Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vatican Cracks Down, ....

I have something up at UFO-Mary about the Vatican's recent cracking down on those who experience Marian Apparitions. It's a bit chilling.

Bush/Cheny pushed through, even in their last, gasping days, their agenda to continue the wolf slaughter.

Lesley posted a couple of interesting photographs she took in Washington of the BVM with orbs.

I comment about the hilarity of the so-called UFO Iconoclasts bloggers and their ridiculous assertion I, along with Lesley and Lehmberg, are "bringing down UFOlogy."

My musings on 2012 on Binnall of America.While there at Tim Binnall's, be sure to read Richelle Hawks, Tina Sena, Richard Thompson, Lesley and everyone else! Also listen to the great podcasts.

Lastly, my Mothman's Photographer III by Andrew Colvin, arrived today! I am so excited, I've only read the forward by Nick Redfern and leafed through it, but it promises to be great.

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