Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dimensions of Genesis - The Novel

At this very moment, a mysterious anomaly is poised at the edge of the universe. It awaits the decision of a single soul. Her choice will decide the fate of an entire world.

On Earth, a young ghost girl trembles before evil beings forcing her to sacrifice one loved one in order to spare the other.

Before evil entered her life, seventeen-year-old Lily Donovan existed as any teenage girl. In love with her best friend, Gabe, she was prepared for a life of marriage and children.

That was before the nightmare.

Meeting a tragic fate and haunting the life she didn’t get to live, Lily wanders in limbo stalked by dark predators.

Unknowingly the reincarnation of an ancient and famous soul, Lily must remember her true identity before the cosmic storm devours Earth.


Dimensions of Genesis is a unique novel offering a fresh viewpoint on the afterlife and spirituality. Inspired by The Celestine Prophecy, this novel incorporates the basic laws of attraction introduced by The Secret and blends it with the wonderment of What Dreams May Come. With the intention of inspiring those in search of their true purpose in life, this story is sure to entice readers of all ages, backgrounds and belief systems.

To read the first four chapters, click here.


Regan Lee said...

Congratulations Danielle on your creation; it's a lot of work to get a book completed and out there. The cover is lovely. I'm looking forward to reading it.

The Spirit Guide said...

Thank you so much Regan! It's been a long road but it was well worth it. :D