious. I found the idea of people hunting people to drive a stake into their hearts rather terrifying. I hope anyone considering such actions understand that is cold-blooded murder and think deeply before giving that idea any real attention.

I know I was lucky to come upon this young man. I am fully aware that there are many involved in this subject matter that have taken it over the line and into unhealthy and dangerous limits. I also now know there are people like this man and his lady friend Vampypup that are just into something different from the norm but harmless to those not interested in what they practice.

I found this man to be friendly bright and willing to explain an area of our society that I did not understand. I cannot say I grasp the full reasons for any of it. I do know that I do feel better able to cope with this subject now knowing a bit more about it. I also realize that the Psychic Vampires that prowl through the chat rooms and our lives now have a name and that we can reject them from attaching to our energy. Next time one tries to bully into your path and destroy your day, leaving you with a headache -just turn away, give them no attention or time and keep your life force your own.

As I collected information for this article I discovered that the man I had interviewed was being given a bit of a difficult time by his fellow vampire mates making him uncomfortable with my wanting to use his willingness to enlighten me on this subject. I agreed not to use his information solely and did research this by means of the Internet and a few others I found who took part in the world of vampirism.

I found that this subject seemed to make those involved in it more uncomfortable than other paranormal areas and had to wonder if it truly was a life style they were comfortable living. I also recalled a truly bizarre experience from my past.

Many years ago when I was attending college a friend of mine told me of an extreme experience he had while attending his Ivy League University. He told me that a family line of so-called European royalty had a few family members attending his University the same time he was in school. He told me that there were many rumors circulating at the time that this family of royal bloods were the real and only true line of immortal Vampires. He told me that they were very strange people both in appearance and behavior. I did not think much of it then and in fact had forgotten most of what he told me but for one thing that always stuck with me. He told me that one thing and one thing alone drove the royal bloodline Vampires wild. It was mortal people who portrayed themselves as Vampires. This one thing would move this family into instant rage where they would stalk and hunt down imposters. He told me they searched for these people and had little mercy once finding them.

I always found this to be a extreme myth yet a terrifying one and often wondered if those who are merely mortal humans living a modern day style of Vampirism ever fear they may be walking a thin and dangerous line?

As I say, I know little about this subject and find myself in a difficult place trying to understand it all. I guess it will have to remain on my list of things I do not understand and not easily researched. However, if there were even a slight chance I was making immortal beings wildly angry, I imagine I would stay in the closet too!

I hope this offers a bit more information about the modern day Vampire and also makes you aware of those energy draining people who now have a title of IPV’s. Remember where ever you may be, what ever you may be doing, pay attention as you never know when you will find yourself on your own paranormal journey!

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