Monday, May 31, 2010

Barbara Threecrow

Barbara Threecrow on Paratopia. Her blog here, and her website.

From Jeremy Vaeni's Paratopia site:
Barbara Threecrow returns from  The Heart of The World to share with us her time helping the Kogi people with an ancient sacred ceremony. This profound, detailed account contains information never heard before by Western ears.

Here's something from her site, about the sacred feminine and Grandmother's counsel/council:
PROPHECY & teachings of the Grandmothers

The Return of the Sacred Feminine

The prophecy tells us that "now is the time" to renew our relationship with the sacred mother, enter sacred circles of women and return to the center of the grandmother's counsel to fulfill the original promise as Peace Keepers. "All that we love, the mother earth, the winged ones, green nations, four legged, our children and grandchildren are waiting for us to fulfill our promise"

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but did explore Barbara Threecrow's blog and site; very beautiful and very important . . . please take a look. Now, off to listen!

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