Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comments on SLIding

I very much enjoyed Karyn’s post Thoughts on SLIders and I wanted to comment on it.

I first remember having SLI experiences in my teens, there wasn’t a name for it way back then. I even had one driving home at around 3 am that may have involved missing time after the street light went out. I say may have because in all honesty I had been drinking (I was a teen what do you expect, but I wasn’t drunk) and I was incredibly tired so I don’t know if I fell asleep at a stop light that never seemed to change to green or if I actually lost about 30 minutes.

Anyone who is a daily reader of my Debris Field blog knows that I am often plagued by strange electrical problems. I normally blame this on experiments at Kirtland and Sandia just across the road. I know they are doing EMF testing over there, but maybe it isn’t these experiments, maybe it is just me.

It is always me that these things happen to. I am the one that flips the light switch only to have the bulb pop. I am the one who plugs in the vacuum and without even turning it on blows the fuse. I am the one continually shocked by materials that are not suppose to conduct electricity. I am the one shocked by the shock resistant plastic cover of my I-pod enough that arm is sore for days and my I-pod batteries are so drained that it takes over a full day for them to charge. Britton gets static electricity shocks too, but not so much that they actually burn things out or from materials that aren’t suppose to conduct electricity. Then there were two years in a row, on November 29th 2006 and November 29th 2007 that all the electricity went totally dead. In 2006 it was as easy as flipping the breakers, but in 2007 someone had to come out and flip some switch on the pole.

The date of those occurrences along with Richelle’s story about being angry and having a huge spark leap out of the stove at her makes me wonder if this isn’t caused by emotions. November 29 is near Christmas and could easily make me stressed just by thinking of all that is ahead of me. That would especially be true for the past 2 years when things happened around that time that had not much to do with Christmas, but caused me added stress, along with sadness and anger.

Also these weird electrical things don’t happen to me on a daily basis. There will be a few days, a week or two of it and then it will go away for months. I think I may start observing my emotions during these times more closely and see if there may be some connection.


richelle said...

Something I've noticed about the sliders effect and general comments--it seems most of the phenomena happen with women. I wonder if some of it is perception; as with your experiences, you state you are the one with which the vacuum cleaner always dies, but I assume it's true that you are usually the one to plug in the vacuum, so if it's going to pop, it'll probably be with you. I'm not exactly a skeptic with this, but I've tried to find logical explanations about it over the years.

I wonder too, if there is some sensitivity to the sensation of electricity--having a perception that some people don;t notice. I remember I used to be able to feel slight electrical shocks on our stove in my childhood house, and then on my old car, by the automatic seatbelt thing on the door. I also seem to be able to sense electricity frequencies audibly, and not just with appliances.

The interesting thing with the stove--I didn't even know it happened until later. Steve asked me to unplug it when we left on a trip, and later told me how the sparks flew out as I walked by it.

About the traffic lights--some of them are set on weight triggers, and the type of car approaching them may affect them. I know because I used to have a very light car--stupidly, I can't think of the name of it, but it was a tiny convertible that looks like an MG. Many times, if it was just me pulling up to certain lights, they would *never* turn green.

Lesley said...

While it is true that I am normally the one who plugs in the vacuum, Britton uses a lot of electrical things that I don't. Drills and men folk stuff along with him having a room full of rather high powered lasers. None of that stuff ever blows the fuses even though some of it uses way more electricity than my vacuum.

Mostly I find it odd how it comes in spurts and doesn't happen on a continual basis. I have kept an eye on the humidity levels during those times and although it is normally pretty dry here, it doesn't usually happen when humidity is the lowest.