Monday, February 4, 2008


Kathrina Wilson writes about MILABS in Project Open Mind for UFO Digest. Here is how she describes Project Open Mind and the idea of MILABS:
Most people realize that as a single entity, the Government is not aware of the extensive nature of the UFO-ET phenomenon. Although it is safe to assume their knowledge has been highly compartmentalized, there are specific people within the Government (specific agencies and military personnel connected with those agencies) who have a "need to know." It is these individuals I am referring to when I talk about alleged Government involvement in abductions. The types of abductions they carry out have been termed "MILABS."

The MILABS topic is one of my favorites within the UFOlogical landscape. The idea that our government (or some human organization) could stage UFO/abduction events is both paranoid and terrifying. As terrifying as the aliens. Variations on this scenario include real, actual aliens working alongside humans, humans breeding some creature/thing presented as an alien, government agents dressed in alien suits, and so on.

Leah Hadley has written about these kinds of experiences. See Abduction Secrets: The Military And EtsAnother book about MILABS is MILABS by Dr Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer.

This scenario of government factions staging abduction events doesn’t negate the reality of actual extra terrestrials and or abductions. Both could be happening; some are the "real thing," while others are staged. (Of course, it could be said they're all staged, in some way. . .)

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