Monday, January 19, 2009

Who Are The Aliens Anyway?

I have been wandering around the Internet reading, listening to and joining in chat rooms, sites and groups where the subject is Aliens, what Aliens are like and their ultimate agenda.

I hear, read and find all types of ideas earthlings have about the Alien agenda and the human race from being here to simply observe us to riding in on silver crafts to save our day!

I did a small count of the most popular theories. I also did a count of what chat rooms and groups gathered the most people to them. I found the more logical or less Hollywood bent the theme being discussed the less people. The more Hollywood the ideas the bigger the groups of people were found. This went along with different popular blogs, groups, sites and of course chat rooms. I must admit I was not shocked at all that most people prefer the Disney land –Hollywood version of Alien perception over the more logical scientific ones.

Long ago I learned that the more Hollywood style an idea is presented the more widely accepted it becomes. The information given by people who had very bland encounters or those with memory loss were often over looked. Even when the encounters told were stunning in detail and believable it seemed they went over looked or ignored for the fluffier more colorful reports and I might add were far less believable.

I soon realized that when you question those who reported encounters the ones who stood out in my mind were always the people who were serious and sincere. I rarely picked up new ideas or information from the Hollywood descriptions. I did find some incredible information from the serious calmer more direct reports. Usually as soon as a report is given to me where people had lovely tours in comfortable UFO’s by fuzzy cute creatures promising world peace, I am yawning and have long placed down my pen.

I am concerned however how many people are drawn to the very dangerous wing of those who use this subject of the unknown as a game or place for attention and silliness. I would have no difficulty with any of it if they called themselves fantasy, fiction or even based on some truth ideas or stories concerning the UFO Alien subject. I do find it on the edge of being problematic when this subject matter of unknown science (which may be one day be extremely important during our life times) is dealt with in the same consideration as Sponge Bobs Square Pants, or a new Men in Black movie.

I have talked with many human beings who have had contact with beings that were not human. I am not talking about those who make up their adventure as they go -placing cute little hooded outfits on cuddly little Yoda type creatures that enlightened them with the wisdom of the ages. I am talking about people who were terrified beyond words, sometimes burned or harmed who had experiences truly of the unknown and with beings not of our world.

I thought about those who have encountered non-human creatures and realized a common tread ran through many of the sightings. First and foremost I did not find many who were willing to relive another experience if they could help it. I found many if not most frightened and uncomfortable about the ordeal and reluctant to discuss it. I found most people were left with physical reactions starting at dull headaches to full-blown wounds, cuts and burns on their bodies. Others were marked or implanted with small items while still others found odd items in their possessions they feared planted during their encounters. I did not find any descriptions from the people I believed had real experiences that related to a Hollywood set, or a Disney ride or movie. Not by people who actually had a real unknown encounter. You can visit dozens of outlandish chat rooms, sites and groups to easily find those so called abduction experiences.

Why does the public, need to have this serious subject of other life forms so sugared down and fluffed up before they will look at it? Is it incredible fear of these subjects? Is the idea of other life forms, of actual UFO”S and beings that are not human so terrifying that a huge spoon full of sugar is needed to make the reality go down?

From what I have found both by way of investigations, interviews and my own experiences -Aliens are not cute and cuddly little stuffed animals that are here to bring you happiness love and wealth. Aliens do not seem to care what happens to us. I see no reason to think that it would be another life forms agenda or business to fix what is going on here on our planet. I do think that job is our own. I do know that when they look they see a world out of balance with food shelter wealth and health for some yet death starvation war, disease and genocide for others. It is hard to think they would have a view of this planet being in its own control by way of the condition of the over all planet and the human species. Does that seem harsh to you? Maybe a visit to Africa, the mid east or many of the poor villages in the Far East would change your mind. I can tell you as beautiful as our earth is for many of us it can be a living hell for many others. I know I have seen it.

The number one fact you need to accept before you fantasy all your thought out reasoning and theories on Aliens is this- ALIENS ARE NOT HUMAN.

Don’t just brush past that remark and go about your endless rants of why and what and how you see the Alien Agenda unless you can understand what I am telling you. Aliens are not Humans. They do not think like you. They do not feel like you. They do not understand emotion, or love or want or desire. They do not care if you hurt or starve or live or die. They are not a human, they do not think like a human nor feel or desire any of the things you do. Aliens may not relate to hate or greed or need. Aliens are more advanced technology wise but that does not mean they have the same spiritual makeup or compassion we possess. Perhaps Aliens long ago combined their biological parts with machines and lost part of the soul along the way. Maybe the creatures that visit our planets are only machines and have no interest in anything other than the mission they were sent to do. Aliens may be pure logic or energy. Aliens may be one of a million things however the ONE THING THEY ARE NOT IS HUMAN.

I understand how terrifying it is to deal with something that is not human, is not of earth and that is in full control when you are faced with dealing with them. I am not alone in this knowledge and I can only try to shake you into the understanding that you are sadly mistaken if you believe for even a second these beings possess human traits. If we as humans are ever going to be able to accept and understand other life forms we MUST stop insisting they possess human characteristics and qualities.

Of course I understand that space is non-ending and the life forms out there may be complex and many. I also understand that if they wanted to be part of our existence more than they already are, they would be. We can barely get off this planet- can you really grasp the difference in technology and advancement of these visiting beings compared to the little advances we are finally starting to develop. With that said understand that there is no rule written said that because these beings are more advanced science and technology wise than we are that they are more advanced spiritually or even yet have experienced the soul. We truly have no understanding of what we are dealing with, as it is for us completely the Unknown. I often wonder what it is that seems to interest them about us and always come back with one answer. Our emotions and souls. I think the word love is as unknown to them as is the method of travel they have conquered is to us.

Do any of you consider the idea that if they are much older than we that they also are most likely planetary in nature or even complete solar systems that are working as one species. By this I mean working as we do as one nation they work as one world or solar system. We are still fighting each other on the same planet much less combined as a planet system that looks towards other planet or solar system races to co- exist with. I think we have miles to go before we could even conceive what these beings must be like. Do they have emotion or are they total logic? Do they have family units or do they self reproduce? Do they share our chemical makeup’s or are they made from that which we yet have any concept or idea?

These are the things humans need to consider. The one thing that is a must for earthlings is to STOP GIVING ALIENS HUMAN CHARACTERISTICS. Aliens are not human; please stop thinking up all human reasons why they do things or why they behave as they do or even what they may look like. Has it not occurred to you that just as we need protection from atmospheres or simply extremes by way of protective suits, so may the Aliens. Maybe the grays, blues, whites, and reptiles are all protective skins or suits leaving us with no idea what these creatures truly look like. They may look like bugs with exterior skeletons or fish or be solid light or energy. The combination of ideas is endless just like our universe.

I think it is time we started to act like grown ups with a new frontier filled with great unknowns ahead of us and stop acting like dim wits watching a cartoon show or good fiction movie.

Unknown crafts and beings are out there. We have no idea what they want or when they will allow us to know them. All we do know is that they are in the drivers seat concerning our relationship with us and THEY ARE NOT HUMAN! Don’t you think it is time we started treating them that way?

Next time you find yourself dealing with this subject consider my words and take heed of them. There may well be a day you find yourself facing your own experience of the unknown. Please do so with intelligence and care. You will find it far wiser to arm yourself with the best knowledge you can in life. This subject is no different. My advice to those who may find themselves in the middle of the unknown is to always seek out other humans, lights and safety. Never willingly give yourself over to the unknown and if you find yourself in one, stay calm, and find your way back to safety as soon as you’re able. Foremost always pay attention to your surroundings, and be careful out there.

Be careful out there and pay attention to your surroundings.

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