Saturday, January 24, 2009

Seeking your weird memories...

I'm collecting weird memories for something I'm writing for my Medusa's Ladder column. Below is the text of the post from my Beamships Equal Love blog:

Because weird things happen and people love it. I'm collecting more weird memories--to hopefully start a recurrent thing in my Medusa's ladder column. Anything goes--anything that falls into the category of "what the hell just happened?" Or, "Could this have really happened the way I remember?"

Stories don't necessarily have to be paranormal or spooky, just weird. Take a look at some of the things people have previously posted here and here. Some of the better stories are in the comments sections. The "typewriter head" has haunted me a little bit.
So, either post your stories with the comment section of [the original post here], or email them to me at

Unless otherwise specified I will be using just first names, or user names. Keep in mind they may be used in my column here.

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