Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elena Kagan: Jewish Lesbo Illuminati Pawn of the Devil's Spawn

Henry Makow, er, make that "Dr." Henry Makow don't you know, is Jeff Rense's favorite go to guy on all things paranoid, anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic and generally fucking weird, as in "I still live in the 1950s -- in a Twilight Zone episode" weird. It's easy to say Makow's a joke, and he is, but he's also a scary joke, and one of the thousands of reasons he's scary is because of the comments left on his website. Which, -- and this is hilarious -- is named Save the males.com. Anyway, the comments left are left (we assume) by real people, real living people who really think the way they do. And while that is funny on one level, I also find it pretty damn scary that right now, right here, are actual living people who agree with Makow. Oy.

Okay, so what has me ranting this time on Makow is his latest post -- kindly promoted by Rense.com, who gives Makow a platform to promote his insanity -- on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. In the typical but nonetheless bizarro world that is Henry Makow, he writes an article titled Two Jewish Lesbians in a Row ??

As usual with Makow, (for this is his style) he mixes in a mad frenzy all kinds of hateful paranoid feelings. No matter what the subject of his rant, from movies (like Chicago) to scientists (like Einstein) he quickly brings in misogynist, anti-Semitic, conservative (and that's putting it mildly), sexist, homophobic, Illuminati controlled, etc. opinions. No matter the topic of his ire, it all gets down to one thing: pinko-loving-lesbo-Jewish-anti-American-Illuminati-feminazi-man-hating sons of bitches.

The best part of this is that Makow is, himself, Jewish.

Okay, so his current pile of bile is about Kagan. Makow wastes no time, beginning his piece with:
The nomination of the unsightly Solicitor General, Elena Kagan, to the Supreme Court signals that the Illuminati satanic cult that governs America intends to use government institutions to enslave Americans.

Kagan is the second Jewish lesbian appointed to the Supreme Court by Barack Obama.

Wow, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Jewish, all at once!

You might be asking, "Who's this other Jewish Lesbian Makow is talking about?" Hold on, it's . . . Sonya Sotomayor. Yes, she's not Latina, don't you know:
Sonya Sotomayor is no more a "Latina" than I am. She is a Marrano crypto Jew who belonged to the lesbian Belizean Society.
Dangerous times. Jews on the Supreme Court, and lesbians! It's important to know that, according to Makow, all women are lesbians, except for those women who are Christian, not feminists, and are breeders. For example, according to Makow's philosophy, I'm a lesbian (as well as dangerous, anti-American, commie loving, Christian hating, etc.)  After all, I'm a feminist, a Jew, and, married for over thirty years without breeding! Devil Jew Illuminati Spawn fer sure.

I mentioned the comments left at Makow's site. Here's one by "JAK":
JAK said (May 12, 2010):
Good heavens! This woman(?) looks like hell and death itself blew up all over her(?)... If this is what we as a nation espouse as normal, decent, honorable and good and put in the court as judges, no wonder at all that our country is dying.
Well, "JAK" if that's why you think "our country is dying" . . . you poor sexist sap.

For another look at Makow, see my post on Makow's piece on Avatar, the Raelians, and Illuminati recruiting agendas.


dia sobin said...
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dia sobin said...

Wow - pretty scary stuff! i think I'll pass on the Makow links though - what you've already quoted is enough to make me sick. I don't know that I'm Jewish... but I've never married, have no children and am of Russyn descent... which I guess make me a Crypto-Commie-Lesbian. Has a certain ring to it, actually... CRYPTO-COMMIE-LESBIANS UNITE! There, I feel better now. :-)