Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi Everyone!

Hey everyone,

I want to thank you all for inviting me to join Women of Esoterica! I'm honored to be here and looking forward to reading all the cool stuff on this site.

You will be hearing from me soon -- I just wanted to mention that I got to hear Farah's presentation in Atlantic City last week, and it was awesome! She has some great photos and really pointed out a lot of pagan imagery in architecture around the world and right here in the US, in New York City. Very cool!

(And I'm very jealous that she got to go to Laughlin, since I didn't this year!) :) Way to go!

Thanks again, Lesley, for your great interview in UFO Magazine. Fantastic questions, and I had a lot of fun doing the interview. I also really enjoy your blogs on MySpace -- I look forward to reading your work here.

Thanks again, everyone, I'm really happy to be part of the Blog Team!

Teeth-chattering greetings from the frozen North (Rochester NY),


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