Monday, February 18, 2008

Hello from Farah

Hello all

Thanks for this lovely invitation ! It is great to have a place where we can share our ideas, research, questions and answers.
I have just came back from Atlantic Coast UFOs Conference where I was a speaker during Feb 15,16, 17.
Please check the website to get more info on this conference: This is a new conference and we got wonderful response from the public.
Next week I will be speaking at International UFO Congress, Laughlin Nevada.
Soon I will be joining you with my articles and much more info from my native country Turkey's UFO-paranormal related history.

Love to all


Regan Lee said...

thank you Farah, and welcome! I wish I could have been there at the conference; it's too bad we don't have the means to attend these! Looking forward to reading your articles. I'll be sure to follow your links to the sites.

farahsufos said...

Hello Regan

I'll be sending info from Laughlin.