Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stone Crop Circles

After longer than intended, (always the way with research), I’ve just uploaded my latest article, entitled: Stone Crop Circles. In the end it didn’t turn out quite as I’d intended it to when I had the first idea to write it. But I hope you’ll enjoy the read.


Regan Lee said...

Thanks Kithra, very interesting. I hadn't heard that about the big cats and other creatures ...

Interesting you mention, by way of Wilson, Holiday and the Dragon and the Disc. Just last night my husband and I were talking about UFO and weird type things that have happened to us; he said to me, regarding a specific incident almost thirty years (when D and D came out) "you were reading that book, about the dragons, and a disc or something.." I said, "Yeah, Holiday's The Dragon and the Disc" and then he said "that's when it started to happen you know' meaning, our shared weird UFO and other strange events.

Kithra said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Regan. And yes, there are lots strange creature reports from right around the UK, many of which have been mentioned in Nick’s books.

Synchronicity seems to be at work here again in that you and your husband were talking about an event from 30 years back just as I’d written that article. I’ve long been a fan of both Wilson and Holiday, and it’s really interesting that you should have been reading “D&D” just before you had that UFO experience.